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21 aug. 2020




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Ivy Crigler
Ivy Crigler 43 minuten geleden
Cap did not die i play the game
李英俊 Emmanuel Ashby Bautista
hey you should play a zombie game name days gone is fun
david fuentespinajr
david fuentespinajr 12 uur geleden
Ive never heard a dad say YEET
Angie Michaels
Angie Michaels 21 uur geleden
38:20 ok nothing happened at all
Super Sans bros.
Super Sans bros. 23 uur geleden
It’s not
Uttuqi Uqittuq
Uttuqi Uqittuq Dag geleden
i play this game too on my ps4
Omer Inan
Omer Inan Dag geleden
Cookie Wish
Cookie Wish Dag geleden
brycen newton
brycen newton Dag geleden
i need sum aim assist plz thx
Charlie Benson
Charlie Benson Dag geleden
Make another vid pls
rohan mathew
rohan mathew 2 dagen geleden
this is what i wanted to see i just wanted to see if it is worth to buy it and now becouse of you i am buying it
Oltmus 2 dagen geleden
He said where tōny stashed his stuff
Analiese Murphy
Analiese Murphy 2 dagen geleden
play more
Crazy Alf
Crazy Alf 2 dagen geleden
Roses are red Violets are blue This video is perfect We need a part 2 If you agree Make that thumb blue! 😀
The128 button
The128 button 2 dagen geleden
DanVSDreadbot Dan:it almost killed me ahh Me:looks at health bar bruh
Masuma Deepa
Masuma Deepa 2 dagen geleden
ROMEO RAMADHIN 2 dagen geleden
Dennis Boo
Dennis Boo 2 dagen geleden
gacha. gamer827
gacha. gamer827 3 dagen geleden
Petition to make the inhuman desese real
Aidan Hooks
Aidan Hooks 3 dagen geleden
Sahar Berry
Sahar Berry 3 dagen geleden
Dan you should. play dan the man
Saya Mohamed
Saya Mohamed 3 dagen geleden
Im so glad i watched the live stream it was epic
Virgil McPhee
Virgil McPhee 4 dagen geleden
Dantdm is the best
Sebastian De Leon
Sebastian De Leon 5 dagen geleden
Bruh how did cap died in a helicarrier if he survived the helicarrier crash in Captian America: Winter Soilder
Richard White
Richard White 5 dagen geleden
Uh oh it's AIM
JGoalScorer 73
JGoalScorer 73 6 dagen geleden
The beta is only the feel of it
JGoalScorer 73
JGoalScorer 73 6 dagen geleden
You should get the full version
Zer0 Productions
Zer0 Productions 6 dagen geleden
I love the minor details in this game. For example, in 25:10 the tiles on the ground are breakable.
Firelight Gamer
Firelight Gamer 6 dagen geleden
So Dan are you going to make a series???
Liko 6 dagen geleden
They need to add wolverine
Tracy Lourens
Tracy Lourens 7 dagen geleden
dan said the f word
Dan GG
Dan GG 7 dagen geleden
i need more of this!!!
Zean Ibis
Zean Ibis 7 dagen geleden
Hi dan
Trey Hodgkinson
Trey Hodgkinson 7 dagen geleden
I have it it’s sick
Frazer Anthony
Frazer Anthony 7 dagen geleden
I play that game
Colby Crafts
Colby Crafts 8 dagen geleden
Yea I know it was hard for me
Shushannah Smith
Shushannah Smith 8 dagen geleden
What is your favorite character Dan?
Kirstie Price
Kirstie Price 8 dagen geleden
i love avengers
jess #1jam's Feb24
jess #1jam's Feb24 8 dagen geleden
play more
Oliver Marasigan
Oliver Marasigan 8 dagen geleden
Alex and fun
Alex and fun 9 dagen geleden
Play more tabs and vr
Adam Levy
Adam Levy 9 dagen geleden
I love your videos there so long
Fishsep 9 dagen geleden
How is this an hour?
Fishsep 9 dagen geleden
I’m saving money for this game I have 20 right now I hope I can get there before November :)
Ally N
Ally N 9 dagen geleden
22:45 is no one going to point out that Dan sweared no?
Ally N
Ally N 8 dagen geleden
@Eggball Soccer that's not what i heard but alright
Eggball Soccer
Eggball Soccer 8 dagen geleden
Ally N he said “oh I keep missing”
K Lomax
K Lomax 9 dagen geleden
great job playing MARVEL AVENGER'S DANTDM
Peter Jr
Peter Jr 9 dagen geleden
Peter Jr
Peter Jr 9 dagen geleden
Marita Nelson
Marita Nelson 9 dagen geleden
Sup Everyone
Dalila Adrian
Dalila Adrian 10 dagen geleden
Dan can you make more avengers gameplay please
Saeed Al Dhabari
Saeed Al Dhabari 10 dagen geleden
Thor is stronger than hulk
Malachi’s World
Malachi’s World 10 dagen geleden
Hey Dan do you want to play Fortnite with me today
Ilhaan Khan
Ilhaan Khan 10 dagen geleden
Theon Epstein
Theon Epstein 10 dagen geleden
Erik DGS
Erik DGS 10 dagen geleden
Dan how come you are focused on the flamethrower when your actually killing him 53:11
IQ YEET 10 dagen geleden
I just wanna say the hulk cant die, he can only die of old age
Lola Youtubes
Lola Youtubes 11 dagen geleden
Did Dan notice that Tarleton is evil?
Crystal Ditch
Crystal Ditch 11 dagen geleden
Love it
Gray Tiger10
Gray Tiger10 11 dagen geleden
I’m fricken tired and I’m watching this at 11:00 and I’m 10 lol so I just am so tired I just hear you talking barely lol 😂
Brandon Herrera
Brandon Herrera 11 dagen geleden
Anthony Vinciguerra
Anthony Vinciguerra 11 dagen geleden
Hi Dan im a big fan ive been watching since ive seen ur channel ur halarious
jadon Uadiale
jadon Uadiale 11 dagen geleden
Nice video
RandomPlays 11 dagen geleden
How do u record this PS gameplay?
ReadyMite Gaming
ReadyMite Gaming 12 dagen geleden
This is among us
Leonidas Grouzis
Leonidas Grouzis 12 dagen geleden
Nice i was a fan when i was 5 and now I’m 10
Donna Simpson
Donna Simpson 12 dagen geleden
Jebidiur7g hbdx uf up ahndubd r drought conditions of 5pm 5.40pm 5pm to 7pm to you all 5.45pmlast I will call 5hhdbb bbdu
Brian Flook
Brian Flook 12 dagen geleden
Dan you know this was the beta version of the Marvel Avengers game you should play the full game
Honeylet Palanca
Honeylet Palanca 12 dagen geleden
halks name is bruse is this marvel or dc bruce wayne/bat man
christina shane
christina shane 12 dagen geleden
my favorite superhero is ironman
Mr. Red
Mr. Red 13 dagen geleden
Black widow is a trained assassin, no wonder shes epic
Heath Parmenter
Heath Parmenter 14 dagen geleden
Keep going please with this
Dianne Traxler
Dianne Traxler 14 dagen geleden
He’s saying a swear word in the slowest one
FTLSantinoZ09 14 dagen geleden
are you going to play more???????????????????????????????
franizockt 14 dagen geleden
Do more plsss
Sai Laxminarayanan
Sai Laxminarayanan 15 dagen geleden
Dan turned into sweaty Dan 4:23
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 16 dagen geleden
What’s the point of playing it
Byron Grantham
Byron Grantham 16 dagen geleden
Dan u stupid boi when ur playing hulk you HOLD R2 not press once thats why theres a bar
Jaelyn 16 dagen geleden
Dan: I think the only person we haven't played as yet is Black Widow Hawkeye: *Sad noises*
-Clixcks- 16 dagen geleden
Honestly , after watching spider,an with all that drama and conflict, idk how I feel about this
Matthew Gundell
Matthew Gundell 17 dagen geleden
sean daly
sean daly 17 dagen geleden
I hope Dan plays Spider-Man:Miles Morales
Emerald the Legendary Romanian Fox
Hulks crazy!
upen rai
upen rai 17 dagen geleden
the green monster was in spiderman movie also
Bonus Room Gaming
Bonus Room Gaming 17 dagen geleden
Hey dan at about 22:26 on the video you let out a small cuss. Just want you to know.
Joseph Lyons
Joseph Lyons 17 dagen geleden
Hi dan, u my fav utuber
Yousef Adam
Yousef Adam 17 dagen geleden
The fighting reminds me of assassins creed origins fightinng
Nether_Bear 17 dagen geleden
Kristen Blackmon
Kristen Blackmon 17 dagen geleden
I beat the game
Corbyn Collins
Corbyn Collins 17 dagen geleden
Catriona Fenton
Catriona Fenton 18 dagen geleden
Play lost ember it's op
50N1C Gaming
50N1C Gaming 18 dagen geleden
Black widow is a big swearer
Sobhin Mukherjee 11d 43
Sobhin Mukherjee 11d 43 18 dagen geleden
That kamala lady is cheaper luffy
Plague Boi
Plague Boi 18 dagen geleden
Not to mention 21:35 BiG ClAps
Plague Boi
Plague Boi 18 dagen geleden
Also 13:52 BiG SmaCKs
Plague Boi
Plague Boi 18 dagen geleden
With my plague powers invested in me I give dan corona immunity
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 18 dagen geleden
I’ve heard that the game sucks.
Dreamer's Destruction
Dreamer's Destruction 18 dagen geleden
green goblin giant, communist iron giant, captain captilist, black spider, thor from norse mytholedgy
Zinaida Demina
Zinaida Demina 18 dagen geleden
Dude this is literally when you make a tweet with good intentions and then getting canceled
Doppio Crimson
Doppio Crimson 18 dagen geleden
。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Green was not An Impostor. 。 .
Geez Cutz Raven
Geez Cutz Raven 18 dagen geleden
Bro they stole iron man and the unibeam thing from fortnite! So cheap
DEATHFLAME376775 18 dagen geleden
Omg what loosers. Stealing from fortnite. They even stole Batman.
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