I Discovered Completing The Mission's Secret Ending... 

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17 sep. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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DanTDM Maand geleden
Your king has returned..
《 Strawberry cøw 》
lol yes KING!
Thomas Mc
Thomas Mc 21 dag geleden
That's not a toilet it's a prison cell
Abolee Honap
Abolee Honap 21 dag geleden
hahahhah hellloooo
The Hurricane
The Hurricane Maand geleden
Play feed and grow fish pls
Mind_of_Wheatley56 Maand geleden
Lavender360 Uur geleden
Dan: "It's nice to hear Charles' voice again." Me: "Wait, don't they all have the same voice actor...?"
cup 2 uur geleden
dan to get the teehee secret you keep on doing the switch option with Ellie and Henry
Cyrus Luffy Cruz
Cyrus Luffy Cruz 3 uur geleden
Did you did the villiant hero ending?
Nikolas Rockford
Nikolas Rockford 3 uur geleden
So many TF2 references. I counted at least 5.
Nikolas Rockford
Nikolas Rockford 3 uur geleden
7:20 Professionals have standards (it da sniper)
Julian Upshaw
Julian Upshaw 4 uur geleden
you can rescue the locked in guy by grabbing the key in the computer room.
Zizo Chemlali
Zizo Chemlali 6 uur geleden
4:59 you cussed your step brother!
Doody Bug
Doody Bug 6 uur geleden
Hey Dan it is a new secret ending collect all of the Among Us people
Sadie Sims
Sadie Sims 7 uur geleden
How do you get the game
Delta's Outpost
Delta's Outpost 8 uur geleden
Well..He did it. He completed the mission..He corrected the multiverse..but he never found the Biggol Sword
definablelife 8 uur geleden
you should regrow your mustache and make it blue
Logo Mitchell
Logo Mitchell 9 uur geleden
49:39 Purse of Holding spongebob reference..? chocolate..? Chocolate?!? CHOCOLATE!!!!
Kaden Leflore
Kaden Leflore 9 uur geleden
you missed something with the trash ball
Ali C.
Ali C. 9 uur geleden
Ouchie u c h i e
SniperSnake3000 10 uur geleden
When you sit in the seat and go all gray on the train it’s a reference to assassins creed
Jake Im
Jake Im 11 uur geleden
i want the old you 😞😖😖😭😭😭
zx7rr 14 uur geleden
Chardzenpol Challeg
Chardzenpol Challeg 16 uur geleden
Uuuh.... *!SHALOOB!*
Chardzenpol Challeg
Chardzenpol Challeg 16 uur geleden
Ya didn't saw the among us guy in the trash ball one
The Great Sandra - Sonic
28:22 Among us is from Henry Stickmin creators
PikachuGamer 17 uur geleden
When she crouched and wondered how she got there that is a Fortnite revive me reference
Evelyn Divinagracia
Evelyn Divinagracia 17 uur geleden
It's misingno
Gracjan Baranski
Gracjan Baranski 18 uur geleden
meenakshi rana
meenakshi rana 18 uur geleden
42:07 well csgo reference
Angie Montañez
Angie Montañez 20 uur geleden
11691 SADHIL JOSHI 21 uur geleden
Aim Kimmielle Canlas
Aim Kimmielle Canlas 22 uur geleden
32:54 dont talk about this O_O
Scansee Bayaras
Scansee Bayaras 22 uur geleden
37:44 i saw sans speed of 0.25
Joshua Lao
Joshua Lao Dag geleden
go to 37:42 and go to the slowest u can go and continue pauseing until u see sans
Ryan Morrison
Ryan Morrison Dag geleden
when he sat on the train and went "electric" it was a assassins creed reference
Dennis Ellis
Dennis Ellis Dag geleden
There is one more secret achievement in infiltrating the airship
Kimberli Gathright
Kimberli Gathright Dag geleden
The worms physic gods
Kimberli Gathright
Kimberli Gathright Dag geleden
When Henry fell he said no no no no no that's what she said
D S Dag geleden
7:10 meeting in Among Us is here!
Harmfulplays 177
Harmfulplays 177 Dag geleden
This is the greatest plaaaaaaan
Jose Sánchez
Jose Sánchez Dag geleden
Fails BtB: 5 EtP: 18 StD: 40 ItA: 60 FtC: 60 CtM: 164
Jose Sánchez
Jose Sánchez Dag geleden
Endings BtB: The Story Begins EtP: Sneaky Escapist, Lawyered Up, Badass Bust Out StD: Intruder on a Scooter, Unseen Burglar, Just Plain Epic ItA: Government Supported Private Investigator, Relentless Bounty Hunter, Rapidly Promoted Executive, Pure Blooded Thief FtC: Ghost Inmate, Convict Allies, Presumed Dead, International Rescue Operative, The Betrayed. CtM: Clean em Out, Triple Threat, Valiant Hero, Special BROvert Ops, Jewel Baron, Toppat Recruits, Pardoned Pals, Stickmin Space Resort, Free Man, Capital Gains, Little Nest Egg, Master Bounty Hunter, Toppat Civil Warfare, Toppat King, Toppat 4 Life, Revenged.
Alexander Sande
Alexander Sande Dag geleden
Chaos containment chaos insurgency go in chaos containment?
Kiran Patel
Kiran Patel Dag geleden
There's a black among us when the trash ball explodes
Angie Stoughton
Angie Stoughton Dag geleden
at 37:13 he just said NONONONONO
TheAGamer Dag geleden
Dan te package was the cake and in prison Henry recives a cake
Mr Puggy OMG
Mr Puggy OMG Dag geleden
Am I the only person who realized that ctm the fail says mission failed but in brb etp ete and ftc it just says fail
J D Hurst
J D Hurst Dag geleden
culli Valeriano
culli Valeriano Dag geleden
Henry said no no no
David Westrin
David Westrin Dag geleden
press swap over and over again in one of the compleeting the mission levels.
David Westrin
David Westrin Dag geleden
henry stickmin: one of the best games in our solarsystem
Treshawn Rivera
Treshawn Rivera Dag geleden
JakRapidninja Dag geleden
There was a call of duty reference on the sniper on with the knife
Marin Master
Marin Master Dag geleden
10:05 Bro this is not Undertale,why did you say Chara lost track
Roy Nicolas Haddad
Roy Nicolas Haddad Dag geleden
The same people made among us actually
Mykel Macalinao
Mykel Macalinao Dag geleden
At 7:06 it has the emergency meeting sound from among us
Yunet Quintero
Yunet Quintero Dag geleden
Dan the giant worm is a reference to grounded you should play the game
Yoimabnqo Dag geleden
henry said nono no no no
Charles Clarke
Charles Clarke Dag geleden
My names Charles
Vinnie Parihar
Vinnie Parihar Dag geleden
press butterfingers and you get the achievement greasy delight
mate lozS
mate lozS Dag geleden
Dan you missed a among us guy it's grey find him at the opinion garbage ball
zhan Bros
zhan Bros Dag geleden
U only need all ctm fails to get secret end
BRUHther Aleo
BRUHther Aleo Dag geleden
Click swap 6 times. Something happens. *TRUST ME* Go to here 33:54 to do it
Mark Anthony Abellar
Mark Anthony Abellar 2 dagen geleden
Henry said:oh no no
Erika Llapitan
Erika Llapitan 2 dagen geleden
Press the oooooh Banana
Daison Silva
Daison Silva 2 dagen geleden
And a amoung us figure was in the trash ball when it hit
Daison Silva
Daison Silva 2 dagen geleden
Touch the world buterfingers when he dropped the knife
Xxsimply ARxX
Xxsimply ARxX 2 dagen geleden
"Metal bend I think we havent done..." Literally every avatar fan: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Krish Gajula
Krish Gajula 2 dagen geleden
You are not finding it because if you find it then it’s not a secret so you can’t do it âë
Rod DarkSide
Rod DarkSide 2 dagen geleden
brown crew member appears when the trash ball breaks into peices and henry is on the side of the space station
King _ Storm00
King _ Storm00 2 dagen geleden
He has an obsession with facial hair thats why I luv this dude
Mini Tripulante Perdido
Mini Tripulante Perdido 2 dagen geleden
30:51Guys its not henry i saw him chew on electrical
Shadic dabest
Shadic dabest 2 dagen geleden
Big boi is back
thong phet
thong phet 2 dagen geleden
I saw among us person when the trash ball exploded
jnosman 2 dagen geleden
The teleporter can work in one
Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao 2 dagen geleden
22:19 click butterfingers
Seto Piggy
Seto Piggy 2 dagen geleden
32:03 The people in the middle are a referee to Gon and Killua from hunter x hunter
The Odd gamer
The Odd gamer 2 dagen geleden
Still going strong how longs it been you started 2012 so 8 years wow I’ve watched from start finish.good job man
arturo .molina
arturo .molina 2 dagen geleden
in chapter 3 use de banana and click ok
Terdface 2 dagen geleden
You make to long video
Jon Mab
Jon Mab 2 dagen geleden
13:07 that's a reference to another stick game
GDMigz 2 dagen geleden
Alexander Claunch
Alexander Claunch 2 dagen geleden
Dan your finger is thicker than a stick u dumb dumb Wait no he HOOGE BRAIN
Jay Falleti
Jay Falleti 2 dagen geleden
Dan your the best youtuber and Ethan gamer
Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao 2 dagen geleden
12:22 click” ok”
Hetal Suvagia
Hetal Suvagia 2 dagen geleden
Go to multiverse imbalance after you complete all the endings in CtM and the secret endings of EtP StD ItA FtC to get the secret ending
Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao 2 dagen geleden
9:47 get deducted 6 pts for a prize
Yong Zhao
Yong Zhao 2 dagen geleden
after doing the “se” ending click the sun
the dweller sill
the dweller sill 2 dagen geleden
Henry said no no no no no (fast and scared)
Rosemary Wambui
Rosemary Wambui 2 dagen geleden
Dan with this is why I let Charles die because I was in on it I wanted the toppat Clan to capture Charles
Henry said no no no no
Harrison Davies
Harrison Davies 2 dagen geleden
2:20, In stealing the diamond it is... 2:49: It’s an Ace Attorney reference
Sarim Khan
Sarim Khan 2 dagen geleden
Teleport device is the same from among us eject trash task!!!
Julie Rose Olasiman
Julie Rose Olasiman 2 dagen geleden
the secret ending is in a box
Ethan Mantel
Ethan Mantel 3 dagen geleden
Click the butterfingers in Ita and CTM
Joseph Stoner
Joseph Stoner 3 dagen geleden
Also 52:29 It said A113 wich is a reference to Disney
Joseph Stoner
Joseph Stoner 3 dagen geleden
You forgot a crewmate when Henry was in space and Charles put you in a big trash ball.
Mia Chatera
Mia Chatera 3 dagen geleden
He said"no no no no"
Samuel Mullinax
Samuel Mullinax 3 dagen geleden
Alright here I come Charles says Saints to the airship Henry o God no Charles no
Arcy Young
Arcy Young 3 dagen geleden
At 45:29 there’s AMONG US
TYSON KELL 3 dagen geleden
11:09 this is a homestuck reffrence of "I warned you about stairs man I told you dog!"
The Mendoza Family.
The Mendoza Family. 3 dagen geleden
30:20 right hand man and defeated
normal channel
normal channel 3 dagen geleden
i̴̠̤͔̮̰͉̱̳̼̱̓̑̆͋͆̀̌̀̋͆̎̚͜͝͝ ̸̡̖͉̜̜͕̗̲̘̦̝̿̌̉̐̊̈̽͠a̷̜̲̳̝̟̪̫̲̋̍͋̎̄m̶̩̖͕͍̣̊̂́͌͆̃̑͠ͅ ̷̹̜̝͇͙̙̟͈̓͘ͅd̶̦͇̻̟̠͈͒͛́̔ȩ̵̡̛̩͙̻̜̠͕̺̱̼̯̹̝͋̔͐͐͊̈́͋̆̊͌̐͜͝͝a̷̯̣͖̙̭̰̺͈̗̾̐̍̂t̸̡̒̍͋͊̓͑̎̓̋̅͒͂͋h̸̡̡̢̡͕̫̪̙̮͕̮̩̼͈͖̎̃̈́̆̽̈́͋̚
A KILLER is Among Us!
Weergaven 7 mln.
Henry Stickmin's SADDEST ENDING...
Among Us but I'm very nervous