we have no idea what we're doing.. 

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Human Fall Flat:


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10 jul. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Terri Morrell
Terri Morrell 4 dagen geleden
put the plank on the ice cube
Kent Cedrick Ricarto
Kent Cedrick Ricarto 5 dagen geleden
Who knows thinkingnoddles?
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres 8 dagen geleden
what loser
MasterXD 9 dagen geleden
I was laughing so hard when dan's character's head was stuck in the dumpster
Edvards Veide
Edvards Veide 10 dagen geleden
nice teamwork
MonsterKeira11_YT Gamingツ
Dan you should play with a youtuber called, Slogo aka Slogoman. He's a great Human Fall Flat player. He actually played this map before. Btw ur videos a very funny PS: You can just carry the ice over the fence on Lvl 3(i think its lvl 3)
Jennifer Fu
Jennifer Fu 18 dagen geleden
Play piggy
Peter Nerheim
Peter Nerheim 20 dagen geleden
what is this game calld
Emily Bond
Emily Bond 21 dag geleden
Once me my brother and my sister went to the store but me and my brother were in the car and we were watching the meme review 😂I really enjoyed it
Oliver_playsss 25 dagen geleden
my mum walks in: what she hears: 6:02
Luci Stapleton
Luci Stapleton Maand geleden
I know milky
nada alsaide
nada alsaide Maand geleden
Ilove You💖
Kobin Koko
Kobin Koko Maand geleden
i bought this game beacuse he inspires me so much and it was worth it
Savannah Keogh
Savannah Keogh Maand geleden
0:46 me mishearing justin say a bad word lmao
So Ha
So Ha Maand geleden
Dantdm is my favorite youtuber and I love this game! Please make more videos if this game it's so cool!
Krown Maand geleden
I haven't watched you in about five months Dan. I haven't really felt any happy recently and decided I'd go watch your videos again, and if it ain't one of the only thing that can get a good laugh outta me. Keep doing what you love Dan ❤️.
Rya Vydelingum
Rya Vydelingum Maand geleden
I love the Dan,Justin and James collabs! They have such different personalities but it works so well!
Kelvin kirk Papna
Kelvin kirk Papna Maand geleden
Flora Williams
Flora Williams Maand geleden
I think you are awesome and i have been subscribed since 2015
NashiGaming Maand geleden
I love the little happy dance that the character that dan plays does. idk if that is on purpose, but it is hilarious
Lapis Productions
Lapis Productions Maand geleden
Bring back 7 second riddles
Ari Creech
Ari Creech Maand geleden
I literally hate this vid. It freaking said lobby in human fall flat. In a way your eyes and brain have fallen flat during this video. Once you learn how to see i will watch another attempt at human fall flat gameplay.
Liam McKenna
Liam McKenna Maand geleden
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez Maand geleden
They prob had more fun in the lobby more than the actual game
Bomber 10
Bomber 10 Maand geleden
Dan is standing right in front of the lobby sign doesn't realise Me: There is lobby written in CAPITAL letters
Sebastian Colin
Sebastian Colin Maand geleden
DanTDM:bring me to the moon 🌙
Leonardo Roblox
Leonardo Roblox Maand geleden
im watching a thinknoodles video right now
Nat 3000
Nat 3000 Maand geleden
Team work
Sarthak Patil
Sarthak Patil Maand geleden
This was played by slogo I remember it
Conley Rogers
Conley Rogers Maand geleden
I used to watch ur pokimon and minecraft horror map videos when I was seven I decided to take a look at what you have been posting
April Smith
April Smith 2 maanden geleden
We have no idea what we're doing
Bayu Satya
Bayu Satya 2 maanden geleden
The reason they stayed in the lobby for so long is to get femiliar with the controls
jorge santos
jorge santos 2 maanden geleden
Darth yee
Darth yee 2 maanden geleden
I was just waiting for the intro the whole video😂
EnderPringle: Pocket Edition
Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: GANG BEASTS IS BAAAACK Also ALSO me: Dan played fall guys this long ago?!?!?!??!!??
justin wang
justin wang 2 maanden geleden
fall guys forshadowing o.O
gefferson ruiz
gefferson ruiz 2 maanden geleden
Dan did not know there are checkpoints when a saving on the top
『 xnoxi 』
『 xnoxi 』 2 maanden geleden
10:57 no one- me- JOJO’s BIZARRE ADVENTURE!
prettylittledevil 2 maanden geleden
me and the boys at 3 am looking for FUN
Oliver Ulion
Oliver Ulion 2 maanden geleden
Lol he doesn't see the lobby sign
Kevin Interiano
Kevin Interiano 2 maanden geleden
His voice cracked
Little Fish Boi
Little Fish Boi 2 maanden geleden
dan remember justins berber hat :) plz play more fall guys
Pickle Boy
Pickle Boy 2 maanden geleden
It all started with one vid ☻/ /▌ /\
Sloane Anthony
Sloane Anthony 2 maanden geleden
Booty grad from Sloane friend
Oliver Jones
Oliver Jones 2 maanden geleden
THE BOIS ARE BACK and by that I mean Dan Justin and James
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 2 maanden geleden
Alternive Title: De Bois do dumb stuff for 17 minutes
Ko Neko
Ko Neko 2 maanden geleden
Beatiful Soup
Cσσƙιҽ 2 maanden geleden
I watched this video when it came out, then watched it again when Dan didn't upload for a week, and now I'm watching it again. *No matter how hard I try, I can't understand wut they were doing.*
What game
Niall Daly
Niall Daly 2 maanden geleden
What is this game?
Edwin YT
Edwin YT 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM please play Tomodgachi Life. It is been to long
Jack 2 maanden geleden
I Really Want To Play This Game With My Friends Danny And Mikey
kim brine
kim brine 2 maanden geleden
Who just loves Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Me!
SkyTD Gamer
SkyTD Gamer 2 maanden geleden
SkyTD Gamer
SkyTD Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Hfg Von
SkyTD Gamer
SkyTD Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Christina Frame
Christina Frame 2 maanden geleden
me and my cuz beat this game
itsme _ laughy
itsme _ laughy 2 maanden geleden
Lily_ Rae xx
Lily_ Rae xx 2 maanden geleden
Dan there’s a thing called a totorial
Phoenix127 2 maanden geleden
Note 2 maanden geleden
Three guys finding the meaning of life
RollyTrolly 2 maanden geleden
Go to 2:45-3:05 and close your eyes Tell me what comes to your mind.
•Bon Bon•
•Bon Bon• 2 maanden geleden
Petition for Dan, Think and Thnxcya to play fall guys together.
Maceo Mitchell
Maceo Mitchell 2 maanden geleden
You played human fall flat
Experiment League
Experiment League 2 maanden geleden
Dan: Oh a seesaw! Me: The seesaw effect. Keekeekee
catherine cowley
catherine cowley 2 maanden geleden
Timothy Estrada
Timothy Estrada 2 maanden geleden
You’ve played hff
Caden Malbon
Caden Malbon 2 maanden geleden
Next time you play do what did it cost, everything
Pugz4life11 ;3
Pugz4life11 ;3 2 maanden geleden
Omg please play totally reliable!!! It would have around 1000000000 views!!!!!! Love your vids btw 😁 👁👄👁
Garrel Riper
Garrel Riper 2 maanden geleden
Well guess what... I have no idea if they have no idea what they're actually doing
Garrel Riper
Garrel Riper 2 maanden geleden
Dan: *walks up to giant letters that says 'LOBBY'* Also Dan: Yep, this is definitely not the lobby :D
allyy !
allyy ! 2 maanden geleden
5:03 had me dead 💀 and 6:01 LFMAOO ANWHAHAHA 16:16 “arms out”
Mia-Grace Coggon
Mia-Grace Coggon 2 maanden geleden
Can dan die his hair bright red 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Stephen playz
Stephen playz 2 maanden geleden
17:17 oh this is cute SAILBOATS SAILBOATS
Jet Zung
Jet Zung 2 maanden geleden
I’ve seen that level! (But I haven’t played it)-(i’ve seen that level from watching slow go man)
Landon Teltow
Landon Teltow 2 maanden geleden
This Is Soo Funny! 😂😁 Keep Up The Good Work!
Jacqueline Brodie
Jacqueline Brodie 2 maanden geleden
You can swing😱
Sepkaan 2 maanden geleden
This what legends do their just in the lobby their already having fun 😂
Martina U.
Martina U. 2 maanden geleden
17:15 dan for some reanson says 'ah this is cute'
zlodge97 3 maanden geleden
I love you’re video’s
FIREBALL THE FOX 3 maanden geleden
Yay human flat fall!
Clevie Herbert
Clevie Herbert 3 maanden geleden
hint!! look down to pull urself up
Doris Redublado
Doris Redublado 3 maanden geleden
I heard this at night My dad was saying it 1:06
Eloise Hewitt
Eloise Hewitt 3 maanden geleden
When you get stuck and you hang on the edge of a jump with your hands power than your bum quickly let go then grab with each hand and repite
Yeet ma geet
Yeet ma geet 3 maanden geleden
I love this all the sound effects and how they react to different things in the level
Isaac Baugher
Isaac Baugher 3 maanden geleden
More gang beasts
Anita Harpur
Anita Harpur 3 maanden geleden
Misadventures misadventures misadventures misadventures
Steph and Matt Leerson
Steph and Matt Leerson 3 maanden geleden
Giant words saying LOBBY. Dan only realises it was a lobby when he leaves
Leea Ilinca
Leea Ilinca 3 maanden geleden
I wish i had this game so I can waddle with my friends :)
Arshad Chheena Nawaz
Arshad Chheena Nawaz 2 maanden geleden
👁👁 👃🏻 👄 Edit: I didn’t mean this I just wanted to check this emoji out lol
the bird that does gaming
the bird that does gaming 3 maanden geleden
EllzyPlayz_27 3 maanden geleden
1:22 this my friends is why women live longer than men coz they do this , in real life
Kids Baars
Kids Baars 3 maanden geleden
you should try totally reliable delivery service next
Lee Tucker
Lee Tucker 3 maanden geleden
You know if you look up grab the eg then look down then let go you can get up
JayceFilms 3 maanden geleden
i am commenting this without using a mouse
TOON__SQUAD Vlogz 3 maanden geleden
Kdos Thaplaya
Kdos Thaplaya 3 maanden geleden
8:23 Dan has a voice crack Cake
SkyeZ StudioZ
SkyeZ StudioZ 3 maanden geleden
Last time I watched you was 3 years ago and now I’m back, I started watching you 6 years ago and I Sttttttteeeeelll lob you!
SkyeZ StudioZ
SkyeZ StudioZ 3 maanden geleden
I lived in year when ‘how I meet dr. Trayorus was brand new
Lando Time
Lando Time 3 maanden geleden
You guy suck at this but i love it