i shaved the side of my head.. 

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23 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Swan Htet Pyae Sone
Swan Htet Pyae Sone 2 dagen geleden
Fishy 10 dagen geleden
That mustache tho....
Arya Yadav
Arya Yadav 25 dagen geleden
Hello dantdm please reply Hello please
Mike & Lindsey Rinehart
Mike & Lindsey Rinehart 26 dagen geleden
OH NO dantdm my favorite NLblockr:ps I saw a video called peppa pig plays Minecraft it’s not for little kids and also checkout treyson tv
Charlene Yang
Charlene Yang Maand geleden
Lol the thumbnail
Savannah Keogh
Savannah Keogh Maand geleden
oh silly gemma she missed the top of ur head
Baxter Cool
Baxter Cool Maand geleden
I did too
B o b Z
B o b Z Maand geleden
There’s a bump what’s the hairline lol
Uhhh... dan it Thursday where the vid
Liam O'Reilly
Liam O'Reilly 2 maanden geleden
Nice hair cut 💇‍♂️
Liam O'Reilly
Liam O'Reilly 2 maanden geleden
Yes nice hair cut
Lindy Mae Jackson
Lindy Mae Jackson 2 maanden geleden
NLblock: Want to see a guy showing his fans his haircut? 1Million people: Sure! Me: HECK YEA!
F Oaks
F Oaks 2 maanden geleden
Dan,i ben watching your videos sence i was 4 years old now im 12 thanks for getting me though tuff times and i want to thank you for that,but you probably wont see this but thx
Dylan Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez 2 maanden geleden
Dan no 😢
Linden-A Gaming
Linden-A Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Cow pat
ShallowLunatic 2020
ShallowLunatic 2020 2 maanden geleden
1:48 Maybe Thats How U Died In Ur Previous Life
Berry Blitz
Berry Blitz 2 maanden geleden
It's butyful
Jack GJR
Jack GJR 2 maanden geleden
OP TV 2 maanden geleden
Dan:I shaved the side of my head 1.3 million people:Yep,That’s interesting
Jord Is Bored
Jord Is Bored 2 maanden geleden
the thumbnail.... DanTDM poggers xD
itsme _ laughy
itsme _ laughy 2 maanden geleden
Dan:I shaved my hair NLblock: :O
Nicolas Zarco
Nicolas Zarco 2 maanden geleden
Wow that’s interesting but I sure don’t care
EmberPilot 2 maanden geleden
Kianna Tuffin
Kianna Tuffin 2 maanden geleden
Hi Dan! I have watched you since 2014, when I was 4 I'm now 10-11 and I am glad I still watch you! I always watch you when I'm down too! Thanks for making me smile everyday!
owen 2 maanden geleden
me: oh fl dan is becoming a eboy me before: wow dan has a really big forehead me now: WOW HOW IS THAT FOREHEAD SO BIG
Ladonrm the roblox dude 384
Ladonrm the roblox dude 384 2 maanden geleden
Carmen Bitzer
Carmen Bitzer 2 maanden geleden
Who else has been here since Pokémobs lol
Kayden Gamer
Kayden Gamer 2 maanden geleden
This is the worst than the blue hair's gone.
Omi May
Omi May 3 maanden geleden
Dantdm you the best dude
attack - helicopter
attack - helicopter 3 maanden geleden
The tone dan used when saying “we hit 23 million subs’ just felt different from everything else he said. It just sounded way different, the tone, the way his face looked when he said it. For some reason I just notice really weird, small details that no one else really pays attention to. Sorry, I just had to say that. But still CONGRATS ON 23 MIL, DAN!
Blizzard 3 maanden geleden
You don’t look so bad
Act Sight
Act Sight 3 maanden geleden
Thank you dantdm for entertaining and making youtube videos!
panda bobo
panda bobo 3 maanden geleden
I love you your new hair cut
Nicewolf GZ
Nicewolf GZ 3 maanden geleden
Why does it actually look really good😂
Lesley Mendoza
Lesley Mendoza 3 maanden geleden
if you look at the vid he is looking at siran head
Irf44n 3 maanden geleden
He looks cooler
Sharon Hehir
Sharon Hehir 3 maanden geleden
i LOVE DanTDM so much 😉❤️
Abc 3 maanden geleden
Ben Hauzel
Ben Hauzel 3 maanden geleden
I am trying to comment in your videos from this video
Pixel Gun Nerd
Pixel Gun Nerd 3 maanden geleden
Christopher Jue
Christopher Jue 3 maanden geleden
he has a beard but it is little.
Kasieem Moye
Kasieem Moye 3 maanden geleden
Dan: "For some reason I have a bald spot right here" Jemma: *slowly backs away*
Ellis'N 'Dream
Ellis'N 'Dream 3 maanden geleden
It suits you dumb dumb
Jeremiah Savill
Jeremiah Savill 3 maanden geleden
why did he do this
Jeremiah Savill
Jeremiah Savill 3 maanden geleden
hi dan
Sid marcus Mendoza
Sid marcus Mendoza 3 maanden geleden
Hi my favorite handsome youtuber😊 can you please play aspalt
Jpstile's reacts and more
Jpstile's reacts and more 3 maanden geleden
This shouldn't be called I shaved the side of my head it should be called jemma shaved the side of my head
Mikhail Watin
Mikhail Watin 3 maanden geleden
suzyfein 3 maanden geleden
I’ve not cut my hair for years In fact yesterday my hair got mud in it
Crystal Eclipse
Crystal Eclipse 3 maanden geleden
When I saw this.... I LOVE IT!!!
ThomTom 3 maanden geleden
Dan: shaves the side of his head Me: Baldi was a bad influence
Jamie Dirlam
Jamie Dirlam 3 maanden geleden
•hiii its me aqua•
•hiii its me aqua• 3 maanden geleden
hi daniel lol 😁
Tobster 3 maanden geleden
Me: gets the most random ad NLblock: gimme de moneeeeey
Mistur Potato
Mistur Potato 3 maanden geleden
Agnes Fox
Agnes Fox 3 maanden geleden
40 years later (in that spongebob voice kinda way).... DAN HAS GROWN A GREY BEARD *GASP
Roman Broomhill
Roman Broomhill 3 maanden geleden
danTDM peeked in 2014 and 2015
kl ev
kl ev 4 maanden geleden
ARLPLAYZ 4 maanden geleden
NOicE hAiRCut dAn.... yOU ShOuLd sEe mINe
Jason Vincent
Jason Vincent 4 maanden geleden
bloxest 4 maanden geleden
Dan shaved his hair, it will grow back. Dan shaved this beard years ago, *it didn’t grow back.*
bloxest 4 maanden geleden
his beard
Bachbagger 4 maanden geleden
3:07 - 3:12 which opportunity
Bread Potato
Bread Potato 4 maanden geleden
His anniversary is the same day my nephew was born on and he’s going to be one this year
Sir Gek
Sir Gek 4 maanden geleden
Plz play anthem Dan
EggNerdGaming 4 maanden geleden
isn't this the same hair style u had back in 2017?
Lavender Love
Lavender Love 4 maanden geleden
Idk why but I love t the bald spot on his head
DeltaStudios2801 4 maanden geleden
Mommy Maya Lalap
Mommy Maya Lalap 4 maanden geleden
Andy TP
Andy TP 4 maanden geleden
Dan it's fine
Ally TDM
Ally TDM 4 maanden geleden
Uh oh. Hahahahaha.
Laila Wooddeson
Laila Wooddeson 4 maanden geleden
*was i the only person who didn’t notice the fact his shirt changed once he sat down until i read the comments*
FISHEßEAT , 4 maanden geleden
The thumbnail when your watching a add 😂
Cmpgamereviews 4 maanden geleden
dantdm pog dantdm pog
Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley 4 maanden geleden
Hey that is my haircut and my name is Daniel too 😂
Torisu 4 maanden geleden
DanTDM pogchamp
JaidenAnimationsFan 2007
JaidenAnimationsFan 2007 4 maanden geleden
A professional gave me a pixie cut with my mums permission also ima girl
Pagan Skye
Pagan Skye 4 maanden geleden
So awesome 👍👍👍
siberian husky
siberian husky 4 maanden geleden
Dan = lung necc
Randomstuff 10 1
Randomstuff 10 1 4 maanden geleden
Goddess of Knowledge
Goddess of Knowledge 4 maanden geleden
I wish we were coming out the other end in the U.S. Of course, the U.S. is opening back up, however the number of cases is still rising if you look at the statistics.
Berenice Dominguez
Berenice Dominguez 4 maanden geleden
When you were introducing your shave I heard a siren outside my house 😂😂
Maryll Plays
Maryll Plays 4 maanden geleden
Youre back hair is a perfect square
Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott 4 maanden geleden
Dan, you make the funniest and most amazing videos I have ever seen. And congrats 🎉
v1b1n 4 maanden geleden
Dan is just a wonderful person
Regan Seay
Regan Seay 4 maanden geleden
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant 4 maanden geleden
Some day dan will give his channel to his son
A Gremlin
A Gremlin 4 maanden geleden
Dan: if i didnt stream or make videos, I don’t know what I’d be doin’- probably all of this would’ve gone- Me: a female who shaved her head cause she was tired of dealing with her hair* u h- o o ps?
Tomy Sonardi
Tomy Sonardi 4 maanden geleden
Dan pog Dan pog Reply pog to pog
LittlePopplio 4 maanden geleden
meanwhile wa hasnt had quarantine
cebollin 4 maanden geleden
Wait I just realized his thumbnail
BurntChickenNuggetFeFe ._.
BurntChickenNuggetFeFe ._. 4 maanden geleden
Please get the bald part checked bc so many NLblockrs that has/had it, ended up having alipochia (aka a kind of cancer I believe) and I don't want that to happen to you 😔😔
cebollin 4 maanden geleden
He has his dad beard coming
Mxngo 4 maanden geleden
Yes dan! Sporting the BEST colour in the world, YELLLOOOWWWWWWWWWW! (Obviously you can have ur own opinion of the best colour, this is just a joke. I respect all ur opinion, I’m just obsessed with yellow XD!)
Deejay Michael Ocampo
Deejay Michael Ocampo 4 maanden geleden
Jemma:Hehe:) Dan:NO PLS:( She did a good job tho cool hair dan
Emfresh8 4 maanden geleden
Emfresh8 4 maanden geleden
Master Link
Master Link 4 maanden geleden
He copied my haircut
Emmett Saunders
Emmett Saunders 4 maanden geleden
2 more days until my birt
Emmett Saunders
Emmett Saunders 4 maanden geleden
Emmett Saunders
Emmett Saunders 4 maanden geleden
Only play fortnite
Jessica Stainton
Jessica Stainton 4 maanden geleden
Me trying to distance from my stupidity
You have surpassed 100k subs
Well it’s not has bad as PewDiePie’s haircut