i found this game through memes.. 

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21 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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KeepItMerlin Dag geleden
Sirenhead : Sailboat, Sailboat, SAILBOAT
Edvards Veide
Edvards Veide Dag geleden
ahh roblox have one game siren head who is better than this who you played :(
Al Beto
Al Beto 2 dagen geleden
Hey dan! I have a cool game on roblox.. can you play it? It's a cool horror game on roblox. Its called: THE RAKE
pxison fluffý weirdos
pxison fluffý weirdos 3 dagen geleden
I've played this theres long horse cartoon cat bridge worm scp computer head to
Anthony Arbizo
Anthony Arbizo 3 dagen geleden
play caroon cat
Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson 4 dagen geleden
Does anybody remember the old dantdm where he called blood jam 😣
CJ Santiago
CJ Santiago 4 dagen geleden
The black tall thing was cartoon cat
CJ Santiago
CJ Santiago 4 dagen geleden
The white worm thing was bridge worm
CoolGuyMikey3000 6 dagen geleden
dan play emily wants to play its a mobile game
jasper’s cove
jasper’s cove 6 dagen geleden
imagine being in the woods during the weekend and behind you your hear... “THE FITNESS GRAM PASSER TEST....”
Mandie Smith
Mandie Smith 7 dagen geleden
Siren head isn’t real
wolfymaster Cox
wolfymaster Cox 9 dagen geleden
Hi dantdm
Jennifer Fu
Jennifer Fu 10 dagen geleden
Play piggy
Sara Stahl
Sara Stahl 10 dagen geleden
Dan:why don't you play some tunes? Sirenhead:~despacito Dan:NO-
super punch kid Zahid
super punch kid Zahid 11 dagen geleden
I love siren head
super punch kid Zahid
super punch kid Zahid 11 dagen geleden
I know all about the siren head
Jamal 1234
Jamal 1234 12 dagen geleden
Make more siren head videos
Leschmar Maradei
Leschmar Maradei 12 dagen geleden
Dan: where's Siren head? Bridge worm: no sirens here just worms come here! 10 mins later Dan: run! Cartoon cat: are you sure about that? 1 min later Dan: *shoots long horse* Long horse: what gives? Milkwalker: your whole milk carton
Alus G
Alus G 13 dagen geleden
Dan: *runs away from siren head * Siren head who wanted him as a pet : wee wo weee wooo wee woo
Steven Cortie
Steven Cortie 13 dagen geleden
if I had to think of the oldest human being that plays roblox it would probably be Dan
Chan 14 dagen geleden
Memes bring you to weird places
Lex the bomb
Lex the bomb 15 dagen geleden
Who plays PS1
rifqah fadilah
rifqah fadilah 15 dagen geleden
siren head sound:neeeee...... neeeeee..... neeeeee.... neeeeeeee....
CyborgWolf 15 dagen geleden
DanTDM the cat in the roblox game you saw was the cartoon cat is creepy i can eat you alive and have long arms
Olivia Reiland
Olivia Reiland 16 dagen geleden
you should go to Jesse Vee’s channel and watch her siren head video
Sundar Matu
Sundar Matu 16 dagen geleden
Everybody gangsta until siren head starts walking
Adelaide Rampage
Adelaide Rampage 16 dagen geleden
Dantdm when the Egyptians were around they made pictures of SIREN HEAD of them having bows and shooting siren head and they drew the sound coming from his sirens so siren head is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very old
seal bros
seal bros 17 dagen geleden
Who is siren head
Cameron Macintosh
Cameron Macintosh 17 dagen geleden
cartoon cat siren head long horse
Cameron Macintosh
Cameron Macintosh 17 dagen geleden
all the creaturs are made by the person who made siren head
Foxy 246
Foxy 246 17 dagen geleden
What was that grub thing on the road????
Foxy 246
Foxy 246 17 dagen geleden
Rainy. rxses
Rainy. rxses 19 dagen geleden
Hey uh dan I recommended a game… on roblox it’s called cult of the cryprits it’s horror sooo
Dray Lee Noman
Dray Lee Noman 19 dagen geleden
Rhys Capper
Rhys Capper 19 dagen geleden
Everyone gangsta till the 40ft radiation tower starts walking.
Ollie 19 dagen geleden
that cat is cartooon cat from a horror game dan.
Eshal Wasim
Eshal Wasim 20 dagen geleden
"This is a great time to be alive" Me: Take a look at 2020
Fyren Flames
Fyren Flames 20 dagen geleden
he mimics his victims screams 4:34
Andrea Carreon
Andrea Carreon 20 dagen geleden
Lily Trinidad
Lily Trinidad 20 dagen geleden
It's not through memes. It's probably scary.
Oliver GOODSON 22 dagen geleden
hay Dan u got to play cartoon cat
xXBlair Zero̸xX
xXBlair Zero̸xX 22 dagen geleden
I played this siren head game when I went to my friends house and we were downstairs, all alone, it was raining outside, we were in the part of the house where you can see outside and they lived near the woods so ya my brother got scared and uhm that's all lol
Ashley Mathon
Ashley Mathon 24 dagen geleden
9:43 Dan: "and now I'm in the... the unknown" Me: "INTO THE UNKNOWNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jackson Weekes
Jackson Weekes 24 dagen geleden
Dan the weird cat thing is cartoon cat search it up to learn more about him
Jackson Weekes
Jackson Weekes 24 dagen geleden
I have played siren head rebirth it is so fun
Blew Berd2
Blew Berd2 24 dagen geleden
“Everyone be gangster when sirens start walking” what you trying to say DanTDM?
kk wiliams
kk wiliams 25 dagen geleden
He has a weird head 💀
Mi Puc
Mi Puc 25 dagen geleden
The person said cartoon because cartoon cat or dog was coming to kill people
boybabygirl1928 25 dagen geleden
Dan: It has loads of creepypastas in it Me: ITS NOT CREEPYPASTAS!!!!
Zulhadeef Zulhisham
Zulhadeef Zulhisham 27 dagen geleden
Dan:what happens if he gets you? Me:you die...
Mallory Taylor! Fav Youtuber Rebecca Zamolo!
I am watching this I literally 1:oo am Bc I Could not go to sleep 🛌 no I’m not really ever going to go to sleep Lol Lol Lol
DonutLover Gaming
DonutLover Gaming 27 dagen geleden
Dan play cult of the cryptids
pokemon gamingz
pokemon gamingz 27 dagen geleden
wait this is the game of trevor henderson
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn 28 dagen geleden
The white thing is the bridge worm
Freya Llewellyn
Freya Llewellyn 28 dagen geleden
PLAY: SCP:siren head
Zabidah Ismail
Zabidah Ismail 29 dagen geleden
Sirenhead: *plays naruto theme song* Me: 🤨? *sees Sirenhead naruto running towards me* Me: OH MY GOD-
Mobile Rockstarr!! DVK
Dylan Fairbairn
Dylan Fairbairn Maand geleden
Mr load sieran head does not have class
ManyAshes Maand geleden
Scary.... Siren Head: *plays megalovania* Me: *Welp time to get my butt outta here..*
Rainbow MysticGlow
Rainbow MysticGlow Maand geleden
Siren…Head? Why is that the cover?
Bharat Vaidya
Bharat Vaidya Maand geleden
Me: (sees Siren head ) ahhhh Siren head : (plays my favourite song) Me : hey your not bad👍
Just Another Little Autumn
Random question... y'all remember DaveTDS?
Chronicles Netgear
Chronicles Netgear Maand geleden
Cult of the cryptids is way better
has bad name
has bad name Maand geleden
I forget about dis
s war
s war Maand geleden
I ain't got a PS1 but I got a PS2!
mycatisadog Maand geleden
AntarcticWolfGaming and Pets Playstore
Siren head is a urban legend who eats humans and will make noises to attract people if you're mom is killed Siren head will have mom,s noise so if you're hear mom calling you but when you come its siren head and he will kill you it's just a for if you dont know what's siren head. He's also 8 ft tall
Moon Dancer27
Moon Dancer27 Maand geleden
Trever Henderson Creations Siren Head Long Horse Cartoon Cat Cartoon Dog The Smile Room Bridge Worm Buzz Saw Man Country Road Creature Costume Man idk if there is anymore sry these r just some i know
Jacinta Goodchild
Jacinta Goodchild Maand geleden
Light head tv head
Ritma Salim
Ritma Salim Maand geleden
dan,the cat is called cartoon cat its from trevor henderson as well , also search long horse,he is scary
StarSwitch Maand geleden
In siren head rebirth, the weird cat thing is CARTOON CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZS Steph
ZS Steph Maand geleden
If you think Siren head is scary, wait till ya see Cartoon Cat, you might wanna bleep out the image, cus it’s SO SCARY
ZS Steph
ZS Steph Maand geleden
Catherine Garcia I already know cartoon dog, and cartoon rabbit, and cartoon Rat
Catherine Garcia
Catherine Garcia Maand geleden
Cartoon Cat Scary? You should see cartoon dog!
Melisa Crow
Melisa Crow Maand geleden
That was HES normal siren sound I have you not learned more about siren head?
Dillon Moore
Dillon Moore Maand geleden
It’d be scary if he played Taylor Swift
Cornelio Rosel Jr
Cornelio Rosel Jr Maand geleden
dan? did you forget the cartoon cat?
Salina Zaleski
Salina Zaleski Maand geleden
Dan: cop the merch in the description below 👇😄👇 hEhE Me: oh that "hEhE" was a lil creepy XD Press read more for a dare GO GET SOME OF HIS MERCH (if ur able to ofc lol) Enjoy da dare >u< XD
MAGicMAG Gaming
MAGicMAG Gaming Maand geleden
Does anyone here know big Charlie
Minecraft pro Minecraft noob
It's somebody that was eaten
Minecraft pro Minecraft noob
I told you
Minecraft pro Minecraft noob
Minecraft pro Minecraft noob
There is another game
Minecraft pro Minecraft noob
I use to have a playstation 1
Minecraft pro Minecraft noob
Hehe funny dan
Afraz Jeewa
Afraz Jeewa Maand geleden
Dan,s Face was so Clean now he got Dad Beard
RogueCreator Maand geleden
The things that dan saw long horse, cartoon cat, siren head and bridge worm
The Santora’s
The Santora’s Maand geleden
Play the maze in rodblox it’s so scary I don’t even play it when my friend tells me to
Sunflower 134
Sunflower 134 Maand geleden
Cartoon was cartoon cat
Sunflower 134
Sunflower 134 Maand geleden
I love that game
Gabriel Rois Gonzaga
Gabriel Rois Gonzaga Maand geleden
Cartoon Cat
Erika Seibel
Erika Seibel Maand geleden
9:48 that scream tho
explosion of fun Sanchez
Siren head plays rickroll
Sarah Trowbridge
Sarah Trowbridge Maand geleden
It’s cartooncat
Natalya Parker
Natalya Parker Maand geleden
there is a car that is called cartooon cat
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Maand geleden
Wolf: Aaaawoooooooooooooo! Siren head:New sound track loaded Person:*hears tornado siren* oh heck no *runs back to car* Siren head:I messed up my sound track my food ran away 😨
Screaming Cat
Screaming Cat Maand geleden
I made a character based off of siren head, a dragon who lured other dragons to it with noises, then killed them.
Greg Alexander
Greg Alexander Maand geleden
I played this on roblox
Sandra Datoon
Sandra Datoon Maand geleden
That was bridge worm
Rae Basten
Rae Basten Maand geleden
"Nothing from a TikTok can scare you" Famous last words, Dan.
Scarlet Overkill LOL
Scarlet Overkill LOL Maand geleden
This Game Will TRIGGER YOU..!
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A KILLER is Among Us!
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These Tik Toks Will SCARE YOU!
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