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All others are FAKE!


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12 jul. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Nancy Fitzgerald
Nancy Fitzgerald Uur geleden
Cloudy Tears123
Cloudy Tears123 3 uur geleden
7:42 she has cups for feet
Sara Jawed
Sara Jawed 5 uur geleden
6:57 Dan you made a mistake.The mistake is that the music is copyrighted so yea
Sara Jawed
Sara Jawed 5 uur geleden
Why did you play the music
Jaideep Singh
Jaideep Singh 5 uur geleden
You will only understand the vid at 13:24 if ur from England
RAZ0R 7 uur geleden
Dan where is the reaction tik tok lol
Nicholas Lajewski
Nicholas Lajewski 8 uur geleden
put on playback speed 0.25 for daddy pig and mommy pig 13:24 13:26
Nicholas Lajewski
Nicholas Lajewski 8 uur geleden
13:22 2 noses
Nicholas Lajewski
Nicholas Lajewski 8 uur geleden
12:53 😁 😁 😁
Dark angel UwU
Dark angel UwU 9 uur geleden
Oh my god my dogs name is Bella and she came and bite me
thejamesonline 10 uur geleden
Search 6ft balloon
Ozzie Games
Ozzie Games 11 uur geleden
Don’t catch a fly, it’s just living it’s life What if a giant came, got you, and froze you
Oopy's Land
Oopy's Land 13 uur geleden
Me: *slient crying* Dan: *slient crying* Everyone lets cuddle up in the corner
Cristian Perez
Cristian Perez 15 uur geleden
Good thing I live at philiphines Cause I Am philiphino But Who Wants to delete Tik Tok?! Is It Donald Trump?! 1 Like=1 big booooooooo for donald trump
Mighty bray
Mighty bray Dag geleden
Fire Creeper192
Fire Creeper192 Dag geleden
Dan do more tiktok vids! ❀️ I’m not allowed to see tiktok so your my only source.
Cade Doolin
Cade Doolin Dag geleden
DanTDM i love pomerainons my died so shhh!
Obed Ruiz
Obed Ruiz Dag geleden
Silas Clarkson
Silas Clarkson Dag geleden
i love your dog
Cooper Lawson
Cooper Lawson Dag geleden
Rip tik tok
Cooper Lawson
Cooper Lawson Dag geleden
Zimmystick Man
Zimmystick Man Dag geleden
Road man peppa
Isaac Townley
Isaac Townley Dag geleden
Zoey Little
Zoey Little Dag geleden
Phoenix Master
Phoenix Master Dag geleden
You should search up 6ft ballon 9:04
Cora Kusnierczyk
Cora Kusnierczyk Dag geleden
Dan if ur talking about the big bubble tent, I suggest u search blow up bubble tent cause unspeakable did that and did a 24 hours challenge in it
Freya Lawson
Freya Lawson Dag geleden
He hit 14million
MISS FELIPE :D Dag geleden
Lil Jeremy's Gaming Channel
10:46 why did you centered crap
memer69 meme
memer69 meme 2 dagen geleden
Kill tik tok
thanosplays203 2 dagen geleden
the nightmares aren't in fnaf 2
Indio Mafico
Indio Mafico 2 dagen geleden
No bc they dont own tiktok so they cant do anything about it so
Sarah Petra Stellington
Sarah Petra Stellington 2 dagen geleden
I'm REALLY glad Tik Tok is officially getting banned in the US 'cause I'm SO tired of people during my high school years pressuring me to download the app onto my phone. I was ALWAYS suspicious about Tik Tok, but the more I did my research on why I shouldn't download the app, the more I realized how right I was for refusing to downloading it on my phone... so, yeah. This is a good move for my home country's part. :) Some may be saddened by this, but I see this as a victory. :P
Adela Wyrick
Adela Wyrick 2 dagen geleden
i luv tiktok but no it has to live
Captain snoopy Wacky
Captain snoopy Wacky 2 dagen geleden
noooo πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Melvin Dapitanon
Melvin Dapitanon 2 dagen geleden
What dan we think we want: *RECREATING TIK TOKS* (some)What we really want: *MORE EPISODES OF TERRARIA*
Ace_ Hound19
Ace_ Hound19 3 dagen geleden
Me in October tik tok is banned yet woohoo
Joanne Henderson
Joanne Henderson 3 dagen geleden
I know why people hate tick tok it's beacause peppa pig is basically the queen of tick tok that's why I deleted it
iiBxbblyTxddyii 3 dagen geleden
its a goose dan not a duck
Aayan Shaikh
Aayan Shaikh 3 dagen geleden
I got a tiktok add
Liam Petersen
Liam Petersen 3 dagen geleden
2017 is the best cos they made Fortnite then
koplays 3 dagen geleden
dan; how did thay catch flys? me; thay put somthing that atracts flys and put it in a cup and wait till a fly getts in and thay sneakly covers the top of the cup with food wrap and keep sit in fridge witch dosent kill them it just freezes them
Ender HammerJTS
Ender HammerJTS 3 dagen geleden
I did that with my hoverboard before I saw this lol
Madison Flaherty
Madison Flaherty 3 dagen geleden
Is tik tok basically the new version of vine? You post short videos on both of them.
Parrot Party
Parrot Party 3 dagen geleden
its still going tik tok is still going
Sita 4 dagen geleden
Sita 4 dagen geleden
Youmane Diagne
Youmane Diagne 4 dagen geleden
7:30 when dantdm talks:the style of animation is cool and then he says wow
Youmane Diagne
Youmane Diagne 4 dagen geleden
Youmane Diagne
Youmane Diagne 4 dagen geleden
Youmane Diagne
Youmane Diagne 4 dagen geleden
Youmane Diagne
Youmane Diagne 4 dagen geleden
blueblock runner
blueblock runner 4 dagen geleden
Dan: RIP Tiktok Everyone: Let it die! Let it die! Let it shrivel up and DIE!
Heather Denson
Heather Denson Dag geleden
MoolPool Productions
MoolPool Productions 4 dagen geleden
MoolPool Productions
MoolPool Productions 4 dagen geleden
Epineville FamilyGamers
Epineville FamilyGamers 4 dagen geleden
I do not have it
Joseph Marks
Joseph Marks 4 dagen geleden
yay R.i.p
Joseph Marks
Joseph Marks 4 dagen geleden
Ava Ogden
Ava Ogden 4 dagen geleden
Sheena Allen
Sheena Allen 4 dagen geleden
pres F
Rishii Danan
Rishii Danan 4 dagen geleden
to be honest the part where dan thinks a parrot is a pigeon caught me off guard and made me fell on my chair
Lava Claw7
Lava Claw7 4 dagen geleden
1:20 I do that
Zachary Harrell
Zachary Harrell 5 dagen geleden
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camlin johnston
camlin johnston 5 dagen geleden
the thing you need is 6 foot balloon.
Buddharoc 5 dagen geleden
β˜ πŸ’€πŸ‘ΏπŸ™€πŸ˜ΎπŸπŸ¦ŽπŸŠπŸ‰πŸ’πŸ¦•πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Buddharoc 5 dagen geleden
Heather 5 dagen geleden
__ __ πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
Charli3 Th3 Chan Studi0s
Charli3 Th3 Chan Studi0s 5 dagen geleden
1:50 This guy spitting facts though-
Sebastian Agui
Sebastian Agui 5 dagen geleden
or Mabey 5-foot
kashie_ gacha
kashie_ gacha 5 dagen geleden
its acttually a giant hamster ball
Spencer Farrell
Spencer Farrell 5 dagen geleden
I love the phyco dogi
Lorx 8999
Lorx 8999 5 dagen geleden
8:25 it's the live-action Squidward from the Spongebob musical
David Shaw
David Shaw 6 dagen geleden
Sooooo who remembers musically
Isaac Vargas
Isaac Vargas 6 dagen geleden
Dan: I recreate tik toks 2021:Still waiting
Little Nightmare Lady
Little Nightmare Lady 6 dagen geleden
mark archazki
mark archazki 6 dagen geleden
John Farquhar
John Farquhar 6 dagen geleden
Victoria Holzbauer
Victoria Holzbauer 6 dagen geleden
Me too
Joules Dah FrΕ“g
Joules Dah FrΕ“g 6 dagen geleden
Love how when Dan was looking at giraffes he was on Incognito
frlnsisca Wolfe
frlnsisca Wolfe 6 dagen geleden
Its a giant balloon but when you r blowing in air u go inside the balloon very quickly and bam ur a dancing ball
what up my doods
what up my doods 6 dagen geleden
BTW the bubble is a wubble bubble
sarah Kinsey
sarah Kinsey 6 dagen geleden
It’s so sad that tic tocs going to die
Clara heds
Clara heds 7 dagen geleden
ummm now hello
Clara heds
Clara heds 7 dagen geleden
Ronika Reeves
Ronika Reeves 7 dagen geleden
bro this one is so cool 7:07
Riley Monson
Riley Monson 7 dagen geleden
DUCKS 4 LIFE!!!!!! i love ducks ❀️
Maleyne Sanchez
Maleyne Sanchez 7 dagen geleden
Ediz m
Ediz m 7 dagen geleden
Pinky 7 dagen geleden
You use a leaf blower to get in
Kokonut Kitty
Kokonut Kitty 7 dagen geleden
Good news: I got a notification straight from tiktok saying that its not leaving!
Greta DanilevičiΕ«tΔ—
Well i got shot couple days ago with my glue thingy (Dont worry my eyes are opk) IT HIT MAH FACEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mad ithnin salleh
mad ithnin salleh 7 dagen geleden
F to pay reps
Hailey Barnett
Hailey Barnett 8 dagen geleden
Also dan plssssssss it's a wubble bubble😭😭😭
Hailey Barnett
Hailey Barnett 8 dagen geleden
Press f to pay ur respects:) . Haha u got trolledπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gacha._.potato 8 dagen geleden
I have a giant fish tank with a pineapple and also I have a pineapple in my kitchen rn
Brooks Deese
Brooks Deese 8 dagen geleden
The ball you are looking for is called human hamster ball.
Kailyn Evans
Kailyn Evans 8 dagen geleden
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph 8 dagen geleden
That clip of the β€œdog vacuum” what she was feeding the dog was LAMB LUNG Dogs love those things
tevon mccatty
tevon mccatty 8 dagen geleden
exept tiktokers wont servive a day on here
Mohammad Faraz Akhtar
Mohammad Faraz Akhtar 8 dagen geleden
ahh you live in the uk why it possibaly geting baned matter to you