My EPIC Bedwars Return! *3 WINS* 

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19 jun. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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BananaJetSki 3 uur geleden
I’m a smaller youtuber your so lucky you have a fast and big growing community
Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams 5 uur geleden
If we die, we die ok *dies
Rip Awesome Bear Bear
Rip Awesome Bear Bear 14 uur geleden
Dan play in 1.8.9 instead of 1.16 or 1.14
Kieran pi
Kieran pi Dag geleden
ZachGamesALot Dag geleden
Dan on 13ms ping: the ping is not nice Me on 100ms ping: YESSS this ping is great
likelyMango Dag geleden
Lol i broke his bed and killed him probs 100000 wins ago
Aidan Hatton
Aidan Hatton Dag geleden
imagine playing bedwars without breaking your own bed immediatly lol
artixey Dag geleden
that speed bridge is making me choke
scarface 2 dagen geleden
i love the naurto music
Nuri Sajabi
Nuri Sajabi 2 dagen geleden
dan u have really good internet
Nicole Griswold
Nicole Griswold 2 dagen geleden
Aint no body watch this!
ryee 2 dagen geleden
the fact that he improved in pvp and he can speed bridge with faster cps thoooo OMGGGG
Digital Platypus
Digital Platypus 2 dagen geleden
The amount of of pokemon music in this video is rich
Guin 2 dagen geleden
You should try to knock them off the map
Samuel 鍾恆諾 08
Samuel 鍾恆諾 08 2 dagen geleden
I wish my solo bedwars enemies are as bad as dantdms
MightyZ3ke 2 dagen geleden
dan should do more hypixel vids
Nathan JND
Nathan JND 3 dagen geleden
Zoe 3 dagen geleden
Dan tedium is the best
Boiksky Boiksky
Boiksky Boiksky 3 dagen geleden
Dan said the ping is not nice while on 500 FPS
JustKiddo 3 dagen geleden
Shiny5GUM 3 dagen geleden
can we recognize how hard that intro must have been Also, anybody getting anxiety because dan was not using a bedwars/pvp pack
LinearUranium Dag geleden
Yea. I am also triggered as he was using 1.9 + at the start instead of 1.8.9
WhoAreYou 3 dagen geleden
6:44 *megalovania intensifies*
Ps4 Time
Ps4 Time 3 dagen geleden
At 0:08 he said iron ore
Claire Mc ghee
Claire Mc ghee 3 dagen geleden
Ellie's Farming
Ellie's Farming 3 dagen geleden
Omg i love that he has a pug cam
Chloe Wade
Chloe Wade 3 dagen geleden
Collab with purpled pls!!!
GGWP 3 dagen geleden
Loser playing on new version play 1.8.9 L
Psychic Gaming
Psychic Gaming 4 dagen geleden
Gotta love the kirby’s epic yarn music in the background
Henry Tatlock
Henry Tatlock 4 dagen geleden
Remember his Dr who episode
Sicktastic Gaming
Sicktastic Gaming 4 dagen geleden
Have faith and worship god he loved the world so much he put his own son to die for your sins
ImNotDead BG
ImNotDead BG 4 dagen geleden
8:28 thanks for the shout out
Baltazar Guerra
Baltazar Guerra 4 dagen geleden
2024 anyone?
Crackernut J
Crackernut J 4 dagen geleden
pug cam in every vid plz lol
Make more bedwars vids! 💕
Kawaii_Coding 4 dagen geleden
More Bedwars pleaseeeee, And I wanna See if you can Block Clutch, Drag Click,, Speedbuild etc.
Star Platinum
Star Platinum 4 dagen geleden
700 fps? Damn i only get 200 lol. And he has badlion
IAmTrashAtPvp 5 dagen geleden
Haha he is using badlion LAIM
Jayelle 5 dagen geleden
Dantdm: Oh the ping is not nice...... 12 ping Me: 100 ping
James Godbout
James Godbout 5 dagen geleden
Why is he playing in 1.16
Tyrant Qiu
Tyrant Qiu 5 dagen geleden
Hes a champ now
Andy 1025
Andy 1025 5 dagen geleden
Watching Dan's Video for 7 Years reeeeeeeeee
will thrasher nesbit
will thrasher nesbit 5 dagen geleden
Dan could you play minecraft bed wars with me
Joseph Anthony F. Calcaben II
Nice editing.
LeoK2K8 5 dagen geleden
Dan being a sweat and using bac
Tanja Mlakar Lisac
Tanja Mlakar Lisac 5 dagen geleden
pewds is kinda copying ur pug cam
Vihaan Arora
Vihaan Arora 5 dagen geleden
Ah, Dan using BLC (Badlion Client)
William McCormick
William McCormick 6 dagen geleden
We want more!
Nexus 6 dagen geleden
He use badlion client.o.
ExoExPlorDInaiR 6 dagen geleden
Who remembers that villager and they were in that lab house that was the best
Leafy 6 dagen geleden
I think you should join hermit craft
FeltDominus 6 dagen geleden
this hurts, let me carry you
AJGamingYT PH 6 dagen geleden
Yay! Bedwars I thought you were going to play bedwars! Then your now a pro! Omg!
• Hazical •
• Hazical • 6 dagen geleden
Make a pvp tutorial pls
Michael Chung
Michael Chung 6 dagen geleden
Omg pug caj
Michael Chung
Michael Chung 6 dagen geleden
Domtendo Pikachu
Domtendo Pikachu 6 dagen geleden
Why aren’t you playing on 1.8.9 noob
Kevin Calibo
Kevin Calibo 6 dagen geleden
dan dies me: its ok dan (me who litterally just started an hour ago)
MegaByteゴ 6 dagen geleden
If We Die We Die -DanTDM If He Dies He Dies -Ivan Drago
Eddie Sevilla
Eddie Sevilla 6 dagen geleden
Dantdm make eggwars videos and cakewars videos please please please
Eddie Sevilla
Eddie Sevilla 6 dagen geleden
Dantdm do you know thinknoodles???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Host)
9 Koins
9 Koins 7 dagen geleden
DanTDM: uploads more BedWars me: *happiness noise*
MrRio LikesPokemon
MrRio LikesPokemon 7 dagen geleden
everyone talking nostalgia, this vid was posted this summer.
Dan Man fam
Dan Man fam 7 dagen geleden
13:20 lol
Nicolas Savard
Nicolas Savard 7 dagen geleden
the guy is lagging with 700 fps and 3 ping
Nicolas Savard
Nicolas Savard 7 dagen geleden
bruh this guy is using naruto music. A+
pastelx 7 dagen geleden
dan can i play with you
KEEP it Clean
KEEP it Clean 7 dagen geleden
petrus wisanggeni adiwibowo
Brian He
Brian He 8 dagen geleden
I thought I accidently clicked on a technoblade video
Caitlin Lee
Caitlin Lee 8 dagen geleden
Dan: speedbridges 5 blocks Me who can god bridge: am I a joke to you?
Best Of The Beasts
Best Of The Beasts 8 dagen geleden
When DanTDM won the last game, the guy called hacks. Bedwars Players.
Umara Uzamaki
Umara Uzamaki 8 dagen geleden
Dan tdm : trhard mode :naruto music
Potat0 GAmInG
Potat0 GAmInG 8 dagen geleden
i use hypixel too
Jess Aimson
Jess Aimson 8 dagen geleden
At 11.45 that red dude really had hacks
Wat Coldwell
Wat Coldwell 8 dagen geleden
Wat Coldwell
Wat Coldwell 8 dagen geleden
Only 2019 minecraft players don’t know bed wars I’m a 2015 minecraft olayer
Elijah D Cruzado
Elijah D Cruzado 8 dagen geleden
How nostalgic
KoopPlayz 8 dagen geleden
he fell
SHARON PALACIO 9 dagen geleden
your the winning champion
US! ᏢᎪᏢᎽᏒUS 9 dagen geleden
NLblockr: Joins Everyone: Yare.. Yare..
soup 9 dagen geleden
Cole Hofmann
Cole Hofmann 9 dagen geleden
Some people dont know this but in game 3 he switched to 1.8
Spooky Scary Skeleton Presents
Dan, you won’t see this but. You’re actually decent at pvp. You already have 5-7 CPS. You know how to block hit. I think the only things missing is try practicing strafing. How do I explain strafing ;-; W tap. Basically don’t just go forward non stop. And try to be faster at moving your mouse because you were being pretty slow at turning around when the enemy was behind you.
Nuthunial Carmina
Nuthunial Carmina 9 dagen geleden
he was so serious he bought an iron sword against blue guy
The V.I.P. Kids
The V.I.P. Kids 9 dagen geleden
Do more bedwars
陈雨 9 dagen geleden
And when you use slow mode on the bridge and jump a the place you slow down a drop on the voil, .
陈雨 9 dagen geleden
Fire balls are used to kill enemy by blowing it on the bridge.
Madawngi numami
Madawngi numami 9 dagen geleden
This is hiw many time dan said noo 👇
Spooky Scary Skeleton Presents
Dan’s better than I thought actually. I used to watch his hunger games video and his parkour videos. But he’s better now. I’m impressed.
LonuxOxe 9 dagen geleden
10:50 dan:*missed every shot* dan:"Noo im getting lag again, did you see my arrows?"
Rylie bAtiTs
Rylie bAtiTs 10 dagen geleden
The yellow guy that destroyed your bed is grian check carefully every body
T. C. C
T. C. C 10 dagen geleden
Dan: ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya Dan after killing him: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAA
Tina Stotter
Tina Stotter 10 dagen geleden
Dan if you play Minecraft please refrain from using badlion client as it is owned by people who support child grooming
Elijiah Crenan
Elijiah Crenan 10 dagen geleden
ay dan play in 1.8.9 its alot easier m8
Abdulaziz Alabdulkarim
Abdulaziz Alabdulkarim 10 dagen geleden
This hurt my eyes
Buttboy Z
Buttboy Z 10 dagen geleden
2:22 mmmm naruto music
Fadil Yoosuf
Fadil Yoosuf 10 dagen geleden
Dan: Endstone u be minee Me: Y isn't that a meme yet
Lautaro Martinez
Lautaro Martinez 11 dagen geleden
ping is not good?!
Itznoobie 11 dagen geleden
2ms: I AM LAGGING HARD me with my 1000 ms: 🤷‍♀️
Harvey Bullas
Harvey Bullas 11 dagen geleden
Look i I did it I speed bridge no one cares
peter uhh
peter uhh 11 dagen geleden
who knew all along he had a badlion client