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19 apr. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Alan Hooper
Alan Hooper 5 uur geleden
you need a bow to repar bow
Diamond Plays
Diamond Plays 7 uur geleden
Dan you missed some chests
Tyson Foster
Tyson Foster 12 uur geleden
Clip it!!!!! 20:36
Pure Playz
Pure Playz 14 uur geleden
just destroy the chest?
Abdullah Nagenahalli
Jeremiah Frank
Jeremiah Frank Dag geleden
Dan:I’m gonna die Hearts:not even a one heart down Me and my hardcore world 🗺:😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Fauzia Najam
Fauzia Najam Dag geleden
catherine Villar
catherine Villar 2 dagen geleden
Dan the reason they attacked you is cuz they get mad at ppl stealing the guilded black stone
Nour Khaleel Ibrahim Alshobaki
i am doing home work while watching this dude
Rainbow_voyager 2 dagen geleden
Dan ya know when looting a chest hold shift and right click what ur taking
Greifellyn Tan
Greifellyn Tan 2 dagen geleden
You havere to read thissss!!!! Read more
Saphire Gaming
Saphire Gaming 3 dagen geleden
break there well built fortress *nothing* eat pork chops *nothing* use hopper to steal stuff *nothing* breaks gold *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Jeanette D
Jeanette D 3 dagen geleden
im buillding your base
SonUvaDiggerFan20 3 dagen geleden
The nether is so cool now. I actually enjoy exploring it. Because its not all the same texture and it has badass looking wood. I love polished Basalt and Polished Blackstone bricks. Warped wood is cool. Crimson wood is cool, not as cool but still pretty cool. I still use it. Im building a village in survival mode out of nether wood.
Nate B
Nate B 3 dagen geleden
I got all of my netherite stuff by mining out areas and using tnt and beds
꧁IIBOEII2ツ꧂ツ 3 dagen geleden
Marc christoff Yap
Marc christoff Yap 4 dagen geleden
Dans pick axe must be named le mine because its mine
Dre Tjhin6kaciinqwdŕlan
Dre Tjhin6kaciinqwdŕlan 5 dagen geleden
south to go home
PoopRemastered 7 dagen geleden
Dan: Live life on the edge, im about Also Dan after seeing a zombie: Oh no no no no lets just go to sleep
Icoh Cubing
Icoh Cubing 8 dagen geleden
All of the dislikes were from the piglins
Eli Rabadi
Eli Rabadi 8 dagen geleden
Thank you Minecraft
Qianyi Yong
Qianyi Yong 8 dagen geleden
why not put infinity and mending on your crossbow
Seth Lawrence
Seth Lawrence 9 dagen geleden
Dan: I don't have enough levels. XP farm: am I a JoKe To U.
ThatKatGamer 9 dagen geleden
Random fact: I was in the nether one time and no joke I found a pig man DANCING! I was so weirded out
Iced 9 dagen geleden
Fun fact the pigling trader if you hit it the other normal piglins will not attack i tried it its not hardcore a risk for me
Rabid _Monster24
Rabid _Monster24 10 dagen geleden
Dan: *makes chains* Me: "Dan you're going to a Bastion just steal them there."
sans undertale
sans undertale 10 dagen geleden
sorting items with display cases on chests cause lag so use signs edit: get a smithing table with 1 netherite ingot to transfer le stab to a netherite le stab
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 10 dagen geleden
you can break the chest and they wont get mad and then you have their loot
Lewiz Ohoy
Lewiz Ohoy 11 dagen geleden
Dr dan make the new armor
Jonah Satterthwaite
Jonah Satterthwaite 11 dagen geleden
repair your bow with phantom membrane.
Rexton Notari
Rexton Notari 11 dagen geleden
I love this series He should do this again
James Wyndham Stirling
James Wyndham Stirling 12 dagen geleden
3:44; You have what, Dan? 4:51; Lettuce?
Jarred Nathan Danao
Jarred Nathan Danao 12 dagen geleden
Why is his respawn thing not blowing up
Jill MInford
Jill MInford 12 dagen geleden
Pema Dorjee
Pema Dorjee 13 dagen geleden
stop skipping the gold
JJ THE JAYDEN 14 dagen geleden
I said ty mincraft
Minecraft Playzz
Minecraft Playzz 14 dagen geleden
The crying obsidian u can make respawn anchor you can respawn on nether and hold the block of glowstone then click the respawn anchor
Dxfective ζ
Dxfective ζ 14 dagen geleden
20:20 no that's how mafia works
thegamingleaf123 14 dagen geleden
you don't need silk touch
Kevin Calibo
Kevin Calibo 14 dagen geleden
so that we don't need to use the map any moe
ramon bularon
ramon bularon 15 dagen geleden
le shoot you have served us well...
Ryan kamaduslki
Ryan kamaduslki 15 dagen geleden
The Castle looks great
Ryan kamaduslki
Ryan kamaduslki 15 dagen geleden
You mean in 2019
H00Vin_ MIX
H00Vin_ MIX 15 dagen geleden
0:31 plz don’t say that word again, also there no way to get rid of me if you were wandering( i say that as i beg Mojang to get rid of milk)
Ace Pilot
Ace Pilot 16 dagen geleden
holy fuk i just made my mending book trader that sells mending for 18 emeralds and a book to 1 emerald and a book the villager saviour thing
SKEPT BG 17 dagen geleden
Me and my friend just build a neter portal and he found a bastion next to it
BeckPlayz Games
BeckPlayz Games 18 dagen geleden
astooonwoodiewood nCJ md
astooonwoodiewood nCJ md 18 dagen geleden
20:20 "if you don't look at them they just go away." No Dan, I think that's just the endermen.
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez 18 dagen geleden
Remember the portal gun mod show case from mcpe by dantdm??
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn 19 dagen geleden
Did u know lodestone is real people use it for magnets
Sheuly Akhter
Sheuly Akhter 19 dagen geleden
Thank u Minecraft LOL
Rajat Tyagi
Rajat Tyagi 19 dagen geleden
LUIS CUELLAR 20 dagen geleden
you can repair le shoot with another bow in the anvil
#Netherite Shulker Box#
Fact: there is a barrier block in the lava
Supercoopz Gaming
Supercoopz Gaming 21 dag geleden
This was recorded on my birthday :)
Matthew Collins
Matthew Collins 22 dagen geleden
it might've been a smarter choice to bring a few shulker boxes.just a suggestion.
YEET 9 22 dagen geleden
Me who always lags in pocket edition
The OOFBOI 22 dagen geleden
Isai Avelar-Carranza
Isai Avelar-Carranza 23 dagen geleden
pork chops
Khurram Javed
Khurram Javed 23 dagen geleden
1:01 dan missed a spot at the top left of the castle
Jacob Weng
Jacob Weng 23 dagen geleden
the bees
Maker Master
Maker Master 23 dagen geleden
All in every single hardcore video nobody realizes that DanTDM uses background music from a education math game (Prodigy)
Caitlyn Clark
Caitlyn Clark 24 dagen geleden
Is it just me who saw the one piece of smoothed basalt?
Johann Kwan
Johann Kwan 24 dagen geleden
you can repair le shoot by using spare unenchanted bows in the anvil then just grab the new resulted bow.
sl1xyy 25 dagen geleden
I have 2 different survival worlds and in BOTH OF THEM my nether spawn has been within 300 blocks of a bastion
DaRealLenny85 25 dagen geleden
Travis Ramlee Fauni
Travis Ramlee Fauni 25 dagen geleden
DanTDM: attacks piglins Piglins: *DEMONIC SCREAMING*
Emma Stevenson
Emma Stevenson 25 dagen geleden
you shud mace a zonbe
Issy 26 dagen geleden
haha dropping in haha
CommunistTiggy 429
CommunistTiggy 429 26 dagen geleden
matterlive playz
matterlive playz 27 dagen geleden
When i build a nether portal it spawn me in the baston so lucky
Mrdeadpool Guy
Mrdeadpool Guy 27 dagen geleden
who els saw that dan misted a block
Muhammad Amin
Muhammad Amin 27 dagen geleden
Goo vid
SirWillBlox 28 dagen geleden
I found diamond horse armor in normal mode.
sales02 hmbp
sales02 hmbp 29 dagen geleden
Dan never use his netherite sword :(
sales02 hmbp
sales02 hmbp 29 dagen geleden
Dan:so much gold so much gold! Pewds:GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDD!!
Danielson -
Danielson - 29 dagen geleden
I found that fortress too
Baby yoda clan
Baby yoda clan 29 dagen geleden
get a blacksmith table to change it to a nether rite
Razelle Leah Durante
Razelle Leah Durante Maand geleden
Pro Tip:Press 'Shift' to walk safely on Magma Blocks
Steamed Carrot
Steamed Carrot Maand geleden
28:01 Um...did that piglin just reach hyper speed?
Ryan Rieger
Ryan Rieger Maand geleden
remember when the nether was just...the nether?
Alexandra Webster
Alexandra Webster Maand geleden
Wither and ended dragon easy Dan fighting piglins:ahhhhhhhhh
Alex Skirment
Alex Skirment Maand geleden
Build a Xp farm
Cohen LindenSmith
Cohen LindenSmith Maand geleden
Nikifun26 Meln
Nikifun26 Meln Maand geleden
How do I chat in twitch?
Imon Mukherjee
Imon Mukherjee Maand geleden
this is how many people want bacon to be added to minecraft l \/
GamiNg Vibes Only GVO
GamiNg Vibes Only GVO Maand geleden
That voice crack at the beginning 😂
Brynlee Nichols
Brynlee Nichols Maand geleden
dantdm some times m chomebook lags.
Edward Gilbertson
Edward Gilbertson Maand geleden
Once I found a bastion and there was soul speed boots and book
Likhith Gajjala
Likhith Gajjala Maand geleden
U have to wear helmet
Astro JacZy
Astro JacZy Maand geleden
Love ur Vids ❤️😉
Aaron and Lil Maggs L
Aaron and Lil Maggs L Maand geleden
Anyone else remember: I’m a carrot, doo doo doo I’m a carrot,doo doo doo
Kevin Roslim
Kevin Roslim Maand geleden
I love how Dan says "holy moly"
Jaylen Smith
Jaylen Smith Maand geleden
Been so long since I've watched you, and I gotta say Dan, coming back, I am not disappointed in the slightest. Keep up the good work, and great job raising the Sebastian. (Yeah I said a pun deal with it XD)
Mathias Henriquez
Mathias Henriquez Maand geleden
I see them but they’re in the overworld
It'ss Alex
It'ss Alex Maand geleden
dan: flying 2000 blocks me:walk in the nether finds one. True story
Lee Leslie
Lee Leslie Maand geleden
Please say Thank you with me to 4JStudios
Preston Carter
Preston Carter Maand geleden
I call it ancient debris You call it ancient DE-bris
Potato girl :3
Potato girl :3 Maand geleden
i just noticed... he still has a peppa shirt PEPPA WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN DANS SHIRT
Nikko Basilio
Nikko Basilio Maand geleden
I remember in ep 1 do you know the hardcore mode is easy
STEALING a HUGE Minecraft Diamond!
My EPIC Bedwars Return!  *3 WINS*