STUCK in Roblox Quarantine with fans.. 

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4 jun. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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I have nothing to say
Gaming with Jivin
Gaming with Jivin Dag geleden
spysquidking was in both games
Dadut Micah
Dadut Micah 2 dagen geleden
do you play henry stickmin
Kray 4 dagen geleden
11:21 a youtuber called chizelded is in the corner
Niko Fleming
Niko Fleming 4 dagen geleden
you should play daycare story and then daycare story 2
Edith St. James
Edith St. James 4 dagen geleden
Forgive dan!
Sara Wolfy
Sara Wolfy 5 dagen geleden
Anime fighting simulater is in roblox
Sara Wolfy
Sara Wolfy 5 dagen geleden
Dan play anime fighting simulater if you are ever going to play story games it has quests and bosses to fight and train and to beat the game
Piggy pig
Piggy pig 6 dagen geleden
That Scooby doo is *chill*
Lama in a Panda Lama jn a panda
Do your hair brown now I thought it was blue. But then you changed to into Brown welp that pisses me off welp byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Gaming with Jivin
Gaming with Jivin 7 dagen geleden
Dan, you finally played a story game now pls play Roblox break-in story
charlotte dominguez
charlotte dominguez 8 dagen geleden
FR131C3CR34M 9 dagen geleden
35 rebux for a respawn??!!
Amy Diaz
Amy Diaz 9 dagen geleden
run dantdm
Akbar Art
Akbar Art 10 dagen geleden
I’m a pro
sans undertale
sans undertale 10 dagen geleden
am I the only one who knows how rusty Dan is
Rajat Tyagi
Rajat Tyagi 10 dagen geleden
everone knows my name kevin
Ashley Ginda
Ashley Ginda 11 dagen geleden
Dan: stop getting me closer😆😂
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry 11 dagen geleden
I played that game… watch out… always be alert
Michelle Belotte
Michelle Belotte 11 dagen geleden
14:09 CANABILE much
james' slytherin potatoes
james' slytherin potatoes 13 dagen geleden
can you play site 61?
•pink devil playz•
•pink devil playz• 14 dagen geleden
Hey Dan here's a question I want to tell you. I love you and I subscribed :3 :3
Raio VILLAREAL 14 dagen geleden
did you already played day care story
Nikki S
Nikki S 15 dagen geleden
he should do a useing comment's to prank roblox player's
Jac 17 dagen geleden
those 2 are one of the most random, weirdest, not rlly great camping inspired games tbh :(
scarlett banther
scarlett banther 17 dagen geleden
U should play 4oblox daycare story!
The Connor and Jacob Channel
It’s among us
Dagoatboi 19 dagen geleden
Dan this game is weird. please don't do it again
l0vec0re 21 dag geleden
Piggy twos out dan or dab !
Allie Reid
Allie Reid 22 dagen geleden
Dan I have been watching you for 5 years and I love you’re content your amazing I started watching when was 4
TheBlueTurtle 22 dagen geleden
OG’s will remember when every comment never said only OG remember...
Fin Games
Fin Games 22 dagen geleden
Dan; Hey you trying to push me to him hey stop Also dan; Cmon let’s hug it out
Cindy Ali Sofiani
Cindy Ali Sofiani 23 dagen geleden
my son loves dan
lindsay dowdall
lindsay dowdall 23 dagen geleden
35 Rebux-
An Nguyen
An Nguyen 24 dagen geleden
Guess what Dan, I was the leader.
Adam JayC
Adam JayC 25 dagen geleden
dan can you play this roblox game? pwease??
Destiny Dog44
Destiny Dog44 25 dagen geleden
Mark0v MM
Mark0v MM 25 dagen geleden
Hey Dan play piggy book 2
Christina Lemmon
Christina Lemmon 26 dagen geleden
its your fault the cat died noob
Christina Lemmon
Christina Lemmon 26 dagen geleden
dan you are selfish
Samkkskskws 26 dagen geleden
You should of used the alien hat in your inventory
Sonic Wild Fire
Sonic Wild Fire 26 dagen geleden
Who else saw chizeled in the video? He has a good yt such as Dan!
Booyakasha2011 28 dagen geleden
Dan: i have discovered who did it but idk where they put it :/ Me: aha yes you have so the aliens put coronavirus landed on china i think :I
Hui Huang
Hui Huang 28 dagen geleden
Break in (story)
Foxyn Noah
Foxyn Noah 29 dagen geleden
Play field trip z it’s a great story game
hossein shateri
hossein shateri Maand geleden
Logan Silva
Logan Silva Maand geleden
I hated that "tweet deleted". It really hurt! :( 2:44
Carmelo Cayapan
Carmelo Cayapan Maand geleden
i played quarantine story and i won on it i dont know what ending i got
Sin Boi
Sin Boi Maand geleden
i sent u friend request dan pls accept my name on Roblox is horse7saksham
Sin Boi
Sin Boi Maand geleden
ill not annoy u i swear
Gloria Nyreen
Gloria Nyreen Maand geleden
i see moostash!
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn Maand geleden
Life hacks: For piggy try to customise your character (in the bottom middle) and get a box disguise or wear all black (even your skin) then you blend into dark shadows
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn Maand geleden
Asty Sitompul Kay
Asty Sitompul Kay Maand geleden
Hello U press read more didn’t u
Lauren Biebel
Lauren Biebel Maand geleden
chizled is a youtuber he was in dans game :O
THE ORANGE JUICE Maand geleden
0:28 see it your self........
Kir Ms
Kir Ms Maand geleden
Just See The Add At The Left 1:19
Muffin._. Dree
Muffin._. Dree Maand geleden
WeRe alL In ThIS tGetHEr 12:01
Muffin._. Dree
Muffin._. Dree Maand geleden
Janet O'brien
Janet O'brien Maand geleden
oliver sykes boldios
oliver sykes boldios Maand geleden
i hope dan plays cruise story
Mirela Tupkovic
Mirela Tupkovic Maand geleden
Dan dies:35 ReEbUx
Merielle Leigh Mitra
Merielle Leigh Mitra Maand geleden
Don't grow a beard
ArkeBeast Maand geleden
dan piggys new update is here go check it out it has a new story book
Lillian ONan
Lillian ONan Maand geleden
Day 1 of telling DanTDM to bring the blue hair BACK!
Sky_Katja_Moon Maand geleden
dan said Ribox.... ITS RO-BUX
SpaceH Maand geleden
Did Any1 Realize that Dan Said “35 RE BUCKS” at 15:00 ?
livelytaco87 Maand geleden
livelytaco87 Maand geleden
Danika Stevens
Danika Stevens Maand geleden
Danish amazing neck Today Darn Macaroni :0
Danika Stevens
Danika Stevens Maand geleden
Please do more of this!! Edit: Love ya Dan!
Heather Courtney
Heather Courtney Maand geleden
This is a copy of bedtime
Bartek Lizak
Bartek Lizak Maand geleden
it was kuw
David Mansfield
David Mansfield Maand geleden
I also recommend daycare story 1
Town m.c money
Town m.c money Maand geleden
The power of minecraft :D
Adriana Masella
Adriana Masella Maand geleden
Yay I really wanted to watch a person play this and my favorite NLblockr decided to!!
PRAMAGIC2 Maand geleden
I think this is dan's last roblox vid :(
Ninja Daer
Ninja Daer Maand geleden
I NEED Twitter
Ninja Daer
Ninja Daer Maand geleden
I want to play roblox with you!
Anne Ferrer
Anne Ferrer Maand geleden still have small its been a YEAR
Zack Manchester
Zack Manchester Maand geleden
You need to buy that face on that "handsome" blue guy you can make it
Andrea Zimmerman
Andrea Zimmerman Maand geleden
I see the BEARD to!
Alyssa Egerer
Alyssa Egerer Maand geleden
Animoji Dan
Julian JimenezLepe
Julian JimenezLepe Maand geleden
if u find this comment ur a legend find me in 18422
Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall Maand geleden
Dan play "a normal camping story" on roblox
David King
David King Maand geleden
you let MINITOON on
Floppy Noodles.
Floppy Noodles. Maand geleden
try airplane or camping i think u did me already but- sorry i’m stalking your vids currently
Jnt Bust
Jnt Bust Maand geleden
Dan eat bread for a video
Candy Heart
Candy Heart Maand geleden
Izabela Donohue
Izabela Donohue Maand geleden
Him:I'm dying let's goo
Rosario Ramos
Rosario Ramos Maand geleden
6:19 hahahahahahaha i love you dan
Rosario Ramos
Rosario Ramos Maand geleden
Dan can you friend request me in roblox my name in roblox is USERNAME:KPROGATONS06 plssss i love you💕
Elijah Lettman
Elijah Lettman Maand geleden
35 rebux?
Christiana Lambrias
Christiana Lambrias Maand geleden
play mud mistre
Christiana Lambrias
Christiana Lambrias Maand geleden
Fin Games
Fin Games Maand geleden
Plz react to HowToBasic 😂
xXNinaXx Maand geleden
im cold
Sid’s Gaming
Sid’s Gaming Maand geleden
Is it just me or does dan remind me of Thor
Pickle :p
Pickle :p Maand geleden
“Heimlich- maneuver”
Cole Pudge
Cole Pudge Maand geleden
Dan: I need 12- 11 friends Me: but Dan are you not your own friend.
Smile Forever シ
Smile Forever シ Maand geleden
play adopt me and beg for pets and give me the petd that you get
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