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2 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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christy Uur geleden
Samurai 2
Samurai 2 2 uur geleden
I actually watch juicy
Jason McGoff
Jason McGoff 2 uur geleden
"can i get a boua of woa?" dan: ??? me: oh bottle of water!
Linkin Lester
Linkin Lester 3 uur geleden
It’s on roblox
Linkin Lester
Linkin Lester 3 uur geleden
Need need to play the maze
That1- L0stcoach
That1- L0stcoach 5 uur geleden
pause at 1:01 its a cursed image
Foxy Arts
Foxy Arts 7 uur geleden
14:29 wait he only said longer, not wider
Elijah schoolcraft
Elijah schoolcraft 11 uur geleden
the add is real I looked it up
The crazy Channel
The crazy Channel 11 uur geleden
8:30 yes gravity falls
Eimir Mu'adz
Eimir Mu'adz 12 uur geleden
Is Dan related to Kate Middleton 😅😅
Alex Durante
Alex Durante 15 uur geleden
8:50 that song is green day right?!?!?! im only 9 but yes i listen to green day............... call me dum if that is not green day
jaiden skinner
jaiden skinner 18 uur geleden
I’m on tiktok
Dan Fan
Dan Fan 21 uur geleden
I now that music from the big dog and it a litte dog
Josh Sibley
Josh Sibley 22 uur geleden
And Bird you can have a mega pet
Josh Sibley
Josh Sibley 22 uur geleden
Do you have a nice pet
Josh Sibley
Josh Sibley 22 uur geleden
It is a bird
Orion Henderson Kocela
Holy crap juicy made it
Ibuki Mioda
Ibuki Mioda Dag geleden
I’m so glad Among us came so Dan wasn’t stuck with tik tok-
Rachel Ray
Rachel Ray 4 uur geleden
iiMorganPlayzii Dag geleden
Chilly Gamer
Chilly Gamer Dag geleden
dan has short legs... confirmed
Domofear Dag geleden
The glass music was gravity falls
May Lam
May Lam Dag geleden
kira pine
kira pine Dag geleden
8:15 wait is that the gravity falls intro
Ester Lucia Englund
Alla svenskar näf dom hörde Karamell Dansen: 😝😜😛😋😊🥰😘😗
Atėnė Er.
Atėnė Er. Dag geleden
2:41 i stole the x-mas and locked randome dude in the line of shoping thingies.
Lise Björkman
Lise Björkman Dag geleden
the baby bird is a parrot
Lord Pengei
Lord Pengei Dag geleden
Beatriz Anton Torres
If you know a meme you know a meme -DanTDM
Papertazer338 Dag geleden
This makes peppa or should I say pepper is 1. A Hippocrate 2. A bully 3. A uncultured swine LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
《Røsy Røses》
《Røsy Røses》 Dag geleden
Me-*watching dan react to peppa bullying george* Also me-this is the girl piggy was based off of- Me again-why are we still here- Oof meh again-this was ma life when I was a smol bean hooman Dan-YALL WATCHED DIS WHEN U WAS LITTLE?!*angry dan noise* Me AGAIN-DAN WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WACHED NICKELODEON??!?!?!
《Røsy Røses》
《Røsy Røses》 Dag geleden
Who else noticed the musical water glass dude was playing the gravity falls theme song?☆
Shadow Storm
Shadow Storm 2 dagen geleden
Dan is getting into Peppa Pig too much and it's not good
Taco Supreme Alarid
Taco Supreme Alarid 2 dagen geleden
I edited that peppa vid @tacosupreme123321 on tiktok
Test It Kid Cole
Test It Kid Cole 2 dagen geleden
Water boy made the gravity falls theme
YeeMuffin27 2 dagen geleden
ugh, dan dont know the boys
Alex J Blower
Alex J Blower 2 dagen geleden
Can you do my tik Tok MaisieJayne12
TheTechBear 2 dagen geleden
17:25 sorry dan im not self promoting but i watch this chanell is so funny !!!
xoxo_Sûñsët_xoxo 2 dagen geleden
* SaMmY lAwReNcE FrOm BeNdy AnD thE InK mAchInE iS hErE To SaCraFicE yOu DaN*
MICHAEL ADDO 2 dagen geleden
At 6:37 did anyone realise the swear dan didnt bleep out?
Anna Harris
Anna Harris 2 dagen geleden
Nobody: Dan: iM a tOILet roLl bOih
ZEN Bread
ZEN Bread 2 dagen geleden
That is a fox
Fluffy kitten for ever The kitten queen
How many people got the tic-toc ad after and before the video? 👇
Nicolas Kiml
Nicolas Kiml 2 dagen geleden
The wasp thing is an filter on Snapchat and it gives you a random animal it’s called genetic heritage
Danielle Anne Dela Cruz
Danielle Anne Dela Cruz 3 dagen geleden
make sure you pause this vid and press this time cap 3:56
tasneem 3 dagen geleden
As we saw from pepper bein hit by George I think we all know we should play tag instead with him
Definitely not The imposter
11:47 is my fav
hugo matheus
hugo matheus 3 dagen geleden
we need more!!!!!!!!
Reuben Tan
Reuben Tan 3 dagen geleden
George when he throws ball hard: I threw good When Peppa throws ball hard: THIS IS SPARTHAAAAAAAAA
iiBxbblyTxddyii 3 dagen geleden
peppa is a savage she has bullied gorege 10000000000000000000 times
X x MimsyCom x X
X x MimsyCom x X 3 dagen geleden
The weird thing is that I instantly understood the British sentences but sometimes I can barely understand my own mother tounge... (Russian) sad
zeeva aazeen
zeeva aazeen 3 dagen geleden
Can u make a cat and dog memes and tik tok video???
Liam Petersen
Liam Petersen 3 dagen geleden
PETA paka
LIYANA DARI 3 dagen geleden
geez peppa
Raúl Muñoz
Raúl Muñoz 3 dagen geleden
Best tiktok ever 14:00
Kathy Roy
Kathy Roy 3 dagen geleden
Soggy nugget is awsome
Kathy Roy
Kathy Roy 3 dagen geleden
That’s gravity falls watch bill cipher til toks
Sanskar Adhikari
Sanskar Adhikari 3 dagen geleden
Me:Dan save your wife and childe or dog Dan:dogs
eric flores
eric flores 3 dagen geleden
That's messed up.
Elj ahlijah
Elj ahlijah 3 dagen geleden
Anthony Besant
Anthony Besant 3 dagen geleden
Its a parrot im a bird expert and im young
ID3S7R0YERI 4 dagen geleden
Vryan Ako
Vryan Ako 4 dagen geleden
*i have made your video have 130k.* i acctally did :)
guict hou lim
guict hou lim 4 dagen geleden
Stop at 59 seconds
guict hou lim
guict hou lim 4 dagen geleden
Dan i got one more cursed image.
Michelle Yaniga
Michelle Yaniga 4 dagen geleden
Peppa \%
unicorns forever
unicorns forever 4 dagen geleden
It's a legendary Firebird
Carter Citizen
Carter Citizen 4 dagen geleden
come on THIS IS A KIDS SHOW!!!!!!!
Philip Adams
Philip Adams 4 dagen geleden
13:02 can we please all stop to appreciate that this video has 696 veiws
Abigail Parker
Abigail Parker 4 dagen geleden
I loved the moment when the headphones was stuck
KittyYoung Lover
KittyYoung Lover 4 dagen geleden
Please watch Coffin Dance Memes! Thanks!
Logan McHan
Logan McHan 4 dagen geleden
RoxyFoxy 4 dagen geleden
Plus ITS A KIDS VID!!!!!!
RoxyFoxy 4 dagen geleden
PEPPA YOU DESERVE THIS! George gets bullied EVERY DAY so you deserve this.
DarkNitroSoul 4 dagen geleden
3:38 my sleep paralysis demon
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 4 dagen geleden
Cakeboy 9000
Cakeboy 9000 5 dagen geleden
My cat is fat and sits on the couch all day
Midnight Rose the Rose demon
Pls add me on roblox my username is Halloweenmooncat and play piggy
You don’t even know me
You don’t even know me 5 dagen geleden
Wait! Hold up mate!!!!! Dan has a son??????????
Foxy The nightmare
Foxy The nightmare 5 dagen geleden
Did you say Skin suit are you ennard
ryan navarro
ryan navarro 5 dagen geleden
10:50 LOL
That gamer Guy
That gamer Guy 5 dagen geleden
I don’t know what to say so I’ll say that dogs look better on brooms than humans do.
Pixality 5 dagen geleden
its fox dan :/
Kara Sheppard
Kara Sheppard 5 dagen geleden
Ducky 5 dagen geleden
5:59 he be in dad mode
Jenson Peters
Jenson Peters 5 dagen geleden
9:57 its in minecraft and it isnt a dolphin
Jenson Peters
Jenson Peters 5 dagen geleden
8:49 no your not old
Queen_Aseel 5 dagen geleden
WOW gravity falls them song
Amelia Sun
Amelia Sun 5 dagen geleden
Roses are red Violets are blue Dan's hair is blue too This is my childhood (I'm only 9 Idk how to write poems XD)
tamara schicke
tamara schicke 5 dagen geleden
wow peppa
REDRHYNO 6 dagen geleden
RIP no no square juicy 😢
skully 6 dagen geleden
8:15 THATS THE GRAVITY FALLS INTRO Hes so talented omg
Jesenia Rivera Lopez
Jesenia Rivera Lopez 6 dagen geleden
The one of pepa was funni
Alfie Hansen
Alfie Hansen 6 dagen geleden
I can not here them
Dr. Trayarus
Dr. Trayarus 6 dagen geleden
That video with juicy Eddie and mully was really funny
Mysto 6 dagen geleden
show less
Lily O'Brien
Lily O'Brien 6 dagen geleden
Everyone you are so funny and dumb TDM is funny to.
Connor Drummond
Connor Drummond 7 dagen geleden
pause at 1:10 you can see yellow in dan's teeth
BrickBattle Playz
BrickBattle Playz 7 dagen geleden
I dont have tiktok so this is really a good video
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson 7 dagen geleden
That’s a baby pigeon Dan lol
Shane Laracy
Shane Laracy 7 dagen geleden
: )
Some Kid
Some Kid 7 dagen geleden
Pause at exactly 2:43 it's hilarious