This Game Will TRIGGER YOU..! 

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1 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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prakash chowdhery
prakash chowdhery 42 minuten geleden
dan : i will kill these spider by my flame thrower! all spiders : *backing up*
sophia Chihab
sophia Chihab 3 uur geleden
I got bit by a red jabber
Samiyan Manasik
Samiyan Manasik 7 uur geleden
Dan has the smoothest edits
Icing Islay
Icing Islay 11 uur geleden
I Said that and I thought it because of the name and the picture?! IM LITERALLY NOT LIEING
Chelet TV
Chelet TV 18 uur geleden
Use the chips pops you idiot 😹🤣😹🤣😹😹😹😹😹🤣🤣🤣
angie lara
angie lara Dag geleden
What do u mean i guessed right its kill ir with spider
Mr. Skittles
Mr. Skittles Dag geleden
Play more
Steve McLaughlin
Steve McLaughlin Dag geleden
omg spiders
Dead Rose
Dead Rose Dag geleden
what is this game called
JAWGZ JLC Dag geleden
was i the only one that thought of explosive diarrhoea when he blew up the toilet with c4
S5 Mystic
S5 Mystic Dag geleden
Please do more this is hilarious😂
Jo Castello
Jo Castello Dag geleden
Dan pls pls play more PLS
Dark Alex
Dark Alex Dag geleden
0:17 Me: Killing Spiders! Dan: You got it wrong, Its about killing spiders Me: DAN I SAID KILLING SPIDERS
Kristina Garcia
Kristina Garcia 2 dagen geleden
Love your vids
ThrowDownDX 2 dagen geleden
Izaak Davies
Izaak Davies 2 dagen geleden
There is a spider in the house Dan: *burns down the house*
Izaak Davies
Izaak Davies 2 dagen geleden
Me: DAD THERE IS A SPIDER!!! Dad: *opens window* YEET!!!
Anime_Lover 2 dagen geleden
im scared of spiders but i still am watching this now i dont wanna eat my pizza rolls ;-;
Claire Turner
Claire Turner 3 dagen geleden
Dan: guess what this games about Me: killing spiders? Dan: you got it wrong it’s killing spiders :)
Lori Goodwin
Lori Goodwin 3 dagen geleden
dude grab the knives
Togedemaru 223
Togedemaru 223 3 dagen geleden
Remember when he played terraria again and then he showed his old pc and there was a spider so he said : Kill it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!
Crystal Rainwave
Crystal Rainwave 3 dagen geleden
Nooooo my buddys I love spiders 🕷
gabr8340 gabr8340
gabr8340 gabr8340 3 dagen geleden
dan: oh its ok i wont hurt u pulls out cheese balls *SPIDER SNIFFS* dan *PULLS OUT C4 REVOLVER AND SHOTGUN * and say raise your hand 8sider raises legs dan shoots anyways
gabr8340 gabr8340
gabr8340 gabr8340 3 dagen geleden
me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :3 dan: places dynamite powwwwwww!!!!!!!! lol then tell to clean the whole house
Vendetta hydro art
Vendetta hydro art 3 dagen geleden
You missed one at 14:30 a yellow one in the draw
Kim Sutcliffe
Kim Sutcliffe 4 dagen geleden
this is me if i see a spider
Dylan Buckley
Dylan Buckley 4 dagen geleden
i was close thought that u had to kill ants
Justin Ricky
Justin Ricky 4 dagen geleden
2:40 when you kill one wolf from a pack
Gonzalo Villanueva
Gonzalo Villanueva 4 dagen geleden
make more plz
Eli Personal
Eli Personal 4 dagen geleden
Dan: Sould I be i here with the door closed also dan finds coch shotgun
Gatcha with Robby
Gatcha with Robby 5 dagen geleden
dan:i LOVE killing spiders spiders in my room:moves out
Gatcha with Robby
Gatcha with Robby 5 dagen geleden
im right
a j
a j 5 dagen geleden
To kill two with one shot u need cheese puff
Jessica Edstrom
Jessica Edstrom 5 dagen geleden
Make a 2 part dan
Alex Newcomb
Alex Newcomb 5 dagen geleden
U bend a teddy 🐻
Johan van Niekerk
Johan van Niekerk 5 dagen geleden
T'ahja Smith
T'ahja Smith 6 dagen geleden
I got it right dan so thank you rery mich
Shivesh Naitram
Shivesh Naitram 6 dagen geleden
dan: YES HE'S ON FIRE! spiders: why must you hurt me in this way
Danika Phipps
Danika Phipps 6 dagen geleden
You kill spiders
Ali Pea
Ali Pea 6 dagen geleden
I got it right
Game_Master 7 dagen geleden
That game crashed my pc
King C
King C 7 dagen geleden
That Green Stuff Is Either The Blood Or The Venom
baysinger321 7 dagen geleden
Last time I saw a cocroach I standed on my dresser and I was screaming: DAD!!!! ITS STILL MOVEING!!!! DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS STILL MOVEING!!!!!!! KILL IT!!!!!!!!. Oh and if ur wondering last time I saw a spider...... you don't wana know...
James Jones
James Jones 7 dagen geleden
you burn a building
Jiro S. Aboga
Jiro S. Aboga 7 dagen geleden
he called his son a punkk
iam june
iam june 7 dagen geleden
this is basically the baby version of zombies
Aimee Blackwell
Aimee Blackwell 7 dagen geleden
to kill 2 with 1 bullet you should have put 2 cheese puffs and then you have 2 and you shoot :3 Lure them in with Cheetos and then BAMM!!! Dantdm 2020
Cryptiq Retakez
Cryptiq Retakez 7 dagen geleden
He never gets old
Cryptiq Retakez
Cryptiq Retakez 7 dagen geleden
I’ve been watching dan since I was 6. So four years
Carmen Lee
Carmen Lee 8 dagen geleden
Me from the future: just so you know there is a spider that can float on water it’s called a fisherman spider I am very scared of it...
Mark Lane
Mark Lane 8 dagen geleden
This is how much dan killed👇🏻
Mila abbas
Mila abbas 9 dagen geleden
Dan : destroyed house to kill spider 🕷 Me : squished spider with book
Mila abbas
Mila abbas 9 dagen geleden
Whos watching this in 5673
NISREEN HATOUM0p 9 dagen geleden
TypicalXx Productions
TypicalXx Productions 9 dagen geleden
His new name is Daniel Spiderton, Not Daniel Middleton
Felix Ridout
Felix Ridout 9 dagen geleden
I’m not scared of spideres
Gina Coutu
Gina Coutu 10 dagen geleden
i love spiders why are peeps so afraid of them there just harmles animals
James Callahan
James Callahan 10 dagen geleden
Spiders are our freinds!
Rinad Mohammed
Rinad Mohammed 10 dagen geleden
kurapika watching this 🔴👄🔴
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ p e a c h y ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
soccer ball: *exists* dan: hey it’s a football soccer ball: *triggered*
Kitsune chan
Kitsune chan 11 dagen geleden
dan that was a soccer ball not a football
Tyler Randall
Tyler Randall 11 dagen geleden
i'm scaerd
farida Rahman
farida Rahman 11 dagen geleden
dan:wait! i wont hurt you *pulls out a GUN* spider:LIYER
yuting li
yuting li 12 dagen geleden
The worst feeling in the world is when you need a number 2 and when you sit down you realize there is a spider in the corner.
Reg Roblox
Reg Roblox 12 dagen geleden
The Spiders In My Room: *AAAAAAAAAA*
Jace Williams
Jace Williams 12 dagen geleden
what happend to the blue hair dan i just noticed it why did you do that?
raul villarba jr
raul villarba jr 12 dagen geleden
its worse when its cockroachs
Lloyd Pharrell
Lloyd Pharrell 12 dagen geleden
Dan: how do i get 2 spiders in one hit? me: put two cheese puffs together and 2 spiders wait for it..... BAM!
Ender Bear
Ender Bear 12 dagen geleden
Dan i love this game can you play it again (:
Allie Kasden
Allie Kasden 13 dagen geleden
how dose this trigger you
Lavinia Smith
Lavinia Smith 13 dagen geleden
I said spider
Jon Lees
Jon Lees 13 dagen geleden
Me dan are you scared of spiders dan heck yes
Jon Lees
Jon Lees 13 dagen geleden
I'm fine with spiders
Lyisppe 13 dagen geleden
Dan: wait I am not going to hurt you also dan *pulls out gun* 16:57
dimsie 14 dagen geleden
Dan: Burns his kids whole room cuz he didn't clean it Me: Yeah.. I'm gonna take a pass on Dan being my dad
Alan Araujo
Alan Araujo 14 dagen geleden
At 4:31 dan says “I didn’t train at ninja school for this.” Tho he did in minecraft
Mr top Gaming
Mr top Gaming 14 dagen geleden
What is the game called pl
WeAreTheOne 14 dagen geleden
My favorite part about Dan is that he plays random games
WeAreTheOne 14 dagen geleden
Why am I so insecure when i’m watching this?
WeAreTheOne 14 dagen geleden
Dan: guess what the game is about Me: Killing spiders? (I saw the spider webs) Dan: You got it wrong, its about killing spiders Me:👁👄👁
Allie Kasden
Allie Kasden 13 dagen geleden
Waxer Bled
Waxer Bled 15 dagen geleden
Me watching. Dan:tries to punch spider Spider:goes under couch Dan:that man just punched me
Taryn Lane
Taryn Lane 15 dagen geleden
WHy can't you eat the cheese puffs yourself, that'd be meeeeee
Francisco Chavez
Francisco Chavez 15 dagen geleden
I hate spiDers
Let’s play Games
Let’s play Games 15 dagen geleden
Dan: guess what this game is about Me: killing spiders? Dan: wrong it’s about killing spiders Me: I just said that
Let’s play Games
Let’s play Games 14 dagen geleden
I know right
WeAreTheOne 14 dagen geleden
Copied my comment lol but funny
Sethina Playz
Sethina Playz 16 dagen geleden
I'm back when this was posted 5 months ago btw now Dan is starting to grow a beard
Home Home Home JJ
Home Home Home JJ 16 dagen geleden
I was right
Liam Martincavage
Liam Martincavage 17 dagen geleden
this game is stopid dan
Kayson May
Kayson May 17 dagen geleden
We lost a spider in my sisters room we need to burn our house Spiderling = baby spider
mimmi jha
mimmi jha 17 dagen geleden
The spider was small as a grien of salt
mimmi jha
mimmi jha 17 dagen geleden
No no no, I giting out. When you were doing the 2nd objective, a spider crossed the screen and when the spider crossed the screen a SPIDER came from under my bed. I was 😐😤😬😲😲😲 OMG I was so scared at that time. o==[]::::::::::::::::>😲
Zoctic 17 dagen geleden
It did not trigger me
Hena Q
Hena Q 17 dagen geleden
Can dan play roblox again
Ink!Sans The Artist
Ink!Sans The Artist 17 dagen geleden
Why is Minecraft in the gaming desc.....?
Laynuh Wollenzien
Laynuh Wollenzien 17 dagen geleden
Dan made me laugh when he opened the safe and said “ cash.. cash money “ $$ 19:54 🤣🤣🤣
game time
game time 18 dagen geleden
It high noon
Joao Pereira
Joao Pereira 18 dagen geleden
Don't forget that you have any questions
Gaming with Jivin
Gaming with Jivin 18 dagen geleden
dan the idea is to try to find two spiders then throw two cheese puffs then blast em with the shot
James Robson
James Robson 18 dagen geleden
For some reason i thought that this was brand new
WakeUppingKiva 18 dagen geleden
2:39 quick expression
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry 19 dagen geleden