This Game Can Make ANY GAME! 

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23 jul. 2020




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Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife
Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife 2 uur geleden
Crayta gives me a lot of Fortnite vibes 😂
Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife
Kim Seok-Jin’s Wife 2 uur geleden
“I’m gonna reveal a suit! Don’t get weird” Dantdm 2020
XL Pug
XL Pug Dag geleden
5:39 admit it everyone was just staring at the guy instead of dan
Mike Davis
Mike Davis Dag geleden
Dreams is way better. And lbp. Oh, and both make it WAYYYYY easier to make things.
Arsh Nihas
Arsh Nihas 4 dagen geleden
its says "this application is not on your country" im in india
Jason Ataera
Jason Ataera 5 dagen geleden
I LOVE all of dans videos
Brandon Fisher-Lesich
Brandon Fisher-Lesich 6 dagen geleden
does stadia work with chromebook
the gaming sloth
the gaming sloth 6 dagen geleden
i hav it alredy
The Diamond king Pro
The Diamond king Pro 7 dagen geleden
Ho ya ya
The Diamond king Pro
The Diamond king Pro 7 dagen geleden
XOBLACKRAPTOR 8 dagen geleden
Make Among Us
Why Worry
Why Worry 11 dagen geleden
CreativeGamer 03
CreativeGamer 03 11 dagen geleden
Title: THIS GAME CAN MAKE ANY GAME! Roblox and Geometry Dash: that's... not new
ShellyGod CX
ShellyGod CX 14 dagen geleden
dan sold out with the trashiest gaming system D:
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez 14 dagen geleden
Otherwise known as Roblox oof
Glitch Roblox
Glitch Roblox 16 dagen geleden
Dosent work for meh breh
ice man
ice man 20 dagen geleden
Who else cant use stadia bc it says its available in your country yet :(
bot owner
bot owner 19 dagen geleden
why would you want it
Gaming Penguin :3
Gaming Penguin :3 20 dagen geleden
Title: THIS GAME MAKES ANY GAME! Me: Oh so Roblox?
Yara Abusahmin
Yara Abusahmin 21 dag geleden
where is the link
Emalie Badger
Emalie Badger 21 dag geleden
That is so awesome and cool i love the games .
Reverse Cosmo • 19 years ago
How people made a game that can make any games: They used the C++ script and firstly they were using python.
Powerful Does Stuff
Powerful Does Stuff 24 dagen geleden
stadia isnt available in mah country ;O;
Limiteds YT
Limiteds YT 26 dagen geleden
Nobody: Literally Nobody: Not even God: Me: Get the crayta ad as soon as he starts up the game
Lawrence Peng
Lawrence Peng 27 dagen geleden
That Person
That Person 27 dagen geleden
Idk why but i think dantdm is kiddish but im watching him after 2 years and im enjoying it smh
Something I have no Idea
Something I have no Idea 28 dagen geleden
Did he notice the person stuck in the ceiling at 5:40
Charlotte 28 dagen geleden
Me: I know what your next video is going to be Dan: What Me: Awesome
Preston Claxton
Preston Claxton 28 dagen geleden
actually there was editing
Tara Williams
Tara Williams Maand geleden
Dan you need to play totally reliable delivery service
Jacob Jones_77
Jacob Jones_77 Maand geleden
#5 dan your hardcore series is over a year old!
Lapis Productions
Lapis Productions Maand geleden
Bring back 7 second riddles
KGaT Gaming
KGaT Gaming Maand geleden
Day 2379847983729487431847948728947287894749832423748139742987592857142895729870834`230767863687535038575256567635786583789574198571429872984723498237409874877777770324437498749087097862712718271927826387263873664786871367836218372638726381275452836512386547635763571235975736575593756556395346303565316317534530453430846538497987897917987439874766431323982981098129723712327830923720237984798372948743184794872894728789474983242374813974298759285714289572987083423076786368753503857525656763578658378957419857142987298472349823740987487777777032443749874908709786271271827192782638726387366478687136783621837263872638127545283651238654763576357123597573657559375655639534630356531631753453045343084653849798789791798743987476643132398298109812972371232783092372023798479837294874318479487289472878947498324237481397429875928571428957298708342307678636875350385752565676357865837895741985714298729847234982374098748777777703244374987490870978627127182719278263872638736647868713678362183726387263812754528365123865476357635712359757365755937565563953463035653163175345304534308465384979878979179874398747664313239829810981297237123278309237202379847983729487431847948728947287894749832423748139742987592857142895729870834230767863687535038575256567635786583789574198571429872984723498237409874877777770324437498749087097862712718271927826387263873664786871367836218372638726381275452836512386547635763571235975736575593756556395346303565316317534530453430846538497987897917987439874766431323982981098129723712327830923720 of trying to get Dan to say "Hey everyone, Dan here from The Diamond Minecart."
ImAQueen PERIODT. Maand geleden
*while watching this i got a stadia add* excuse me O_O
Inggr1s YT
Inggr1s YT Maand geleden
*Dan Explains the game* Me when I can't find the game : ah yes, a problem
K Harris
K Harris Maand geleden
I love it
WotsitGamerツ Maand geleden
Literally a Roblox ripoff lol
wavy Maand geleden
Only smart ppl know that's big ed in thumbnail showing his proof
Mr. BlobBERRY Maand geleden
New roblox
Gamemations Maand geleden
I just got a ad for stadia. I didn’t think it was actually in this video.
Minifan101 Maand geleden
No latency?
Kamil Azad
Kamil Azad Maand geleden
WE THREE Maand geleden
dan crayta is not available in India
just a boy
just a boy Maand geleden
it not free
Jasen Boothe
Jasen Boothe Maand geleden
Dan switched his hair direction
RetroSnek Maand geleden
stadia isnt in my country :(((( (aka india)
Pröto Maand geleden
This video can make any video.
UnicornMayu Maand geleden
Dan play loomian legacy there's a update
Random craft
Random craft Maand geleden
Dantdm: get this game! People in Australia: 😐
Officer Boom
Officer Boom Maand geleden
A FEW MOMENTS LATER... Verizon ad starts
doge champion
doge champion Maand geleden
I’m sad he didn’t shout stadia every time
Chris Houck
Chris Houck Maand geleden
Play boardlands
April Smith
April Smith Maand geleden
This game can make any game
metoosherry Maand geleden
Melissa Ledford
Melissa Ledford Maand geleden
sees all the games me:i dont need this sees little nightmares me:I NEEED THIS!
Thicc force 141
Thicc force 141 Maand geleden
Should’ve played super hot
Sophia Macabu
Sophia Macabu Maand geleden
your voice sounds different without your mic 😶
Matt G.
Matt G. Maand geleden
This video sucks
HeyItsSloth Maand geleden
stadia, lowkey succs
summer! !
summer! ! Maand geleden
get that bag dan 😄
HruMan :P
HruMan :P Maand geleden
Dan: Wow! You can create games in this game! Roblox: Am I a joke to you
tf2 pyro
tf2 pyro Maand geleden
Dreams PS4: Hey yo what's up?
vizor_bot Maand geleden
That face tho
julisnotcool chiken
julisnotcool chiken Maand geleden
bad videos
julisnotcool chiken
julisnotcool chiken Maand geleden
bad videos
julisnotcool chiken
julisnotcool chiken Maand geleden
bad videos
SatayMan Maand geleden
*_This app isn't available in your country_* :(
Moosaツ Maand geleden
I thought the thumbnail was Stadia....waitt
Pickle Boy
Pickle Boy Maand geleden
It all started with one vid ☻/ /▌ /\
Creeper Gaming
Creeper Gaming Maand geleden
1:28 Dan... why? You could have played it again...
Ryan The commenter
Ryan The commenter Maand geleden
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Maand geleden
This video: Roblox: am I a joke to you
Alex Aguillon
Alex Aguillon Maand geleden
Mr AmongUS
Mr AmongUS Maand geleden
That’s a lot of stuff to have to play this 🤣
Mr AmongUS
Mr AmongUS Maand geleden
All you need is : a pc, a tv, steam, have this app and blabla
Dimity Mathews
Dimity Mathews 2 maanden geleden
He has a N64 and a SNES! Ok
WillisCraft 2 maanden geleden
5:37 the guy in the roof
Doggo 53
Doggo 53 2 maanden geleden
Dans spongebob teeth in the thumbnails
Jd The Gamer
Jd The Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Title : this game can make ANY GAMES Wait that's illegal
Rejitha Shakthi
Rejitha Shakthi 2 maanden geleden
Cool, you uploaded this video on my birthday
Lincoln's New Account
Lincoln's New Account 2 maanden geleden
this is just bootleg dreams (and likely a roblox rip-off)
Ko Neko
Ko Neko 2 maanden geleden
I'm unstoppable, did you know that?
BootyEater LeL
BootyEater LeL 2 maanden geleden
𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝟝 Of Trying To Get Dan To Use His Old Intro
Ben jim
Ben jim 2 maanden geleden
When dan wants to be younger
Cloody 2 maanden geleden
The title of the video made me think that is was roblox
Lightning 2 maanden geleden
the graphics sucked
Gd megshondo
Gd megshondo 2 maanden geleden
Just shapes and beats I remember wanting pt 2
James Manktelow
James Manktelow 2 maanden geleden
Dantdm is starting to change into non child freinfdly
4 heaven’s cakes By Charli Ann
Dantdm I love your videos I never new Howe to coment or subscribe oh ya mi name is Corbete by
ماجد ماجد
ماجد ماجد 2 maanden geleden
pley fnaf world
Galaxy Dog
Galaxy Dog 2 maanden geleden
Play destiny
Edwin YT
Edwin YT 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM please play Tomodgachi Life. It is been to long
EmperorOfDance 2 maanden geleden
He reacted to one of my comments a couple of videos ago, so I think he’s gonna be starting it up again soon
SP1DERM8N YT 2 maanden geleden
Guys I’m trying to get 50 subs anything will help
Billy's Ideas
Billy's Ideas 2 maanden geleden
Dan: stadia is sponsoring this video Me: buy stadia
ପR e m u ̊
ପR e m u ̊ 2 maanden geleden
Ngl- I kinda forgot about DanTDM for a while-
ۛ 2 maanden geleden
I thought stadia is crap?
Chris 2 maanden geleden
Straight up commercial geez
Lee Tucker
Lee Tucker 2 maanden geleden
Can you play games on iPhone that are not on iPhone
Rainbow26YT 2 maanden geleden
t E m
t E m 2 maanden geleden
List of dans to do list: 1. Play undertale Genocide route 2. Play more JSAB 3. Play more horror games
Furiousdevil 21
Furiousdevil 21 2 maanden geleden
This is my parkour 😎
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