We FINALLY Got NETHERITE ARMOR in Minecraft Hardcore! 

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28 apr. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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BranJohn98 6 uur geleden
Hey I know you you're the guy who killed Sparklez, lol
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 7 uur geleden
I remember the days
SonUvaDiggerFan20 18 uur geleden
Does anyone around my age (Late teens) notice the adult jokes that Dan sneaks in there? 😂
Amvery Cheezzed
Amvery Cheezzed 19 uur geleden
Zaeyan Caden Dejaño
netherite cant be hurt by lava
ARF Playz
ARF Playz Dag geleden
Dan said plug you ears but we can barely hear it. HA HA!
AnimalHazem147 Dag geleden
Dan: Its about as rare as lapiz Me who finds lapiz easier than iron: I guess he just unlucky
Ng Wai Ping
Ng Wai Ping Dag geleden
Omg he mearly dired
Allen Ninan
Allen Ninan Dag geleden
I've mined almost 750 blocks of ming and exploded at least 15 beds and found one ancient debris
Waylon LaRose
Waylon LaRose Dag geleden
BRUH u missed some debris
Crankin’ With Carter
Take your ender chest and fill it with shoulder boxes easy clap
Huitong Li
Huitong Li Dag geleden
I allso have 2 staes of netherrite
Huitong Li
Huitong Li Dag geleden
guest666 playz
guest666 playz Dag geleden
dan: im a bit closer to being a minecraft master me: trades 20 emerald and a book for silk touch dan: "promoted to master" also dan: got the diamon badge dan again: said minecraft to add new rank wise master which gives neatherite badge minecraft: ok there u go BoOmEr
RedMel 2 dagen geleden
Tip: Put a block In front of the bed
Dominic Golpeo
Dominic Golpeo 2 dagen geleden
Ancient debris is always located near side of landforms
Hadi Faisal
Hadi Faisal 2 dagen geleden
Dan: iam 1 step closer to be a master Me : THAT RHYMES!!!!!
Zoey Wurfel
Zoey Wurfel 2 dagen geleden
Nndif Tmma
Nndif Tmma 2 dagen geleden
Ancient debris actually spawn below lava or at 15 high
Maddison Branch
Maddison Branch 2 dagen geleden
paper sonic
paper sonic 2 dagen geleden
Dan puts on golden boots gets scared of zombie piglins
WideAwakeAiden 2 dagen geleden
18:56 wut
Faze Scope
Faze Scope 3 dagen geleden
Faze Scope
Faze Scope 3 dagen geleden
28:08 in the video the Hearts does not have to ice
not_ akseell
not_ akseell 3 dagen geleden
Dan once i got 30 ancient debris in 10 minutes
ً 2 dagen geleden
Thats impossible, i checked the minecraft wiki and nobody did that.
axolotl Art's
axolotl Art's 3 dagen geleden
Melike the big boom is cool
0:15 my friend when he talks to a girl
Shannon Leal
Shannon Leal 3 dagen geleden
DanTDM my abuela found your old merch hat
Super 8234
Super 8234 3 dagen geleden
You tubers: so I did some grinding off cam Secretly goes into creative Grabs 4 stacks of diamond blocks
Kacper Mro
Kacper Mro 4 dagen geleden
anti-splode not anti-`splode yes he did put a ` in there
Shah Chad
Shah Chad 4 dagen geleden
Bro you can get more the throne bro MINE
Mutlu SKY
Mutlu SKY 4 dagen geleden
nethier is red of nethier
Bev Tupas
Bev Tupas 4 dagen geleden
alphaG3n 4 dagen geleden
anybody triggered that dan that dosent use a block to block the explosion (no hate just funny lol)
Siphon2450 4 dagen geleden
dantdm when he uses his last emerald: OMG me: I cAnT bElIvE yOu'Ve DoNe ThIs
Alfonso Barrera
Alfonso Barrera 4 dagen geleden
im talking oubat mincraft though not real life
Alfonso Barrera
Alfonso Barrera 4 dagen geleden
i think im richer than dan because a have10 castles with a bunch of stuff around the world
Alfonso Barrera
Alfonso Barrera 4 dagen geleden
i saw a vid that dan swaerd out loud sike
ً 2 dagen geleden
Not sure if u want to see it i have the link
ً 2 dagen geleden
I actually have a video with dan swearing lol
jeremiah bruh
jeremiah bruh 4 dagen geleden
Netherite Basically Cinamon Rolls
Kerowyn Guillotte
Kerowyn Guillotte 4 dagen geleden
Wene your at the right levle netherite is easy to find.
Dark_Legend 4 dagen geleden
The background music in the begining is my alarm sound. Kinda scared me
Ashadow777 Isthebest
Ashadow777 Isthebest 4 dagen geleden
I love u Dan ur the best youtuber I love watching ur vids
Frankie Ford
Frankie Ford 5 dagen geleden
Dan: finds ancient debris fast Me: just activated X-ray and have a stack of nethrite and made a beacon with netherite Me again: ye boiiiii I’m sooooo goood Btw this is a joke for some people who might take it seriously don’t it’s just a joke I like:D
Emerald Burn
Emerald Burn 5 dagen geleden
9:38 me when having a bad day
Nick Lindsey
Nick Lindsey 5 dagen geleden
How do you make nether armor
AFH Sam 5 dagen geleden
Son Goku
Son Goku 5 dagen geleden
TNT is way better It makes a bigger explosion you can use more at a time and no flames
Josh Stowers
Josh Stowers 5 dagen geleden
You NEED TO MINE at y level 15-20!
Vivian Lim
Vivian Lim 6 dagen geleden
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ¡
Leila Noob
Leila Noob 6 dagen geleden
Remember you can make bread 🍞 with wheat
Amethyst Kittens
Amethyst Kittens 6 dagen geleden
Amethyst Kittens
Amethyst Kittens 6 dagen geleden
why does dan always talk about minecraft butts
Blxrr-Editz 6 dagen geleden
ReiDaNoob 7 dagen geleden
*When u realized Dan did the bed blasting thing wrong the whole time*
ReiDaNoob 2 dagen geleden
Even with blast protection
ReiDaNoob 2 dagen geleden
That’s why he almost died
rektYT 2 dagen geleden
he did it correctly wdym, place a block in front of a bed and explode
mintyfishy 4 dagen geleden
How did he? (I’m a noob😂)
Virgilio Alforque
Virgilio Alforque 7 dagen geleden
Is every one in every vid who comments have no thumbs down 👎 I’m surprised
CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)
its hidden .-.
yohan nayle
yohan nayle 7 dagen geleden
dan netherrite does not burn look in youtube
CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)
@yohan nayle but netherite cant
CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)
@yohan nayle debris can burn
yohan nayle
yohan nayle 7 dagen geleden
@CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox) what debris can what
CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)
he knows but debris can
Nathaniel 7 dagen geleden
9:14 "that's not what I wanted" Had me crying
epi sohard
epi sohard 7 dagen geleden
1:02 what is it?
Darren Cayabyab
Darren Cayabyab 8 dagen geleden
DAN the DIng sound scares me xd
Artsy Gamer
Artsy Gamer 8 dagen geleden
9:41-9:42 Woah. That was intense.
THE WORST 8 dagen geleden
in regular with TNT its kinda easy
Cel Charman
Cel Charman 8 dagen geleden
Dan: Oh My goodness i almost died there Holy cow!
Alex R
Alex R 9 dagen geleden
Jim Rajtora
Jim Rajtora 9 dagen geleden
DANTDM you have so much stuff that you are op you are one of Minecraft pro youtuber
That cool Little Duck
That cool Little Duck 9 dagen geleden
Dan: I dont have hardcore hearts??? Me: you can't see the enchantments in F5 either.
Lvizd 9 dagen geleden
My childhood
Security Member [REDACTED]
I wonder how many times has Dan said "tragic" in this series
Sedation Airsoft
Sedation Airsoft 9 dagen geleden
Damn 4 years later and yet so much has changed and has still stayed the same I remember all the series and story’s and him starting every video with hello guys it’s Dan from the diamond minecart
Gayatri Naha Mitra
Gayatri Naha Mitra 9 dagen geleden
Lava can't kill you if you have full Neatheright armour
CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)
it can but slowly .-.
Fathma Sulaiman
Fathma Sulaiman 10 dagen geleden
Davy Gemzmer
Davy Gemzmer 10 dagen geleden
CatchLesss 10 dagen geleden
Le blast
Steven Gladwin
Steven Gladwin 10 dagen geleden
Without the could’ve
Steven Gladwin
Steven Gladwin 10 dagen geleden
lol it was funny when he could’ve got scammed by the villager
Stephen Gurney
Stephen Gurney 10 dagen geleden
ancient debris dude
Joch Durwin
Joch Durwin 10 dagen geleden
Go down y12
CallMeGonzi (bryztoff on roblox)
its not the over world its the nether lmao nether noob
Blix_Tofer 10 dagen geleden
Americans: Ancient Debris Russians: Acente Debries Dan: Ancient Debri
Lausdeus Acevedo
Lausdeus Acevedo 10 dagen geleden
Hi Dan you are the best youtuber
mxngeeex GD
mxngeeex GD 11 dagen geleden
I dont know why but once i got this mod with better explosions then at night I saw a tiny creeper i dont know if it was a bug
Declan Fraser
Declan Fraser 11 dagen geleden
netherite dosent burn
Swarmfire 1234
Swarmfire 1234 11 dagen geleden
What? is that survival? 18:24
Lausdeus Acevedo
Lausdeus Acevedo 10 dagen geleden
It is probably glitch
harvest 11 dagen geleden
you could've just put a block in front of you to neglect most of the bed damage lmao
Toxic Flame
Toxic Flame 11 dagen geleden
13:20 when he starts to bed explode mine
Fern. Handez
Fern. Handez 11 dagen geleden
Haahaha Auntie Explode
Donna Hodge
Donna Hodge 11 dagen geleden
Good start you made me laugh
Universal Pekka
Universal Pekka 11 dagen geleden
He passed agent debris on the corner
Hoi mijn naam is Thijs
Hoi mijn naam is Thijs 12 dagen geleden
you need to say: aysjunt dubries
TeenSara 145
TeenSara 145 12 dagen geleden
No traururs?
Austin Donahue
Austin Donahue 12 dagen geleden
I love dantdm I watched since I was 6 years old
ramon bularon
ramon bularon 12 dagen geleden
you should do the sword and chestplate
ramon bularon
ramon bularon 12 dagen geleden
and why those sounds so loud happened three times
ramon bularon
ramon bularon 12 dagen geleden
im confused what was wrong in trading
Dawn Karafa
Dawn Karafa 12 dagen geleden
Dan, put the bed. block in front of the bed where you can only see the tip of it... click it, NO DAMAGE OTHER THAN THE FIRE
Ethan Cinco
Ethan Cinco 12 dagen geleden
Hes not in hardcore look at his hearts
Dovydasss Dovydasss
Dovydasss Dovydasss 9 dagen geleden
Ethan Cinco he is its just bugged he even show he in harcore
Skeptik_ Oli
Skeptik_ Oli 12 dagen geleden
Does he realize theirs blast furnaces
john Harrigfeld
john Harrigfeld 12 dagen geleden
john Harrigfeld
john Harrigfeld 12 dagen geleden
Dan:imma cover up the lava so the netherite doesn't burn Me:netherite is lava/fir proof
Ownliamiscool _Liam
Ownliamiscool _Liam 12 dagen geleden
The ancient debris does not did in lava
RayTheGame 12 dagen geleden
He missed an ancient debris
NEON GAMING 12 dagen geleden
If you strip mine, you'll have the higher chance of finding ancient debris from explosions by 63%
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my fortnite got HACKED?!
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