Reacting to my Old YouTube Series... 

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27 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Reuben Tan
Reuben Tan 5 uur geleden
I remember the old lab with all the mods you played with i also still remember that spider mod :)
GalaxyDragonz 6 uur geleden
Honestly when you did the father's day tour in Noth Carolina I think somewhere near there, I was there!
Mythical Playz
Mythical Playz 7 uur geleden
This is the truth abt dan TDM T-the D-diamond M-minecart DAN THE DIAMOND MINECART! dan aint a human.. HES A DIAMOND MINECART
Senitech 8 uur geleden
Dan: I have the worst *_memory_* in the world. Me: When I read a script and perform the shot I forget most of the words. Not *_3_* words.
Senitech 8 uur geleden
I never watched the Show 3 years ago, because it costs. Now, I watch it every month with my siblings.
Mep413 !
Mep413 ! 13 uur geleden
19:06 Dan staring at a ladder in public XD
ol' man 'rantrum
ol' man 'rantrum 17 uur geleden
What happened to MoreTDM???
ol' man 'rantrum
ol' man 'rantrum 17 uur geleden
7 years ago I started watching, ridiculous....
gamer games
gamer games 18 uur geleden
Its october 2020 and he has 24 milne When is he gonna have 30 mil
jolanda Smit
jolanda Smit Dag geleden
Btw i loved the series
Aadarsh Venkat ramanan
I went to his thing
Minecraft pro
Minecraft pro Dag geleden
Hermitcraftfan135 Dag geleden
Hermitcraftfan135 Dag geleden
You should have used fake dantdm with the moustache sticker
Mariyam Yusra
Mariyam Yusra Dag geleden
What the ............
Luke Kumala
Luke Kumala 2 dagen geleden
you reached 24 mil!!! yay
LochTheDoors 2 dagen geleden
pls celebrate ur 24 mil subs
ZappyKyler 2 dagen geleden
dan not dumb in among us tho
Daniel Hirst
Daniel Hirst 2 dagen geleden
Dan:I'm not good at remembering stuff Me:why do you have a MASIVE forhead then I'm not trying to be mean I love DanTDM
sofia barker
sofia barker 2 dagen geleden
OMG! the part where he has doing star jumps was in a park literally next to my school! i wish i had seen him!
Captain 7604
Captain 7604 2 dagen geleden
anyone noticed dan liked his own video!
Amuri Mathis
Amuri Mathis 2 dagen geleden
Dan you make my day so bright
IDK 2 dagen geleden
To the 1% who reads this Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your face isn't a mask, don't hide it Your body isn't a book, dont judge it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it You're beautiful💓 Be you... Now please spread this message to the other 99% ps i have been watching for 9 years now 💙💙💙💙💙💙
꧁ꓚꓧꓮꓤꓡꓱꓢ꧂ ,
He Should React Press Start!
Conor Foley
Conor Foley 3 dagen geleden
OMG i have the signed copy of this show on cd and i remember begging my parents to get the pre ordered version
M_Z_K Editor
M_Z_K Editor 3 dagen geleden
Dantdm Best Video Views: 49 Million Pewdiepie Normal Video Views: 1938284875573927474 Million
ol' man 'rantrum
ol' man 'rantrum 17 uur geleden
Who even watches pewdiepie anymore
Thivyan Sri
Thivyan Sri 3 dagen geleden
Who lives in Australia, Sydney cause i do
Arlo Averill
Arlo Averill 4 dagen geleden
Dan: all of ellies legs, are darcies legs. Me: i can barely tell the difference.
ZeroF91 GG
ZeroF91 GG 4 dagen geleden
Mr. Pig with his DIRTY legs. -DanTDM 2020
Umesh Gupta
Umesh Gupta 4 dagen geleden
whats your snapchat id
Arindam Banerjee
Arindam Banerjee 4 dagen geleden
oh how I liked his old office
Simion Retardus
Simion Retardus 4 dagen geleden
ive seen the tour i live in uk
100 Years
100 Years 4 dagen geleden
Oml I remember watching that
Original King
Original King 4 dagen geleden
dude dan you need a break for 6 years
ovyeez 4 dagen geleden
U dont have da worst memory i have the memory of a ded goldfish UWU
grim reaper
grim reaper 4 dagen geleden
feel sad for you 4:37
grim reaper
grim reaper 4 dagen geleden
feel sad for you
CallemTavell 5 dagen geleden
only ogs remember when "only ogs remember" didnt exist
Nathan Playz - Main Channel
when he is on stage, the lights change colour
HarryStylesVEVO 5 dagen geleden
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 6 dagen geleden
When the pandemic ends you should go on tour
Tom TNM 7 dagen geleden
I live in Australia
Son Lam
Son Lam 7 dagen geleden
Dan pls stay safe
Captain TF
Captain TF 7 dagen geleden
Me when my mom says that my online classes start next week 16:07
Emma Monkey
Emma Monkey 7 dagen geleden
Oh wow! I remember getting an ad for this on NLblock! I didn’t realise that was 3 years ago!!
Darth Simon
Darth Simon 7 dagen geleden
You mean pppooorrrrr jk
Bassim Tariq
Bassim Tariq 8 dagen geleden
Today its NLblock premium three years ago NLblock red ?????
Bassim Tariq
Bassim Tariq 8 dagen geleden
Miguel Antonio Vidal
Miguel Antonio Vidal 8 dagen geleden
Who saw the Redstone golem plushie on the chair?
MinecraftPlyr 8 dagen geleden
I love you dan💕💖💕
Emma Ray
Emma Ray 9 dagen geleden
I love this video!!
Jason Dalgado-Molloy
Jason Dalgado-Molloy 9 dagen geleden
You should show the rest of the episodes
Abhinav Thakran
Abhinav Thakran 9 dagen geleden
door opening mouth in the big still smile a bit creepy
Noraishah MS
Noraishah MS 9 dagen geleden
IF Covid pandemic is gone can u make a live show in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur?
king shark lui
king shark lui 9 dagen geleden
how do you not get scared of being watched by sooooooooooo many people
Zeus Nayar
Zeus Nayar 10 dagen geleden
I feel old
helloimjude 10 dagen geleden
I live in Australia Sydney
Subhanmalik YT
Subhanmalik YT 10 dagen geleden
I am a shy and reserved person 😂😂
Liam Emerson
Liam Emerson 11 dagen geleden
Did anyone notice that Dan has one of the bosses from Minecraft dungeons as a plushie on this chair
khdenn531 11 dagen geleden
I am not really a OG to the change but i have bin watching his videos for a while
Ali_Awkbar3 11 dagen geleden
Bro keep reacting to this
8-BitCola 11 dagen geleden
"Theres my old staircase"
Tiger Art
Tiger Art 12 dagen geleden
That taxi driver is a legend
ZeefanPlayz 12 dagen geleden
ive watched the whole series
Benjamin Gutmann
Benjamin Gutmann 12 dagen geleden
Ther is a redston golem On topp of the cher
Isla Nugent
Isla Nugent 12 dagen geleden
Mate did u know that you were on live tv in austraila
Matthew Haselton
Matthew Haselton 13 dagen geleden
Bring back the dab police
Jessica Lightcap
Jessica Lightcap 13 dagen geleden
I was so little when I saw this show
Paul 13 dagen geleden
Wheres Grim
kylee cookie
kylee cookie 13 dagen geleden
Does anybody else remember when the picture was a minecraft diamond? I swear it was tho
Laurel Bhatiya
Laurel Bhatiya 14 dagen geleden
Did you see the Minecraft Redstone golem behind him actually Minecraft dungeons I meant to say Minecraft dungeons
Kaitlin Frew
Kaitlin Frew 14 dagen geleden
The bot Gamer
The bot Gamer 15 dagen geleden
I went to the San Jose one when I was young... ahh my childhood
Kaden Marchant
Kaden Marchant 15 dagen geleden
Why is there no music at the end Gacha.scribe Gacha.scribe 15 dagen geleden
Holy hell- when you said you filmed some of it in Sydney Australia I realized I would have been there I- i didnt realize how long ago it was oof
Cheeky Charli 23
Cheeky Charli 23 15 dagen geleden
Are those?...CwsSoNtS
kage sense
kage sense 15 dagen geleden
this is so confusing my brain hurts 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carey Liu
Carey Liu 15 dagen geleden
Aayyyyy I live in Australia
ay yeae
ay yeae 16 dagen geleden
Remer cosmo
kam da man
kam da man 17 dagen geleden
Jumping jacks
SparkzVibin 17 dagen geleden
Are you gonna eat that Crousouuunt??
Awesome M
Awesome M 18 dagen geleden
Wait wait what’s on ur chair
Yazan AL Shayeb
Yazan AL Shayeb 18 dagen geleden
I remember watching this 3 years ago
Adrian Nevarez
Adrian Nevarez 18 dagen geleden
Dan I have seen them all about 1 or 2 years ago
John Bembuain
John Bembuain 18 dagen geleden
Man i love you vids
The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!
Unless you be in Escape The Night where there’s no scripts
Drew Gilberthorpe
Drew Gilberthorpe 20 dagen geleden
Blurange The Idiot
Blurange The Idiot 21 dag geleden
ngl *waiting for 3 years just to watch his series was worth it*
Joseph Seguin
Joseph Seguin 21 dag geleden
I remember when it cam out
Rebecca Zimmerman
Rebecca Zimmerman 22 dagen geleden
Bruh where merrier sail boat music
The Odd Nazis Out
The Odd Nazis Out 22 dagen geleden
Who else misses Craig the mailman? In 2020
Averylynn Alfaro
Averylynn Alfaro 22 dagen geleden
n0t._azzy 22 dagen geleden
Were is grim 😭
yingying tao
yingying tao 22 dagen geleden
i remeber your book
Nadarjot Singh
Nadarjot Singh 23 dagen geleden
I was actually in the Australia show :) it was amazing fav part is the worm dance
Kk Bear
Kk Bear 23 dagen geleden
Omg I could of been at that show but no
joey herrera
joey herrera 23 dagen geleden
Dan called his own dogs idiots, him: :)
Violet Queen
Violet Queen 23 dagen geleden
Who remembers dan's old add
BunnyWolfe 26
BunnyWolfe 26 23 dagen geleden
Jesus Christ I think I know why I couldn’t go deep into the opera house when I drove to Sydney
John Tronzz Gaming!
John Tronzz Gaming! 24 dagen geleden
i loved them i watched each and everyone too
Red guy with a Top Hat
Red guy with a Top Hat 24 dagen geleden
Who rembers craig?