They BROKE THIS in Minecraft Hardcore! 

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31 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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minecraft is best
minecraft is best 6 uur geleden
the le shoot the second has awaken
IK productions
IK productions 7 uur geleden
Tristan Riley Salarda
Tristan Riley Salarda 8 uur geleden
Wadzee has done it he has made a full 4 level netherite beacon hopefully you can do it to!
Allanah Allison
Allanah Allison 10 uur geleden
u kneed to kill the ender dragon please u have to complete it
SABAR SINGH 11 uur geleden
You can combine both the bow
Costality 18 uur geleden
Dan Has A GREAT Editor
The Lenny Boi
The Lenny Boi Dag geleden
what happened to MC hardcore? (aka this series)
Exotiic Reflex
Exotiic Reflex Dag geleden
Dan if you hit him in the tail while he’s on the bedrock pillar he takes damage
royxon08 Dag geleden
if you use a normal bow to an enchanted bow in a anvil it will be fixed
Arclin3 Dag geleden
dan i need help in fortnite in killing iron man please can you help me my acount is turtel girl
WHITEY Dag geleden
Repair it with an Anvil, combine le shoot with a bow with no enchantments and it should be fixed, it works for armour and weapons etc
ParkAck 2 dagen geleden
Is dan dumb he can put le shoot with other bows heal
Jaryn Carbajal
Jaryn Carbajal 3 dagen geleden
In order to bring a beacon to full power you would need a total of 322 netherite scrap
Dakota Red Kai
Dakota Red Kai 3 dagen geleden
Instead of ancientScrap it’s nether scrap
ABUBAKAR SIDDIQUE 3 dagen geleden
you can combine bows to heal bows
Lauryn Marvin
Lauryn Marvin 3 dagen geleden
DanTDM if the Ender Dragon is at one of the healing places ethics Troy it the Ender Dragon get hurt
ThomasJPO 5 dagen geleden
6:54 villager nod's
SuperBloxian 502
SuperBloxian 502 5 dagen geleden
Everyone: Ocean Monument Dan: sea temple
Charlotte Gray
Charlotte Gray 7 dagen geleden
Oof for the ender dragon
Understandable 7 dagen geleden
Vytautas Jočionis
Vytautas Jočionis 7 dagen geleden
Vytautas Jočionis
Vytautas Jočionis 7 dagen geleden
@Daniel Sanderson ݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦݾݰݒݢݝۻݳݳࢧࢥࢸࣦ
Daniel Sanderson
Daniel Sanderson 7 dagen geleden
Haha good one
Leadout Sam
Leadout Sam 7 dagen geleden
your the best Dan
我是金燕 7 dagen geleden
name the trident le fork
Ntando ntandoplay
Ntando ntandoplay 8 dagen geleden
2 MP
2 MP 8 dagen geleden
You could keep on shooting him with arrows if you are sure you can hit him
Davis Lee
Davis Lee 8 dagen geleden
Villagers spawn iron golems
Peyton Gadberry
Peyton Gadberry 9 dagen geleden
I didn't see the episode when you got Gwen but how did you get the elder guardian
Chad Richardson
Chad Richardson 9 dagen geleden
Dan my xp farm is broken. Me you have another the skeleton farm go there instead.
Jessie Sullivan
Jessie Sullivan 9 dagen geleden
You can combine bows to make it better
Tuvya Taneja
Tuvya Taneja 9 dagen geleden
21:34 dan -*opens a shocker box find a elitry * and says what is this garbage Me * shocked"
BackFlipBlox 10 dagen geleden
Does anyone notice that he double uploaded this in his playlist
Jacob's Boxing Club
Jacob's Boxing Club 11 dagen geleden
good for not killing Gewen
mindy sipes
mindy sipes 11 dagen geleden
Dan today I hade a flew shot man I Hate That Grrrr No More Shots Okay No More Shots Now
Leslir Wright
Leslir Wright 12 dagen geleden
You can repair le shoot with normal bow and keep le shoots enchantments in anvil
sara almquist
sara almquist 12 dagen geleden
The wither has more health than the ender dragon but he is slow the needed dragon had less health but she is faster
Datrix Duo
Datrix Duo 12 dagen geleden
Dan u can combine le shoot with a normal bow in the anvil
Hayden Slone
Hayden Slone 13 dagen geleden
I think iron golems spawn because you have villagers there
Kaisen Cavada
Kaisen Cavada 13 dagen geleden
is le shoot your god in minecraft?
Prince 13 dagen geleden
in 16:44 it made me laugh so much
Charlights 0911
Charlights 0911 14 dagen geleden
The iron golems responding because there’s villagers
Assertive Almond
Assertive Almond 14 dagen geleden
imagine hardcore minecraft without totems
Cole Bukowski
Cole Bukowski 14 dagen geleden
It would hurt a lot but you can fix le-shoot, if you can handle combining it with a grindstone and using the levels to re enchant/name him.
Isaiah Santos
Isaiah Santos 15 dagen geleden
i thought dan was cautious because e wont get close to the dragon,then when he killed it I cringed so much
Jordan M
Jordan M 15 dagen geleden
you should make a xp grinder
Fun Evening
Fun Evening 15 dagen geleden
Dan could've just repaired le shoot with a normal bow in an anvil
Johnpaul Wnuczek
Johnpaul Wnuczek 16 dagen geleden
Dan why dont you get a new bow and heal le shoot
MobCraft TetrisBlock
MobCraft TetrisBlock 16 dagen geleden
can u do a hard mode wth me pls
samuel gray
samuel gray 16 dagen geleden
samuel gray
samuel gray 16 dagen geleden
O o I did email email or email email or did email or email email
Jacob Chen
Jacob Chen 16 dagen geleden
Dan, if you want to reject guardian zaps, then wear full project IV netherite armor. This will do no damage to guardian and elder guardian zaps
Maddox In the world
Maddox In the world 16 dagen geleden
Dan:ez mode
Astro JacZy
Astro JacZy 17 dagen geleden
Love ur vids ❤️
Stretchy SlimeGurl
Stretchy SlimeGurl 17 dagen geleden
2:38 look at incredillama
Chris Bancroft
Chris Bancroft 17 dagen geleden
Want you you know what you I don’t want you you don’t have any fun fun kids kids and kids fun
Pyromage 17 dagen geleden
You know, i just noticed the cover page is a wither skull being broken.
NBD Lime
NBD Lime 17 dagen geleden
Who else has played minecraft for 8 years?
Arkhen Rodriguez
Arkhen Rodriguez 18 dagen geleden
Cool 😎😎😎🥶
Sophie Dix
Sophie Dix 18 dagen geleden
Umm the ender dragon is a giirl
Harshad 19 dagen geleden
2014 You: kills and enderdragon 3 times Your classmates: u r a legend bro we r newbies against you you: thats right punks 2020 You: kill ender dragon 3 times Your class mates: You r a new i killed the dragon about 34 times u punk You: So am late to the party
Psalm Dinawanao
Psalm Dinawanao 20 dagen geleden
He killed the ender dragon 3times dantdm -2020
Monish Marichetty
Monish Marichetty 22 dagen geleden
In the start it was so sad that u needed to kill qwen
chaahel lakhinana
chaahel lakhinana 22 dagen geleden
make a creeper farm already
Little Miss Gamer 13
Little Miss Gamer 13 24 dagen geleden
Do a vex do a vex do a vex plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Blue Volcano
Blue Volcano 24 dagen geleden
Dan try playing 2b2t next
Leah Mcclelland
Leah Mcclelland 24 dagen geleden
Kyle_kings 777
Kyle_kings 777 24 dagen geleden
The netherite beacon achievement is real!!
ShadowzX._ 24 dagen geleden
That's gonna be a headache
Zuo Ling
Zuo Ling 24 dagen geleden
Fact : the Ender Dragon is actually a GIRL and her name is Jean.
Jaeden Perch
Jaeden Perch 25 dagen geleden
is this why he stopped doing mods in the lab 1:22
Blaze SMYTH 26 dagen geleden
i mean 2:42
Blaze SMYTH 26 dagen geleden
time im ansering 3:40 aparently unreperable it not just put a bow with le shoot in rhe. anvil and vwalla
khentjohnpol rampas
khentjohnpol rampas 26 dagen geleden
Because the golem always spawn when night if have a zombie in villager its spawn golem
mohammad bassam
mohammad bassam 26 dagen geleden
hit him on the head when on the floor
Cody Williams
Cody Williams 26 dagen geleden
Make more merch please!!!!!!! 😞😞😞
Cody Williams
Cody Williams 26 dagen geleden
DanTDM: I can't find the nether portal to the stronghold Me: Your wasting fireworks!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂
Ma. Gianelli Besana
Ma. Gianelli Besana 26 dagen geleden
What happened to your house?
Amy Mullins
Amy Mullins 26 dagen geleden
Dan I know how to make a gunpowder farm It not to hard you need glass hoppers chets pistons levers and creepers
Joey Childers
Joey Childers 27 dagen geleden
Villagers can build iron Holmes if ya didn't kniow,So yeah read this comment bc you ask this everyday WHERE ARE THESE GOLEMS COMMING!?!?!
Joey Childers
Joey Childers 27 dagen geleden
I suck at spelling...
Paddy Pearce
Paddy Pearce 27 dagen geleden
Dan: “the closest iv had to dieing is in lava” Me: WHAT ABOUT THE RESPAWN ANCHOR EXPLOSION
Nick savage
Nick savage 28 dagen geleden
Le shoot is in retirement
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander 28 dagen geleden
dan when the ender dragon is chilling you can attack her from the bottom
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander 28 dagen geleden
Gaming With Cookie
Gaming With Cookie 29 dagen geleden
another 1
Khalood plays
Khalood plays 29 dagen geleden
LeviTheKitty 29 dagen geleden
dan i only have 29 arrows left i might get stuck here me theres such thing as hiiting him with ur sword
Matthew Becker
Matthew Becker Maand geleden
anyone gonna talk about him having a extra elytra
Chase 974
Chase 974 Maand geleden
The golem's are spawning because your base counts as a village, and now there is more than 10 villagers, which cause the golems to spawn.
Daniel Böhmer
Daniel Böhmer Maand geleden
You can repair le shoot
Toastii Maand geleden
no one: the captions: *swearing mode activated 😎*
Kay Newton
Kay Newton Maand geleden
LE 所おtjりsどっち
Kay Newton
Kay Newton Maand geleden
Colawolf Playz
Colawolf Playz Maand geleden
Me:Bows down to le shoot
yooyoung bae
yooyoung bae Maand geleden
Dream: Can kill the Ender Deagon in 2 minutes Dantdm: Needs netherite armor, a super good bow, needs totems of undying
Aaron Cormacknavarta
Aaron Cormacknavarta Maand geleden
Vida Lopez
Vida Lopez Maand geleden
when he said bigger fish there was a fish right next to him
painthamizh mv
painthamizh mv Maand geleden
You need 36 stacks of ancient debris to make a stack of netherite blocks. Easy math
Skaiva Br
Skaiva Br Maand geleden
When i watched your live stream my heart dropped
s.i_mran ._.
s.i_mran ._. Maand geleden
every one comment le shoot has done well
phoenix naylor
phoenix naylor Maand geleden
when was the actual last time we saw him use his fish farm that isnt on the stream
Cohen LindenSmith
Cohen LindenSmith Maand geleden
Dan: Kisses Librarien Girls: They have it easy
Sarah Swift
Sarah Swift Maand geleden
Dan why don't u use a regular bow and le shoot in an anvil to fix it??????
JredyDreaM Maand geleden
Cant you just put le shoot and a regular bow in an anvil to repair?