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6 jun. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Carmen Santos-viera
Carmen Santos-viera 26 minuten geleden
9:03 You cant see the Watermelon in the mirror
Ervin Arengo
Ervin Arengo Uur geleden
Dan forget about the letter THEN HE DELETE IT FOR ACCIDENT 🤣🤣🤣 On time plate 17:27
John Penrod
John Penrod Uur geleden
Yo i know who the guy with watermelon is ZACH KING
Jason Burns
Jason Burns 3 uur geleden
you cant breath in a baskcet ball so hes dead
Darcie Felstead
Darcie Felstead 3 uur geleden
Omg just realised that you’re pug has the same name as me and it is spelt the same. Love ya vids been here since you started!!!
JoeJoe Animates
JoeJoe Animates 4 uur geleden
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sara Jawed
Sara Jawed 4 uur geleden
7:04 the new Kirby
Tamara P
Tamara P 7 uur geleden
their is a vacsin
desmond wahab
desmond wahab 7 uur geleden
Dan:WHEN DID I DO THIS?? Me:when you had blue hair.
Dee Sellers
Dee Sellers 9 uur geleden
Ummmm.... Tiktok is being banned sorry DanTDM
Lolcus Playz
Lolcus Playz 10 uur geleden
Is anyone else just checking this video to see if its been a year yet?
Ash ald
Ash ald 11 uur geleden
The Sea Bound Dragon
The Sea Bound Dragon 11 uur geleden
Dan if you want something to think about think about why there is a trumpet store emoji 🏤
Daniel Cvetkov
Daniel Cvetkov 13 uur geleden
i know when you did the up and down thing you were reacting to the song smashing it in 6th of October 20217
Maria Facio
Maria Facio 13 uur geleden
0:46 and this is why dogs attack humans... so they dont get danced
Ninja Alloy
Ninja Alloy 13 uur geleden
Wizard 🧙‍♂️ ❇️
Electro_boy 737
Electro_boy 737 15 uur geleden
Cloud Apex
Cloud Apex 19 uur geleden
Dan’s face at 13:20
BeastGamer YT
BeastGamer YT 19 uur geleden
June 6th 2020 remember
Nathan Robles
Nathan Robles 19 uur geleden
3:35 hahahahahhah da hecc was dat
Soul Knight36
Soul Knight36 23 uur geleden
Henr _2123
Henr _2123 Dag geleden
Chris Simisker
Chris Simisker Dag geleden
These tik toks are truly magical
Meowgirex Dag geleden
I need tips how do you make a youtube video with comments because i have to chose if it is for kids or not and it is for all ages, but if i press for kids it disables comment. and the question is required!
Corey Hopper
Corey Hopper Dag geleden
Whitman Soos
Whitman Soos Dag geleden
. haha potato
Whitman Soos
Whitman Soos Dag geleden
with the watermelon one watch the mirror and you'll see something
DropLoads Dag geleden
🙅‍♂️no no square 🙅‍♂️👁👄👁
Sawyer Way
Sawyer Way Dag geleden
The guy in the pink thing was a living kirby
Jaxon Parker
Jaxon Parker Dag geleden
SuperGirl Dag geleden
Barny (or however you spell it) ruined himself
Grace Hillis
Grace Hillis Dag geleden
11:08, Dan said sheeps... someone arrest him 😂💀
Ewelina Wisniewska
Ewelina Wisniewska Dag geleden
i love pugsssssssssssssssss pug pug pugs
Crystal sky’s
Crystal sky’s Dag geleden
11:41 the drink is frozen that’s why it’s not coming out
FireAcid ultra
FireAcid ultra Dag geleden
3:27 that’s me when I get frightened so much
Sadie Ramos
Sadie Ramos Dag geleden
Dan: Darcie I’m sorry Darcie: Rly?
Erich Bruckner
Erich Bruckner Dag geleden
you should explore the world of dracotock
KJ Armstrong
KJ Armstrong Dag geleden
can we take time to appreciate that he has a child but he still makes videos, thanks Dan!
shitass Dag geleden
People: 2020 cant get any worse! 20:20 :
shitass Dag geleden
People: 2020 cant get any worse! 20:20 :
Creeper_kid101 Dag geleden
lol you said let’s go right when my mom texted me let’s go
Andy Mac
Andy Mac Dag geleden
You have the til and you have the tok
Shaylee Rivera-Ramos
Shaylee Rivera-Ramos 2 dagen geleden
You are the funyist.
Shaylee Rivera-Ramos
Shaylee Rivera-Ramos 2 dagen geleden
Dan dtm you are the coolist
C F 2 dagen geleden
Wanna see a rabbit? Ok /\_/\ ♡~♡ >💓> There a rabbit
YeeMuffin27 2 dagen geleden
YeeMuffin27 2 dagen geleden
BlacklistAngel 2 dagen geleden
sermin504 2 dagen geleden
Hey sisters
sermin504 2 dagen geleden
Nice dantdm is the best I hope you live a good life
Rose _Kiwi
Rose _Kiwi 2 dagen geleden
4:13 in ur reacting to fan music vids dan u were dancing idk lol (Get it? DANcing?)
Sara Woodhouse
Sara Woodhouse 2 dagen geleden
every one knew from when he tried the pencil/ sharpie trick
Lillie Harriman
Lillie Harriman 2 dagen geleden
Lillie Harriman
Lillie Harriman 2 dagen geleden
Alessio Vaman
Alessio Vaman 2 dagen geleden
barny got me lol
Colby Lane
Colby Lane 2 dagen geleden
i sow the same card as you dan
Zachary Arradaza
Zachary Arradaza 2 dagen geleden
mogang 2:46
Josiah Huppman
Josiah Huppman 2 dagen geleden
That’s mean
Seanna Taylorr
Seanna Taylorr 2 dagen geleden
Crazy frog🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seanna Taylorr
Seanna Taylorr 2 dagen geleden
It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olga Goodman
Olga Goodman 2 dagen geleden
Zach king ones are amazing
Sarah Page
Sarah Page 2 dagen geleden
Sarah Page
Sarah Page 2 dagen geleden
Benjamin Giller
Benjamin Giller 2 dagen geleden
I saw one of those dudes in those balls dancing to crazy frog in Sydney Australia
Dabbing Doritos
Dabbing Doritos 2 dagen geleden
Who knew we were going to see Ben Azelart today...
TheInkDemon Let's Play!
TheInkDemon Let's Play! 3 dagen geleden
Did anybody else that this is 20:20 long..? And what year is it...
Heather May
Heather May 3 dagen geleden
I wish I could buy your Murch but I live in America if I don’t have any pounds
RobloxNoZo 3 dagen geleden
The time of this video is 2020 lol
emilia martin
emilia martin 3 dagen geleden
When Dan gets his email I will be 12 and a few months old
Karina Ruemmele
Karina Ruemmele 3 dagen geleden
ZPizza rolls pizza rolls pizza rolls
Harlow Nicole creates
Harlow Nicole creates 3 dagen geleden
9:25 if you pause and look at the mirror he’s not holding anything
Wiki Rutkowska
Wiki Rutkowska 3 dagen geleden
12:03 that is a youtuber
Callum Gamer
Callum Gamer 3 dagen geleden
zeeva aazeen
zeeva aazeen 3 dagen geleden
I can make my thumb disapear
Jennifer Busch
Jennifer Busch 3 dagen geleden
Isaac Fortier
Isaac Fortier 3 dagen geleden
look at the glass at 9:21
Noel Baez
Noel Baez 3 dagen geleden
Bounce Man Is Here (FROM MEGA MAN 11)
Irim Massay
Irim Massay 3 dagen geleden
Too Precious to Forget Jessica Brown
maby Darcie hates the bath but what about Elly
Too Precious to Forget Jessica Brown
yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Ginny Weasleys log my boyfriend Harry Potter is alive
Kyle Knowles
Kyle Knowles 3 dagen geleden
expeliarmaus is a disarming spell not a fire spell
Too Precious to Forget Jessica Brown
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooo Ron Weasleys log battle of hogwarts my brother Fred is dead Harry Potters log Remus Lupin and unifadora tonks are dead and marryed
Too Precious to Forget Jessica Brown
you forgot to put your headphones on bro
Isabella Byrne
Isabella Byrne 3 dagen geleden
pause this vid at 7:51.... dan wanna see magic? there u go.
Michael Svendsen
Michael Svendsen 3 dagen geleden
You r amazing
Yolanda Guzman
Yolanda Guzman 3 dagen geleden
I don’t think 🤔 the morning Magic
Keona Patrice Tumara
Keona Patrice Tumara 4 dagen geleden
Dan saw himself in tiktoks
Evan & Devin
Evan & Devin 4 dagen geleden
Omg Dan is the mind reader no joke I was thinking 8 of spades 😱
egg cheese
egg cheese 4 dagen geleden
You’ve only really known DanTDM is you remember Peggy
Alyssa Egerer
Alyssa Egerer 4 dagen geleden
Dad am I ugly? Dad: very much
_YouTh_ 4 dagen geleden
9:48 ThE bEsT tHiNg I'Ve PrObAlY WaTcHeD!1!1!1
Ayame Huber
Ayame Huber 4 dagen geleden
Is no one going to talk about how Dan tried to eat those orbeez...? 😂
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight 4 dagen geleden
dis was streamed on my bday
unicorns forever
unicorns forever 4 dagen geleden
That cat was asked quite funny you know the cat that kept on falling over
Evoke Jqck
Evoke Jqck 4 dagen geleden
I saw the one when he whipped cheese
stu martin
stu martin 4 dagen geleden
May Lam
May Lam 4 dagen geleden
did you get this email
Scar Bowman
Scar Bowman 4 dagen geleden
I'm 12 and I wrote a futureme letter to my 18 year old self reminding myself about stuff I loved and careers I wanted to pursue
LOW CHUN YEE JAYDON Moe 5 dagen geleden
I watch Zach King before