Quitting YouTube to become a Roblox Pro! 

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8 aug. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Dark Gaming Clan
Dark Gaming Clan 11 uur geleden
shakil imtiaz
shakil imtiaz 16 uur geleden
Garbage I got a 10 kill streak on mobile lol
Your Mother
Your Mother 19 uur geleden
Dan: sees shooter- Brain: *malicious intent*
Cory Zhang
Cory Zhang Dag geleden
Recoil has bots though
FRESH _YT Dag geleden
Pliz play real call of duty
richie setiawan
richie setiawan 3 dagen geleden
I'm already a pro at call of duty
d pat
d pat 3 dagen geleden
I play "recoil" so much and DanTDM is now playing recoil
Ernie.yt2 3 dagen geleden
Who’s break it to him that most of the people he killed are bots.......
Rash Gaming2
Rash Gaming2 4 dagen geleden
I beat i can go better than you
Outling 4 dagen geleden
*when Dan realizes he's playing with bots*
Jimmy Palacios
Jimmy Palacios 5 dagen geleden
When i heard him say chill at beginning of the video I thought he said a bad word
Just A Normal Noob!
Just A Normal Noob! 5 dagen geleden
I wonder if Dan is on the AI bot modes. Probably not.
APGUNNER05 6 dagen geleden
Hey dan will you start playing call of duty?
Wolf Boy
Wolf Boy 6 dagen geleden
you should try Call of Duty mobile you can only play with a tablet or a phone
Killian Moore
Killian Moore 7 dagen geleden
thanks for showing me this game! this might be the only game with guns that im good at, i got THIRTY KILLS on my 2nd game!
Angie Connon
Angie Connon 7 dagen geleden
Play more fortunate Dan please
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 8 dagen geleden
Let me guess dan is playing Roblox Arsenal
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 8 dagen geleden
But still I love danTDM
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 8 dagen geleden
Or robloxproTDM
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 8 dagen geleden
Dan is the best the channel should be gameTDM!
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 8 dagen geleden
DanTDM quits NLblock then became the roblox pro?! Cool!
Superfifa 119
Superfifa 119 8 dagen geleden
When r we gonna tell him its a boted game?
Robert St-Martin
Robert St-Martin 8 dagen geleden
nuu dan dont quit youtube :((((
James xbox gaming
James xbox gaming 9 dagen geleden
Did anybody realize the nap is nuketown
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol 10 dagen geleden
Dan: *is quitting NLblock* Me: Is the statement true? Dan: Well, yes but actually no,
Stuff’n’ Stuff
Stuff’n’ Stuff 10 dagen geleden
This game is compatible with mobile if you wanna play on the go
UnluckyDuckyPlayz 10 dagen geleden
Watch flamingo's video on recoil... your playing with robots, so you aren't actually that good, also, after playing for at least 30 minutes you will start playing will real players. Btw no offense. (The vid is called "Roblox bots have become EXTREMELY REALISTIC...")
MemeNinja_RBLX 10 dagen geleden
Dan:HA U ALL SUCK Dan 2 minutes later: realized hes fighting bots
noob_312e 10 dagen geleden
Nooo dont quit! There is a epik game called islands you should play it its on roblox
Hot Tamale
Hot Tamale 11 dagen geleden
Can’t believe he’s still doing so great, been a while :)
The Gacha Duck Mooney
The Gacha Duck Mooney 13 dagen geleden
Dan you kept on getting 20 kills try and beat 70 kills.
Timothy Geneston
Timothy Geneston 13 dagen geleden
"I suck at Phantom Forces!" Everybody: why are you so good at recoil though
Camieleon and stuff!
Camieleon and stuff! 13 dagen geleden
If watch flamingo you know what’s going on here...
Sergio Gamez
Sergio Gamez 13 dagen geleden
There is literally no recoil.
Tony Casola
Tony Casola 13 dagen geleden
Dan play Star Wars battlefront
StuffyRalph 15 dagen geleden
The Spectral Ghost
The Spectral Ghost 15 dagen geleden
The Spectral Ghost
The Spectral Ghost 15 dagen geleden
If he actually quit I would have been so s qd
jetpackpuppy Fun
jetpackpuppy Fun 15 dagen geleden
Wen ever I get mad on call of duty I take out my knife and I become OP
Alex Arted
Alex Arted 16 dagen geleden
1:15 I think you mispronounced GOT EM!
YMJ Uchiha
YMJ Uchiha 16 dagen geleden
When you mom says you can’t play cod 😂(jk jk)
BMK 17 dagen geleden
Dan! “I finally found a game I’m good enough to pro in!” Me who knows that most of the players In the game are bots
nicola singh
nicola singh 17 dagen geleden
A note. Being good at parkour is very helpful :p
ZeldaProdigy 17 dagen geleden
bruh thats an arenal clone
Gxmxr Dxnny
Gxmxr Dxnny 18 dagen geleden
Dan play bad business instead
Xenqii 19 dagen geleden
Dan: says he plays Cod Also Dan: *doesn't know that the map he started in was Nuk3town*
Jayden Kim
Jayden Kim 19 dagen geleden
I hate dan because he is not making Minecraft videos
noriej 19 dagen geleden
Are you really a PRO?
Nathan DrakeYT
Nathan DrakeYT 20 dagen geleden
I took out a whole squad by myself
Nathan DrakeYT
Nathan DrakeYT 20 dagen geleden
I love recoil because im a pro
Xstriker 2000
Xstriker 2000 20 dagen geleden
Its a good thing he hasnt discovered the mobile aim assist.....
Harry 20 dagen geleden
my kill record is 93
Ishan Soni
Ishan Soni 21 dag geleden
Faze Dantdm
Dragonborn skyrim
Dragonborn skyrim 21 dag geleden
Recoil is fake it’s full of bots
Erin Barnes
Erin Barnes 22 dagen geleden
dan you should make a game on roblox, that would be a great video :D
UniWire101 20 dagen geleden
this is a game on roblox dude
Alby maulana
Alby maulana 22 dagen geleden
0:04 Dan:It's true Also Dan: *Not true*
Mega Winston
Mega Winston 22 dagen geleden
do not qwit
GiraffeNoise11 23 dagen geleden
DISCLAIMER: Recoil is full of bots at the beginning to give you the feeling of being a god, then starts putting you in games full of real people.
Pooja Rajesh
Pooja Rajesh 23 dagen geleden
Dan:I am quiting fan:omg how dare youuu
Carson Talbert
Carson Talbert 24 dagen geleden
Dan: 31/11 Me: Laughs getting 70/4 on my second match.
Carson Talbert
Carson Talbert 23 dagen geleden
Maybe, I mean, I still manage to get a 2+ K/D now. That was hilarious about the 70/4 though. I mean seriously how?
LxckZ 23 dagen geleden
u were playing with bots bud
Adrian Mendez
Adrian Mendez 25 dagen geleden
what he doesn't realize that game is filled with bots
Chunkus Wunkus
Chunkus Wunkus 26 dagen geleden
Dan. I have a challenge for you play Rainbow Six Siege
Danette Foy
Danette Foy 26 dagen geleden
Whach to the end Spoiler He didn’t quite
no 26 dagen geleden
0:03 lokk at the bottom right corner. Its sais no.
BB Cool
BB Cool 26 dagen geleden
He liar he said he quit
Wasted Mobile Game
Wasted Mobile Game 26 dagen geleden
Was that his wife's robe tie
Jeremy Steyn
Jeremy Steyn 26 dagen geleden
Jeremy Steyn
Jeremy Steyn 26 dagen geleden
Lizette mendoza
Lizette mendoza 26 dagen geleden
Play hardcore
Human Sandwich
Human Sandwich 27 dagen geleden
dantdm is the roblox version of ninja
Human Sandwich
Human Sandwich 27 dagen geleden
dan... when your son gets older you need to teach him those gaming skills
LandoftheBoss 27 dagen geleden
i tried to install it for my yt vid but it didnt work so i had to play the normal one u can check it out if u want
Blaze_Lords Hcc
Blaze_Lords Hcc 27 dagen geleden
The knife is op because knifes are op in C.O.D
PotatoeRoss 123
PotatoeRoss 123 27 dagen geleden
Say sike right now
Luke Thomason
Luke Thomason 27 dagen geleden
Hmm. Seems as though he's still uploading. How unfortunate.
t0nar4to 28 dagen geleden
Dan you are actually playing with bots if you don't know. Their names are real humans but they aren't.
Dinora Hernández
Dinora Hernández 28 dagen geleden
2:00 o o f he got clapped
Lab Rats
Lab Rats 28 dagen geleden
Now TDM stands for Team Death Match
Ethan Mo.
Ethan Mo. 28 dagen geleden
Remember when he said he SUCKS at shooters this this is not dan this is a different dan from another dimension where we see what could have been but decided he should post and let us all also see what could have been
Zenaida Sazon
Zenaida Sazon 28 dagen geleden
I also play this I'm a god at it add me if u want username is : stephendgreat
Erica Garza
Erica Garza 28 dagen geleden
Nooooo do not quit
Lucas Morley
Lucas Morley 27 dagen geleden
Yes don't quit
Linda mc guinness
Linda mc guinness 28 dagen geleden
Note he isnt
fryfry99 28 dagen geleden
Did you know recoil is full of bots that dont kill you
Mason Ferguson
Mason Ferguson 28 dagen geleden
its botted
Tobster Chicin head
Tobster Chicin head 28 dagen geleden
If he actually did it
Zero 28 dagen geleden
Dan the game makes you feel good look at the player list there is no one
Tails is Cool
Tails is Cool 29 dagen geleden
Poll who is cooler sanic or tails
Red Cyndaquil
Red Cyndaquil 29 dagen geleden
bringing up the shooters can you play valorant its let me sum it up for you so basically you spawn on a map the attacker team has to do a search and destroy thing and plant a bomb on either one of the sights on these maps now the defenders have to do the opposite they either have to kill all enemy players or defuse the bomb after its planted and there are lots of overwatch type characters called agents five are unlocked for you and there are 4 classes with their own unique play style duelists are good at getting kills initiators are good at clearing sites for your team sentinels are good at defensive plays and stopping enemies in their tracks and controllers can block vision and kill the enemies in the process and valorant is completely free just literally search valorant on your computer it says play now you can make a riot account or login if you have one and then theres a whole bunch of blah blah blah and then you can play try it
Red Cyndaquil
Red Cyndaquil 29 dagen geleden
this is not a sponsered comment by the way
Countyballs Fanmade
Countyballs Fanmade 29 dagen geleden
Piggy two is out
Miguel Francesco Mann
Miguel Francesco Mann 29 dagen geleden
DAN why are you lying
Pandemonium The Gamer Wolf
wow it has been awhile since ive been on this channel... he loosk way different then i remeber, but he sounds the same
Marley Mika-Fowler
Marley Mika-Fowler Maand geleden
Dan: I AM QUITTING Dan after: I AM NOT QUITTING Dan probably at April fools: I AM NOW QUITTING R u not quitting or not- XD
a.m.p.x Maand geleden
a game named recoil where there is no recoil.
Goose Maand geleden
Everyone is a bot until you get to a high level
Vanessa Garden
Vanessa Garden Maand geleden
Total kills 14000
Vanessa Garden
Vanessa Garden Maand geleden
Don’t quit pleasssssssssssssss
Amir Mistou
Amir Mistou Maand geleden
just saying dan, flamingo played this game and it was full of bot, he thought he was good but when he double checked he was with bots just saying i thought i could tell you
Ajay Chandrankc
Ajay Chandrankc Maand geleden
why are you quiting youtube you are awsome in youtube by the way how could you make billions of dollars anyway
Dragon_Wizard Maand geleden
wait, he isn't serious about quitting youtube right?
David is cool123 hernandez
what game is this
A KILLER is Among Us!
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