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DanTDM plays a Roblox game called Piggy.


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29 mei. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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oscar yu
oscar yu Uur geleden
play piggy 2
oscar yu
oscar yu Uur geleden
you have to complete every map at piggy + the good and bad ending at plant, pick player+ bot on city and go to the city and look under a purple car and grab the picture and complete it and go to plant and complete it and walk to mister p
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia 10 uur geleden
I have the true ending
CLAYx Gaming
CLAYx Gaming 10 uur geleden
guys he will post a video soon on piggy book 2 chapter 1 soo the wait is over Proof: check his profile badges that he recently got
Darklord102 12 uur geleden
Play piggy book 2
Jake Bennett
Jake Bennett 15 uur geleden
hey dan ive played over 30 HOURS OF PIGGY
Fabiojazzie Jazzie
Fabiojazzie Jazzie 2 dagen geleden
And you see a red mark of geargoe (did i say it right?) Anyway mr.p is the one who put that mark
29Jacob Peck
29Jacob Peck 3 dagen geleden
make piggy book 2 videos plz
nine taild fox scp
nine taild fox scp 3 dagen geleden
Dan you should play piggy back because there halloween update!
Sirmaxim2012 YT
Sirmaxim2012 YT 5 dagen geleden
when will he do book 2?!?!?
Irene Siegert
Irene Siegert 5 dagen geleden
Play more piggy
Gaby Chocolate
Gaby Chocolate 5 dagen geleden
Dan pls play book 2
Barbara Phal
Barbara Phal 5 dagen geleden
Dan. This. a. Piggy. Book. 2
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 6 dagen geleden
Dan, please build your own level. Building has been in the game for awhile.
Bizz Basket
Bizz Basket 6 dagen geleden
Help DanTDM, Be my friend on Roblox.. My ID is 3DJustic. Plz help me on some chapters on Piggy
Zairah Anguera
Zairah Anguera 7 dagen geleden
PartyAnimal 7 dagen geleden
wait... I watch thinknoodles. HIS NAME IS JUSTIN?!
Fire Dino
Fire Dino 9 dagen geleden
hello dan, this is the internet. right now it is 2020 October and this is your daily news. *PIGGY 2 IS OUT NOW*
Jesus M
Jesus M 9 dagen geleden
Chapter 1 and 2 on book two is out
gerney eaddy
gerney eaddy 10 dagen geleden
yo Dan pls play piggy 2
Wea Gaming Lees
Wea Gaming Lees 10 dagen geleden
Is anybody else mad that Dan has not played piggy book 2 yet?
arunkumar reddy
arunkumar reddy 10 dagen geleden
Rarin Gaming618
Rarin Gaming618 11 dagen geleden
The mr p skin is the best in the game
Suri Bros
Suri Bros 11 dagen geleden
Btw there is now book2
Paul Bocij
Paul Bocij 11 dagen geleden
how did u fail i frogot?
TheRobloxKenneth64 12 dagen geleden
me looking at his before : piggy two is out me when i went into his profile GUYS HE DID PLAY PIGGY BOOK 2
CLAYx Gaming
CLAYx Gaming 10 uur geleden
@TheRobloxKenneth64 yes i saw that he recently completed chapter 1 of piggy book 2 soo that means THE WAIT OVER! dan will soon post a video on piggy book 2 chapter 1
TheRobloxKenneth64 10 uur geleden
@CLAYx Gaming u can go look in his profile and i saw a badge:he completed piggy book 2 chapter 1
CLAYx Gaming
CLAYx Gaming 10 uur geleden
wait what?
Um Excuse me
Um Excuse me 13 dagen geleden
Dan: get a friend to do this true ending Me:what If u have no friends Me:looks at my dog If humans can do it so can dogs
Andrew Onfire
Andrew Onfire 13 dagen geleden
Play build mode and book 2 dude pls just do it u haven’t played piggy in ages
Pooja Rajesh
Pooja Rajesh 13 dagen geleden
Dan:I am at 11 am I am a soo late Me:sleeps at 6 am This acctully hapend
Mary grace Hilario
Mary grace Hilario 14 dagen geleden
I am here to tell dan that piggy book 2 is out Idk if he knows but just a reminder
Kayla Yong
Kayla Yong 14 dagen geleden
dan: and thats the end of piggy unless the creator makes a piggy two. me in present 2020: uhhhhh the creator did make a piggy two.... its book two and its really good the music for the title of chapter two is great when you can, pls make vid about it ;3
Evelyn Gozum
Evelyn Gozum 14 dagen geleden
i abondoned my roblox account bc of bills now is time mycmykpopfan im coming!
Electro Gaming
Electro Gaming 15 dagen geleden
Book 2 out man dont u know
Jennifer Fu
Jennifer Fu 16 dagen geleden
By the way I subscibd
Timtam 17 dagen geleden
there be a piggy 2!
Alya Makkiyah
Alya Makkiyah 19 dagen geleden
Hey Dan, Piggy Book 2 is out. Just go to the original piggy and press play and tap book 2 or something i cant remember. Please play it!
Athul M
Athul M 21 dag geleden
piggy 2 is out play it please
Benji - Brawl Stars
Benji - Brawl Stars 22 dagen geleden
Piggy 2 is out but it’s called Piggy: Book 2 play it pls and House, Station and Gallery has new endings
Mysterious Msp
Mysterious Msp 23 dagen geleden
Who’s watching when chapter two is out ?
Suzanne Smith-bailey
Suzanne Smith-bailey 23 dagen geleden
Play piggy 2
Jordan Hullinger
Jordan Hullinger 25 dagen geleden
Piggy 2 is out!!!!!!!!!
Carly B
Carly B 26 dagen geleden
Little does he know that there is a piggy book 2 XD
vovnick 27 dagen geleden
dan piggy 2 is out u should play it
Nilo Raji
Nilo Raji 27 dagen geleden
DAN book 2 chapter 1 and 2 has came out you must play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim murch
Tim murch 27 dagen geleden
go play piggy 2 pls
I am siddhartha
I am siddhartha 28 dagen geleden
Piggy book 2 is out dude
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia 28 dagen geleden
The Diamond Emerald
The Diamond Emerald 29 dagen geleden
I just did it today lol I have been trying for months haha
SuperChando Maand geleden
You do know that piggy book 2 is out right
Shreyas Maand geleden
dan play piggy book 2 now!! enough of the among us!!
Random Kidz
Random Kidz Maand geleden
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur Maand geleden
yea but why thinknoodles not saying dan piggy 2 is out??
Random Kidz
Random Kidz Maand geleden
Yo dan you should watch kreekcraft lol
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur Maand geleden
dan doesnt check comments :(h
Mumay 1
Mumay 1 Maand geleden
Dan pls play it again theres a new update pls play it
Erin Nez
Erin Nez Maand geleden
DANTDM do piggy the second chapter
Purushotham Kumara
Purushotham Kumara Maand geleden
Imnothinknoodles is the best
IAmSomethingOdd Maand geleden
They made book 2 Dan
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur Maand geleden
MiniToon: piggy 2 is here! Dan: *ignores and plays among us*
garasi kabayan
garasi kabayan 2 dagen geleden
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur 8 dagen geleden
@Sus yes
Sus 9 dagen geleden
Dan needs to read this and play piggy 2
Fatima Shaikh
Fatima Shaikh 11 dagen geleden
That’s a thing?
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur 23 dagen geleden
@IGacha Videos nice but dan haven't played roblox for. A while
Nurahim Liturangi
Nurahim Liturangi Maand geleden
Play piggy
Nurahim Liturangi
Nurahim Liturangi Maand geleden
Play piggy 2
Vanessa Playz
Vanessa Playz Maand geleden
Who’s watching this when piggy book 2 is out
Aziza Cordero
Aziza Cordero Maand geleden
the muice and picks at the end made me cry
Vins Flores
Vins Flores Maand geleden
Dan haven't you noticed piggy book 2 came out
Jenna LuvsMemes
Jenna LuvsMemes Maand geleden
This is not the end already
Jenna LuvsMemes
Jenna LuvsMemes Maand geleden
Dan piggy book 2 has released chapter 2
The Bunny squad
The Bunny squad Maand geleden
piggy book 2 is out and piggy book 2 chapter 2 is day 28 septeper
Shamoon Yaqoob
Shamoon Yaqoob Maand geleden
V Maand geleden
bro mr p is scary
Lisa Z
Lisa Z Maand geleden
THIS IS SO GRIM... When I was a little kid I watched peppa pig and then when I played this I freaked out
SSK Gaming
SSK Gaming Maand geleden
the piggy 2 is out but dan is not recording it
songs and gaming king ador
Roblox piggy book 2
Koray Yarim
Koray Yarim Maand geleden
piggy book 2 is out
Lenayka Mazey
Lenayka Mazey Maand geleden
dan: then the credit are the same me: dan the piggys are gone in the true ending credits
play piggy book 2 please thanks
12 Year Mind
12 Year Mind Maand geleden
Rianne Sommer SJ Bolante
i delete my roblox :( i cant play piggy
Rianne Sommer SJ Bolante
i got bannded
Akmal_ TLG
Akmal_ TLG Maand geleden
DanTDM: its the end of piggy MiniToon: Nope, Piggy 2 will be on your way! DanTDM: *ignores and plays among us instead*
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur Maand geleden
yeah thinknoodles doesnt even tell dan its out
Rodrigo Contreras
Rodrigo Contreras Maand geleden
Why don't you play piggy book 2?
Ihan Zuhair Nur
Ihan Zuhair Nur Maand geleden
he forgot piggy
Cathy Cronin
Cathy Cronin Maand geleden
I have never completed plant
Londyn’s gaming Channel
I asked all my friends if they could help me complete this and thankfully majority of people said yes so I was very happy
Emma DailyVids
Emma DailyVids Maand geleden
Book two is out please play it!
shaun patrick banares
shaun patrick banares Maand geleden
Play book 2 pls!!!!
Sandiaga Sylmie Abrar
Sandiaga Sylmie Abrar Maand geleden
dantdm ther is piggy book 2 chapter 1 right now
Ward Paterson
Ward Paterson Maand geleden
Dan, there are more maps out there in a new book. Have a look!
Ashley Soto
Ashley Soto Maand geleden
Justin the piggy king" Kreekcraft:AM I A JOKE??
Isaac Hale
Isaac Hale Maand geleden
I did the true ending and I didn't even know!! XD
Sylvia Connell
Sylvia Connell Maand geleden
Dan there’s a piggy two out you should play it
Tanvi P
Tanvi P Maand geleden
Book two has come play chapter one alleyway
貴重な Maand geleden
*me telling the story of my life “I eventually made everything worse :D”
Trisya Min
Trisya Min Maand geleden
piggy book 2 has already cam out
Suraiya Bevum
Suraiya Bevum Maand geleden
Piggy is crap bc its literally an obese pig that has a rubber mallet
garrett norville
garrett norville Maand geleden
Deepa Sundhar
Deepa Sundhar Maand geleden
He dose not know that piggy book 2 came out
The amazing foot Ninja
Piggy is da best
Lian Starfire
Lian Starfire Maand geleden
i already know that cause shuki made a vid about the true ending
Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma Maand geleden
Dan piggy 2 is out play that
ZachariAnimates 543
ZachariAnimates 543 Maand geleden
DAAAAAANNNN Piggy book 2 is out!!!!
Anri van zyl
Anri van zyl Maand geleden
we need him to do chapter/book 2 of piggy i cant wait for that vid :D
CatDreaming InTheSun
CatDreaming InTheSun Maand geleden
it aint over boi
AJTL 9 Maand geleden
Dan, play piggy book 2!!
Mehdi Rakik
Mehdi Rakik Maand geleden
Play piggy 2
ReindeerStudios Maand geleden
Dan theres a Piggy 2 it's called Piggy book 2