these eggs scared me bro... 

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One Night at Flumpty’s:


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7 jul. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Destiny but Roblox
Destiny but Roblox 48 minuten geleden
Where is the Vr
Jared Basurto
Jared Basurto 3 uur geleden
Do vr
Megan Leavitt
Megan Leavitt 4 uur geleden
i mean the a lot of eyes
Megan Leavitt
Megan Leavitt 4 uur geleden
the clown is gunkfess the big eyes is eyesauress the minecradtg uy is birthday boy
mine kurt
mine kurt 9 uur geleden
Those are your eyeballs dan.[5:07]
Where's My Mouse
Where's My Mouse 11 uur geleden
Clown= reference
Arianna Strobis
Arianna Strobis 13 uur geleden
I have a theory what if your an egg that didnt want to be evil and so they try to kill you and fry YOU
Matthew Galiza
Matthew Galiza 16 uur geleden
Also can you plz make a video about it
Matthew Galiza
Matthew Galiza 16 uur geleden
Galiza matthew
Matthew Galiza
Matthew Galiza 16 uur geleden
My chanel name is
Matthew Galiza
Matthew Galiza 16 uur geleden
Can you watch my chanele
Matthew Galiza
Matthew Galiza 16 uur geleden
Yo dan
Keke Keke
Keke Keke Dag geleden
18:08 golden flumpty coming to get ya
Roger Jr De villaluna
We heard THAT!! it's ok we know what you fell lol :D
Josh Lim
Josh Lim 2 dagen geleden
NeighborsHood🤓😁 2 dagen geleden
Don’t kill me Understandable have a great day
Jk bruh Lol
Jk bruh Lol 2 dagen geleden
17:35 hahahahahah
Keip Mit
Keip Mit 2 dagen geleden
I loved the riddle school series
ANGEL CHU 2 dagen geleden
just a meme
just a meme 3 dagen geleden
Something something one and only FlumptY duMptys If your liGhts are off then your safe ! If your lights are ON they'll come find you and rip you a brand new face : D
•WhaleGãcha• 3 dagen geleden
Omg riddle school I love that series
ItzNathan5625 3 dagen geleden
Dan. The beaver is basically foxy from fnaf. Edit:stupid autocorrect
Hewwo?! UwU
Hewwo?! UwU 4 dagen geleden
The toilet says “I’ve run out”
Darlene Sapien
Darlene Sapien 4 dagen geleden
I soit
DAMIAN SAENZ 4 dagen geleden
bro the egg don't get cooked it's you that get cooked
Game Boi
Game Boi 4 dagen geleden
Do part 2 for hard boiled mode
Dani &Ava
Dani &Ava 4 dagen geleden
Dan: THRES SOMEONE ON THE CAMREA YOU CANt SEE )))me: that’s in all of the fnaf games Dan :/
namcicle 351
namcicle 351 4 dagen geleden
I should not have had eggs for breakfast this morning
JINDAN 4 dagen geleden
i remember riddle school
Telpon Rumah
Telpon Rumah 5 dagen geleden
Hello :>
Minecraft Kid
Minecraft Kid 5 dagen geleden
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 if your wanting to know what I’m laughing at then you have to take your time to scroll down Turn the playback speed to full and rewatch the video
Gavgavthecat 5 dagen geleden
Me: yey im an og subscriber
Galexypenguin_games 5 dagen geleden
Dan I only watched two Episodes of riddle school
Ammara here
Ammara here 5 dagen geleden
I've watched this in real confusion and keeps getting scared :)
Ardan Fusin
Ardan Fusin 6 dagen geleden
ArchAngel13 6 dagen geleden
The block head is called "Birthday boy blam"
Tia Shears
Tia Shears 6 dagen geleden
He didn't even find out that you have a limited amount of times to use the cameras...
Jayn Maglonzo
Jayn Maglonzo 6 dagen geleden
i Nhow whos the beaver its justin beaver lol
John O'Rourke
John O'Rourke 6 dagen geleden
Please have your Minecraft world I love you every NLblock or to give me the Minecraft world
Aaron’s Gaming glass
Aaron’s Gaming glass 6 dagen geleden
It’s been 3 months,,,,,
Doge Good
Doge Good 6 dagen geleden
i dont think the thing he was holding was tea i think its a pipe people used to smoke with in the olden days
Jose Tivity Peralta
Jose Tivity Peralta 6 dagen geleden
Marco Flores
Marco Flores 7 dagen geleden
Woof Master Gaming
Woof Master Gaming 7 dagen geleden
Dan: WHAT THE FUUU :Me: did you go to a youtube swaring class?
Woof Master Gaming
Woof Master Gaming 7 dagen geleden
Postalmomo 7 dagen geleden
13:00 - 13:17 yea... I’m definitely getting nightmares. Clowns scare me so much you do not know how much they scare me.
Postalmomo 7 dagen geleden
2:00 - 2:02 was a late reaction for me. Once it hit 2:03 it scared the poop out of me. H e l p
Postalmomo 7 dagen geleden
Why am I watching this? Will I be able to sleep? Will I have nightmares? H e l p m e. My parents (when I was young) said not to watch this. I see why now... h e l p , h e l p m e
Chloe Carmichael
Chloe Carmichael 7 dagen geleden
Humpty Dumpty Actually said: ✨ *You wanna see some Real Speed* ✨
Lucy Vlogs
Lucy Vlogs 7 dagen geleden
so at 4am cam 3 is opend and i thingk at 2am the bever no 3am the bever runs and the clown is creepy tho
Lucy Vlogs
Lucy Vlogs 7 dagen geleden
VERY CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy Vlogs
Lucy Vlogs 7 dagen geleden
wen dan was at 5am: dont come plz dont come at the very end: (egg guy comes) dan: cooks the eggs
lilly katrazi
lilly katrazi 7 dagen geleden
play impossible dash
lilly katrazi
lilly katrazi 7 dagen geleden
yay i love this game and i lovve dan
•Anxious Puppy•
•Anxious Puppy• 7 dagen geleden
MR.GoodBoy _
MR.GoodBoy _ 8 dagen geleden
James Pennington
James Pennington 8 dagen geleden
13:06 NOOPE
Amrita Banerjee
Amrita Banerjee 8 dagen geleden
Subscribe to Dan after what he went through
S Mohren
S Mohren 8 dagen geleden
Anyone watching put the volume down a lot and you can hardly hear it. Btw its scary because its loud.
Dylan Du Toit
Dylan Du Toit 8 dagen geleden
Please play LEGO dc Super villains.
Karisa Rosales
Karisa Rosales 9 dagen geleden
Dan: And it only needs one night to poop your pants and get scared Me: um.. why do we have to poop are pants who said anything about pooping are pants and stuff?
xxx 123
xxx 123 9 dagen geleden
Play one night at flumptys two
Nikola Gajewska
Nikola Gajewska 9 dagen geleden
the red sploge was the clown and on the toiletvit said ive ran out
chloe 9 dagen geleden
sir pls don’t scare me, im eating an egg rn
Noeli Kaipio
Noeli Kaipio 9 dagen geleden
Great video
Amrita Banerjee
Amrita Banerjee 9 dagen geleden
"You guys control my life apparently" ~Daniel Middleton 2020
The Gaming Sniper
The Gaming Sniper 9 dagen geleden
There is a second one it is a lot scarier
Jevon Daly
Jevon Daly 10 dagen geleden
12:00 12:02 WHAT
Mert Animations
Mert Animations 11 dagen geleden
Me: DanTDM never swears in his videos. DanTDM: *Almost swears* Me: I take it back
Look1ng_w00 :3
Look1ng_w00 :3 11 dagen geleden
Did any1 came here to see the comments about Dan screaming? Please scroll down
RoseWolf Animations
RoseWolf Animations 12 dagen geleden
I think the clown is the little boy who steals your batteries that’s why he couldn’t close the doors
Leena Anis
Leena Anis 13 dagen geleden
Wow this game is eggcelent how is one night enough that's quite eggnorant..
Aira Jubilado
Aira Jubilado 13 dagen geleden
U know theres a youtuber called The Gaming Beaver.....right?
LaterBadger3880 14 dagen geleden
Do the second one aswell
paklong deen
paklong deen 14 dagen geleden
paklong deen
paklong deen 14 dagen geleden
paklong deen
paklong deen 14 dagen geleden
paklong deen
paklong deen 14 dagen geleden
ʙʟɪss X fuʟʟ
ʙʟɪss X fuʟʟ 14 dagen geleden
dantdm : gets scared when plays game* me : this isnt even scary =/ also me : cooks egg* looks at egg* c the face of the egg from the game* me : nope ima fast from now on
l0vely_Ken 14 dagen geleden
*heart attack* Help
Yonatan Kornelius
Yonatan Kornelius 15 dagen geleden
He said the f word
personpeoplepeopleperson s
I can't hear the rumble but I can literally feel it
personpeoplepeopleperson s
Boop the clown
Jill Bala
Jill Bala 15 dagen geleden
💀 death is un escapable life is only ouns and then it's over every day every second of your day is a chunk of your life every thing you do pointless cus if you didn't do it someone else will just do it instead of you.... shrek is love shrek is life
Jax Ayala
Jax Ayala 15 dagen geleden
Near the baby
Jax Ayala
Jax Ayala 15 dagen geleden
In the office
Jax Ayala
Jax Ayala 15 dagen geleden
Btw there was something In APROPREATE
Jax Ayala
Jax Ayala 15 dagen geleden
Karim Nayef
Karim Nayef 15 dagen geleden
Oh now he’s scared
Karim Nayef
Karim Nayef 15 dagen geleden
i know why he’s not getting scared because it’s so hard it’s not scary anymore
ns99thunder 15 dagen geleden
I feel honored to be called an OG
Josef_Afton ;p
Josef_Afton ;p 15 dagen geleden
everyone: *watching normaly* me: "oh my gosh pooh what happend to your guts-"
ØKitty PlayzØ
ØKitty PlayzØ 13 dagen geleden
@Josef_Afton ;p wat?
Josef_Afton ;p
Josef_Afton ;p 13 dagen geleden
@ØKitty PlayzØ OnI
ØKitty PlayzØ
ØKitty PlayzØ 15 dagen geleden
Madalynn Stahl
Madalynn Stahl 16 dagen geleden
Not a 3 years a 1 year
Nathan Finlay
Nathan Finlay 17 dagen geleden
18:19 In 0.5 loloof in .25x Even better 14:41 in 1.75x lollll
Kaelen The Dino
Kaelen The Dino 17 dagen geleden
Beaver: You want to see some real speed? Dantdm: NO Beaver: To bad **runs fast**
Aaron Murcia
Aaron Murcia 18 dagen geleden
Flumpty is Freddy Square head is chica Beaver is foxy Red splotch is Bonnie Clown is spring trap Golden flumpty is golden Freddy
Neon 15 dagen geleden
square head has a name. It’s *birthday boy blam*
Kaelen The Dino
Kaelen The Dino 17 dagen geleden
Jennifer Hendricks
Jennifer Hendricks 18 dagen geleden
I'm terrified and it hasn't even been 2 minutes! Then again, watching in the dark when I'm scared of the dark.
Juliet Neale
Juliet Neale 18 dagen geleden
"With apologies to Winnie the Pooh, Nintendo, Pixar, Gatorade, and Ronald McDonald" ~ Best Apology Section in a Game 2020
Jennifer Fu
Jennifer Fu 18 dagen geleden
Play piggy
Scarlett Cloud9
Scarlett Cloud9 18 dagen geleden
DanTDM: what did that say Me: Rewinds back and pauses to see what it says Beaver: I’ve run out
Otis & Noob Twins
Otis & Noob Twins 19 dagen geleden
16:26 Me when someone scares me
1Dactyl 19 dagen geleden
Note: the clown comes after 4 am So you want to use them sparingly Edit: beaver runs when there is no toilet paper
AnCactus 19 dagen geleden
13:06 he was going to swear ;-;