I've Done SCIENCE in Minecraft! (Ultra Hardcore) 

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DanTDM continues a new Minecraft Hardcore series called Minecraft ULTRA Hardcore. This is Minecraft Modded Survival.. with ONE LIFE.
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2 apr. 2020




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Reacties 100   
Dr. Trayaurus
Dr. Trayaurus 6 dagen geleden
Why are you at the lab without me?
TheLongestFoot 7 dagen geleden
What are the mods
Nuke Gamer
Nuke Gamer 7 dagen geleden
Make your castle
Owen Chan
Owen Chan 8 dagen geleden
I love this seris
among us
among us 9 dagen geleden
I love this series
Hassman Gamer69
Hassman Gamer69 12 dagen geleden
Where is this series
Minecraft Playzz
Minecraft Playzz 13 dagen geleden
What is your mod please or what is your mod with many ore and many craftable or what is the app are you using thank dan stay safe im on android
Kono DIO Da!
Kono DIO Da! 14 dagen geleden
When you realize minecraft's modded recipe is more confusing than terraria's modpack recipe
Ayeitsnitro Wsp
Ayeitsnitro Wsp 15 dagen geleden
Dan: i got a diamobd pick Me:thAts iron
Lauren Fawley
Lauren Fawley 18 dagen geleden
Hey Dan can you Make an atomic bomb
Jaxon Rouse
Jaxon Rouse 21 dag geleden
Dan forgot about the solar cap
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez 21 dag geleden
You can’t possess something twice Dans Version: you can’t destroy something twice
Susan Tutwiler
Susan Tutwiler 21 dag geleden
Enter the void and let go of gravity
pavani katamreddy
pavani katamreddy 22 dagen geleden
Rip ultra hard core 2019-2020
Susan Tutwiler
Susan Tutwiler 21 dag geleden
pavani katamreddy ya ik
Randolph Robbins
Randolph Robbins 25 dagen geleden
He can charge his boots in it
Arwin and Josh A.
Arwin and Josh A. 26 dagen geleden
dantdm last episode he said next episode we are gonna make a solar hat now this episode i am gonna make a laser when he makes it completely for gets about the hat
Abdulhusain Reshamwala
Abdulhusain Reshamwala 27 dagen geleden
somebody pls give me link for download of modpack
Shock Rocks
Shock Rocks Maand geleden
Try RL craft
Kimmell Family
Kimmell Family Maand geleden
I will have a few more days off the weekend before the next Video
Hager Vine
Hager Vine Maand geleden
work slime boots
dinesh patel
dinesh patel Maand geleden
rebuild the castel
Vardhini Venkatesh
Vardhini Venkatesh Maand geleden
dan - ohh no i am gonna die!!! 2 seconds later yea broo this thing is soo damn cool!!
Vardhini Venkatesh
Vardhini Venkatesh 22 dagen geleden
Thanks for reply 👍🏻
Kareem Malhas
Kareem Malhas Maand geleden
Alex Kleynhans
Alex Kleynhans Maand geleden
Please can you play Terraria🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Riley Freiburger
Riley Freiburger Maand geleden
did anybody else hear the russian music at 9:54 ?
Kareem Malhas
Kareem Malhas Maand geleden
Lesa Shires
Lesa Shires Maand geleden
You got a secret achievement that you never got in the original hardcore
GDude2434 Maand geleden
DanTDM: Man, the mining dimension has no iron in it. Also DanTDM: **Waits 5 seconds and gets dozens of iron**
WingnutBTW Maand geleden
Dan why have you not been posting this
AADVIK RAI Maand geleden
Collect furnace experience
Sam Ward
Sam Ward Maand geleden
Debit does not relate to the video but there is a Minecraft special spawn egg you might we'll know about this is no modsThe Command is / give @s spawn_egg 1 51
Florses Maristela
Florses Maristela Maand geleden
hey dan could you get a relationship in mine craft pls
Jasmine Bowring
Jasmine Bowring 2 maanden geleden
the day that gold is actually valuable...
TJC 2 maanden geleden
nonce lol jk love you dan
COOLGAMER8020 2 maanden geleden
The last episode
Joshua The Gamer
Joshua The Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Dan middletin a villager has a laser
Shaaraw Darbarwar
Shaaraw Darbarwar 2 maanden geleden
“I know nobody can kill me in the mining dimension” Think noodles joined the game “let me introduce my self”
Shaaraw Darbarwar
Shaaraw Darbarwar 2 maanden geleden
Read THIS important Got’em
Babah Kadariya
Babah Kadariya 2 maanden geleden
~~~ use it to break things fast
Khalid Yousef
Khalid Yousef 2 maanden geleden
Self reminder: u can only play minecraft hardcore on computer
Khalid Yousef
Khalid Yousef 2 maanden geleden
I would wish to play hardcore minecraft but I didnt install minecraft on my computer
Khalid Yousef
Khalid Yousef 2 maanden geleden
Did u forget ur in ultra hardcore aka hardcore with over 340 mods
someone 2 maanden geleden
natalya: Im going to marry him dan to villagers: I think I forgot about the villagers natalya:😥😥😥😥 then she dispawns dan now:😥😥😥😥
Noor Gandapur
Noor Gandapur 2 maanden geleden
Add ice and fire mod please
8 A-26 Varma Vihaan Vinod
8 A-26 Varma Vihaan Vinod 2 maanden geleden
4:56 iron pickaxe=daimond pickaxe
Kristina Quilindo
Kristina Quilindo 2 maanden geleden
13:04 what i say to the spider in my room when i flush it down the toilet
Barbara Mironiuk
Barbara Mironiuk 2 maanden geleden
sobia piracha
sobia piracha 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM:here it is Places torch DanTDM:stares at torch Me:LOL XD
babar rashid
babar rashid 2 maanden geleden
you have black quartz in that machinic house in ep 3 or 4
Chelsea Pritchett
Chelsea Pritchett 2 maanden geleden
Um ys
Joshua Moodley
Joshua Moodley 2 maanden geleden
please make more
rlmauldin 2 maanden geleden
"if we die we die forever" me: hmmm yes the floor is made of floor
Sharkey 2 maanden geleden
there is a coal genarater in the house
Geek basher
Geek basher 2 maanden geleden
Pokemon music
Lolyoufoundme 2 maanden geleden
The amount of times I’ve watched Minecraft youtubers accidentally create a button is outstanding
JT Sweda
JT Sweda 2 maanden geleden
Try to do actual red ston
thegamer 52
thegamer 52 2 maanden geleden
At least 30:05 his voice cracked
thegamer 52
thegamer 52 2 maanden geleden
I ment 30:03
Xaiver 2 maanden geleden
If the pigmen catches you breaking block, ore, Items, they will start attacking, If YOU don't they don't attack.
Preston Tran
Preston Tran 2 maanden geleden
Dan: *voice cracks* Trayaurus: you need help dan
Galactoid 3 maanden geleden
Dan should flirt with the witch doctor. Maybe it will lower the trades
Ligia Soare
Ligia Soare 3 maanden geleden
20 years later: Dad, what is this white and yellow house? Me: Let me tell you a story.
Evan_the _Boi
Evan_the _Boi 3 maanden geleden
18:03 lol
Anonymous - Creations
Anonymous - Creations 3 maanden geleden
Derek Ho
Derek Ho 3 maanden geleden
The mob was called a neathermite
Derek Ho
Derek Ho 3 maanden geleden
Dan: *gets attacked by a normal Gaust (sorry me spelt this wrong)* *mines gold peacefully* Wow modded neather is scary
Gamer Bird lol
Gamer Bird lol 3 maanden geleden
if Dr Trayauruce was here he will do all the scients for u to protect the kindom
Gamer Bird lol
Gamer Bird lol 3 maanden geleden
the warriors are trash Dan the scientist and uses scients to protect the Kindom
dragon master
dragon master 3 maanden geleden
If there was only a scientist in a far away land *villager noise*
Spekerz 3 maanden geleden
i think he stopped ultra hardcore
Welcester 3 maanden geleden
Dan: digs down in hardcore Me: sighs
Calix Gaming YT
Calix Gaming YT 3 maanden geleden
Where is the episode bruhhhi wanted the episodessss
Mehcookie 3 maanden geleden
Will you ever fill up ur hole with water? ._.
Zeptixl 3 maanden geleden
Dan dont shift in sky when falling down with boots u will die to falldamage
Susan Van Eyk
Susan Van Eyk 3 maanden geleden
Dantdm play some hardcore survival Ultra I'm trying to make the lab bigger and upgrade it
Lauchlainn Casey
Lauchlainn Casey 3 maanden geleden
What is that mod pack called no seriously I want to know
Max Paton
Max Paton 3 maanden geleden
Dan: I don't think i have mined underground Me: you can only mine underground
Kaatyah Kireka
Kaatyah Kireka 3 maanden geleden
13:53 LOL
isaac labaguis
isaac labaguis 3 maanden geleden
um what is the mod used
ItsMeOwais 3 maanden geleden
When is the next episode of this coming im waiting for so long
Caden Strickland
Caden Strickland 3 maanden geleden
What version of Minecraft is Dan TDM playing can one of you tell me
xX_ETG_Clapzz_Xx 3 maanden geleden
Can anyone tell me the mod pack he is using
Ervito Dave
Ervito Dave 3 maanden geleden
Dan there is someone in the village that trades black quartz ore Pls read this
The same person
The same person 3 maanden geleden
My heart stopped when he fell in the diamond dimension
Villivnar 3 maanden geleden
dan why u abandon the ultra hardcore series, i was loving it!
Emiliano Villarreal
Emiliano Villarreal 3 maanden geleden
Dan:scary times persons from october:wow i'm to in halloween
Lz_Playz 3 maanden geleden
My little bro wants to know all the Mods used In your video because he wants to play with the same mods you have : )
Blockido's Universe
Blockido's Universe 3 maanden geleden
How did you get those mods?
Jaden Harbin
Jaden Harbin 3 maanden geleden
Weren’t you supposed to make a solar helmet he has in the last video you said in the next one you make a solar helmet...
Abigail Aubury
Abigail Aubury 3 maanden geleden
which mod is this?? i wanna play!
BloxY 4 maanden geleden
Guys,let give some appreciation about the enchant iron sword that dan found but not being damage at ALL.
Natsu1506 4 maanden geleden
Arjun Bakshi
Arjun Bakshi 4 maanden geleden
You are the best you tuber I have ever seen!
Muriel Gafsi
Muriel Gafsi 4 maanden geleden
he could use a chicken chest (crazy craft)
Eamon Costello
Eamon Costello 4 maanden geleden
Dan completely forgot about the solar helmet
MD MASUMUL KARIM 4 maanden geleden
if you mine nether gold ore the zombie pigmans get mad
Pagan Skye
Pagan Skye 4 maanden geleden
Smingle Tingle
Smingle Tingle 4 maanden geleden
“Im slimey, im jetpacky, im feeling good” -Dantdm 2020
Will Weston
Will Weston 4 maanden geleden
dan: can u get gold in the nether? nether update: am i a joke to u?
Brookie_ Cookie
Brookie_ Cookie 4 maanden geleden
Anyone else want DanTDM to do more ultra hardcore vids?
Pixel Slime
Pixel Slime 4 maanden geleden
Were did you get the mods
Sivans Ketavarapu
Sivans Ketavarapu 4 maanden geleden
Dantdm's favourite dialogue I mean I'm not complaining
AARNA PAGDIWALA 4 maanden geleden
noob plays Bloons TD 6
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