The New Hello Neighbor Game is Hard.. (Hello Guest) 

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8 jul. 2020




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MAG 3 maanden geleden
You were so close to the ending, Dan. The last thing you needed to do is to just open the final door on to of the elevator, but there is another color puzzle you need to complete in order to open that door. When you are in the store, grab a CCTV and a monitor so that you can place it on the wall and the monitor to see which color is lit so you don't have to go back up there multiple times. After that, place down the generator and plug it to the power panel, press button 2 and twisting the buttons on the other side of the power panel. Finally, when you have made it into the room full of dining tables, you can jump out of the window which leads to the other side of the park and that's where it ends.
MrDerpyEnder876 11 dagen geleden
@Rose Lover comments say otherwise
Rose Lover
Rose Lover 11 dagen geleden
It’s not turkey boy it’s just someone helping dan in this game
Rose Lover
Rose Lover 11 dagen geleden
Turkey boy is back dan look at this
MrDerpyEnder876 Maand geleden
wait you changed ur name turkeyboy55 to MAG
Hiba Ashraf
Hiba Ashraf 3 maanden geleden
Yo my man's back!
Dkxx The toca yt
Dkxx The toca yt 3 dagen geleden
The girl is neighbours wife
Lucas Tate-Pettit
Lucas Tate-Pettit 9 dagen geleden
Dan: Is that how much damage they've done!? Me: No, it's stress level. Decrees it by drinking coffee. If it gets too high, your character passes out and the shift ends.
Rose Lover
Rose Lover 11 dagen geleden
Mag isn’t turkey boy
Gagandeep Sekhon
Gagandeep Sekhon 13 dagen geleden
blackyandtiggy 16 dagen geleden
Jeffrey DaBoi
Jeffrey DaBoi 16 dagen geleden
The hello guest game is hello neighbor 2 hello guest was just a preview so if hello neighbor 2 looks the same thats because hello guest was a previw
Asimo Cloud
Asimo Cloud 17 dagen geleden
Francisco Ramos-Garcia
Francisco Ramos-Garcia 19 dagen geleden
Ann King
Ann King 22 dagen geleden
bob joe
bob joe Maand geleden
i am a rat.
i am a rat. Maand geleden
“a man with a crow head” me: *TOKOYAMI FROM MY HERO ACADEMIA?*
Lapis Productions
Lapis Productions Maand geleden
Bring back 7 second riddles
The Underxza
The Underxza Maand geleden
Everyone: Turkeyboy55 Me: *empty fridge*
Kikoshufler Hsarocky
Kikoshufler Hsarocky Maand geleden
phil collins
David Kinsella
David Kinsella Maand geleden
I think it was a crow not a bug and that canister is probably what those hooligans use to set fire to stuff.
sisterhood sisterforever
I am a fan of dannnnnn
Fabiojazzie Jazzie
Fabiojazzie Jazzie Maand geleden
A3PHA GAm7s Maand geleden
Turkeyboy55 pls answer my prayers,pls help dan
April Smith
April Smith Maand geleden
The new hello neighbor game is hard hello guest
Brittany Lowdermilk
Brittany Lowdermilk Maand geleden
I didn’t know about hello guest and I have hello neighbor
Brooke Dort
Brooke Dort Maand geleden
Ho mo
Callum Leigh
Callum Leigh Maand geleden
Caroline Sandberg
Caroline Sandberg Maand geleden
6:17 I think it said MI DAD on the name tag
Sleepy_名哦从和 Maand geleden
I'm playing the game right now, it's VERY VERY laggy -w-
oliver sykes boldios
oliver sykes boldios Maand geleden
buy a camera
Alien Force
Alien Force Maand geleden
0:44 this is not the neighbor, this is quentin (Mr. Peterson is the name of the neighbor)
CKVanilla Maand geleden
I wanted to break my neck when he called Quentin the neighbor
Pickle Boy
Pickle Boy 2 maanden geleden
It all started with one vid ☻/ /▌ /\
Sleepy. Com
Sleepy. Com 2 maanden geleden
Nobody: Not my Dog: Not even my Car: Not even your Life: Not even Dan: Me: *Does anyone remember Hello Bendy?-*
A random guest that screams E
Dan: this must to be the door to the amusement park Me: ;-; AMUSEMENT PARK MORE LIK JURRASIC PARK *and has a laugh seizure* Dan : we got v bucks Me:RUNS TO HIS HOUSE AND STEALS VBUCKS
Luis Villarreal
Luis Villarreal 2 maanden geleden
Elisabeth Miller
Elisabeth Miller 2 maanden geleden
When I saw the three kids in black hoodies. Me: There’s only one reason why their there... THEIR NLblockRS EXPLORING AN ABANDONED PLACE!
Jameson Forkner
Jameson Forkner 2 maanden geleden
That dude you can play as with the mustache is not The Neighbor!
Ko Neko
Ko Neko 2 maanden geleden
Dislike if you dislike me ;)
lolo togan
lolo togan 2 maanden geleden
Ben 10 games please
Rachel Bradley
Rachel Bradley 2 maanden geleden
Dantdm,on Minecraft did you know that the update also means that you can spawn in giant zombies that are 100 blocks tall? All you have to do is make a big 20 by 20 box made of lapis and cover the top in trap doors
Rachel Bradley
Rachel Bradley 2 maanden geleden
Shut up Mag
Edwin YT
Edwin YT 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM please play Tomodgachi Life. It is been to long
Rlm 009
Rlm 009 2 maanden geleden
Holy sh*t that was my that guy who puts mayo in his hair
DANIELA GUERRERO 2 maanden geleden
richard dolan
Green X
Green X 2 maanden geleden
Dan you make my day and night you help have good dreams 😁
Broken Halo
Broken Halo 2 maanden geleden
It said security stop
XXTXY - 2 maanden geleden
Hello neighbour 1 conclusion. In act 3, you see the shadow before you fall asleep so the shadow wasn’t just your imagination... In act 2, the rollercoaster in the cutscene was the neighbour capturing the girl and locking her in a coffin. The shadow is the neighbours children’s souls combined to haunt him. He catches two kids to make up for his own ones, that is why in act 2, he catches you. You are the boy he captured. At the start of act 2 a boy unlocked the door for you if you look through the keyhole while you are underground. He was trapped to and wants to help. The shadow tries to attack your young self in the finale, which resembles your fear that the shadow is mad at you. At the end of the finale when there is a tilted house with the neighbour and the shadow separated in your dream you realise that the shadow isn’t after you, it is after the neighbour but forgives him at the end as it wasn’t the neighbours intention for them to die and the reason he captured kids was to make up for his loss as he loved his kids so much. He is regretful at the end and throughout act three when he sits on his front door step and cries. I know that no one (especially dan) will read this now that it is 2020 and hello neighbour 2 is out but I hope it helps👍🙂
Rewanta Shrestha
Rewanta Shrestha 2 maanden geleden
dan already completed it both so not helpful sorry
Kristin Mayer
Kristin Mayer 2 maanden geleden
Sofia Pastor
Sofia Pastor 2 maanden geleden
Oi! Let’s get Dan 30 mill subs! 😊 idk we can do it tho
Most Valuable Painters
Most Valuable Painters 2 maanden geleden
The sign in the beginning said top security.
stealthninja pubgv2
stealthninja pubgv2 2 maanden geleden
I haven't watch Dante for litrally a year and a half becuase he starts playing mincraft and now I'm back
Aaron singh
Aaron singh 2 maanden geleden
SPOILER IF NOT WATCHED AQUAMAN i think the girl on the left is the girl from aquaman when black manta tries t9 stop there 'kiss"
Wayne Rutz
Wayne Rutz 2 maanden geleden
Let's summon THE ALMIGHTY tErkeyboi.
Karen Ruizzo
Karen Ruizzo 2 maanden geleden
Dan " okay this might be a little bit more hello neighborey ". Me " yes that's a word"
NotLia 2 maanden geleden
me crying in the corner cause dan finally started playing this game :>
TheShovey 2 maanden geleden
“Don’t lie who else was a FAN before August”🥞 “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🐦hfh
OISIN GAMING 2 maanden geleden
Charlzoh_21 2 maanden geleden
When you see your friends in public 2:28
Home Brotherin
Home Brotherin 2 maanden geleden
me: *epicly sees the ferris wheel and trees around it* also me 2 seconds later: its chernobyl.
Concetta Accetta
Concetta Accetta 2 maanden geleden
Wait whats a bong ?😂
Thatonekid 2 maanden geleden
The fact that he said v-bucks-
Dawn Green
Dawn Green 2 maanden geleden
Same I been looking for you comments and now I can see them 👍👍👍 keep up the amazing 😉 work
Clash Amog::
Clash Amog:: 2 maanden geleden
Dantdm old video mine craft poke mobs #1 ohh those old times
scarlet queen
scarlet queen 2 maanden geleden
Dear dan use the lights to flash away the gangsters
Frisky DaBunny
Frisky DaBunny 2 maanden geleden
Turkeybo655 has been summoned
Tony The rat
Tony The rat 2 maanden geleden
Robert Morrison
Robert Morrison 2 maanden geleden
Paula Wright
Paula Wright 2 maanden geleden
The girl is neighbours wife
sharifah syed
sharifah syed 2 maanden geleden
somebody trying to call dan; dan;thers no foodin the fridge
potato boy
potato boy 2 maanden geleden
Stop making videos please
10like with no vids
10like with no vids 2 maanden geleden
If turkeyboy55 did not exist dan would never find out how to do this
Alvin John M. Loredo
Alvin John M. Loredo 2 maanden geleden
I laughed very hard when he said “oh we got vbucks” XDDD😂😂😂😂😂
Anita Harpur
Anita Harpur 2 maanden geleden
Misadventures is missing
Trash_ panda
Trash_ panda 2 maanden geleden
I swear I can hear animal crossing sound effects
redwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJ
redwolfdragon KiraNGordonDJ 2 maanden geleden
So glitchy
Justin Gaming
Justin Gaming 2 maanden geleden
thats literally sans
IDIOT Boi 2 maanden geleden
When he looks down he looks back up really quickly
DARK ALEX 2 maanden geleden
I naver played hello neighbor 2
drakesayshi 2 maanden geleden
"I dont see no eyeball behind that eyepatch" Yes, it's an eyepatch.
DaDerpyBoi 2 maanden geleden
it might be me but in Hello Neighbor 1 the missing posters consisted of a boy and a girl and said that they were missing and I'm thinking that the missing two people are the two people that we meet in Hello Guest that were kidnapped by the neighbor at the theme park and then put inside of the neighbors basement because that might explain the screaming you hear coming from the basement in Hello Neighbor 1 and not found because they were in his basement and might explain why the girl has an eyepatch because of the neighbor but I'm just guessing.
Truegamer 21
Truegamer 21 2 maanden geleden
Dan probably made a video following this but CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brooke Link
Brooke Link 2 maanden geleden
Kewl ur slamming ur computer keys-
TOON__SQUAD Vlogz 2 maanden geleden
Raiyan Potrick
Raiyan Potrick 2 maanden geleden
I may not be the turkey boy legend but I found a way into the attic all u need to do is jump over the fridge onto the white wood line things open the door near the attic area by jumping on the pipe take some rope go to the top of the house tie the rope on to the top point or something it will be a red thing on top of the attic try to tarzan jump into the open room through the doors u will be in the attic if u do this right
LET'S PLAY 2 maanden geleden
where to download hello guest plz
Russian Pupper
Russian Pupper 2 maanden geleden
''We got vbucks'' 2:55
Al-kalif Bruv
Al-kalif Bruv 2 maanden geleden
if u play fortnite n go to new game
BigChaz13 2 maanden geleden
Morgan Mainguy
Morgan Mainguy 2 maanden geleden
Owen Lawlor
Owen Lawlor 2 maanden geleden
Were is TurkeyBoy55 when you need him Edit: OMFG, ITS HIM
Tavin Jackson
Tavin Jackson 2 maanden geleden
The generator is on top of the gas station
Fabian Valle
Fabian Valle 2 maanden geleden
Finally a legend
kiterifics channel
kiterifics channel 2 maanden geleden
Hi dantdm
Uncommon 2 maanden geleden
did anyone else see the zodiac killer sign on the map 1:46
My Crazy Craft Z
My Crazy Craft Z 2 maanden geleden
I just noticed that that theme park is the theme park from the cartoon that dan watched
Primegaming 2 maanden geleden
Bro stop calling your self bumsd
Lavwuvsu 2 maanden geleden
Dan: we got vbucks we got a flashlight Me: wait I thought this wasn’t fortnite
Terry Walton
Terry Walton 2 maanden geleden
U are a bum
Terry Walton
Terry Walton 2 maanden geleden
Dantdm u a few years back at work
Mr. Dexter
Mr. Dexter 2 maanden geleden
"Ima choose... G I R L." -DanTDM.
Thonking Emoji
Thonking Emoji 2 maanden geleden
Mr. Gibbs
Mr. Gibbs 2 maanden geleden
Batterys for a generator makes total sense
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A KILLER is Among Us!
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Hello Neighbor 2 Just Came Out!
Teaching MY DAD Fortnite
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