I Hunted Ghosts with Corpse, Gloom and Cupquake.. 

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10 okt. 2020




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xPxxchyx Uur geleden
I didn’t realize corpse was in this I thought I was just part of the title. Let’s just say I had a heart attack when he started talking-
Ikaz Art
Ikaz Art 5 uur geleden
Harbosa 6 uur geleden
16:22 DAMN 😆
Harbosa 6 uur geleden
5:17 Corpses laugh is way too good
SPN Scorpion
SPN Scorpion 7 uur geleden
No one: No one ever in the world: Corpse laughing when she dies
Among us Nathan
Among us Nathan 7 uur geleden
Corpse corpse are out
ILLumirito _
ILLumirito _ 8 uur geleden
Tip:ghosts only talk with someone when you are alone
ILLumirito _
ILLumirito _ 7 uur geleden
But with the communication device
88 9 uur geleden
Please do another one of these videos
Fire Bomb1
Fire Bomb1 9 uur geleden
Play a game called left for dead
Tiany CERCA 11 uur geleden
i love corpres's voice omg i would die for it
Zoe Cerhit
Zoe Cerhit 12 uur geleden
if you have not already, you should play dangonronpa!
Chelsea juliet Sunny oriakhi
2hat kind of phobia is that if it is one?
Abbegale Knapp
Abbegale Knapp 12 uur geleden
Was that Lavender Town's theme playing in the background when the video started? Cuz if so, that's the perfect spooky music to put in a video! >:D
Salim Reza
Salim Reza 12 uur geleden
DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE HOW CORPSE MET SO MANY NLblockRS finally dan met corpse, corpse met so many people from among us, and one of them is the biggest youtuber and simp and that is PEWDIEPIEEEEEEEEE
Salim Reza
Salim Reza 12 uur geleden
kurapika is now drowning in an indescribable emptiness......
Crizzyless 13 uur geleden
the fact that little kids are trying to cancel dan is ridiculous. he is a GROWN MAN, yes he is kid friendly but its among us, everyone rages and its funny. so STOP trying to cancel him, he wont do it again. so PLEASE just shut up about it.
Rose Coughlan
Rose Coughlan 13 uur geleden
Corpse is so funny he just kept sticking his h3ad through doors and wqlls
Gigi marie
Gigi marie 15 uur geleden
Dan: school is actually REALLY creepy Me: I can dilefintly agree 100 % UnU
hXnoOCE BS 16 uur geleden
Funniest game to watch please make more vids of this game
Brookie Cookie
Brookie Cookie 16 uur geleden
I'm glad Corpse is getting popular
AdornedEmu5926 16 uur geleden
Any1 remember when Dan had a girlfriend yea me neither
Lostwolf 17 uur geleden
Yo gloom swore and HE ALLOWED IT IN HIS VIDEO
Jonathan Piad
Jonathan Piad 18 uur geleden
rudro chatterji
rudro chatterji 20 uur geleden
pls do another phasmophobia
M N VISHWAVIJEETH 21 uur geleden
Takashi Widjaja
Takashi Widjaja 22 uur geleden
congrats for 24million
•Accela• •Sparks•
At 5:00 why is Dan saying there’s a thing there you already know it’s a ghost xD
shade cylist
shade cylist 23 uur geleden
Tbh u get used to the horror and eventually it's annoying when ur getting chased
mysteryblock Dag geleden
whats with all the names having thompson in it
Twisted Games
Twisted Games Dag geleden
-👻 emojis in the chat-
LE20 Dag geleden
willowisgone Dag geleden
man dan must have had to do so much editing
The Epic Xenemorph5000
People together: *finding ghosts* That 1 person wanting to kill everyone: *starts repetadley saying richard thomas*
Prodromakos Dag geleden
That pokemon music at the background in the intro 😂😂😂
Griselda Martinez
Griselda Martinez Dag geleden
Kay Choe
Kay Choe Dag geleden
Dan as scv soon as he gets in the school :STEVEN MARTENIZ STEVEN MARTENIZ
Kay Choe
Kay Choe Dag geleden
I mean soon not scv
Pinxtonery Oni
Pinxtonery Oni Dag geleden
i am................. *ShOoK*
GT Lance
GT Lance Dag geleden
I should be worried. My grandma's name was Patricia Edit: Our family last name is Thompson. So that makes my dead grandma Patricia Thompson
Keilani Sumida
Keilani Sumida Dag geleden
Who's watching in 2021? XD
Tenflowerball42 Dag geleden
gacha Eerie_ash
gacha Eerie_ash Dag geleden
I'm a frog Ribbit
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer Dag geleden
Corpse voice is so deep
Shazia Asim
Shazia Asim Dag geleden
I love vidios
Peyton Kim
Peyton Kim Dag geleden
i am LIVING for this friend group
Gacha_ _Toast
Gacha_ _Toast Dag geleden
We Stan corpse husband! 😍✨🥺
JKenneth2115 The Gamer
thats my name my name is kenneth didt think that i not in the game
Olga Magdoskova
Olga Magdoskova Dag geleden
i want more of this please dan please
Sky nice-try
Sky nice-try Dag geleden
Dan, next time someone dies someone needs to take a picture of them so you get extra money from insurance!!
otherz Dag geleden
*Ghost Busters!*
Krazy Koala
Krazy Koala Dag geleden
Please play more of this game Dan! Really enjoyed this video and you guys (especially corpse) had me laughing so hard.
Krazy Koala
Krazy Koala Dag geleden
whats this game called?
Anna Lovstad
Anna Lovstad Dag geleden
I’ve seen so many of these but this is definitely my favourite one yet
ksflx Dag geleden
You are the best dan
PastelkittygirlUwU Dag geleden
It’s Vocal
It’s Vocal 2 dagen geleden
Do it in vr
gaming kitty125
gaming kitty125 2 dagen geleden
Neveah Martin
Neveah Martin 2 dagen geleden
I haven't watched the video yet but this must be the perfect team
Citrus 2 dagen geleden
😂🤣🤣 Patricia Thompson, give me a sign Patricia chop- Patricia, Johnson. Patricia Thompson loll 18:48
Elaine Yule
Elaine Yule 2 dagen geleden
As soon as I hears phobia I was scared-
frogfishie 2 dagen geleden
Well, 3 hours until I have to go to sleep. I'm scared of ghosts, and had nightmares just last night. Isn't this the *perfect* time to watch Dan play a game called Phasmophobia?
KennaKraft !
KennaKraft ! 2 dagen geleden
I think I know who corpse is, look on tick tock. Search up Fntm Or @fntmsage and tell me his voice isn't similar to his
Ladybugmom 2 dagen geleden
What do you play this on a xbox a pc or a fone
leafy 2 dagen geleden
its dark... and imma go full screen *wish me luck* D;
XxNightmare_Gacha xX
XxNightmare_Gacha xX 2 dagen geleden
Dan:There’s a bone down here CORPSE:Chicken wing chicken... 😂 😂 😆 😆
Anthony Kelly
Anthony Kelly 2 dagen geleden
Corpse is bout to become a corpse
Fort nite and more I am lonely
Wait cassy
thebigshark 2 dagen geleden
Dan try it in vr
Hero J
Hero J 2 dagen geleden
I can not be the only one that misses, HEY GUYS DAN HERE AND WELCOME TO THE Diamond MINCART
Clara Bowen
Clara Bowen 2 dagen geleden
bro the way susan walks cracks me up tho
Clara Bowen
Clara Bowen 2 dagen geleden
"*we need to take a picture of the thing that just murdered our friend*"
fawx 2 dagen geleden
dan: a emp me: its a edf reader
TVGuy 2 dagen geleden
e thank you for reading
Rick Vaughn Diaz
Rick Vaughn Diaz 2 dagen geleden
Because of Among us Dan plays with new friends now instead of always playing with justin and james
DreamADream2 2 dagen geleden
Corpse' deep voice makes this game 100 times scarier
Spooky Official
Spooky Official 2 dagen geleden
Idk why I got a duck advert before 😂😂😂😂✨🔪
Harliff Mabugat
Harliff Mabugat 2 dagen geleden
thanks phasmophobia, thanks for giving me a lifetime fear of ghosts
mikhail kintanar
mikhail kintanar 2 dagen geleden
dantdm play roblox brook haeven
Madison Vandergrift
Madison Vandergrift 2 dagen geleden
DANNNN pls make another video with this game it was hilarious😂
AMAN SHUKOOR 2 dagen geleden
Dan.oh she died hahhahahahahah
Addison Always
Addison Always 2 dagen geleden
If y’all have seen the IGotCuteAnkles then you know this is not appropriate at the end oh goodness
Feb02_Baby Jil
Feb02_Baby Jil 2 dagen geleden
valerie 2 dagen geleden
chicken wing
NekkoChan 2 dagen geleden
22:20 The Man Used an Enderpearl Dan : Woah
NotTitus 3 dagen geleden
Real life friend dies: *cries Friend dies in phasmophobia: *Laughing intensifies
David Landar
David Landar 3 dagen geleden
name is richard thomas
Sharon Daum
Sharon Daum 3 dagen geleden
Ssundey plays this you should play whith him
Brian Aesthetic
Brian Aesthetic 3 dagen geleden
I want more of this lol
Alixyah Trxllz
Alixyah Trxllz 3 dagen geleden
Im soo happy DAN HAS FRIENDS!!!!!
ChocolatePuppyLove 3 dagen geleden
Is this phasmiphobi
jordan maly
jordan maly 3 dagen geleden
Lisa has a swimming pool “LISA CAN WE BE FRIENDS”
Ren •
Ren • 3 dagen geleden
corpse sticking his head through the door pffft
ArtistMoonGirl 3 dagen geleden
This was ✨i n t e n s e✨
Somia Hinde
Somia Hinde 3 dagen geleden
DAN! PLAY THIS AGAIN PLEASE- MAKE IT A SERIES- IT'S EPIC AAAAAAH (And I'm too cowardly to play it myself so it's up to you to get me my fix of it :3)
Nax Nax
Nax Nax 3 dagen geleden
True fact: if someone had died in a bathroom and theirs a mirror there and u turn around ur reflection still looks at u 👁👄👁
Jonah Runner
Jonah Runner 3 dagen geleden
I'm a big fan
Jonah Runner
Jonah Runner 3 dagen geleden
Cambone8 3 dagen geleden
You should play with Laurenzside
mahwash khalid
mahwash khalid 3 dagen geleden
i never heard dan yell this loud
Jay Calzone
Jay Calzone 3 dagen geleden
Hey! Can you please please please play skate 3 you were my inspection to play video games and if you play this again It will be awesome. When I got skate I invited my friend over and I showed them your video then they loved your skate videos. Also please don’t take this message as a demand, it just would be a trip down memory lane. Lastly I am so so soooo sorry if it is late for you. Love vids, Jaycalzone
Rory Craft
Rory Craft 3 dagen geleden
Please make more of this game please