Playing FAKE Minecraft Games.. 

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DanTDM plays through fake Minecraft games. Turns out some of them aint bad!
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16 mrt. 2020




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Reacties 11 473   
INETTA JOHNSON 3 uur geleden
you played my game world craft
Sterling Paquachan
Sterling Paquachan 5 uur geleden
DanTDM I love you videos
Shitora Kun
Shitora Kun 16 uur geleden
Wow the intro was amazing I missed your minecraft content i hope you can post minecraft or not I can unsub RN as of today(probably change my mind)
Mobile Gamer 6
Mobile Gamer 6 22 uur geleden
Oh try craft man
Mobile Gamer 6
Mobile Gamer 6 22 uur geleden
Hello dan 😁🤚👌
Ludovina Estibeiro
Ludovina Estibeiro Dag geleden
You can also be a bit more good
Keylen gamer
Keylen gamer Dag geleden
This is Terraria plus Minecraft
Liam Whalen
Liam Whalen 3 dagen geleden
13:17 I play that game hehe!! :)
Jeff Webb
Jeff Webb 3 dagen geleden
Note To DanTDM, Thats Griffnpatch Game On Scratch, Its HARDCORE CODING, He Is Not Young
Jsf 73
Jsf 73 3 dagen geleden
Mine block got an update,try it out again Dan!
Venine Productions
Venine Productions 4 dagen geleden
I remember playing Mine Blocks before i had minecraft. It is very fun
Battletroll1 4 dagen geleden
I actually played world craft before I knew Minecraft was a thing, I regretted it
Erika 5 dagen geleden
That creeper was nightmare fuel I’m not sleeping tonight
HyperionGamer 5 dagen geleden
that is Not a basic coding platform also to microsoft has thousands of devs devoted just to minecraft!
Random content Vlogs
Random content Vlogs 5 dagen geleden
I’m a yt
Weslsy Rick
Weslsy Rick 6 dagen geleden
how do i put it on MY videos? i can only see little amounts of my videos having animated thumbnails.
Lord of Food
Lord of Food 6 dagen geleden
I think he just said “hirebrin” 1:23
Khanh Linh Luu
Khanh Linh Luu 6 dagen geleden
Edward Cutler
Edward Cutler 6 dagen geleden
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! why hase mincraft week end?
colour pencil drawings with me
You forgot Lokicraft bro...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Binod Tharu
Binod Tharu 7 dagen geleden
Hello dan
??????? 7 dagen geleden
14:07 i played that
Priscilla Rodriguez
Priscilla Rodriguez 7 dagen geleden
i play the 2 one before
Charlize Naomi Gonzales
Charlize Naomi Gonzales 8 dagen geleden
I now that your old live vids has a swearword huh?
Johan Kristiansen Fernandez
i wan't your old intro back.
Allen Li
Allen Li 8 dagen geleden
i have played paper minecraft before
Test Test
Test Test 8 dagen geleden
There is so much terraria vibes in this vid
Antoinette Balbin
Antoinette Balbin 8 dagen geleden
wow dan your happy haha
April Cotton
April Cotton 8 dagen geleden
Chad wild clay roasted u
Zalfa Salsabila
Zalfa Salsabila 9 dagen geleden
5:03 That's not steve that is stove
Rashun Waters
Rashun Waters 9 dagen geleden
mine blocks and paper minecraft are GRAT
Adira J
Adira J 9 dagen geleden
And if you saying that your ganna do a let’s play if 2D Minecraft is a JOKE! that joke is one I makes me want to watch you do that!
Adira J
Adira J 9 dagen geleden
Pls reaplay dan tdm
Adira J
Adira J 9 dagen geleden
Are you really going to do a let’s play on 2D Minecraft
ike riskal
ike riskal 10 dagen geleden
Beli ah odading mang oleh bikin menjand iron man
AnimationDoodler 11 dagen geleden
match craft is cool
SamiEswaran Subbiah
SamiEswaran Subbiah 11 dagen geleden
I played this game
Flynn De Meeuw
Flynn De Meeuw 11 dagen geleden
Am i the only one who played mineblocks as a kid?
Dhiwa Ahmad Alfarrassani
Dhiwa Ahmad Alfarrassani 11 dagen geleden
Please play just shapes and beats
Crazyforlife 11 dagen geleden
Paper minecraft was made on a program called scratch i think
mark thomas
mark thomas 12 dagen geleden
I love yore Chanel I have watcht yore videyose sens I was 3 and now I’m in 2d grade
Derek Gaming
Derek Gaming 13 dagen geleden
For the 1st one, used to play it when i was a kid lol
Yuuto Craft
Yuuto Craft 13 dagen geleden
dantdm: there are lemons in mincraft lemon grab: *happiness sound*
Shadow Ultra
Shadow Ultra 13 dagen geleden
I actually played mine blocks before and it was pretty cool
John Games and Draws Channel
13:20 This game is on scratch
M1ErickZSEZ 14 dagen geleden
TheChocolateWolf 14 dagen geleden
I know the scratch one- I played it before.
supreme123 14 dagen geleden
That Paper Minecraft was made on scratch. And it is for kids
What if Dragon king
What if Dragon king 15 dagen geleden
Try paper Minecraft creative mode it's really cool
Among us Gameplay
Among us Gameplay 15 dagen geleden
Wait new let’s play series
foxer PLAZ
foxer PLAZ 15 dagen geleden
5:30 we can’t hear the music because your talking
Bristol Sweatt
Bristol Sweatt 15 dagen geleden
ayyubi 123
ayyubi 123 15 dagen geleden
Oh my god
elmo sesame street • 350 years ago
Mineblocks is letirally Terraria but minecraft
SETH LIAM DELA MERCED PO 15 dagen geleden
SETH LIAM DELA MERCED PO 15 dagen geleden
Those minecraft games are really broken
SETH LIAM DELA MERCED PO 15 dagen geleden
Those minecraft games are really broken
Roman J
Roman J 16 dagen geleden
Why was paper minecraft made in scratch?
Jonas Babon
Jonas Babon 16 dagen geleden
14:49 don't dig straight down noobbb
Mariaejohnson1 16 dagen geleden
What is the full name of match craft Dan
Story Notch
Story Notch 17 dagen geleden
why not minecraft hardcore its been more than 1-3 months
Sebastian Damhesel
Sebastian Damhesel 17 dagen geleden
"2d Minecraft is kind of it, guys!" Try Terraria! (I'm not one of those people that are saying Terraria is another Minecraft ripoff. They just have their similarities and differences.)
hidus lolis
hidus lolis 12 dagen geleden
But he already has tried Terraria and he liked it
foxer PLAZ
foxer PLAZ 13 dagen geleden
@Ma. Eia Comendador terraria is an OG
Ma. Eia Comendador
Ma. Eia Comendador 13 dagen geleden
foxer PLAZ
foxer PLAZ 15 dagen geleden
Terraria isn’t based on Minecraft it’s actually it’s own.
HARSH PATEL 15 dagen geleden
Its 2d minecraft basically but same fun
vina tri septiana
vina tri septiana 17 dagen geleden
yo dan play Roblox and play poop tycoon
Hriday 17 dagen geleden
Nether Portals do exist in Paper Minecraft...
Angelo Jimenez
Angelo Jimenez 18 dagen geleden
Mine blocks was my minecraft before when i cabt download minecraft coz im just 7
sans undertale
sans undertale 18 dagen geleden
8:51 the idiot devs (which are probably kids) have used the wrong their
Pe Miencraft
Pe Miencraft 18 dagen geleden
Jake Is cool
Jake Is cool 18 dagen geleden
KingJayrhon'sWorld 20 dagen geleden
i play worldcrafy
Logan Keen
Logan Keen 20 dagen geleden
When I started this video I got a ad for a nickeloden movie is Minecraft ran by Nickelodeon?
Hagffhvxxhkck Man
Hagffhvxxhkck Man 21 dag geleden
can you play mineblocks more often?
Morolake Iroye
Morolake Iroye 21 dag geleden
it is called scatch
Jay Kant
Jay Kant 21 dag geleden
imagine this trash in the second game as a texture pack
Aflah syazani
Aflah syazani 21 dag geleden
A 2D copyright minecraft
Torkeisha Williams
Torkeisha Williams 22 dagen geleden
Are the fake games on i pad?
Gaming with poke767
Gaming with poke767 22 dagen geleden
no one. LITERALLY no one. dan calling herobrine "herbrin"
evan cawley
evan cawley Dag geleden
slender Engine
slender Engine 22 dagen geleden
Me: there’s no way 2020 couldn’t get any worse Dan: Minecraft week has gone to a close
ඞ 8bitJake ඞ
ඞ 8bitJake ඞ 22 dagen geleden
We are commenting on behalf of @Griffpatch.
CerbyyGaming 22 dagen geleden
1:22 "Herobrin"
Rowan VDH
Rowan VDH 23 dagen geleden
I've played mine blocks it's actually pretty cool
Wolfq slayer
Wolfq slayer 23 dagen geleden
Hello In 2020
Kat Cid
Kat Cid 23 dagen geleden
wait is mine block terraria (sorry if i spelt that wrong)
William Warner 100
William Warner 100 24 dagen geleden
Why is fake
Kamal Kabir
Kamal Kabir 24 dagen geleden
i actually play mine clone
Blue & Pink Gaming
Blue & Pink Gaming 24 dagen geleden
I used to play mine blocks, cus i was bored of minecraft
Howard Chen
Howard Chen 25 dagen geleden
bring back minecraft week
Adelaide Underwood
Adelaide Underwood 25 dagen geleden
2:20 Dan: that is some pale looking bread 🥖 Me: ... Look at yourself lol
AlvinGameZ 25 dagen geleden
you can actually change control for mine blocks
Thin Zar Nge Nge
Thin Zar Nge Nge 25 dagen geleden
20:08 is a ......................
Caithlyn Gabrielle Agripa
Caithlyn Gabrielle Agripa 25 dagen geleden
when u were playing paper minecraft did U SEE UR HUGER BAR IS LOW?!
Kids CarToons
Kids CarToons 26 dagen geleden
I mean liar you can't lie you have to be a muslim
Kids CarToons
Kids CarToons 26 dagen geleden
No way minecraft isn't going because I .Spell it on play store it doesn't go then liar/.
Dušan Milićev
Dušan Milićev 28 dagen geleden
just install tlauncher on pc and on mobile ac market for free minecraft
simsimmat 28 dagen geleden
the paper minecraft i actually know who created it it was on a programming website for kids his name is griffpatch
Ochoa Family
Ochoa Family 28 dagen geleden
Now you don't have to worry about herobrine,YOU CAN BE HEROBRINE NOW!!!
Swift_Destron 28 dagen geleden
Dan, did you know that Paper Minecraft was made in Scratch?
Malinda Karunarathne
Malinda Karunarathne 28 dagen geleden
Paper minecraft has skyblock
Malinda Karunarathne
Malinda Karunarathne 28 dagen geleden
Paper minecraft is on scratch
Doge Meme
Doge Meme 29 dagen geleden
Could you make a Minecraft series with you and Dream?
Alia Essa
Alia Essa 29 dagen geleden
I played paper minecraft its little good