These Tik Toks Will SCARE YOU! 

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17 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Jasmine Munson
Jasmine Munson Uur geleden
Honestly I don't understand why people would do that. BTS is amazing!! Can anyone agree. And last of all Dan if you EVER even try making a k-pop vid, (which would be amazing) I would probably die of laughter and change my whole point of view on how you see things. πŸ˜‚
Bonnie and Matt! BaM! Benson
Shadowman_745 2 uur geleden
Dude its 1 in the night why did this appear in my reccomended😱
Zombie Family
Zombie Family 2 uur geleden
That's literally a building center head is dancing with
Zombie Family
Zombie Family 2 uur geleden
Did you see the blood on the wall from the umbrella
Joseph Kosciuk
Joseph Kosciuk 3 uur geleden
Joseph Kosciuk
Joseph Kosciuk 3 uur geleden
I watched it at 7:58 :l
Shannon Evans
Shannon Evans 3 uur geleden
it open it mouth omg
Kolter Harmon
Kolter Harmon 3 uur geleden
15:28 lol.
Joaquin Cruz
Joaquin Cruz 3 uur geleden
my door is open and my brother jump scared me
The Chaos
The Chaos 4 uur geleden
Me: Expecting the skeleton to move The skeleton: Eyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dan: I fOrGoT tHAt thE sKeLeToNS dId tHaT
Dominick White
Dominick White 4 uur geleden
the pic of the hornet is real
Reuben Tan
Reuben Tan 5 uur geleden
My b_day was on May 18 and this vid was may 17
Minecrafter 5 uur geleden
cDub88888 5 uur geleden
Corey Hadaway
Corey Hadaway 6 uur geleden
I love how the skeleton Dino went YAAAAAAAAAS
Corey Hadaway
Corey Hadaway 6 uur geleden
Im so scaredπŸ˜§πŸ˜¨πŸ˜±πŸŽƒ
Corey Hadaway
Corey Hadaway 6 uur geleden
I'm literally watching this at night uh oh
Jayda Mand
Jayda Mand 6 uur geleden
Dan: let's move on Ads: 5g just got real
Trix Gameing_WhiteRose
smell bean
smell bean 8 uur geleden
When the knock happened someone knocked 1 minute later and there was none people at my home
T 8 uur geleden
Hauahah tok ticks
Kurtis Henken
Kurtis Henken 9 uur geleden
Does he realise that daddy and mummy pig took they’re kids to the slaughterhouse and came out without them
Minty Wave
Minty Wave 9 uur geleden
A scammer called me while I was watching this and all I said was go away you wet wipe I’m watching Dantdm and they said ThIs Is LizZy FrOm ThE hEaLtH cArE
Eli & Dom
Eli & Dom 10 uur geleden
that bee made me jump 20 feet...
Crazy Chris
Crazy Chris 10 uur geleden
Aaron Furaus
Aaron Furaus 11 uur geleden
I’m so sorry to say dantdm but your such a wimp. I didn’t jump into once
saurabh nishant
saurabh nishant 11 uur geleden
EsHAaL KhAN 11 uur geleden
dan.. that pic was real of that hornet wasp, i swear thats even on 72 dangerous animals asia and i swear my friend and i saw that in our school, but we are somewhere else
_psp_ Protect Security progress
I hate the Ocean but Its fun to play in it
_psp_ Protect Security progress
Longer i get under the ocean more scared i get
Regina Liquigan
Regina Liquigan 12 uur geleden
When 11:00
Regina Liquigan
Regina Liquigan 12 uur geleden
Me i'm watching horor video
_psp_ Protect Security progress
Why do not make the skary video big and only u Big. We need to see the funny video bige
The ri23chard27
The ri23chard27 12 uur geleden
the third one made me fall off my chair XD
Ianis Andrei Cerchez
Ianis Andrei Cerchez 12 uur geleden
6:03 That was so funny xD
Owen Nolan
Owen Nolan 13 uur geleden
Not scary
Jennifer Dellicicchi
Jennifer Dellicicchi 13 uur geleden
me drinking apple jucie, the video: get out the apple jucie: RREEEEEEEEEE
milanelo wollah
milanelo wollah 13 uur geleden
That Sound Was In Fnaf 4
MR langjeng
MR langjeng 14 uur geleden
6:19 when the duch men got out the water
Raymond Bone
Raymond Bone 17 uur geleden
Play the maze on roblox
Jessrichard Gardner
Jessrichard Gardner 19 uur geleden
Hey dan i watched it in the morning and im still freaked out😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🀯🀯🀯🀯😨😨
Mohammad Sayed
Mohammad Sayed 19 uur geleden
You said by the dinosaur it was not sbubi
Cool Boi
Cool Boi 20 uur geleden
This is how many times dan screamed πŸ‘‡
BasicWhiteChick 20 uur geleden
Wow Dan has changed so much! good job
Dean Camacho
Dean Camacho 21 uur geleden
For 1:35 I just imagine the presumed dead music from the henry stickmin collection, idk why
RaspyKyle789 21 uur geleden
To be honest, most of these are just jokes
Toby Wright
Toby Wright 21 uur geleden
I never get scared to these kinds of tik toks but the light one got the freak out of me
Myra as Weirdos
Myra as Weirdos 22 uur geleden
9:40 Is it a thread If it is a thread you are getting cancelled next....
Myra as Weirdos
Myra as Weirdos 22 uur geleden
Dan tell me rn
David Mckinnon
David Mckinnon 22 uur geleden
That one when she heard something that got me so hard my heart jumped out
Dannika Rawson
Dannika Rawson 23 uur geleden
weres his blue hair???
danika strout
danika strout Dag geleden
oh yeh that exerciz ting i saw on youtube and on paranormal caught on camera
fly high
fly high Dag geleden
your local koala.
your local koala. Dag geleden
A endermen is a refrence to slenderman.
Lap the stupid dev
Lap the stupid dev Dag geleden
MaD Milkman Yeet
MaD Milkman Yeet Dag geleden
Scary dog
Nuclear Bomb
Nuclear Bomb Dag geleden
I’m glad I had dan to comfort me it’s good to experience the spoofs with a good NLblock or
XxMinty DarknessxX
XxMinty DarknessxX Dag geleden
Watching at the perfect time. (A few days before Halloween )
Caleb Fraire
Caleb Fraire Dag geleden
Caleb Fraire
Caleb Fraire Dag geleden
Sorry to much
1565 squid
1565 squid Dag geleden
Hmmm. Toc tics? Toc ticks me off.
Dickie Boy
Dickie Boy Dag geleden
hey DanTDM the video that creep you out with the door knocking your man came into my room at one night and he disappeared just pooped in the thin air and now I'm scared now I stay up all night because of that
Jeff Patton
Jeff Patton Dag geleden
Dan: If you watched that at night with headphone son that would be awful. Me at 7:12 PM with headphones on alone in the living room: Help me....
Xhaiden Long
Xhaiden Long Dag geleden
The scariest part is that a spider decided to crawl across my screen while I was watching this
James Simon
James Simon Dag geleden
Some of these videos they have in the reactory channel
Chad Groggel
Chad Groggel Dag geleden
πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€β˜ οΈβ˜ οΈβ˜ οΈβ˜ οΈβ˜ οΈ
Prince Archell Valeros
dudeeeeee me and dan get shhacked
Daniel McGovern
Daniel McGovern Dag geleden
I laugh at scary things so this was a laugh fest for me
Daniel McGovern
Daniel McGovern Dag geleden
It is time for Dan to...turn to the scary thungs
G G Dag geleden
7:49 howard the alien
Dancy_ Cake
Dancy_ Cake Dag geleden
The only one that made me jump was the wasp
michael oswald
michael oswald Dag geleden
Agney Sree
Agney Sree Dag geleden
its real ....................................... I have seen in BBC
fetchingconch17 _yoman
Wait what "tok tiks" it's "tik tok"
Agney Sree
Agney Sree Dag geleden
its India
Agney Sree
Agney Sree Dag geleden
I know that
tomodachi life music in back ground
Cosmic Eevee
Cosmic Eevee Dag geleden
CharliePlayz Dag geleden
CharliePlayz Dag geleden
I watched this at night time
Charlie and Gacha
Charlie and Gacha Dag geleden
You know what that creature is, Dan? Its a.... HUMAN BEAR GORILLA! (I love your channel so much I've watched you for years. I'm one of your biggest fans :D)
Phantom Knight
Phantom Knight Dag geleden
thats a pork cuz he said stop staring at your sister
Karen Treddenbarger
Your dog is cute dan
Eternal4 Dragon
Eternal4 Dragon Dag geleden
I love horror I love Dan I love the channel
Mozza Dag geleden
i hate that one 8:19
Mr Toxic
Mr Toxic Dag geleden
8:32 got me...
Cameron Boi
Cameron Boi Dag geleden
8:24 That scared the living day lights out of me
Noah Bauman
Noah Bauman Dag geleden
ashok kumar
ashok kumar Dag geleden
thats india that working out tok tik watch news dan
Roblox Girl
Roblox Girl Dag geleden
I already have headphones on
Joross Lizardo
Joross Lizardo Dag geleden
16:48 when your brother is watching you in the secutrity camera. Me:
Anne Costello
Anne Costello Dag geleden
6:47 # dad dance
philip chan
philip chan Dag geleden
2:23 my body has been defeated
Anne Costello
Anne Costello Dag geleden
4:25 that noise he made......
Isaac Davies
Isaac Davies Dag geleden
I feel wierd but I didnt get jump scared 😝 I always jump
Maddox Gaming
Maddox Gaming Dag geleden
(Person betrays PEWDIEPIE) Pewdiepie: III TRUSTEDD YOUUUU--
Charles Jacob Turcato
Ok I’m out
Noah Bell
Noah Bell Dag geleden
Didn’t sleep last night and I’m not going to sleep again
Noah Bell
Noah Bell Dag geleden
Marisa Clawson
Marisa Clawson Dag geleden
BOO happy Halloween
cheeseplays among us
9:14 I jumped and I peed my pants
Rian Rie
Rian Rie Dag geleden
I got scared of that bugii guy