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Hello Neighbor Cartoon Episode :


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26 apr. 2020




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Ethan Klemp
Ethan Klemp 3 dagen geleden
Delta Runeez
Delta Runeez 4 dagen geleden
Theory: The doll was his daughters toy, last thing she plays with before she goes missing, so instead of leaving all the memories, he buries them to keep it safe. When the kids find what he’s doing and he says “You have no idea what you got yourself into” (Not exact). Meaning he knows they would get the doll, so the doll could be haunted or something else. ***ONLY A THEORY NOT TRUE***
Parker Davis
Parker Davis 4 dagen geleden
bbi bi bats
Jennifer Cimaomo
Jennifer Cimaomo 6 dagen geleden
I know it looks great
Jennifer Cimaomo
Jennifer Cimaomo 6 dagen geleden
Well is it on tv
Jennifer Cimaomo
Jennifer Cimaomo 6 dagen geleden
Is it on
Jennifer Cimaomo
Jennifer Cimaomo 6 dagen geleden
What channel
Rana Momen
Rana Momen 6 dagen geleden
I watch that before but did you see my videos I have three videos I wish I had more video
Roy Doan
Roy Doan 7 dagen geleden
I watched the full one and the main blue shirt kid goes missing
Doppid 69
Doppid 69 10 dagen geleden
Basicly the neighbors wife died and the neighbor made a deal with the devil to bring her back and he regrets what he did and locks the devil up in the basement
Billioninja 11 dagen geleden
Have you read the book yet dan?
Joanne Tull
Joanne Tull 11 dagen geleden
Hey tiny build try to make a hello neighbor movie (2022)
ultima room
ultima room 13 dagen geleden
I’m 5 months late
Pikachupunk 24
Pikachupunk 24 14 dagen geleden
you watch death note OoO
Sami Nemouchi
Sami Nemouchi 14 dagen geleden
it is matt Peterson I read the books
Megan Cross
Megan Cross 14 dagen geleden
DanTDM / Dan The Direct Message
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 14 dagen geleden
I recommend the books of Hello Neighbour by Carly Anne West. I think that this is based off of them.
Midas Royale
Midas Royale 16 dagen geleden
Stop the cappppp😂😂😂😂
Josh Banyai
Josh Banyai 16 dagen geleden
cameron witt-caulder
cameron witt-caulder 16 dagen geleden
try playing moto X
roblox_gachaqueen 17 dagen geleden
PERTERSON: Good night sweet girl Dan gets very insecure Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DAN YPUR FACE WHAT ON EARTH 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jazmyn Greer
Jazmyn Greer 18 dagen geleden
Clarifying DETECTIVE AND BRAVE ARE BROTHER AND SISTER IN THIS you and brave only wear the same goggles bc there both going in
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn 18 dagen geleden
3:10 hey the girl with black hair is from stranger things
Diego Vargas
Diego Vargas 19 dagen geleden
It was alphan4 you got the golden apple
nour karakalla
nour karakalla 19 dagen geleden
ashwith rocks
ashwith rocks 20 dagen geleden
Blaise Smith
Blaise Smith 21 dag geleden
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane 23 dagen geleden
The neighbours name is I Matt Peterson
Purple Vermin
Purple Vermin 23 dagen geleden
This is based on the game secret neighbor because those are the characters
Tanner Blue
Tanner Blue 25 dagen geleden
Dan is actually treating this as a real show already
Dibin Yu
Dibin Yu 25 dagen geleden
Dibin Yu
Dibin Yu 25 dagen geleden
No Die she died To see me birthday
So Ha
So Ha 26 dagen geleden
Dantdm you are my favorite youtuber! Also I don't think the neighbor would kidnap a kid and put the kid in a bag so it's probably just gloves
vasean hym
vasean hym 27 dagen geleden
The name of the neighbor is russian.. it's Soesae npeterson
wired video's 1000
wired video's 1000 27 dagen geleden
Martt pitherson is his name 😮😮😮
Emmett New
Emmett New 28 dagen geleden
And yes his name is Theodore Peterson and he has a boy and a girl and there hair color is black and the neighbor is a park engineer who made "GOLDEN APPLE AMUSMENT PARK" were a young though nice girl was killed and his wife indeed died in a car crash by her self not with neighbor. And the boys name is Aaron and the girls name is Mia these two are children of the neighbor. The wife was a teacher and was named Alice. This is information for the books mate.
Emmett New
Emmett New 28 dagen geleden
hey Dan if you wanna find out more about his kids, wife just read the books mate
Joel Mahilum
Joel Mahilum 28 dagen geleden
Nikey is 12 maybe. It is because of puberty
Lint Jacket
Lint Jacket 28 dagen geleden
Who wants snickers
Alexlioncachi 16
Alexlioncachi 16 Maand geleden
His name is martin, mart, wallmart, marthalamiuel. FGTeeV ;)
Zakia Sabrina Alam
Zakia Sabrina Alam Maand geleden
I could not hear anything
Dhany Oktovia
Dhany Oktovia Maand geleden
it is the full series
Austin Kookesh
Austin Kookesh Maand geleden
i can't here anything
Zero Maand geleden
Just for everyone all of thoes kids are from the secret neighbor game
Monkey gamer
Monkey gamer Maand geleden
The gold Apple amusement park is also tied to the gold Apple u can grow in act 3
Jimmy :D
Jimmy :D Maand geleden
This video has been out for such a long time now when I’m watching this and there’s barely had 2 million views and I hello neighbor one has 10 million in few days I say witch craft!!!
/Snøwie\ Maand geleden
Dantdm Minecraft skin is secretly the character you play in hello neighbour
jhon macaraig
jhon macaraig Maand geleden
i love hulloneybor to
king kazma
king kazma Maand geleden
His full name is Theodore masters petersen
Mila Bishop
Mila Bishop Maand geleden
Who has seen this without dan? | | |
Rhonda Minchew
Rhonda Minchew Maand geleden
Guys his son is on the wall above the green map
Skoopy Boi
Skoopy Boi Maand geleden
Danny Sultani
Danny Sultani Maand geleden
Lol but the hair is Orange so it his daughter
Pickle :p
Pickle :p Maand geleden
7:25 This is before he made the video- but THIS is the amusement park in hello neighbor 2!! (Probably)
Duyen Phan
Duyen Phan Maand geleden
way ba me may
Scoopy Hayes
Scoopy Hayes Maand geleden
was it just me who notices that in secret neighbour he turns you into a doll before then turning you into simming posters what if that doll was his daughte and the kids stopped him before he could put his doll son in
Rosch Dy
Rosch Dy Maand geleden
More more more!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cosmicstar Maand geleden
He was burying his daughter’s doll. The daughter has been represented by the doll for a while. We saw her fall from the roof and the neighbour burying something immediately after. Most likely being Maya. Therefore him burying his doll is an innuendo for him burying his daughter
David Jr Stiefermann
David Jr Stiefermann Maand geleden
Toby Richards
Toby Richards Maand geleden
He gone crazy because his brain surgery went wong
IornFox YT
IornFox YT Maand geleden
I cant hear what they are saying
sweet life
sweet life Maand geleden
Everybody: very confused about the doll me: THIS IS VOODOO, WITCHCRAFT I TELL YOU
Blueberry Cow
Blueberry Cow Maand geleden
Btw did you know in Hello Neighbour the Missing Children are actually the Neighbour's/Theodore's kids? The Daughter was pushed of a ledge The Mother died in a car crash And I think the Son ran away (I'm not 100% sure)
EDRIC VENTURA Maand geleden
it is the book in movie form
Isaac Craggs
Isaac Craggs Maand geleden
I think the neighbour didn't kidnap his kids and instead the kids died and he wants to ressurect his kids
WhiteMoon_Gacha Maand geleden
Hello guest is out i think Get this to the top so dan awesome Tdm sees
ChocolateRhino Maand geleden
You should read the hello neighbor books, they give you a lot more information.
Cupe 2 maanden geleden
they actually have an official book series that links the story really well together.
Rage Elixir - GAME
Rage Elixir - GAME 2 maanden geleden
Oh my god bro NoNONO can Not
Wallacepenguin _everything
Wallacepenguin _everything 2 maanden geleden
Maybe that Red eye Crow from the new neighbor
Ashley Kudiwa
Ashley Kudiwa 2 maanden geleden
Turkey’s boy why aren’t you here
plague doctor
plague doctor 2 maanden geleden
these are the kids from secret neighbor I
NerdsRUs 2 maanden geleden
NerdsRUs 2 maanden geleden
JuneTheGamer 2 maanden geleden
wait i know turkey boy
magicwhale69 2 maanden geleden
This is going to be as good as gravity falls
IzzyPossible 2 maanden geleden
Thats the doll from all the cutscene his daughter died and thats her doll
Chani Randhawa
Chani Randhawa 2 maanden geleden
they have a subway surfers one too
MrRooks Maths
MrRooks Maths 2 maanden geleden
Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarian
I saw an add that had the whole video u watched in it, lol
iamperson 2 maanden geleden
8:51 i think it is a voodoo doll
Partly Savage
Partly Savage 2 maanden geleden
Dan there is a full animated version
Liam Mann
Liam Mann 2 maanden geleden
Hi dan tom what can I find this on
Chain Gamer
Chain Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Here's my fries
Matthew David
Matthew David 2 maanden geleden
His name is theodore peterson
King Winder10
King Winder10 2 maanden geleden
This is probably a cartoon of how hello neighbor2 starts
Amanda Pierce
Amanda Pierce 2 maanden geleden
The crowd are parts of the crow man and the pimple kid and the black hair girl are parts of the murder ges who is the secret neighbor
Fouad Sweidi - EIS Grade 4
Fouad Sweidi - EIS Grade 4 2 maanden geleden
The neighbor 1st name is mart
edenandeve 2 maanden geleden
We need turkeyboy for tips on these games
edenandeve 2 maanden geleden
Where is Turkeyboy!
OLSPLODE pls subscribe if you can!
DANTDM: wow this cartoon is so loud ME: i cant hear nout
Kaiju Crushers
Kaiju Crushers 2 maanden geleden
You did not react to the full pilot
Jae Sung Kim
Jae Sung Kim 2 maanden geleden
hey dan i love your vidos :)
The Coolest Brain
The Coolest Brain 2 maanden geleden
The kid gets kidnapped in the full version of the pilot
Heather Tobias
Heather Tobias 2 maanden geleden
i will nevr seea nathr vid
Joshua Anthony
Joshua Anthony 2 maanden geleden
Nian a game
Nian a game 2 maanden geleden
When I Watch this when I see Nikki I also think of dantdm
Aryasatya Onaddio
Aryasatya Onaddio 2 maanden geleden
Hello neighboor real name is mart
SerPounce 2 maanden geleden
This gives me Last Kids on Earth vibes 4 some reason
John Duncan
John Duncan 2 maanden geleden
Who else thinks Turkey boy should be a character
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