THIS WAS CRAZY! (Fortnite Travis Scott Full Show) 

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DanTDM reacts to the Fortnite Travis Scott Live event!


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24 apr. 2020




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Jross32 .
Jross32 . 4 minuten geleden
Travis:Wassup bro Dan: Ello love care for a biscuit
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 25 minuten geleden
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 25 minuten geleden
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 25 minuten geleden
Peppa de pig
Peppa de pig 52 minuten geleden
Epic games: So what should we do with the visuals? Travis: Have you ever had every drug at once.
Mohammed Mustafa Sanosi
Sad that I haven't seen it in game and I love fortnite 😔
IPGFNR Dag geleden
i think dan thinks the astroworld version of travis scott is dark vanguard
Jake SFC10
Jake SFC10 Dag geleden
Amagian playing a normal game of fortnite and then a gigantic shirtless man just comes out of nowhere and starts rapping
Frogzog 2 dagen geleden
Drop an F in the reply’s for the people with elipsy
AJ Gamer122
AJ Gamer122 3 dagen geleden
imagine this in VR...
I like ya cut g
I like ya cut g 4 dagen geleden
More copyright © music Sicko Mode
DragonEye746 Idrk
DragonEye746 Idrk 4 dagen geleden
I love how dan barely knew the songs XD
Shamema Ali
Shamema Ali 4 dagen geleden
Do you not know Siko Mode
AmayZane 4 dagen geleden
ME since he made I will never ever go to the nether
Succ Head
Succ Head 5 dagen geleden
As someone who isn’t a fan of Fortnite, I can say that this event was extremely impressive. It’s probably because I love Travis’ music and Rodeo is in my Top 10 favourite albums of all time, even 5 years later after its release.
Dread Dead
Dread Dead 5 dagen geleden
Laura Perry
Laura Perry 5 dagen geleden
Gavin Hurley
Gavin Hurley 5 dagen geleden
Play with slogoman
Jinx Flerken
Jinx Flerken 5 dagen geleden
Dan I wish I could sit on a planet me there is probably a small one he can sit on
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez 6 dagen geleden
WAIT I WAS IN UR SERVER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Add me plz anyone my epic is BabyYoda6521 I have a mic
AHMED Banana
AHMED Banana 7 dagen geleden
That is not a normal theme park that is aystroworld
James Harness
James Harness 7 dagen geleden
Hey DanTDM I hate laserbeam
Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson 8 dagen geleden
Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson 8 dagen geleden
They should do a juice wrld
Digital Cloudz
Digital Cloudz 7 dagen geleden
He sus and *clean*
Zack_A_Doodle 545
Zack_A_Doodle 545 8 dagen geleden
1:17 The hidden identity of Travis Scott HE’S A SHARK!
Hyper Bird12
Hyper Bird12 9 dagen geleden
Me: realizing this was 5 months ago Edit: that’s half a year boi
Digital Cloudz
Digital Cloudz 7 dagen geleden
YEETIS? Is that you?
Fun Adventures with Laz
Fun Adventures with Laz 9 dagen geleden
Super dope
Fiona O' Neill
Fiona O' Neill 9 dagen geleden
Everyone: wondering about the shark fin Dan: ignore the shark fin
Dread Dead
Dread Dead 13 dagen geleden
Puppy Dog
Puppy Dog 14 dagen geleden
OMG dude yooo That's nuts!!!!
chris shepherd
chris shepherd 14 dagen geleden
Dan what’s up
The Faceless Ones
The Faceless Ones 14 dagen geleden
Judah Montalbo
Judah Montalbo 15 dagen geleden
your in🌎🌞🌖✨✨✨☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️😱😱😱
Judah Montalbo
Judah Montalbo 15 dagen geleden
oh my god is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎢🎢🎢🎢🎡🎡🎡
Renne Toledo
Renne Toledo 16 dagen geleden
1% of power 3:09 40% of power 4:40 60% of power 5:02 80% of power 7:34 90% of power 8:21 95% of power 8:44 100% of power 9:27
Bnr Design
Bnr Design 16 dagen geleden
Bnr Design
Bnr Design 16 dagen geleden
Lil Bean
Lil Bean 18 dagen geleden
its sesone 4 capter 2 i mise the travis scot event im levle 242 in fortnie season 4 caper 2 my epic is LilBean10101
Lil Bean
Lil Bean 18 dagen geleden
randy ramirez
randy ramirez 19 dagen geleden
lana del rey
Taina Kake
Taina Kake 19 dagen geleden
love the last intro
Crazy Nath
Crazy Nath 19 dagen geleden
Anyone realised the Astro backbling glowing
Jake Oxley
Jake Oxley 20 dagen geleden
They need a juice WRLD concert
Player 19 dagen geleden
Jake Oxley
Jake Oxley 19 dagen geleden
Io he’s dead but it would be cool
Player 20 dagen geleden
Why he's dead
Sly Gamer
Sly Gamer 21 dag geleden
Doggo79 21 dag geleden
Ok boomer
Link1138 Gaming
Link1138 Gaming 21 dag geleden
I also would have thrown up
Mariano Duarte
Mariano Duarte 21 dag geleden
Link1138 Gaming I’m an carrot doo doo doo
Link1138 Gaming
Link1138 Gaming 21 dag geleden
When it got rainbow I could not breathe for some reason
Palahwgwcw War fight leader
DanTDM only cares for shoes
Pablo Medina
Pablo Medina 21 dag geleden
Ethan Deatherage
Ethan Deatherage 23 dagen geleden
i had too watch this when i played on mobile so my graphics were trash
happy 23 dagen geleden
Did someone see fresh.
happy 23 dagen geleden
And lazarbeam.
Balbir Kaur
Balbir Kaur 24 dagen geleden
And I'm 8 now so what's 6 years
Balbir Kaur
Balbir Kaur 24 dagen geleden
Oven subscribe to you since I was 2
Leold Gd
Leold Gd 24 dagen geleden
Don’t lie YoU mIsSed ThE eVeNt
Nailesca Adolfina
Nailesca Adolfina 25 dagen geleden
i wont forget
MARCUS DARIO VALDES 25 dagen geleden
# Kevin
JEDIAH MACAS 26 dagen geleden
this video is soooo epic and cool and the song too thanks dan for making this vid
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 26 dagen geleden
Dan was WAY too white for this loool
fidevlin8 28 dagen geleden
I'm watching by 5 months in the future:>
Raider Nation
Raider Nation Maand geleden
he got bigger when he did the head banger
SSK Gaming
SSK Gaming Maand geleden
imagine this event in VR
The Zold
The Zold Maand geleden
Who missed this event
Sanju Dela Cueva
Sanju Dela Cueva Maand geleden
The Backbling reacts to the beat btw
ZeRo OnE
ZeRo OnE Maand geleden
Vertix Maand geleden
Use code not-nadia in the item shop
Robert Mallas
Robert Mallas Maand geleden
Sam Al
Sam Al Maand geleden
I'm getting enziaty I feel sick
Potattt Maand geleden
The effects were decent -Sokka
Hazelnut Maand geleden
I am a fan of dan ever since he created his utube 👍
Joshn'jay Maand geleden
barely have any vbucks to buy my favorite skin (doggo) dantdm ill buy it because i love jordans
Treesyeet Maand geleden
Diex 'M
Diex 'M Maand geleden
My brother has all the shoes you showed also the song is THE SCOTTS
Izzly Good
Izzly Good Maand geleden
Imagine how much work DID FORTNITE MAKE ON THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
kayla the galaxy wolf
kayla the galaxy wolf Maand geleden
5:39 I feel you Travis
Moonface T
Moonface T Maand geleden
You noticed when he had 0 ping insane and who is watching in this in stemeber 2020 just me.
Lev 2.0
Lev 2.0 Maand geleden
Dan: yo do I hear boss music
Lev 2.0
Lev 2.0 Maand geleden
Aliana Lafuente
Aliana Lafuente Maand geleden
plz tell me ur fortnite user :( i wanna play fortnite with u i've been a fan since the start,plz tell me btw im a girl
Deborah Knighton
Deborah Knighton Maand geleden
Dan at the beginning of the episode............. HeLlO
Deep Maand geleden
He said I'm fast as boi
Pooja Rajesh
Pooja Rajesh Maand geleden
Ashley ArvL go
Ashley ArvL go Maand geleden
I no Kevin the cube
Duece Robinson
Duece Robinson Maand geleden
It's so nice that he doesn't care about who's creater code you use
Memory Found
Memory Found Maand geleden
When you realize that dan has 0 ping during the event
saima nasir
saima nasir Maand geleden
Well, fortnites not kid friendly anymore
saima nasir
saima nasir Maand geleden
I didnt come, I was uh. Busy stealing v bucks
MJ Sets
MJ Sets Maand geleden
imagine this in vr
too bois
too bois Maand geleden
dxddy_otaku_ weeb_devil
hi dantdm
Cheryl Crane
Cheryl Crane Maand geleden
The one i loved was goosbumps
Teddy Roman
Teddy Roman Maand geleden
Dan, is you want Jordan’s so much, become a shoe maker.
Purizoniv Maand geleden
Dan: omg Me: dont u realise the swearing
Angelique Sekerzicky
Angelique Sekerzicky Maand geleden
@Gangstar Vigas MEEE
Sameer Md
Sameer Md Maand geleden
the coat when the live happened and Travis Scott
MontyPlayz Maand geleden
dam cant help but looks at them shoes
WolfyPlayz Maand geleden
dantdm: if i could fly on a planet i would me: well technacly you are but ur smaller than the planet
Aamz Gal
Aamz Gal Maand geleden
Lol I even only knew the goose song
Jessica Wallace
Jessica Wallace Maand geleden
D50_ crazy
D50_ crazy Maand geleden
yay travis scott
Toya Z.
Toya Z. Maand geleden
this is sike