i found this roblox game on tik tok.. 

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Roblox Breaking Point :


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14 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Gamer Nate YT
Gamer Nate YT 4 uur geleden
Just imagine if someone started chair flying in front of dan.
Jeronimo Cardenas Ibarra
Dan you should play arsenal
Gamer Bird lol
Gamer Bird lol 8 uur geleden
*Me: Comments Some Random Guy: Hippoty Hoppity your comment is now my property
ILoveAllah 11 uur geleden
16:44 is funny and weird and gross at the same time 19:37 really? Arabic music?
Zuza zuza
Zuza zuza 12 uur geleden
can you play royal high in roblox plz daniel
Ella VanderArk
Ella VanderArk 12 uur geleden
we need the ten duel commandments your friends need to meet face to face and negotiate peace
slixdx Dag geleden
how he just roasted JoJo
??? Dag geleden
play breaking point game mode its the best mode on the game
ttv_exo_clipz 2 dagen geleden
Btw go to gamemode breaking point for the better one
Princess GachaTuber
Princess GachaTuber 2 dagen geleden
0:38 it is called breaking point its a fun game
Kayla M
Kayla M 3 dagen geleden
Have you heard of beat up simalator
A-epic-kid09 3 dagen geleden
Don't mess with her dan just got hit by a 180 flick
Adam Lapierre
Adam Lapierre 3 dagen geleden
So that was from a different video and I want to play it so don't TDM what is that called
Azrael the gamer
Azrael the gamer 3 dagen geleden
Brown mustache is back
Carla Luke
Carla Luke 4 dagen geleden
just for the lol,do royale high pls
Emmanuel Mehari
Emmanuel Mehari 5 dagen geleden
breaking piont
Kristupas St
Kristupas St 5 dagen geleden
l played this
M Jayden Agustin
M Jayden Agustin 5 dagen geleden
YES now you know roblox now
Infa Red
Infa Red 6 dagen geleden
DanTDM:Joins game has no idea how to play Me:Learns how to play within 5 mins of me playing it
BD57SH 6 dagen geleden
Im the knight that die at the same time you died LOL I wasn’t that good but so glad I played with you
BD57SH 6 dagen geleden
Im in that video omg
liam kelly
liam kelly 6 dagen geleden
i was yelling BREAKING POINT when he saw game modes
Sohail Hayder
Sohail Hayder 6 dagen geleden
plz plz play roblox booga booga its really fun!
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez 6 dagen geleden
Only ogs remember when dan broke his hand....
Pan Pan Gaming
Pan Pan Gaming 6 dagen geleden
The meme is from flamingo the youtuber
Pan Pan Gaming
Pan Pan Gaming 6 dagen geleden
Hi Dan, I am new to your channel and so far I love it!
Uriah Caito
Uriah Caito 7 dagen geleden
I love this game
Zoe Smith
Zoe Smith 7 dagen geleden
r u Australian?
Oh no he found out the 💞 T R O L L S 💞
s a r a h c u n h a
s a r a h c u n h a 8 dagen geleden
The JIF was true that he was never be good again at Minecraft... He lost us on quitting that. *HE BETRAYED DR TRAYAURUS!!!!!*
RobloxianPanda101 8 dagen geleden
This is the weirdest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played Adopt Me. How accurate.
Omor Jens
Omor Jens 8 dagen geleden
Bulmero Sagrero
Bulmero Sagrero 9 dagen geleden
19:35 lol dans face
GoldenComet 9 dagen geleden
Dan's hair is actually pretty
Max Lim
Max Lim 10 dagen geleden
Good job
ToPPuV MoRNinG 10 dagen geleden
when he brought out that naruto music tho xD
YouTube_XDGamer 11 dagen geleden
Haiyahhh tik tok coo coo clock
eliasgamer 2000
eliasgamer 2000 12 dagen geleden
ohhhh naruto sound track
Shivank Dasgupta
Shivank Dasgupta 12 dagen geleden
the game in the beggining is called breaking point
mon Toom
mon Toom 12 dagen geleden
Bro I love your channal
Florida Renal Association
Florida Renal Association 12 dagen geleden
Dan:WhAt iS ThAt!? Me:have you played Roblox :|
Jam Madar
Jam Madar 12 dagen geleden
Plz play amung us
Desiree Soliz
Desiree Soliz 12 dagen geleden
6:15 Idk if that was a fake but did y’all see goldity? Lol
Marcus H
Marcus H 13 dagen geleden
Shimu Playz
Shimu Playz 13 dagen geleden
Dan da best love from India bro
Moked 14 dagen geleden
Dan why didn’t u report that bacon
małgorzata dudek
małgorzata dudek 14 dagen geleden
thers some mingames but kilable minigames
małgorzata dudek
małgorzata dudek 14 dagen geleden
dan that game is caled breaking point.
Nikifun26 Meln
Nikifun26 Meln 15 dagen geleden
I really love breaking point cuz I play it every day.
Matthew Toledo
Matthew Toledo 15 dagen geleden
the most toxic bacon hair i've ever seen
Divergence 15 dagen geleden
Yo whoever is playing this roblox game an is insulting people are savages and murderers
Divergence 15 dagen geleden
I got bullied once in roblox, I was playing McDonald's factory thing then someone insulted me and I left the game because yea I wanted to end the experience
Chrypthus Sanity
Chrypthus Sanity 15 dagen geleden
Thicc tac
Anthony Woolhead
Anthony Woolhead 16 dagen geleden
(˵ ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉˵)ᓄ✂
Anthony Woolhead
Anthony Woolhead 16 dagen geleden
A Old Brickbattle
A Old Brickbattle 16 dagen geleden
Taryn Lane
Taryn Lane 16 dagen geleden
omg the naruto backround lol
Jayden Finley
Jayden Finley 17 dagen geleden
@DanTDM you have to do casual for the among us type mode
Stephanie Guevara
Stephanie Guevara 18 dagen geleden
OwlytheBird 75
OwlytheBird 75 18 dagen geleden
The tic tac man is giving me a nightmare
Galaxy_ XY
Galaxy_ XY 18 dagen geleden
This is not murder mystery its just dont die just kill
Aztec God
Aztec God 19 dagen geleden
Anime hair..... He should change his name to Ash or something more 'anime'.
Name 19 dagen geleden
pause at 00:00 and the face is just cursed
PBCMB Milkshake
PBCMB Milkshake 20 dagen geleden
Dan you should play Survive And Kill The Killers In Area 51!!! (Ik it’s a long name but it’s a really fun game)
Yaboi BEANS 20 dagen geleden
I’m sad bc I lost my Roblox account with 1000 dollars worth 🤞I hope I can get it back 😰
electro gaming
electro gaming 20 dagen geleden
This is my favourite roblox game
keyaan ahmed
keyaan ahmed 21 dag geleden
im actaul sweating
XxmilkeychuxX 21 dag geleden
pls play over look bay on roblox
Dan the pro Gamer
Dan the pro Gamer 21 dag geleden
Hey dan can I be your friend on roblox my user is dangamergarc, I think we have the same name in real life
Bilal Rana
Bilal Rana 22 dagen geleden
dan aint getting no more new subs m8
Freddy.I.S 22 dagen geleden
15:06 what music is that?
Milky_gachas 22 dagen geleden
Dan accedentaly made a pun in this vid "gun-na have to kill you" I died laughing
Aurelio Third Cameros
Aurelio Third Cameros 22 dagen geleden
ㅁㅜㅑㅡㄷ anime? 0:13
I hate tik ok and I’m serious --I love your vids
Oofing Toodling
Oofing Toodling 23 dagen geleden
0:14 i did not know that dan can write in japanese... (btw that text says kawaii!)
abc 24 dagen geleden
seeing dan in 1st person mode is irritating
asheber8 25 dagen geleden
U should try the game dragons life it’s a role play game I ❤️ it
MATT HACKER GAMER X 25 dagen geleden
He he he He he heeeeeeeeee
RTF Zyft ✓
RTF Zyft ✓ 26 dagen geleden
DanTDM X Albert?!?!?
Teagan Swan
Teagan Swan 26 dagen geleden
Dan people know your roblox character(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Teagan Swan
Teagan Swan 26 dagen geleden
And your user name
Renante Quiming
Renante Quiming 27 dagen geleden
Play with flamingo maybe flamingo scream loud again
Linda Albert
Linda Albert 27 dagen geleden
OK Dan I want you play adopt me
hyletz 28 dagen geleden
David ofcours
David ofcours 29 dagen geleden
Rocknrolldude892 29 dagen geleden
oh Dan..... still learning
Mike Walters
Mike Walters Maand geleden
You had 6 kills
MirAmir Yuldashev
MirAmir Yuldashev Maand geleden
Because I see the gun ok
MirAmir Yuldashev
MirAmir Yuldashev Maand geleden
I know because I see it
Evans Seeds
Evans Seeds Maand geleden
I literally had to search up obscenities XD
MirAmir Yuldashev
MirAmir Yuldashev Maand geleden
good job dan
Royal Sapphire
Royal Sapphire Maand geleden say nobody can recognize you but you literally have a name tag in every roblox game, the people recognize you because you have a name tag above your head
YeeT_RED247 Maand geleden
i think the people that called dan fake will watch this and say i change my mind
Kyoshi Htun
Kyoshi Htun Maand geleden
I feel really bad for the two dudes that literally didn't think that dan was...dan..(ok that sounds weird) , they'd be embarrassed for life- but- honestly..I really don't👁️👄👁️
Lux Claps
Lux Claps Maand geleden
it makes sense when u play it more ;)
AlphaWolfRd Maand geleden
I lOve this game ! Been playing it for a long imte!
Lola Marlow
Lola Marlow Maand geleden
Me seeing the thumbnail when I’m in the house alone :0
ITz_RN Maand geleden
u have to try to survive until u kill all of them then u won
Joshua Corpuz
Joshua Corpuz Maand geleden
dantdm went sage mode
DubsNT Maand geleden
kate ramos
kate ramos Maand geleden
Did you hear the oof Oof Oof Oof Oof Oof And I oof 👁👄👁