i’ve wanted to play this game for ages.. 

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28 jul. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Juan José G.
Juan José G. 2 uur geleden
8:03 Old minecraft hurt noises
Meph 6 uur geleden
"The game that I always wanted to play is Poly bridge!" The game it says he's playin is minecraft
Fun With Ariyan
Fun With Ariyan 15 uur geleden
omg i actually got a poly bridge ad
Amy Turcan
Amy Turcan Dag geleden
Other NLblockrs: Normal Content Dan: Triangles, triangles, very expensive triangles
mark thomas
mark thomas Dag geleden
I almost fell usleep for real I’m not kidding for real
Carl May Smith
Carl May Smith Dag geleden
Harper the Pixel Master
Harper the Pixel Master 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only person that thinks this is funny 😆 18:16
Harper the Pixel Master
Harper the Pixel Master 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only person that thinks this is funny 18:17
Harper the Pixel Master
Harper the Pixel Master 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only person that thinks this is funny 8:16
Harper the Pixel Master
Harper the Pixel Master 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only person that thinks this is too funny 😂 8:17
DeePlayz - Roblox
DeePlayz - Roblox 2 dagen geleden
You wish you payed attention in physics class now aye?
Shaunda McIntyre
Shaunda McIntyre 3 dagen geleden
NO, I'm not relaxed with you yelling at me!!
Renegade _Playz
Renegade _Playz 5 dagen geleden
That was painful to watch
Hedgehog Soup
Hedgehog Soup 5 dagen geleden
Guys my toe is stuck in a mug of milk we need money to save him
Pixiesky Entertainment
Pixiesky Entertainment 5 dagen geleden
Dan:build a bridge for the people Me:no Dan:ok let people die Me: ;-;
Pixiesky Entertainment
Pixiesky Entertainment 5 dagen geleden
My message
Name exe
Name exe 6 dagen geleden
16:41, indeed you are
coolproboy 773
coolproboy 773 6 dagen geleden
dan goes to engineering school. professor: dan, what is the best material to hold up bridges? Dan: Triangles here, Triangle there, Triangles everywhere and a bit of spring
Minecraft Kid
Minecraft Kid 6 dagen geleden
Dan:I’ve been wanting to play this for a long time Also dan: can I just go to the 1st one?
GamerGirl TV1717
GamerGirl TV1717 7 dagen geleden
As much as I’d love you as my architect I just really wouldn’t
Bran da flan
Bran da flan 8 dagen geleden
Lean back me leans back my chair breaks umm
Bran da flan
Bran da flan 8 dagen geleden
Aluminati confirmed
Jordan Manyak
Jordan Manyak 8 dagen geleden
My mom: *Looking down at my phone and seeing Dan's face* Also my mom impersonating Dan's accent: "HeY gUyS, dAn HeRe fRoM tHe DiAmOnD mInEcArT." Me: 👁👄👁
• Undied •
• Undied • 9 dagen geleden
Video: Polybridge :) Description: *Minecraft*
Peggy 34
Peggy 34 9 dagen geleden
Dan : Just lean back in your chair it's not that hard! Me in my bed : ummmmm
Sundesh SinghSundeshS
Sundesh SinghSundeshS 10 dagen geleden
Plz do another vid
Daisy Dryden
Daisy Dryden 10 dagen geleden
lady: this is how you build a bridge with hydrolics! dan: lets call her karen.. yea karen
Derrik Tyson
Derrik Tyson 13 dagen geleden
Allison Brobst
Allison Brobst 13 dagen geleden
Karol bakin that’s her name
Alexandra Donohue
Alexandra Donohue 13 dagen geleden
Yeah I feel relaxed
Mary Cardinal
Mary Cardinal 16 dagen geleden
TGM you do realize springs float on water
Val Youkers
Val Youkers 17 dagen geleden
Thought it was cluster truck from the thumbnail but it looked better than clustertruck.
KeepItMerlin 20 dagen geleden
Im waiting for another 1000 years for the next contest
Zayyan M Mujahid
Zayyan M Mujahid 23 dagen geleden
Zayyan M Mujahid
Zayyan M Mujahid 23 dagen geleden
Hello how do you make. A bridge
yousef daly
yousef daly 23 dagen geleden
thanks game
Void _Gam3r
Void _Gam3r 23 dagen geleden
Dan play’s Poly Bridge 2 *Sees description* M I N E C R A F T
Blake Campbell
Blake Campbell 23 dagen geleden
I before I watched the video the title made me relax when video started I got more relaxed
Lucas Bijalba
Lucas Bijalba 24 dagen geleden
Yo NLblock themselves commented here.
Maker Master
Maker Master 24 dagen geleden
The video: Poly Bridge 2 The description: Minecraft
Kitty Gorgeous
Kitty Gorgeous 24 dagen geleden
This is how many times dan said bridge | | | \/
Bel Bel
Bel Bel 24 dagen geleden
Oh hi yt ur cool
Gareth Bowers
Gareth Bowers 25 dagen geleden
your my favrite youtuber
Syed Mahib Jafri
Syed Mahib Jafri 26 dagen geleden
you can littrely make a down ramp for the jump
DJ DOOMHEM 27 dagen geleden
7:45, for a moment I thought about 8000, then saw 80000
PokemonSword134 28 dagen geleden
Yes, Dan. I am relaxed. (i'm dying help)
RC Daisy
RC Daisy 29 dagen geleden
Dan: Big butt- me:😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover
YA- **whole dif voice** OH THE ROAD SNAPPED
shabana qadeer
shabana qadeer 29 dagen geleden
This was posted on my birthday
Fabiojazzie Jazzie
Fabiojazzie Jazzie Maand geleden
Dan the car even though it still move and touch water still loze
Herbie Marshall
Herbie Marshall Maand geleden
dantdm = illuminarty confirmed
Felix Johnson
Felix Johnson Maand geleden
i love ur vids
Ylondra Gabriel
Ylondra Gabriel Maand geleden
We are gonna call her...... KAREN
Herbert Salvador
Herbert Salvador Maand geleden
Dan has no idea what he's doing 😆
Hayley Gee
Hayley Gee Maand geleden
I just made a chanel
Dinora Hernández
Dinora Hernández Maand geleden
13:47 Of course she didn't because she's k a r e n
Declan Gerard
Declan Gerard Maand geleden
dan merch to much money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GiggorPlayz Maand geleden
2:30 We're gonna call her Karen. litteraly everyone scrolling to the comments:
Jacob Jones_77
Jacob Jones_77 Maand geleden
#8 dan your hardcore series is over a year old!
Lapis Productions
Lapis Productions Maand geleden
Bring back 7 second riddles
LoserL Maand geleden
I am dying of laughing when he felled two times lol
Lucas Shoemaker
Lucas Shoemaker Maand geleden
Ipad Drifting
Ipad Drifting Maand geleden
Spy Maand geleden
I haven't watched didn't DanTDM in 5 years but I got recommended one of this video
A l l t h e s t a r s i g n i t e
S l i g h t b e a r d A c t i v a t e
Grayson Taylor
Grayson Taylor Maand geleden
Imagine if Dan was a house flipper... Karen, the real estate agent: Alright Dan, it's been a nice flip. The house looks great. Now how does the budget look? Dan: What budget?
Ava Blaise
Ava Blaise Maand geleden
Dan:are you relaxed no?SIT BACK IN YOUR CHAIR ITS NOT THAT HARD.Me:I cant relax because my stomach hurts ;-;
Ava Blaise
Ava Blaise Maand geleden
Dan:I'm naming her....Karen.everyone:😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Alicia Morales
Alicia Morales Maand geleden
He said my name Francisco
PuppCubb Maand geleden
Dan: sit back and relax Also dan: WHy IS THISS SO H A R D iTS SUPPOSE TO BE r E l A X I N G Me: being relaxed
Raffasya Alvadhwa Saputra
Karen took the kids B)
PuppyCat Maand geleden
Dan: are you relaxed?! Me: (drowning in pillows and blankets... while still being relaxed)
RedStrone 228
RedStrone 228 Maand geleden
RedStrone 228
RedStrone 228 Maand geleden
Ben Duck
Ben Duck Maand geleden
1:39. what kind of car is that?!
Ben Duck
Ben Duck Maand geleden
Ben Duck
Ben Duck Maand geleden
0:16 Boat destroys bridge
404 Error
404 Error Maand geleden
dan r u ok? there is a dot on the top of the road so 3 connection dots at 15:54 LOOK
404 Error
404 Error Maand geleden
Kelvin Duong
Kelvin Duong Maand geleden
DAN. I CAN’T LEAN BACK IN MY CHAIR. because I’m on a toilet
Cool Fire
Cool Fire Maand geleden
Bruh put thing down to hold the bridge you just use reinforcements on bridges bruh use wood on the down areas bruh
Roxzanne Fuemana
Roxzanne Fuemana Maand geleden
I'm in bed so yeah
Surfingsalads Maand geleden
I played this 2 years ago
Ryan Jarrard
Ryan Jarrard Maand geleden
Hydraulics have always existed
Blossom Plays Roblox
Blossom Plays Roblox Maand geleden
4:16 Dan: pfff I’ve done the tutorial, get out of here tutorial! 4:26 Dan: *speechless*
Blossom Plays Roblox
Blossom Plays Roblox Maand geleden
3:45 Dan: go catch your boat The secret biggest dan fan was on the motorcycle let’s call him, Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim: oK aNyThInG fOr dAn *carrys boat and smashes on Dan’s house* Tiny Tim: oh hey Dan your welcome for the present Dan: ... am I dreaming
Blossom Plays Roblox
Blossom Plays Roblox Maand geleden
Liam Productions
Liam Productions Maand geleden
As a person that has gotten up to halfway through world 2, I hate watching Dan make bridges.
Nicole Votaw
Nicole Votaw Maand geleden
dan, you need to play, YANDERE SIMUTLATOR!!!! ITS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elyssa Austin
Elyssa Austin Maand geleden
4:27 Dan: "woh ho who!" me: that you
IX _ Nathan _ D
IX _ Nathan _ D Maand geleden
Hes so bad
Alistair Indricans
Alistair Indricans Maand geleden
Second bridge works but how on earth are cars meant to go back home
The Zach Crew
The Zach Crew Maand geleden
7:52 don't tell me what to do
UnicornMayu Maand geleden
Dan play loomian legacy there's a update
Brooklyn The Cookie
Brooklyn The Cookie Maand geleden
I’m eating some blueberry cobbler while watching
Carrie Farris
Carrie Farris Maand geleden
POOP in a statement of poop and the same as a Officer
CarlPlayz__ YT
CarlPlayz__ YT Maand geleden
No one: Literally No One: Dan: Thats it Press Play Cmon Lets Goooooo Yeah Oh NOOO XD
Rayyan Khan
Rayyan Khan Maand geleden
Yo Dan play very little nightmares. Very little nightmares is a prequel to little nightmares, also little nightmares 2 is coming out February 11,2021. Congrats on the baby
LM2020 Maand geleden
Dan: Lean back in your chair, are u feeling relaxed yet? Me that has a chair that hurts my butt and I lean back: My back.... Dan u are bad for my health.... Edit: Dan didnt hurt me too bad but it did hurt my back
Soumya Pandit
Soumya Pandit Maand geleden
1:36 moments before disaster
Cooper Lerew
Cooper Lerew Maand geleden
I literally guessed he was going to call her karen
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