I Found ROD'S DAD?! (Ice Scream 2) 

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14 apr. 2020




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Reacties 10 437   
JOHN WALSH 14 uur geleden
Rod you are a scammer
CL Clark
CL Clark Dag geleden
Hey Dan play a game called mr meat by same dev super fun should play
Boshi Dag geleden
17:20 scared me too
YoungRoders 3 dagen geleden
Someone told me he said my name ? Roders
Jarrod Keni
Jarrod Keni 5 dagen geleden
Dan are you real
Rishab - Fun ka things
Rishab - Fun ka things 6 dagen geleden
You can grab Charlie’s gun
treat wlfiez
treat wlfiez 7 dagen geleden
There was an Ad about Ice Cream Then I Realised What I Was Watching..
Ian Chiasson
Ian Chiasson 9 dagen geleden
da frick rod's DAD
Line, Dot, and Stick Animations
Objective: save liz from the ice cream man Dan: steals a deceased old lady's cat
Clair Larkin
Clair Larkin 12 dagen geleden
Jill Dunavant
Jill Dunavant 13 dagen geleden
Dan- the cat follows you when you put it down..
e s t e l l e
e s t e l l e 14 dagen geleden
The fat kid who was being bullied by his classmates were rod
e s t e l l e
e s t e l l e 12 dagen geleden
You are right.
Levi Ehrhardt
Levi Ehrhardt 14 dagen geleden
There is a IT poster
Yair Rivera Moreno
Yair Rivera Moreno 16 dagen geleden
thinnknoldloes you are my 2 favorite youtuber
Emma Matiskella
Emma Matiskella 18 dagen geleden
Everytime he said "It's locked", I totally thought about the Nancy Drew games.
SWALIH ABDALLAH 19 dagen geleden
dan you we cant change the channels on the cinama
Mick Plays
Mick Plays 20 dagen geleden
GameUniverseGuy 20 dagen geleden
You Play As Daniel And The Character You Call Jeffery Is Actually Charlie
Gage Oliver
Gage Oliver 21 dag geleden
Think Noodles is on the screen
Jennifer Arrighi
Jennifer Arrighi 23 dagen geleden
You can go to the computer and change it to watching u
CL Clark
CL Clark 23 dagen geleden
Friendly: im gonna blow up the church to escape Not friendly: I’m gonna blow up the church with the kids in there
Sproutley 24 dagen geleden
im stuck step j
Elyse Jarrell
Elyse Jarrell 26 dagen geleden
*GASP* On the cinema scream had THINKNOODLES NLblock CHANNEL
Aaron Hasan
Aaron Hasan 28 dagen geleden
I am the Parkour king
Block LAN
Block LAN Maand geleden
If u type ur NLblock name on the computer and go to the cinema it will show ur videos in there
Yourmom Maand geleden
If you heart and reply to this is i will buy your merch🙃
Em Mercier
Em Mercier Maand geleden
Dan:Would you calm down! Me:U CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Margarita Mota
Margarita Mota Maand geleden
11:07 then he remembers what to do with the cat
Margarita Mota
Margarita Mota Maand geleden
Margarita Mota
Margarita Mota Maand geleden
10:22 "why do i have the cat"? 10:39 "just wanna put you were you belong did dan just forget that he forget
L W Maand geleden
I love your video 🥰😘
Mc Pe Sam
Mc Pe Sam Maand geleden
But you have I don't know
Mc Pe Sam
Mc Pe Sam Maand geleden
Naciongayo Arabela
Naciongayo Arabela Maand geleden
12:19 bruh that actually scared me :/
ayden gonzales
ayden gonzales Maand geleden
I'm not chubby I'm skinny sort of
JuneTheGamer Maand geleden
what think i can,t understand you!
John Appleseed
John Appleseed Maand geleden
No it’s not that I think he wants perfume 🧖‍♂️
JDO HANSON Maand geleden
Did danTDM even notice there was thinknoodles on the screen 3:17
Laser Kookie
Laser Kookie Maand geleden
Dan: I need to blow this puppy wide open Darcie : Ellie let’s pack out bags
PooggiePlays Maand geleden
I think that that little boy that people are calling chubby was Rod and Rod’s dad was doing the same thing killing chubby kids to make them in the ice cream and Rod ate them and made him fat because he’s eating other people’s fat so.... then he took after his dad.. I think..
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel Maand geleden
If you played the game look at the paintball gun
TXT BTS lover
TXT BTS lover Maand geleden
Rod was talking to himself in a flashback
Angie Holgado
Angie Holgado Maand geleden
27:38 is that jesus picture!?
Angie Holgado
Angie Holgado Maand geleden
I just noticed that big red trucks name is nun cola😂😂😂😂
Francisca Caceres
Francisca Caceres Maand geleden
Remy Stainton
Remy Stainton Maand geleden
desiree ventura
desiree ventura Maand geleden
It said thinknoddles i watch him
•t e d d y B e r r y•
Rods dad is dead ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Suphasinee Chanthrasomboune
Funfact:the evil nun is actually rods mum
Pessel Playz
Pessel Playz Maand geleden
1:00 Rodney whyd you swear-
Shakiel Razzaque
Shakiel Razzaque Maand geleden
I MEN sematry
Shakiel Razzaque
Shakiel Razzaque Maand geleden
Go to the grave
Shakiel Razzaque
Shakiel Razzaque Maand geleden
There’s a grave in the circus go to is and get rod to the grave
Shakiel Razzaque
Shakiel Razzaque Maand geleden
Turtlepugsmith / john pugsmith 1
Jennifer Page
Jennifer Page 2 maanden geleden
IM OKAY...301 am I’m. Fine hallelujah 3am vids are fake
Jennifer Page
Jennifer Page 2 maanden geleden
Faith Dunham
Faith Dunham 2 maanden geleden
🤣 oh my gosh did Dan you got to spell your name in the computer and your video won't come up oh and I heard Thinknoodles say that he's going to make you that ice cream
damari monteith
damari monteith 2 maanden geleden
thinknoodles, bro my dear friend.
Angelisa Mills
Angelisa Mills 2 maanden geleden
I want to dress up as him for Halloween
Tami Kyung Kwon
Tami Kyung Kwon 2 maanden geleden
30:00 You could have drove to another place, then drove back so he would be teleported out of being stuck... *DUH*
Tami Kyung Kwon
Tami Kyung Kwon 2 maanden geleden
19:15 " Welcome back to the secret *LAY* "
Tami Kyung Kwon
Tami Kyung Kwon 2 maanden geleden
Tami Kyung Kwon
Tami Kyung Kwon 2 maanden geleden
9:07 "Oh wait, that's the... *GOD* from before...*
Andee Ibao
Andee Ibao 2 maanden geleden
Shadows in the dark
Shadows in the dark 2 maanden geleden
Thi nk. Noodles I'm a big fan
Lindsey Stonestreet
Lindsey Stonestreet 2 maanden geleden
Dan: I'll come back for you kitty!!! Me: did you tho?
Rayyaan Ayoob Saab
Rayyaan Ayoob Saab 2 maanden geleden
did anyone notice that when he was loading cenima the big cinema screen said thinknoodles,who is a youtuber wi ch i have subbed to weird!!!!!!!!!!!
Marley Cooper-waitaiki
Marley Cooper-waitaiki 2 maanden geleden
I didn't know that think noodles would be a movie star 😂
thirdy bumblebee
thirdy bumblebee 2 maanden geleden
Hey scream for ice scream
thirdy bumblebee
thirdy bumblebee 2 maanden geleden
Tip when you got the cat go to the cinema
thirdy bumblebee
thirdy bumblebee 2 maanden geleden
I already played that game creepy
Benji - Brawl Stars
Benji - Brawl Stars 2 maanden geleden
The unicorn was a cute but stupid thing to give Mike
Kian Spider
Kian Spider 2 maanden geleden
Kristers Sambars
Kristers Sambars 2 maanden geleden
dan you can climb the lining on the circus tent for a glitch escape from rod but rod can do it too
Shanell Harris
Shanell Harris 2 maanden geleden
Dan: i got a kitty not afriad to use it
Potato Pug:3
Potato Pug:3 2 maanden geleden
Play ice scream 3
Christian lloyd
Christian lloyd 2 maanden geleden
Please make more ice scream videos
Umobile Umobile
Umobile Umobile 2 maanden geleden
Dan it is the perfume
Benji - Brawl Stars
Benji - Brawl Stars 2 maanden geleden
Pot Luck
Pot Luck 2 maanden geleden
it creeps me
miss.delaney 2 maanden geleden
No one going to talk about the sign that said thinking noldols
Cozmo 2000
Cozmo 2000 2 maanden geleden
Anyone else just watching random lets plays
DondL 2 maanden geleden
Game: you need candles Dan: I don’t have candles OH NO I’M STUCK
Dark1_slime 2 maanden geleden
Dan u can say what the hell and heck there not swear words
mimi playzz
mimi playzz 2 maanden geleden
Joe Nix
Joe Nix 2 maanden geleden
is nobody gonna talk about why a kid hijacks and drives a car?
Kato's Fun Time
Kato's Fun Time 2 maanden geleden
Play ice queen 3
Mona B
Mona B 2 maanden geleden
dantdm go to thinknoodles chanel and write ice scream with it go to part two then your gonna understand why its showing thinknoodles on the screen
Catherine Garcia
Catherine Garcia 2 maanden geleden
Dan: Come on that's the cutest thing i've ever seen! Asher: 😦😢
Merryn Andrusiewicz
Merryn Andrusiewicz Maand geleden
Poor Asher ╯︿╰
McFlurry 2000
McFlurry 2000 2 maanden geleden
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the cinema screen said "Thinknoodles"
Teddy Chen 5529
Teddy Chen 5529 2 maanden geleden
**Sees Rod crawl** Dan: Wait! That's not legal!!!
Tyler Walters
Tyler Walters 2 maanden geleden
The cinema said thinknoddels
Benji - Brawl Stars
Benji - Brawl Stars 2 maanden geleden
10:18 DanTDM: *steals cat* Yoink!
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw 2 maanden geleden
Dan if you want to watch a move one icecream 2 then have wireless connection on
The Chavez Channel
The Chavez Channel 2 maanden geleden
Dan: Justin, what have you been doing!? Justin: sorry,but i AM Rod
Paige Damian
Paige Damian 2 maanden geleden
Can u make more of theses mystery type of games!!!! Please
Beau Evans
Beau Evans 2 maanden geleden
im from the time when ice cream 3 is out when you do a video on it thos stuff you won are in the kitchen . click on it and there shood be a sing coming up that says mix mix the stuff and you will get a secret ending you become chuby and get kid naped try it
Beau Evans
Beau Evans 2 maanden geleden
you have to beat the game to get a special ITUM it will help you save the kids
Beau Evans
Beau Evans 2 maanden geleden
you need a liter to lite the candles and Rod will stop doing what hes doing and look at the grave i think its another cut seen
Beau Evans
Beau Evans 2 maanden geleden
the little boy is Rod big Rod is Rods Dad and there talking at his class room
Beau Evans
Beau Evans 2 maanden geleden
i think he wants to give somthing to charlies sister