Minecraft Looks Like THIS Now.. 

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17 apr. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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DanTDM 6 maanden geleden
Sorry about the facecam glitches in this video. It was a difficult one to film because of the technology involved. Hope that you enjoy this new Minecraft!
NEIL PLAYS 1432 Maand geleden
That's fine Dan
UltraStorm Maand geleden
ye thats fine
Natalie Purvis
Natalie Purvis Maand geleden
OMG Dan I am legit your biggest fan I got your merch and I watch you a million times a day
ElijahBoy 2 maanden geleden
You ARe mE ChILdhoOD
NEIL PLAYS 1432 2 maanden geleden
Dan I have a channel to.
Sebastian Mendoza
Sebastian Mendoza 37 minuten geleden
I want this to be on XBOX ONE!!
elaine chen
elaine chen Dag geleden
Soon this will be minecraft and the original minecraft will be an arcade game
Moeru hi
Moeru hi Dag geleden
moon:am i a joke to you?
Jordan Agyei
Jordan Agyei Dag geleden
17April was my birthday!
Rae Lin Wong
Rae Lin Wong 3 dagen geleden
I love Minecraft
Joe Remley Hay
Joe Remley Hay 4 dagen geleden
My HP Laptop ran it just fine so idk why he's saying you need an RTX
Little Girl
Little Girl 5 dagen geleden
thegamergirl 77
thegamergirl 77 5 dagen geleden
I have minecraft beta but i do not have world in market place
Offwhite Boi
Offwhite Boi 5 dagen geleden
*R T X*
drix playing
drix playing 7 dagen geleden
Every computer of Minecraft players: (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)
Ollin Luna
Ollin Luna 8 dagen geleden
I am glade you still make Minecraft videos
BOB tube
BOB tube 8 dagen geleden
7:33 his face cam gliches
Geekuccino 10 dagen geleden
dan at 1:48 Minecraft RTX off: 10 FPS RTX on: 60 FPS
Jasper Bayron
Jasper Bayron 11 dagen geleden
i am using mcpe/mcbe beta
Nathan Macailao
Nathan Macailao 12 dagen geleden
Blizzard Gaming
Blizzard Gaming 13 dagen geleden
I have very powerful PC I think mine can handle that
Catman D
Catman D 13 dagen geleden
I’m making a PlayStation
Ethan Morales
Ethan Morales 14 dagen geleden
What if the end in minecraft are the ones that failed to beat ender dragon hmmmmmmmmm
Ethan Morales
Ethan Morales 14 dagen geleden
Sorry the ender men
ak46g plays
ak46g plays 14 dagen geleden
My computer: NOPE
the Basher smasher
the Basher smasher 14 dagen geleden
My xbox is gonna die
Caleb Godfrey Malay
Caleb Godfrey Malay 14 dagen geleden
look at his fps
Mr. Oreo ROBLOX 14 dagen geleden
Who else is hyped because they have a rtx graffics card..
Lunar Eclipseora studios
Lunar Eclipseora studios 15 dagen geleden
lucky :( my pc cant handle RTX anything ( edit : my bday is this month so i think i may just get a new pc and internet adapter thing cause mine broke and sometimes my internet stops working so yeah , ima ask for thwt :> )
Sonia 15 dagen geleden
RTX, I’m the best shader RTX,9080 no IM THE BEST optifine shaders, whaT AboUt mE
SuchCringe 15 dagen geleden
can you get it on PS4 Bedrock edition
Lekso D Wangdi
Lekso D Wangdi 15 dagen geleden
IQ DarkVoid
IQ DarkVoid 15 dagen geleden
5:16 yeah that's how light works Dan lol
Nene1934Vibes 16 dagen geleden
Bro is your computer ok😂
Rafty Crafty
Rafty Crafty 16 dagen geleden
Dan : wow minecraft in RTX is so beautiful Me : Yees finally my FPS is 30 it looks good :)
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 16 dagen geleden
I tried it but it
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 16 dagen geleden
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones 16 dagen geleden
Didn’t work
always on youtube
always on youtube 16 dagen geleden
Me looking at my pc my pc don't even think about it
brupper E
brupper E 16 dagen geleden
Me when hearing neon district: Vietnam flashbacks
Silent Autumn11
Silent Autumn11 16 dagen geleden
Ryan P
Ryan P 16 dagen geleden
Jonathan Kril
Jonathan Kril 16 dagen geleden
I use shaders all the time.
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Bucket 16 dagen geleden
Cool now play it in Vive craft
The Mystic Potato
The Mystic Potato 16 dagen geleden
Nvidia : makes minecraft RTX Also Nvidia : clickity clack your PC is now crack
xd NIGHTLAZAR 16 dagen geleden
I'm just sitting in the corner with Intel UHD 620 Integrated Graphics.
ZENITH_FLIX 16 dagen geleden
What if you use the ultra realistic texture pack with RTX?????
Unavailable 303
Unavailable 303 16 dagen geleden
Me without RTX: Minecraft is good Me with RTX: Ahh where am I?!?!
LukeJuke 17 dagen geleden
People without using a RTX gpu using a RTX mod :⚡️🔥💥
La Brewster Family
La Brewster Family 17 dagen geleden
Emrick Fraser
Emrick Fraser 17 dagen geleden
am i the only one who kinda heard him say p*nis here 2:57
Braxtonio n
Braxtonio n 17 dagen geleden
It should add it on Java.
Preston The Ruler
Preston The Ruler 17 dagen geleden
PlOob from ewoks
Preston The Ruler
Preston The Ruler 17 dagen geleden
Ploob from ewoks
AIDEN GINN 17 dagen geleden
the new xbox srice x has this in it
Huey Rosayaga
Huey Rosayaga 17 dagen geleden
make sure you're not bottlenecking the GPU, what CPU are you using?
LIL_VENOMIZER 17 dagen geleden
why don't you try umsoea you need optifine it looks good
Andrian Luviano
Andrian Luviano 17 dagen geleden
Sadly mobile player can't feel this on their minecraft world And 1% might be me ;-;
Usher Gameplay
Usher Gameplay 17 dagen geleden
Some dude: i want that in my pc and laptop and maximize it so minecraft would be beautiful His computer and laptop: do you want us to both explode
Niko Neko
Niko Neko 17 dagen geleden
The way that they placed the arms bent to the right makes me uncomfortable.
LEGEND 17 dagen geleden
Only arm is rendered
e a
e a 18 dagen geleden
KairosGaming 18 dagen geleden
when they finish RTX in Minecraft they should add light blocks for each color
Sir_Pickle 18 dagen geleden
shaders look better lol
Bobby Checkfirst
Bobby Checkfirst 18 dagen geleden
2:40 me a bizarre adventure fan cazoni prefite:plays in backround
Stuart Nedley
Stuart Nedley 18 dagen geleden
I love tou
MrWilliam417 18 dagen geleden
Werner Joubert
Werner Joubert 18 dagen geleden
sooooo butiful
SIke Gaming and Animation 303
His hand looks so damn thin.
DumDum Luna
DumDum Luna 18 dagen geleden
Ohhoho look at those rods!
DumDum Luna
DumDum Luna 18 dagen geleden
Dan:I need to find some water. Water fountain:exists
JAMES ZGAMES 18 dagen geleden
I have already beta version
syed Khider123
syed Khider123 18 dagen geleden
I have Minecraft beta pocket edition
Dean Goddard
Dean Goddard 18 dagen geleden
O my gravity
Zachymation 18 dagen geleden
I have AMD so i cant use rtx
Charlotte Cook
Charlotte Cook 19 dagen geleden
wait what
Matthew Silvera
Matthew Silvera 19 dagen geleden
Ahh my eyes!
RaceProFN 19 dagen geleden
2:58 if u remember this from one of Dan’s VERY VERY VERY old videos then ur a true OG
SLYP1E_JR 19 dagen geleden
Dose this cost money
TheGFamily 19 dagen geleden
Dantdm The fog gets foggy 2020
Jennifer Hendricks
Jennifer Hendricks 19 dagen geleden
12:04 Have you never seen kelp? This video is making me not want to use RayTracing if I ever get Minecraft on Computer. Shaders I've been interested in, RayTracing not even close.
Linky Wolf
Linky Wolf 19 dagen geleden
I thought it was just me because Dan's Facecam kept glitching
Cameron Scholz
Cameron Scholz 19 dagen geleden
Rtx minecraft ruins it i think
shailendra nikam
shailendra nikam 19 dagen geleden
Ryan Reeves
Ryan Reeves 19 dagen geleden
Duncan Drake Dionisio
Duncan Drake Dionisio 19 dagen geleden
Scant and to follow go in the virus
Rex Flunder
Rex Flunder 19 dagen geleden
I prefer it without RTX
irvinian cagande
irvinian cagande 19 dagen geleden
too bad i cant buy it
The Arcko
The Arcko 19 dagen geleden
How it’s gonna blow my eyeballs is if my PC blows up in front of me when I try this
Mouree Mou
Mouree Mou 20 dagen geleden
2:28 "The fog gets foggy" -DanTDM
Sheep Studios
Sheep Studios 20 dagen geleden
Christmasboyjuzzie 20 dagen geleden
Melina Obando
Melina Obando 20 dagen geleden
That ok
Melina Obando
Melina Obando 20 dagen geleden
Your a Pro
Melina Obando
Melina Obando 20 dagen geleden
Melina Obando
Melina Obando 20 dagen geleden
I liked
MrDino 20 dagen geleden
now Dantdm has the RTX 3090 x4
Ryanplayzroblox 20 dagen geleden
My laptop will say stop the pain lol its so bootiful nice vid btw
zZenky Gaming
zZenky Gaming 20 dagen geleden
wow he posted this on my Birthday Apr 18, 2020
The King Of Ducks
The King Of Ducks 20 dagen geleden
imy pc cant run minecraft so it will explode if i try to run this
xNesta900 20 dagen geleden
It would have been way nicer if you used a 2040x2040 texture pack or something.
Da Du
Da Du 20 dagen geleden
Uh oh
TheMJrealms 20 dagen geleden
*ran on an AMD radeon*
Catlee 20 dagen geleden
My brogher actualy works with nvida Lol
CoolCraftGG 20 dagen geleden
I have an RTX GPU but I don't have Minecraft bedrock edition.
Shayamal Ranasinghe
Shayamal Ranasinghe 20 dagen geleden
This flipping broke my pc
Adnan Islam
Adnan Islam 21 dag geleden
9 fps without rtx 60 fps with rtx