I Got a DIAMOND SWORD in Minecraft Dungeons! *NEW GAME* 

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DanTDM plays Minecraft Dungeons, the brand new Minecraft Game!
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26 mrt. 2020




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Nightshade /Gabe
Nightshade /Gabe 22 uur geleden
Dan you play it wrong k
Ary Morais
Ary Morais Dag geleden
7:17 that face man
JJ’s Minecraft Imagination Station
Are you playing on Xbox leave a thumbs up if you are and I thumbs down a few art
JJ’s Minecraft Imagination Station
Dan TDM if you see this I’m playing on Xbox and switch
Wayne Bateman
Wayne Bateman 3 dagen geleden
it true
Wayne Bateman
Wayne Bateman 3 dagen geleden
he bad i better
Tobias Beruk
Tobias Beruk 3 dagen geleden
IcE DORITO BOIII 4 dagen geleden
My power level in this game is 76 lol
kubababel 5 dagen geleden
I love this game!
RippedHalfing Ripped
RippedHalfing Ripped 5 dagen geleden
Much more cool than minecraft
InsetVolcano 9 dagen geleden
Them : Just Started Me : Sitting With 113 Power And 30 Uniques Me Again : Why?
Earth Minecraftion
Earth Minecraftion 8 dagen geleden
Lv 48 pwr 50
rat maa
rat maa 10 dagen geleden
Dan play me on minecraft Dungeons now ok???????????????????
LòrdLÖL 11 dagen geleden
i hope this game is free.
PlayerPro PvP
PlayerPro PvP 11 dagen geleden
Is anybody in here play minecraft dungeons? If yes tell IGN i will add my minecraft name is Player304157379
BrentyBread Drawz
BrentyBread Drawz 14 dagen geleden
12:01 what u guys wanted to mostly see
Dylan Dansingani
Dylan Dansingani 15 dagen geleden
my brother and me my dad and my other brother were playin t=dis and my brother gota diamond sword
Vito Yip
Vito Yip 15 dagen geleden
Hey dan I'm not kidding but I have 3 Dimond swords
Arka Platinum
Arka Platinum 15 dagen geleden
I wish there were a minecraft dungeons 2!
Joe Kupchin
Joe Kupchin 18 dagen geleden
you guys know NOTHING about this game cuz I have ben playing for a while now
ALEXANDER HANSEN 19 dagen geleden
Dan: "I can do 33 damage with this" James and Justin: wooow Me: With dynamo 300 I did 260,000 damage
Secret Investigator
Secret Investigator 21 dag geleden
Bro I gotten 4 Diamond swords and some of them even got good amount of damage
Secret Investigator
Secret Investigator 21 dag geleden
Yep True story
Secret Investigator
Secret Investigator 21 dag geleden
I gotten 2 in apocalypse and 1 in default, and 1 in adventure
Robin648 21 dag geleden
Congratulations EBoy! You won the DIAMOND SWORD!!!
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 22 dagen geleden
I would love to help me and my friend are OP I am level 88
Emalie Badger
Emalie Badger 23 dagen geleden
i love it i play it
932 Unclefai
932 Unclefai 23 dagen geleden
I did all the missions solo
sajid alam
sajid alam 24 dagen geleden
I have a diamond 💎 pickaxe
sanja topcagic
sanja topcagic 24 dagen geleden
Who is watching this in 2020 I am
Ikedavis Franklin
Ikedavis Franklin 24 dagen geleden
ooo see see ooo seee ooo seeee ooo seeee ooooo seeeeee
Dawn 26 dagen geleden
Ain't it just a worse trove
dziobak xd
dziobak xd 26 dagen geleden
And I have gravity hammer
Ulitmategamer 179
Ulitmategamer 179 Maand geleden
U have to do more or I’ll steal ur cookies Ps. I’m better than u
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
Mate this was 5 months ago
Lex Wyeth Tamayo
Lex Wyeth Tamayo Maand geleden
dan what are you yusing laptop orps4
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
He's using gaming pc with Xbox controller
Rok Gojčič
Rok Gojčič Maand geleden
Diamond sword is not that special...
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
Back then it was
Ayyan Kasi
Ayyan Kasi Maand geleden
he spent an entire vid to get the diamond sword and i already have 2 of them ps also beat the evoker twice!
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
Yea mate I completed the game 19 times already on apocalypse and this video was 5 months ago
Alujis Maand geleden
5:59 thor
superminer1206 Maand geleden
Save the villager kill the sheep *facepalm*
JayPlayz Maand geleden
DanTDM discord?
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
He does not have discord
Chao Vang
Chao Vang Maand geleden
is this Minecraft?👁️👄👁️
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
It's Minecraft dungeons
DF Fan
DF Fan Maand geleden
Dan: Gets a diamond sword Me: You have much to learn
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
This was 5 months ago, and back then it was the best in the game
Masonisbot Maand geleden
Now that it’s been out for a long time me and my friend just run thru that with our ability’s 😂
My mother is not buying mc dungeons for me 😭
Fanning Disease
Fanning Disease Maand geleden
bruh I already beat the secret level and I’m lvl 100
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
This was 5 months ago and I'm lvl235
Matthew Lynch
Matthew Lynch Maand geleden
dan u look good with a hat bro
CrewCumber Maand geleden
Nub I have already beat the game
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
This was 5 months ago and lmao I've beaten the game 19 times already
ExîledJâzzÿ 331
ExîledJâzzÿ 331 Maand geleden
There’s also a diamond Pickaxe
pistol k and friends
pistol k and friends Maand geleden
Microsoft: i make windows Mojang: i make blocks Microsoft: do you wanna make glass blocks Mojang: yeeeesss
S F Maand geleden
Dan, you're cute
Inependable Doom
Inependable Doom Maand geleden
Play more pls 🥺🥺
Rafael Colon
Rafael Colon Maand geleden
will somebody play with me in mine craft dungeons my gamer tag in KingBoris99
Rafael Colon
Rafael Colon 20 dagen geleden
@Ro- cotterill switch
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
On what platform?
john gilbert
john gilbert Maand geleden
I have Minecraft dungeons but how the hell are you supposed to get a Minecraft sword diamond sword dreams that raps
Bjp Maand geleden
I have the diamond sword to but its level 17 and i absolutely love this vid and the game
Susan Slack
Susan Slack Maand geleden
Dan I’m a pro at minecraft dungeons
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
No one cares
Sawyer Baldwin
Sawyer Baldwin Maand geleden
you look tired
dominic bassis
dominic bassis Maand geleden
Dan got a diamond sword that’s so rare it took me so long to get he got good luck
Brittany Secore
Brittany Secore Maand geleden
I love this game
RespawnPlayz Maand geleden
I only have the gold thing on Xbox not game pass so I can’t play
Shishir Jaiswal
Shishir Jaiswal Maand geleden
Too bad you have too beat the level before unlocking
Shishir Jaiswal
Shishir Jaiswal Maand geleden
You found a secret mission
Midus Galindo
Midus Galindo Maand geleden
the redstone monstrosity is SO HARD I ONLY GOT A PURPLE SINGLE SICKLE THAT DOES ONLY 70 TO 85 DAMAGE THATS TRASH but the redstone golems are just annoying they smack the hell out of you
Conner Family
Conner Family Maand geleden
I got that to!
WoomyMan9000 Maand geleden
dusty hunt
dusty hunt Maand geleden
clean vines
xbattousai88 2 maanden geleden
This is cool this is cool so cool
cosmicシ 2 maanden geleden
Dan play it again I loved this video
EthanPlayzGamez 2 maanden geleden
Who’s here when they’re bored and watching sort of old vids
AllsopChris 2 maanden geleden
In Minecraft dungeons I am level 75
Ro- cotterill
Ro- cotterill 27 dagen geleden
And I'm lvl 235
Matty Simpson
Matty Simpson 2 maanden geleden
Dam that game is good
The Environmentalists Of Earth
I’m a mage in me and my brother’s dungeons, we were on one of the last levels AND I WALKED ON AIR!!! It was cool
David the velociraptor
David the velociraptor 2 maanden geleden
I play MINECRAFT dungeons all the time its so fun😀:) and I also got lots of unique items I'm so strong I also play with my big brother and I am at 143 level
Hugh Westbrook
Hugh Westbrook 2 maanden geleden
Dude I’m pretty sure mojang made this
Marcus Contreras
Marcus Contreras 2 maanden geleden
Bet u can’t beat me
Marcus Contreras
Marcus Contreras 2 maanden geleden
I lvl 76
Lincoln Playz
Lincoln Playz 2 maanden geleden
Wouldn’t it be cool if Toby Fox and Mojang worked together to create a crossover with Mincraft and Undertale/Deltarune?
Francois v Aardt
Francois v Aardt 2 maanden geleden
I prefer normal minecraft
Skully 2 maanden geleden
How does Dan get so much good stuff in one episode lol
Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon 2 maanden geleden
Yes yes dan has Xbox acc I hope he will be my fren:)
James IsDoomed
James IsDoomed 2 maanden geleden
When dantdm is happy when his sword does 30 damage Me when my sad that my sword does 12567 damage 😂
Ridwan Hossain
Ridwan Hossain 2 maanden geleden
Play Dungeon quest in Roblox plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Xx vicious kitsune xX
Xx vicious kitsune xX 2 maanden geleden
Hero1on2 2 maanden geleden
The tnt it's not very friendly on fire
your boi Lozoya
your boi Lozoya 2 maanden geleden
I'm going to have this game when its Christmas
Beshoy Azab
Beshoy Azab 2 maanden geleden
Dan I promise a sword with chains and thundering is the best trust me I have a great sickle with thundering and chains
Fishy Gaming
Fishy Gaming 2 maanden geleden
I have nearly won the game
john binez
john binez 2 maanden geleden
arffresq 2 maanden geleden
Dan you have minecraft dungeons skin wow😃😃😃😃
Tessa Hill
Tessa Hill 2 maanden geleden
Sheila Kelly
Sheila Kelly 2 maanden geleden
I am good at Minecraft dungeons!
sun_bat 2 maanden geleden
The claymore is the better sword
Definitely not a Lemon
Definitely not a Lemon 2 maanden geleden
K S 2 maanden geleden
Dungeon Hunger
Who Got joshed now?
Who Got joshed now? 2 maanden geleden
I’m watching this cuz rn I’m downloading it
PikaPikamuddafudger 2 maanden geleden
can someone ples play mc dungeons with me im so god damb lonely D:
Jerbear Ramos
Jerbear Ramos 2 maanden geleden
Can you add me plz my friend are never online
Roxy 21
Roxy 21 2 maanden geleden
Make a song u have more subs than ksi,makes sense
Janette Preston
Janette Preston 2 maanden geleden
Yeeeeees mooooore
Dovid Kahn
Dovid Kahn 2 maanden geleden
10:48 almost dead... And... 10:49 dead...
not a milf hunter
not a milf hunter 2 maanden geleden
Nomentp 2 maanden geleden
Dan , James and justin : woah look at that enchanted creeper. KILL IT
2004匚乇フ卂ㄚ 2 maanden geleden
Try and tame a llama
Mr jake legendary
Mr jake legendary 2 maanden geleden
I need only mb is 3.32 to 3.38
Mr jake legendary
Mr jake legendary 2 maanden geleden
I will get later omg i cant wait
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