Piggy is INFECTED NOW?! (Roblox Piggy) 

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DanTDM plays a Roblox game called Piggy where this time there’s new modes and new maps!
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31 mrt. 2020




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Reacties 100   
Jude Collis
Jude Collis 4 dagen geleden
love u dan
Ashley Saliba
Ashley Saliba 5 dagen geleden
Who’s watching in 2020
CH 5
CH 5 5 dagen geleden
1:51 lol
Jemma Edwards
Jemma Edwards 7 dagen geleden
I think ya are wearing some of your mercy huh are ya
Gacha Maimay
Gacha Maimay 7 dagen geleden
5:39 I love cats is a mastermind jumps through skeleton and I can’t stop laughing
Sunsetyilsa 8 dagen geleden
Play book 2
Admin Dugo
Admin Dugo 8 dagen geleden
I don not know how dan won
Honesta Joshua Syahailatua 1944050
dan go to cchater 5 you well mett bunny
Emma Finch
Emma Finch 13 dagen geleden
I can beat infection
Clarence Jose Solis
Clarence Jose Solis 15 dagen geleden
Madkidz 19 dagen geleden
I beaten infection on metro
Madkidz 19 dagen geleden
House and carnival I beaten them as well
Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry 19 dagen geleden
Think won it
Amy Single
Amy Single 20 dagen geleden
She was distracting piggy
Brendon Fruth
Brendon Fruth 22 dagen geleden
pewdiepie minecraft
PAK KIDS 23 dagen geleden
i did it in 30 sec
victoria chavez
victoria chavez 29 dagen geleden
.............. .yup
Pretty-Pastels 29 dagen geleden
Dan: “look at her giant *GIANT* legs” Me: “they are *thicc* “
Elliot Nickens
Elliot Nickens Maand geleden
Living in the future piggie book 5
Grace Random
Grace Random Maand geleden
I love how I didn't flinch at all lol
JennyKA3TRN Maand geleden
I subscribed to you dan ! :)
JennyKA3TRN Maand geleden
opp too bad for you 1000 piggies chasing you you're dead....
Minecraft 101
Minecraft 101 Maand geleden
i dont think u saw that bunny is a ghost now dan
Mary Sage
Mary Sage Maand geleden
how piggy came quikly
betsy brown
betsy brown Maand geleden
and at the start piggy was infected
betsy brown
betsy brown Maand geleden
mr p STARTED this infectshen and it all started with 6 potions
GameWithBlaze Maand geleden
To anyone reading this... ...why did you read this?
DEVINTUBE HD Maand geleden
Play Piggy: Book 2!!!
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Maand geleden
9:40 THAT WAS A PERSON rude smh
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Maand geleden
the title confuses meeeeee
Anai Byun
Anai Byun Maand geleden
Dan: Look at those gian giant legs! Ahahahha Me: Yes Dan, they are indeed giant, but have you heard of the words: “Asthetic” or “Trendy” or “Fashionable”? Me: yes didn’t think so, but then, so didn’t i XD
Wyatt Clark
Wyatt Clark Maand geleden
1:50 who else jumped a bit there
HelloItzJack Maand geleden
Dan: Ilovecats, was killed by a tiger Me: Wait, Dan, that was a different person. Its not ilovecats
Dreadknight81 Maand geleden
Dan then. “Choose infection!” Dan now “NO INFECTION!”
Jagger Zantuck
Jagger Zantuck Maand geleden
Dan now play infection play infection dan in the future don’t choose infection don’t choose infection
Angelika Santillana
Angelika Santillana Maand geleden
Dan was so fast!!!!
The Flaming Clan
The Flaming Clan Maand geleden
2:02 The ONLY time
desiree ventura
desiree ventura Maand geleden
You should make a channel about scary games cause your good at them
•Exotic Butters•
•Exotic Butters• Maand geleden
3:30 Best Lure. xD
Angela Allison
Angela Allison Maand geleden
dan how do you get the poley skin?
Natalie Chichester
Natalie Chichester Maand geleden
Dan: I don’t think you can beat this mode! (Infection) Me, who has beaten infection: >:>
Bunny Blue
Bunny Blue Maand geleden
Dan:I'm not sure that's where you should put your head while wearing a flamingo. Me:ummmm-
Single Kiddo
Single Kiddo Maand geleden
Dan: everyone sucks. Me: agree when i play in a public server everyone sucks.
cool boy
cool boy Maand geleden
i have beat that game mode
Phuong Chung
Phuong Chung Maand geleden
WOW Thats cool so did that 3 seconds 15:04
Carter The Boss
Carter The Boss Maand geleden
I love piggy🐖😈
Ahmed 2020
Ahmed 2020 Maand geleden
1:50 OMG SCARED ME 2:18 Was that edited Monday 31st August 2020 5:00
Zoha Ahmed
Zoha Ahmed Maand geleden
Buuny dies thats why she is sad
Harlie Hey
Harlie Hey Maand geleden
Hi dantdm I am a dig fan of your fan and I have wach your Chanel for 2 years
JuneTheGamer Maand geleden
thats so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nick Karrick
Nick Karrick Maand geleden
Seth Scher
Seth Scher Maand geleden
Roblox Pro
Roblox Pro Maand geleden
Dan I’m a Huge Fan of you and have been for 5 years
Angel Leura
Angel Leura Maand geleden
Hi DanTDM I hed a roblox ok 👍 and I hed a piggy ok and come on piggy book 2 ok
Francesca Galutera
Francesca Galutera Maand geleden
Some of them were me
hogwarts_ is_my_home
hogwarts_ is_my_home Maand geleden
poor bunny
DrDraws Maand geleden
3 SECONDS i pooped my pants;[
Yalini S
Yalini S Maand geleden
Dan: How do I beat this mode with 5 piggies chasing after me. Thinknoodles: I beat piggy solo with 10 bot piggies.
Yalini S
Yalini S 12 dagen geleden
Emma Finch EXACTLY
Emma Finch
Emma Finch 13 dagen geleden
@Cyber The WolfYT bots know where you are so it is harder
Emma Finch
Emma Finch 13 dagen geleden
Yalini S
Yalini S 22 dagen geleden
Edit: This was a joke btw.. I did not mean this in an offense way.. just wanted to clarify that..
Cyber The WolfYT
Cyber The WolfYT 22 dagen geleden
Those were bots so they're easier.
Grace Hall
Grace Hall Maand geleden
Violet Olmos
Violet Olmos Maand geleden
DAN There's a new skin in Piggy:D
gacha lis me prób he xd 13
But how cool is I 👇👁️👄👁️
gacha lis me prób he xd 13
Omg You play Piggy !?!?
Tony Plays
Tony Plays 2 maanden geleden
The way he screams😂😂😂
ItsRoblox Playz
ItsRoblox Playz 2 maanden geleden
14:59 Dan: escapeing from piggy finds someone where have you went this whole time Girl:looking for stuff anD seeing if anyone is left
ItsRoblox Playz
ItsRoblox Playz 2 maanden geleden
14:46 dan looking around for the wrench Piggy comes down the stairs Dan what you changed Piggy imma a bot
Jaroslaw Czaja
Jaroslaw Czaja 2 maanden geleden
I Record some video
Randall Felix
Randall Felix 2 maanden geleden
lil pig
Ula Z
Ula Z 2 maanden geleden
Ula Z
Ula Z 2 maanden geleden
ummmmmm wat
Michael Yun
Michael Yun 2 maanden geleden
I love this game but I don’t know if she’s gonna get it
Enderwolf Maand geleden
Wdym she is gonna get it
Iyenne Cangao
Iyenne Cangao 2 maanden geleden
it's the voice acting for me.
Chandler Daigle
Chandler Daigle 2 maanden geleden
Why has dan not made a vid in build mode yet?! This is how many people want him to play build mode 👁👄👁 👇
Lucia Momin
Lucia Momin 2 maanden geleden
Seth Scher
Seth Scher 2 maanden geleden
I have watched this 100 times
Sharon Ogbeifun
Sharon Ogbeifun 2 maanden geleden
I know this is late but the way you floored bunny LOL 9:22
CRAZY STUFF 2 maanden geleden
Slo Gamer
Slo Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Roblox is such a weird game... I love it! DanTDM - 2020
Nathan Linsag
Nathan Linsag 2 maanden geleden
Nathan Linsag
Nathan Linsag 2 maanden geleden
Jina Mariah Paat
Jina Mariah Paat 2 maanden geleden
play adopt me or tower of heck (tower of he...) or tower of dread
Alicia Jankowski
Alicia Jankowski 2 maanden geleden
Dan there was an infection and pepper had it so she went insane and it passed on to all except 4 or 3 so they have to survive ya got it
Leilani Day
Leilani Day 2 maanden geleden
i have dino as well
Leilani Day
Leilani Day 2 maanden geleden
wanna 1v1 MALAKAI_YT
JaydenLai507 2 maanden geleden
1:51 DanTDM jumpscare!
Alt Z
Alt Z 2 maanden geleden
infection is ez
Alt Z
Alt Z 2 maanden geleden
unless I am not in a noob server.
Alt Z
Alt Z 2 maanden geleden
@Clashwithkaylen it is
Clashwithkaylen 2 maanden geleden
n0 itz n0t
Laney Powell
Laney Powell 2 maanden geleden
Ethan Wakely
Ethan Wakely 2 maanden geleden
Yaymore piggyGames
TheSaltyCabbage _
TheSaltyCabbage _ 2 maanden geleden
my and my friend are litterly og's and made the game popular
• Ruka Slate •
• Ruka Slate • 2 maanden geleden
That's impressive
Sab -w-
Sab -w- 2 maanden geleden
Who else is watching this because they have nothing to do in quarantine
Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves 2 maanden geleden
Ya!!!!!!!♥️ you
SARG Studio
SARG Studio 2 maanden geleden
why does dan hate infection so much
Holly Turner
Holly Turner 2 maanden geleden
Your wrong Dan ilovecats was killed by a pig no tiger
Jacob Maharaj
Jacob Maharaj 2 maanden geleden
Dan the rat is not holding a battery it’s holding a firework
Jacob Maharaj
Jacob Maharaj 2 maanden geleden
And it’s not a mouse it is a rat
emelia Kirk
emelia Kirk 2 maanden geleden
Him:have this have this Bunny:dude shoot piggy Him:ok don't have sis
emelia Kirk
emelia Kirk 2 maanden geleden
Sadia Khanum
Sadia Khanum 2 maanden geleden
Did anyone read the chat 😂 Dan: pick hospital also dan: HOSPITAL!! Ilovecats: ok jeeze. Dan: sorry ilovecats Ilovecats: no need to be sorry. Also ilovecats :are u the real dan Dan: maybe.. maybe Ilovecats: idk what to believe. Idky I did this lol
Ahmad Ateeq
Ahmad Ateeq 2 maanden geleden
Ahmad Ateeq
Ahmad Ateeq 2 maanden geleden
No you don't die of the most 3 sec
Vicky playz
Vicky playz 2 maanden geleden
Dan I,m a big fan but I don,t really have minecraft
BananaPlayz- Roblox
BananaPlayz- Roblox 2 maanden geleden
Who ever reads this... Good comment stay safe and be nice u to dan Band comment you guys suck leave me alone don't be safe
Mutant Games
Mutant Games 2 maanden geleden
Wow he naily didn, t make it right
MarianneGamer29 2 maanden geleden
what is your name in roblox pls tell me plllllllllllllllllllllls and i love your vid.
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