We Became SURGEONS! (Surgeon Simulator 2) 

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16 jul. 2020




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Collin Dang
Collin Dang 11 uur geleden
It said my name collin but colin
Dannika Rawson
Dannika Rawson 23 uur geleden
Sarahchu Dag geleden
“We killed him already!” “My bad”
Amr fiala
Amr fiala Dag geleden
How can I lose weight from this
Short Bean
Short Bean Dag geleden
I love how they just push random buttons even it it exploded something and casually rip and re attach limbs to people
Foxy the Fox
Foxy the Fox 2 dagen geleden
Foxy the Fox
Foxy the Fox 2 dagen geleden
Foxy the Fox
Foxy the Fox 2 dagen geleden
Foxy the Fox
Foxy the Fox 2 dagen geleden
Tommy McManus
Tommy McManus 2 dagen geleden
L F 2 dagen geleden
Claire Doucette
Claire Doucette 7 dagen geleden
Hi how r u???????
who remembers octodad bcs i did i grew up with dantdm videos now im eleven come back to this channel and i just rememberd dat vid 9:20
Linda Turnbull
Linda Turnbull 12 dagen geleden
GodLegend_ 815
GodLegend_ 815 13 dagen geleden
Michelle cretaro
Michelle cretaro 13 dagen geleden
Sean gabrielle caing
Sean gabrielle caing 14 dagen geleden
10 Subscibers with No Videos Challenge??
Alicia Miranda
Alicia Miranda 15 dagen geleden
Alicia Miranda
Alicia Miranda 15 dagen geleden
This is sick🤣🤣🤣
Alicia Miranda
Alicia Miranda 15 dagen geleden
I think I am going to skip 🙄🙄🙄
Robby Zorrer
Robby Zorrer 15 dagen geleden
Dan play mor lego jurassic world
Missysstuff 16 dagen geleden
If Dan was a surgeon I would be very excited to see him and maybe get and autograph and selfie then run away where no one can fine me. Honestly, I think ill pass this one surgery :)
Jennifer Fu
Jennifer Fu 18 dagen geleden
Play piggy
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry 19 dagen geleden
oOoOoHhH aHhHh
Tayt McCarty
Tayt McCarty 20 dagen geleden
come to my house tdm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lil Towtow
Lil Towtow 21 dag geleden
Poor bob.always dying
Prince Rebollos
Prince Rebollos 21 dag geleden
hey dan im a fan
Keseia Boisclair
Keseia Boisclair 22 dagen geleden
I watch FGTeeV play that game too.
Playing video games and Stuff
Claim your I’ve been here since minecraft and million ticket righ here
KirkeGaming 25 dagen geleden
I do think the fov or the arm distance is a but odd
Carley Lynn
Carley Lynn 25 dagen geleden
havnt watched dantdm in years, its a comforting sort of thing.
madpuffin 25 dagen geleden
Cody J Gaming
Cody J Gaming Maand geleden
Who is this guy because DanTDM doesn’t have a bread
Harriet COOKE
Harriet COOKE Maand geleden
E Adragna
E Adragna Maand geleden
U have gotten so boring after 4 years
Margie Irizarry
Margie Irizarry 26 dagen geleden
No one ask 7 year old
Alok 504
Alok 504 Maand geleden
My friend wish is to become a surgeon
barry rankin
barry rankin Maand geleden
Aljaz Kozin Zver
Aljaz Kozin Zver Maand geleden
You so fun😂😂😂
FaZe Thecuteprodog
FaZe Thecuteprodog Maand geleden
I love your vids😄😄
Luz A. Razon
Luz A. Razon Maand geleden
are u friends with thinknoddles
Amy Nelson
Amy Nelson Maand geleden
By the way I'm always on or always on NLblock when I can use so respond whenever
Amy Nelson
Amy Nelson Maand geleden
How long ago was this posted?
ashwolf12 Maand geleden
Dan: Oh no, his arm came off. *puts the arm as his head* THAT'S NOT HIS HEAD!!! Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Phsyco_slayer 896
Phsyco_slayer 896 Maand geleden
Can I ask why the skeleton statue has rainbow ribs aint that a wee bit weird
happy_tymcio malpa
happy_tymcio malpa Maand geleden
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Maand geleden
$30$ FOR A GAME!!!
nicole lydon
nicole lydon Maand geleden
Mr Music14
Mr Music14 Maand geleden
Tayvion Hendricks
Tayvion Hendricks Maand geleden
jaxx from the squad
jaxx from the squad Maand geleden
Hi I'm drake once again Dantdm do more surgeon simulator 2
Alex Popov
Alex Popov Maand geleden
Awsome well done cool vidio Dan
Fundone Maand geleden
Vacation time
Bonnie The Bunny
Bonnie The Bunny Maand geleden
Fundone Maand geleden
Brian Vickery
Brian Vickery Maand geleden
I love woching your videos your soooo funny
Deep Chad
Deep Chad Maand geleden
I’m not going through my
Marium Fahad
Marium Fahad Maand geleden
My NLblock channel name is is mam Faizan na💤💤💤😵🤔🤔🤔😍
Tristan Thornton
Tristan Thornton Maand geleden
Can we just appreciate that the bottom right corner says no strram
Jacob Jones_77
Jacob Jones_77 Maand geleden
#2 dan your hardcore series is over a year old!
Lapis Productions
Lapis Productions Maand geleden
Bring back 7 second riddles
Killerxpop Maand geleden
Were can i meet you pla add me in roblox i got no friends
Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart Maand geleden
Your my favorite NLblockr
Yelitza Medina Vargas
Yelitza Medina Vargas Maand geleden
WoW I love this video
Ma Lowdown
Ma Lowdown Maand geleden
Dantdm you make me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭 hard
Thomas John Brutvan
Thomas John Brutvan Maand geleden
i watched this from thinks chan
Audrey1Kenobi Maand geleden
EGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG PLANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cindy White
Cindy White Maand geleden
Get some help
Rachel Stoddard
Rachel Stoddard Maand geleden
WOW imma new subsriber and he has a TON of them.... XD
Jo Buckingham
Jo Buckingham Maand geleden
john is evil
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Maand geleden
Mandy Craddock
Mandy Craddock Maand geleden
Man surgery would suck if your surgeon is dan lol
Brinny Ramirez
Brinny Ramirez Maand geleden
Who remembers the old Minecraft house the diamond minecart intro the adventures with tragris (btw I’m bad at spelling!)
Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez Maand geleden
Brinny Ramirez me
Linda massengale
Linda massengale Maand geleden
They Dan can you play more gta 5 plz
Fashion is Paradise
Fashion is Paradise Maand geleden
I love DanTDM 😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Amanda Bryant
Amanda Bryant Maand geleden
Dan when is completing the mission on i pad please tell me and ye
karen swanson
karen swanson Maand geleden
karen swanson
karen swanson Maand geleden
SkillGaming Maand geleden
jodimaria11 Maand geleden
Hi dan
Matthew Mayberry
Matthew Mayberry Maand geleden
great vid
Matthew Mayberry
Matthew Mayberry Maand geleden
when you made this video it was my birthday
•Moon Demon•
•Moon Demon• Maand geleden
DAN U SEID SH** 14:17
Maria Andreina Valderrama
PRAMAGIC2 Maand geleden
hi dan
Judd Sessions
Judd Sessions Maand geleden
Did anybody see do not stream
Jade Clayton
Jade Clayton Maand geleden
Ninja Daer
Ninja Daer Maand geleden
I love it 😂😂😂😂😂
Oliver Vandermolen
Oliver Vandermolen Maand geleden
I’ve been watching you from the start and I’m really proud of you good luck 😉
Eclipsa Butterfly
Eclipsa Butterfly Maand geleden
Look at his ribs 16:08
Brook Cope
Brook Cope Maand geleden
More Minecraft
Micah Lingard
Micah Lingard Maand geleden
OH MY GOSH, at 1:14 there's a sound in the background and i thought that was my puppy DYING UPSTAIRS. *o h m y g o s h*
BarrelBonsai550 Maand geleden
U *NEED* to wear a mask when playing this (because surgeons wear masks*
Hunter Lee
Hunter Lee Maand geleden
This is Leslie dan
Clarence Preston
Clarence Preston Maand geleden
Wow dantdm is very old
easton the savage
easton the savage Maand geleden
Your the best Dan that's why I'm your biggest fan
Kien Truong
Kien Truong Maand geleden
Thinknoodles is In their To My favorite youtuber
Kien Truong
Kien Truong Maand geleden
Thinknoodle is de n there To My favorite youtuber
DemonMohawkboy 2020
DemonMohawkboy 2020 Maand geleden
Nice trim! :)
Ollie the Hotstepper
Ollie the Hotstepper Maand geleden
Hi dan tdm
Ollie the Hotstepper
Ollie the Hotstepper Maand geleden
Hi I’m a noob