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16 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Reacties 100   
Jaime Jesus A. MANCAO
Jaime Jesus A. MANCAO 4 uur geleden
I also watched Thinknoodle's point of view on this.
GOOODOO stupid nursery rajms
Thinky beated dandy
Christina Lindsey
Christina Lindsey 7 dagen geleden
It is called dasiy I watch Justin play Minecraft
Seejon JJ
Seejon JJ 8 dagen geleden
My skin is pony and my trap is black hole
Salma Muhidin
Salma Muhidin 9 dagen geleden
I have that skin too.
Gaming Adventures Xtreme
Gaming Adventures Xtreme 10 dagen geleden
piggy 2 is here
Jonathan Mix
Jonathan Mix 13 dagen geleden
thats me at the beginning
Mo Beebe
Mo Beebe 14 dagen geleden
🙋Hello Dan
Mo Beebe
Mo Beebe 14 dagen geleden
Keep it up dude
Mo Beebe
Mo Beebe 14 dagen geleden
I just watched thinks side
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Mary Elizabeth Smith 14 dagen geleden
It's ThinkNoodles
Just Dance Desmond
Just Dance Desmond 15 dagen geleden
I saw justens vid too
Mahfuz Rahman Ahanaf
Mahfuz Rahman Ahanaf 15 dagen geleden
Granny + Bendy = Distorted Memory
Matt Lehman
Matt Lehman 16 dagen geleden
Now dan has a big forehead in roblox😂
Mason Bunnell
Mason Bunnell 17 dagen geleden
feet are neat the book
Kirsten and Chris
Kirsten and Chris 18 dagen geleden
that skin you were not sure about was called: Daisy
Susie Cortez
Susie Cortez 18 dagen geleden
wy did he say that hes meny
CKK 253
CKK 253 18 dagen geleden
John Gutierrez
John Gutierrez 18 dagen geleden
👁👄👁ooh bro dan
kieran gaming
kieran gaming 19 dagen geleden
Kenny Ynnek
Kenny Ynnek 19 dagen geleden
Dantdm plz play piggy is piggy book 2 you weirdo
Purushotham Kumara
Purushotham Kumara 23 dagen geleden
Not fair
Rahma Ali
Rahma Ali 23 dagen geleden
Poor DanTDM
SkylerNotFound 24 dagen geleden
Kayla Dittburner
Kayla Dittburner 24 dagen geleden
Omg, I never knew his name was Justin!
Gabi R.
Gabi R. 26 dagen geleden
Both of them said they started the conversation! lolol xD >:3
Giovani Martinez-Gonzalez
Giovani Martinez-Gonzalez 28 dagen geleden
It’s daisy dan TDM
Cathy Cronin
Cathy Cronin 28 dagen geleden
dans head is to big
Caleb Collins
Caleb Collins Maand geleden
Thinknoodles' name is Justin😨. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thom Thom
Thom Thom Maand geleden
Fan I mean
StarKrew Maand geleden
StarKrew Maand geleden
DanTDM Think noodles are you friends brothers or brother
Teddy Scanlon
Teddy Scanlon Maand geleden
Play piggy book 2 Dan
Sheila Balderrama
Sheila Balderrama Maand geleden
I think dantdm won because it was his skin so if he had his normal skin he had won
8bitdevil Maand geleden
you and noodle are bolth my favrate youtubers
Bryan Nene
Bryan Nene Maand geleden
Dan there's a new book in piggy pls make a vid about it
Nott Piggy rolplays and live streams
Piggy two is out! Play it!!!!!
GamerCookie 123
GamerCookie 123 Maand geleden
GamerCookie 123
GamerCookie 123 Maand geleden
Thinks name is justen
Veronica Oquendo
Veronica Oquendo Maand geleden
Piggy 2is Here
Dhruva Nagaraj
Dhruva Nagaraj Maand geleden
1v1 me
Dhru Toys
Dhru Toys Maand geleden
A Gaming
A Gaming Maand geleden
daisy daisy daisy DATS DA NAME OF THE SKIN
HoW WhY I aM TrIgGeREd *he knows nothing about pigggy!!*
mark reyes
mark reyes Maand geleden
Offsale Items on Roblox
Skin is dasiy
Билгээ бээгий
vs me
Doggy’s roblox world
Everyone when they fall off the plank OOFFFFF Dan when he falls off the plank i’m Iron Man lol
Leo Maher
Leo Maher Maand geleden
Leo Maher
Leo Maher Maand geleden
James is better then you dan in piggy but dantdm your lost boy hair rainbow is the best my favorites of you videos dan I weight lifting simulator
Leo Maher
Leo Maher Maand geleden
Imnotthinknoodles here from the diamond mincart hahaha dantdm🐳
Sabrina M
Sabrina M Maand geleden
Hey Dan play fashion famous or 1 v1 with Think (:
OLIVIA OLIVIA Maand geleden
Dan: do i die if i Jump from this? Me: *NOOO PIGGY IS ALREADY DEAAAAD*
tonixxx1976 Maand geleden
Dan there is a new update on Piggy. Minitoon added two new skins from the fan art and those skins are called Budgey and Ghosty
Eddie Browder
Eddie Browder Maand geleden
Think is a cheater
Khiara Maand geleden
Dan was actually lucky he had a big head because Justin was going to watch him drop
Sheryl Soriano
Sheryl Soriano Maand geleden
The name Of the piggy you dont know is daisy
Bitoo Vora
Bitoo Vora Maand geleden
8:28 reality is often disappointing
gachaclub cringe
gachaclub cringe Maand geleden
dantdm:WHERE YOU AT GEORGIE My names georgie ;-;
sagar rawal
sagar rawal Maand geleden
I love your vid
Omar Madey
Omar Madey Maand geleden
Andreea Andreea
Andreea Andreea Maand geleden
Single Kiddo
Single Kiddo Maand geleden
keys and gears are the most important things in piggy (gears are just for some maps but keys are for every map)
Vember555 XD
Vember555 XD Maand geleden
Ben the turtle C
Ben the turtle C Maand geleden
Ya so there’s this guy called kreekcraft and umm he is about 10 times better that think
Cynthia Hannah
Cynthia Hannah Maand geleden
🤣 loser
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Maand geleden
lol you and think uploaded on the exact same day
Lailaa Bint-mujahid
Lailaa Bint-mujahid Maand geleden
At 12:10 what map was that. I’ve never seen it before. I know it’s house but what are all those blown up bits. And also how do you get onto that map or is there dynamite to do it?
Shasa Nauth
Shasa Nauth Maand geleden
Remus Tuazon
Remus Tuazon Maand geleden
Remus Tuazon
Remus Tuazon Maand geleden
i watch it on thinks vi
YouTube s
YouTube s Maand geleden
Thinknoodles vs DanTDM
Anthony Vignoli
Anthony Vignoli Maand geleden
how about you 1v1 me, i'm the piggy god, not seriously, but i'm pretty much the best, ( approved by MiniToon when I versed him on piggy, and on build mode, i'm even better than kreek, 1v1 him, I won, he utterly lost, extremely, i got ascore of 50, him, 4, seriously, watch his video, i think he did actually put it down, so he can't be embarassed,but im going to hack so you can see it.
fernando fernandez
fernando fernandez Maand geleden
hallmark movies
YouTube s
YouTube s Maand geleden
Thinknoodles is there i know dantdm vs thinknoodles i knew it
Tri Bowo
Tri Bowo Maand geleden
He found thinknoodles
lorna reyes
lorna reyes Maand geleden
noodles is parasee
lorna reyes
lorna reyes Maand geleden
your skin is called parasee
lorna reyes
lorna reyes Maand geleden
dont let them turn us into bacon
rubylovesdex Maand geleden
if you know piggy why not bear alpha play it now please
Ethan Close
Ethan Close 2 maanden geleden
I watched noodles one before this
Olivia Clough
Olivia Clough 2 maanden geleden
12 Year Mind
12 Year Mind Maand geleden
You say that on DanTDM's channel lol
Itz Shaun
Itz Shaun 2 maanden geleden
Your super good at piggy 🐷
Jordan Gaming
Jordan Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Is trayblox vs I'm not think noodles
Visalakshi Meenatchisundaram
Dan:WHY ARENT PIGGYS ARMS LONGER! Me:Cries with laughter😂😂
Sindy Magana
Sindy Magana 2 maanden geleden
Wen Tony
Wen Tony 2 maanden geleden
thinknoodles always play piggy he is a piggy nerd well dam is done
706smile 2 maanden geleden
Tore Hoop
Tore Hoop 2 maanden geleden
Wow Yankee with no broom
Tore Hoop
Tore Hoop 2 maanden geleden
Yankee with no brim
Paulina Reddish
Paulina Reddish 2 maanden geleden
HANZ IVAN LABITA 2 maanden geleden
Join my gruop cycloneplayzs9206
Anthony Arnold
Anthony Arnold 2 maanden geleden
Now I seen both sides.
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker 2 maanden geleden
Image coronavirus
suzette kerner
suzette kerner 2 maanden geleden
danTDM: pls don't kill me friend/tn:nevr muhahahahahahahaha
King Neoage
King Neoage 2 maanden geleden
Dan, you can zoom out and close the door at him, that way you can catch him easier
Matt Tobias
Matt Tobias 2 maanden geleden
Matt Tobias
Matt Tobias 2 maanden geleden
Treasure Paul
Treasure Paul 2 maanden geleden
Hey Dan friend me on roblox
Xx Ashley xX
Xx Ashley xX 2 maanden geleden
f*********************************** this im unsubbing
adri cortina
adri cortina 2 maanden geleden
Me Bs
ali omar
ali omar 2 maanden geleden
omg that i saw u in hes vid
William Allego
William Allego 2 maanden geleden
Dantdm your cool
A KILLER is Among Us!
Weergaven 7 mln.
My EPIC Bedwars Return!  *3 WINS*
Weergaven 9 mln.
Fortnite CHAPTER 2 is AMAZING!