I Got The NEW RAREST ENCHANTED BOOK in Minecraft Hardcore! 

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DanTDM plays through Minecraft Hardcore Mode! In this gaming video, I received a super rare enchanted book in a trade!
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14 mrt. 2020




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Reacties 10 913   
Dum.B 2 uur geleden
I just realized you added music to your video, so chilling🥺🤤
Adnan Akram
Adnan Akram Dag geleden
oMg lol
cooper wilden
cooper wilden Dag geleden
1.2%by the where
cooper wilden
cooper wilden Dag geleden
cooper wilden
cooper wilden Dag geleden
I get the boots it 6 cares
rayyan kashif
rayyan kashif Dag geleden
Me :I am so unlucky because I always get soul speed 3 Dan:there is 1.2% do soul speed Me : 😱
Zarko van Niekerk
Zarko van Niekerk Dag geleden
I found this book and shoes with soulspeed 3 on them have a nice day stay safe Dan With only 14 gold
rayyan kashif
rayyan kashif Dag geleden
Me: my best friends rich check Dan: challenge check
Pineapple-Playz 2 dagen geleden
Afk fishing got me 3 of the books
panda gamer
panda gamer 2 dagen geleden
i found soul speed
Bread Games
Bread Games 2 dagen geleden
I don't waste diamonds on hoes lol
LycanRy 2 dagen geleden
I found soul speed III enchantment
ASWDfish1234 Gaming
ASWDfish1234 Gaming 2 dagen geleden
0.24 percent eh? I got souls speed III enchanted book
Anthony Chippewa
Anthony Chippewa 3 dagen geleden
When Dan named unnamed doggo, i was litterally screaming at my phone: NO!!! ITS GRIM YOU CANT JUST DO THAT!!!! Smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
Bee Vu
Bee Vu 2 dagen geleden
He's at the lab
Anthony Chippewa
Anthony Chippewa 2 dagen geleden
Bee Vu
Bee Vu 3 dagen geleden
No u
Bee Vu
Bee Vu 3 dagen geleden
Bee Vu
Bee Vu 3 dagen geleden
No u
ishrat jahan
ishrat jahan 3 dagen geleden
you need netherite boots
Jason Zimmer
Jason Zimmer 3 dagen geleden
Hi I love your channel here is a great tip in Minecraft Iron is better then gold I realized while playing lucky islands in cubecraft
dum_e43 2
dum_e43 2 3 dagen geleden
Dantdm gets gold ingots from nether gold 1 month later we get gold nuggets
Mike Oliver Montaño
Mike Oliver Montaño 3 dagen geleden
I love your video
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 4 dagen geleden
DanTDM: your not part of the now me: he has good memory
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez Dag geleden
Sorry I meant your not part of the series
Shao Huang
Shao Huang 4 dagen geleden
PEDRO H 4 dagen geleden
34:55 is just sailence lol
Munhnaran Boldbaatar
Munhnaran Boldbaatar 4 dagen geleden
Dan: gives piglin golden nugget Piglin: completely eats the nugget
Davidj321 YT
Davidj321 YT 5 dagen geleden
In minecraft i got fortune on a STONE pickaxe but i needed iron .-.
sabina caruso
sabina caruso 5 dagen geleden
Nameless Nameless
Nameless Nameless 5 dagen geleden
Holy crap i didn’t how rare it is realized i got soul speed 2
Logan Moore
Logan Moore 5 dagen geleden
Dan: awww you can’t use fortune it needs smelting Me:DAN YOUR USING SILK TOUCH
the_twisted_darkness 5 dagen geleden
I mostly get soul speed boots almost always but only once but just when i start the trading
Cuppy The Cup
Cuppy The Cup 6 dagen geleden
Dan the netherite minecart
Aleksandra Bell
Aleksandra Bell 6 dagen geleden
AYUXPLAYZ SLICK 6 dagen geleden
4:55 Yes it does
Hope the Dutchie
Hope the Dutchie 6 dagen geleden
FPS Gamer Online
FPS Gamer Online 6 dagen geleden
Haha i got soul speed boots 1 and 2 in the same minute with 12 gold
Naitik Khalasi
Naitik Khalasi 6 dagen geleden
I go soul speed 3 the book before from the pigLins it to about 1 and a quarter of a stack
Rose Marie Raymond
Rose Marie Raymond 7 dagen geleden
Did he know he passed gold ore in the nether
Linda Henderson
Linda Henderson 7 dagen geleden
Hi I love your videos
Darien Baez Pineda
Darien Baez Pineda 7 dagen geleden
Dan: spends hours to get a soul speed 2 book. Me: spends 5 minutes getting a soul speed 3 and feather falling 4 book by using an unenchanted fishing rod
Deepak Plays
Deepak Plays 6 dagen geleden
Wait i can get soul speep by fishing ??
Elan Romo-Reategui
Elan Romo-Reategui 7 dagen geleden
It's not rare it's soooooo common.
Kimmnu Singson
Kimmnu Singson 7 dagen geleden
It toke me all the trading i got 8 boots with sold speed
Uma Sharma
Uma Sharma 7 dagen geleden
U forget bout the farm of gd
Uma Sharma
Uma Sharma 7 dagen geleden
meant gold
adamizovichkyoto 7 dagen geleden
0:33 bones: ive been stuck here för days now, I cant move. Some kind of otherworldly force is holding me back.
enrique g.
enrique g. 8 dagen geleden
i love dis stupid crap
David Stan
David Stan 9 dagen geleden
ꀤ ꈤꍟꃴꍟꋪ ꓄ꃅꂦꀎꁅꃅ꓄ ꀤ ꈤꍟꍟꀸ ꓄ꂦ ꁅꂦ ꓄ꂦ ꓄ꃅꍟꍟ ꈤꍟ꓄ꃅꍟꋪꋪ ꌗꂦ ꂵꀎꉓꃅ
Jaša Bric
Jaša Bric 9 dagen geleden
I got thath soul speed 1 fast
Reagan Massey
Reagan Massey 10 dagen geleden
You should put hopers under the lottery machines so that way you don't have to keep emptying your inventory.
Rainbow_voyager 10 dagen geleden
Dan how do u get a skeleton dog?
Issa Nehme
Issa Nehme 11 dagen geleden
Dan coming in with the puns: unfortuneatly
Sisters forever together Xx
Me:*seas dog skelly*also me:grim..........
Leon Rawson
Leon Rawson 12 dagen geleden
i got a fishing rod once with luck of the sea 3 and mending
Slyredwolf 12 dagen geleden
I got it faster then he did hahahahaha
Alward real life channel
Alward real life channel 12 dagen geleden
Plot whilst: smithing table was in Minecraft since 1.13 but in 1.13 1.14 and 1.15 it had no use and in 1.16 u could use it
ma phyu
ma phyu 13 dagen geleden
dan I think you can only put soul speed 2 on netherite boots
Ilikecheese 13 dagen geleden
Dan: I need gold and soul speed WHY IS THIS SO HARD!!!! Bastions: am I a joke to you?
Rod Wortham
Rod Wortham 13 dagen geleden
Dan your the second best
CHRISTA Daniels 13 dagen geleden
I got the book and the boots
Taim Qawas
Taim Qawas 13 dagen geleden
I got soul speed book 3 three times in a row then I got a soul speed 2 iron
Capt. Sk Shahikul Islam
Capt. Sk Shahikul Islam 14 dagen geleden
Dan why your dogs are made of bones i really want to know
That one weird kid in class Always
I got the book from fishing
Cenna Unknown
Cenna Unknown 14 dagen geleden
I just got this on my recommend
Arguz Arrieta
Arguz Arrieta 14 dagen geleden
Dan: i dont believe you that if u wear golden boots in the nether u wont get attacked fans: LISTEN TO US U IT WILL WORK DUDE
itsme scarfy
itsme scarfy 15 dagen geleden
Dan r u gonna get some netherrack yet btw I'm a subscriber of pat or named as popularmmos
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 15 dagen geleden
dude he says the boots are 1% wth i get boots with soul speed everytime i trade with piglins
Some Wild guy
Some Wild guy 15 dagen geleden
I’ve already gotten the enchantment tones of times it’s not very good
E E 15 dagen geleden
I got 2 soul speed 3 One from those piglins by throwing tons of gold And I got one from a raid
zGamer Ballx
zGamer Ballx 15 dagen geleden
Me: getting tired of getting soul speed books and soul speed books all the time
Amrita Anand
Amrita Anand 16 dagen geleden
Dan: ugh it doesn’t work with fortune because it needs smelting. Me:🙅🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
ALON OLEDAN 16 dagen geleden
you only leave ones
Baden Wagoner
Baden Wagoner 16 dagen geleden
Dan. I'm sorry. I just started trading with one of those and got soul speed 3 on my 5th try
Byron Oliva
Byron Oliva 16 dagen geleden
i got soul walking boots 3 from a pigling
Grgur Švagelj
Grgur Švagelj 16 dagen geleden
i got in my survival soul speed 2 and 1
Grgur Švagelj
Grgur Švagelj 16 dagen geleden
nope u just got bad luck
Minecraft player
Minecraft player 16 dagen geleden
You can use 1 gold armor only
Lethal Gaming
Lethal Gaming 16 dagen geleden
9:46 he threw netherite ingots not bricks
Bubble and Bro
Bubble and Bro 17 dagen geleden
Yesterday I got a netherite hoe from pigeon trading
Anes Babu
Anes Babu 17 dagen geleden
So you traded With A Pigeon?
rafa wibowo
rafa wibowo 17 dagen geleden
i got two soul speed II books and a soul speed III book and that only takes half a stack for me
K Waley
K Waley 17 dagen geleden
Can’t you trade a villager for it
Darkerest 17 dagen geleden
Soul speed is rare wait what im a noob at minecraft but i got soul speed 1 book and boots thinking they were easy to get
Sarthak Kamble
Sarthak Kamble 17 dagen geleden
U made this on my birthday that was happy caz I was watching this on it
finlay buckler
finlay buckler 17 dagen geleden
good job dan
AGuyNamedKurtis 17 dagen geleden
Dan: I wish there was a way to get cobblestone here Black stone: allow us to introduce ourselves
Y Vlog
Y Vlog 17 dagen geleden
When are you going to make a tree farm
Marshallek przez dwa l
Marshallek przez dwa l 17 dagen geleden
Maria ParedesMarquez
Maria ParedesMarquez 18 dagen geleden
Dan:does the nether sound difrent me: *does not hear a thing*
HyperionGamer 18 dagen geleden
It does not need smelting in Minecraft bedrock but it only gives you nuggets.
GoldenGamerGhost 18 dagen geleden
Flexflame !
Flexflame ! 18 dagen geleden
Dan:the hoglins do so much damage Me: *laughs in warden*
IceCreamSundaeGaming 19 dagen geleden
“Bones! How ya doin’, friend!” Grim’s Spirit: *Am I a joke to you?*
Abdullah Nagenahalli
Abdullah Nagenahalli 10 dagen geleden
Me too T_T
FATHOM CARLSON 13 dagen geleden
seedia noor
seedia noor 14 dagen geleden
I am mad that dan replaced Grim
Violeta Mihalea
Violeta Mihalea 19 dagen geleden
i got 3 in a day
tm lod
tm lod 19 dagen geleden
M f
Samomari 19 dagen geleden
17:34 *enderman in the nether?* edit: also 19:37 lol
Kisaca-Pisaca 20 dagen geleden
you dont need fullgold armour
Lauren Flamme
Lauren Flamme 20 dagen geleden
The best?
Lauren Flamme
Lauren Flamme 20 dagen geleden
Thank you for teaching me how to craft a shulker box
Nicholas Mykytiuk
Nicholas Mykytiuk 20 dagen geleden
I got the enchantment soul speed three book 10th try lol
ScarePizza -Brandon
ScarePizza -Brandon 20 dagen geleden
The smithing table was added in the village and pillage update Dan is a dingus
Anes Babu
Anes Babu 16 dagen geleden
@ScarePizza -Brandon You Should've Included That in The Comment
ScarePizza -Brandon
ScarePizza -Brandon 16 dagen geleden
Yea ok but all I am saying is that it was added in the village and pillage update I don’t care if it was only useful in the nether update
Anes Babu
Anes Babu 17 dagen geleden
But it's useful in the nether update. So technically........... *YOU* are the dingus
Monsoon Ghuman
Monsoon Ghuman 20 dagen geleden
Melinda Newby
Melinda Newby 21 dag geleden
Kyle Latchmiah
Kyle Latchmiah 21 dag geleden
its not that rare i keep on geting it
MEOF Gaming
MEOF Gaming 21 dag geleden
Zexivi A
Zexivi A 22 dagen geleden
Jade Pierson
Jade Pierson 22 dagen geleden
You can’t put it on diamond boots