I Built The MOST DANGEROUS Farm in Minecraft Hardcore! 

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6 aug. 2020




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Random Stuffing
Random Stuffing 30 minuten geleden
Dan, I think the tutorial you watched was in a lower version than 1.16 because enderman spawning was changed. Gnembomb, who came up with the idea for the farm, did a great video e explaining this. I know you probably won't rebuild the whole farm, but the spawning platform should be in a chunk, and only in 1 chunk.
Nathan Cobar
Nathan Cobar 2 uur geleden
Becouse Yes
Becouse Yes 2 uur geleden
when is the next modded Minecraft episode if you have a time or a idea for it?
Kaden Bloxom
Kaden Bloxom 3 uur geleden
I just wanted to say if you have riptide on a trident or loyalty on a trident something cool happened,s
Patricia Lerma
Patricia Lerma 3 uur geleden
Anyone else waiting for dan to upload another hardcore vid?
B-reezyy 4 uur geleden
Let’s congratulate dan for being alive after a year in Minecraft hardcore mode
Reynald Adrian G. RIPALDA
dan play more minecraft pls
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate 5 uur geleden
Netherite Vex
Netherite Vex 7 uur geleden
tilly.x.sapphy 09
tilly.x.sapphy 09 9 uur geleden
Lord Te- nope
Mini enderman
Mini enderman 10 uur geleden
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs 11 uur geleden
I stopped watching Daniel after he stopped with his Amazing Hardcore Series in Minecraft. Here and then I each his Among Us videos, but, I’d rather see more of the Minecraft Hardcore Series.
George Fox
George Fox 12 uur geleden
When will next episode happen
fnu Hendro
fnu Hendro 13 uur geleden
who else always gets the iphone 12 ad.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 13 uur geleden
next farm: *_dragon farm_*
cartoony guy
cartoony guy 17 uur geleden
When is hardcore coming back?!
Logicated 17 uur geleden
I’m watching this after I watched the actual tutorial
Archana Sahoo
Archana Sahoo 18 uur geleden
Love from Delhi , India .
Tanvi Divekar
Tanvi Divekar 20 uur geleden
Hi DanTdm can you please make a QnA video plzzz and give a shout out Plzzzzzzzz to sanchit
Angela Mallios
Angela Mallios 20 uur geleden
PlS telllllllll me howwwwww to go in HARDCORE so I can play with my frend
Angela Mallios
Angela Mallios 20 uur geleden
gaming with mark8 dude
gaming with mark8 dude 23 uur geleden
28:05 when the enderman god summons 500 enderman to chase dan
mr monster
mr monster Dag geleden
Jonmar David D. Guelos
10:58 dan: dont look down girls and boys also dan:*looks down at the void*
NellPell Dag geleden
Finally, I am up to date on all the current hardcores. Took me about a month because I was all the way back on ep. 27 but I have done it. My life is complete again.
Marcus Traquena
Marcus Traquena Dag geleden
*sees dantdms "HA!" picture" Me: dan look its you
I I Dag geleden
Now dan needs and auto clicker
John Turner
John Turner Dag geleden
Janet Rostock
Janet Rostock Dag geleden
Dan I think there's a secret ending for the ender dragon if you have all note blocks in your envintory you get a rap from one of the creatures of minecraft
gaming with mark8 dude
gaming with mark8 dude
Lol dan this is ec just make a place 4 by 4 that 2 blocks up and wam bam that enderman
AmzarTIG Dag geleden
Now among us ruin this series
Domestic Potato
Domestic Potato Dag geleden
He has not posted a hardcore video in 2 months
adam smith
adam smith Dag geleden
27:18 time to show my moves
Z-GamingPanda Dag geleden
Dan can you please upload a minecraft hardcore episode its been 2 MONTHS! P.S. No pressure but im bored and quarantine sucks.
SuperDogeJames 2 dagen geleden
I just built an enderman farm in bedrock and this looked way easier, I am jealous of Java players
Marliana Naipospos
Marliana Naipospos 2 dagen geleden
Bring back hardcore mode
Kemper Paine
Kemper Paine 2 dagen geleden
he held 2 gold apples in 2 different inv slots and that makes me angery and sad
D-O haupt
D-O haupt 2 dagen geleden
More minecraft hardcore plz
Joseph langille
Joseph langille 2 dagen geleden
ok so is this series dead or what
beat ant
beat ant 2 dagen geleden
to more pls
Empty_soda_can 2 dagen geleden
I was so scared that he was going to die I would be so sad
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata
Tatsuo M.W. Nakata 2 dagen geleden
0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!
triger 09
triger 09 2 dagen geleden
raider5366 2 dagen geleden
make more mc vids
Kaan Winer
Kaan Winer 2 dagen geleden
Why aren’t you uploading Minecraft?🤔🥺
dashat 2 dagen geleden
new title: noob almost dies from endermite
Thomas Nicol
Thomas Nicol 2 dagen geleden
Y u no make video for 2 months
Henry Fucking Miller
Henry Fucking Miller 2 dagen geleden
Who else wants Dan to go and check out 1.17 when it comes out? Maybe continue the hardcore series if it's possible 👀
alexis corioso
alexis corioso 2 dagen geleden
dan:only things can kill me is void and lava me: k *almost 20 mins later dan: *almost die on an endermite and lose 2 totems* Me:oh my god
Dandan Heng
Dandan Heng 2 dagen geleden
odd content here
odd content here 2 dagen geleden
Totems: **exist** Endermite: Is for me?
Arham Zarif
Arham Zarif 3 dagen geleden
Hey Dan, pls make another Minecraft Hardcore Survival episode
Turkey The Gobble God
Turkey The Gobble God 3 dagen geleden
have a shield in your offhand and then a totem in your inventory. shields are even more op than totems i would argue because they can’t do damage to you. if you have a totem in your hand with a click of a button you would survive
Rafhael Tanedo
Rafhael Tanedo 3 dagen geleden
for minecraft
Rafhael Tanedo
Rafhael Tanedo 3 dagen geleden
pleace make more vid
360 kickflip
360 kickflip 3 dagen geleden
6:59 ptsd to the red one has been chosen
Billie Avocado
Billie Avocado 3 dagen geleden
Dan it’s been 2 MONTHS when’s the next one
fenciepost 3 dagen geleden
Who’s gonna tell Dan that he has to complete the Monsters Hunted advancement again..
Quinnce 3 dagen geleden
Lewis Frere
Lewis Frere 2 dagen geleden
I think the same thing 2 did!!!
Amr Islam
Amr Islam 3 dagen geleden
When is the next episode
it's chocolatecake
it's chocolatecake 3 dagen geleden
How about you just play dragon city
Kedar 3 dagen geleden
Dan while adding the chests why didn't you use ender chests
Jamal Nizar
Jamal Nizar 3 dagen geleden
Wy arnt u playing any more of this playlist plz play more of it
acrosacrono 98
acrosacrono 98 3 dagen geleden
Me sad because dan hasn’t posted a hardcore video for over 2 months
Arham Zarif
Arham Zarif 3 dagen geleden
I know but I don't know why but every time I play my Minecraft Hardcore I think that minecraft has became boring
Angel Allen
Angel Allen 3 dagen geleden
Dan I bet you won't ever try to summon herobrine in your hard core world
Angel Allen
Angel Allen 3 dagen geleden
Dan I have minecraft but to play with me you have to get on let arcade on your phone my user name is gagebrine
Griffin L.V
Griffin L.V 3 dagen geleden
Dan make more Minecraft harecore videos
Drystan McClimans
Drystan McClimans 4 dagen geleden
Dan:totems dont work in the end also dan:holds totem the whole video.
TheCrafter MH
TheCrafter MH 4 dagen geleden
I think he died and that’s why he in not uploading anymore videos on this series
Mottocraft Isaiah
Mottocraft Isaiah 4 dagen geleden
Dantdm: I LOST 2 TOTEMS FROM A ENDERMITE Everyone: disappointment noises
Mottocraft Isaiah
Mottocraft Isaiah 4 dagen geleden
He starts building at 10:30
Ren Yeshua KASILAG
Ren Yeshua KASILAG 4 dagen geleden
23:30: press lan then set to cheats then f3 + f4 and in spectator mode! then /gamemode survival and boom! Hardcore world siked!
*OwO Ken*
*OwO Ken* 4 dagen geleden
Omg they spawn FAST
MM15 4 dagen geleden
Its either he is gonna make us wait til 2021 for the caves and cliffs update or he died off camera and doesnt know how he should explain it to us.
MM15 4 dagen geleden
Its either he is gonna make us wait til 2021 for the caves and cliffs update or he died off camera and doesnt know how he should explain it to us.
Russell BTW
Russell BTW 4 dagen geleden
we need more
Luke Splichal
Luke Splichal 4 dagen geleden
Put fire on your sword
Max Playzminecraft
Max Playzminecraft 4 dagen geleden
When will the next video be
Louis Simmons
Louis Simmons 4 dagen geleden
nuha abdin
nuha abdin 4 dagen geleden
do more episodes
Louis Simmons
Louis Simmons 4 dagen geleden
MinecraftGods 4 dagen geleden
more hard core not ultra hard core new seiers please
Sushil Narula
Sushil Narula 4 dagen geleden
I just realized that Dan puts atleast 1 capital word in his thumbnail in all hardcore vids😂
Cyrus Louie
Cyrus Louie 4 dagen geleden
Hey dan! Did you know that snowballs do 3 hearts of damage to blazes?
Pagiel Ibrahim
Pagiel Ibrahim 4 dagen geleden
Dan you could have used glass
Funtridentboy Gamer
Funtridentboy Gamer 4 dagen geleden
Where's mc hardcore it's been almost 3 months!?
android player
android player 4 dagen geleden
The most op armor enchantment Anti lava (must keep your hunger bar full to work)✓ Anti explode ✓ Long breathing in water✓ Helmet: blast_protection 4,unbreaking 3, mending 1,aqua_effinity 3,respiration 3, thorns 3 Chestplate: blast_protection 4, unbreaking 3, mending 1, thorns 3 Leggings: fire_protection 4, mending 1, unbreaking 3, thorns 3 Boots: fire_protection 4, unbreaking 3, mending 1, feather_falling 3, depth_strider 3, thorns 3 That's all you should be immediately to lava,explode and able to breath a long time in the water :)
NeroNeroProductions 5 dagen geleden
How many people want hard-core | | 👇
The Minecrafter 101
The Minecrafter 101 5 dagen geleden
How would you get in the void it’s under bedrock
Bobbi Evans
Bobbi Evans 5 dagen geleden
Not fully complete cus diamonds for you needs two players and he has singlplayer
Dopecraft Game :3
Dopecraft Game :3 5 dagen geleden
Blob is a devil. Blob the endermite... don’t do that eggen >:D
Seth Garrett
Seth Garrett 5 dagen geleden
please make more
Lizzy Nicholson
Lizzy Nicholson 5 dagen geleden
Bartek Lizak
Bartek Lizak 5 dagen geleden
you are a prowling
Saliha Sainudheen
Saliha Sainudheen 5 dagen geleden
When dan fell mah heart fell to the void get it
Louise Venables
Louise Venables 5 dagen geleden
I’ve Been trying to copy your build its so good and fantastic
ST0MPSMASH 5 dagen geleden
Hey what happened to Minecraft hardcore ultimate series it stopped so has this
Travis Ramlee Fauni
Travis Ramlee Fauni 5 dagen geleden
cOmPlIcAtEd !!!
Rudy H20
Rudy H20 6 dagen geleden
Comeback Dan ;(
Smita Verma
Smita Verma 6 dagen geleden
Oh and pls also name a animal Dinnerbone with a name tag
Smita Verma
Smita Verma 6 dagen geleden
Dan I found out you can make a netherite farm pls try it in the next episode and the youtuber is eagleye
Elvis Luk
Elvis Luk 6 dagen geleden
Racing Toys
Racing Toys 6 dagen geleden
My EPIC Bedwars Return!  *3 WINS*
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