Henry Stickmin was BETRAYED! (Completing the Mission) 

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24 aug. 2020




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dxpreepxg -_-
dxpreepxg -_- 4 uur geleden
50:48 Among us yellow
TERRA BLADE MAN 5 uur geleden
42:05 Henry is die????
Lavender360 5 uur geleden
Hell yeah, Dan is the ULTIMATE shipper X'D
TERRA BLADE MAN 6 uur geleden
This is so sad click this 41:46 REVENGE
Nico Umbreon
Nico Umbreon 8 uur geleden
Btw: Henry dies in the Revenged ending
Anna The Unicorn Mermaid Angel Fairy Princess
You can see a Among Us reference (time 55:44)
S’more Chu
S’more Chu 8 uur geleden
lars erickson
lars erickson 9 uur geleden
On 50:45 theres an Among us crew mate plush on a box that disapears.
Dylan Hanson
Dylan Hanson 11 uur geleden
Disracshon dance
Tammy Cardwell
Tammy Cardwell 11 uur geleden
Ok in competing the mission gather fails and look around for among us dudes
Pusheen Gaming
Pusheen Gaming 11 uur geleden
sonic exe and others
sonic exe and others 13 uur geleden
*S O L O N G G A Y H E N R Y*
Khaled Muktadir
Khaled Muktadir 17 uur geleden
Also in revenge ending Henry dies
Princess Unity X
Princess Unity X 19 uur geleden
Did people spot Mario and Luigi as stickmins at 15:17 at middle XD
Nuxivu 19 uur geleden
Seeing the word "Quarantine" at 18:58 gets a different expression back in 2016/2017-
Air Sword
Air Sword 21 uur geleden
the revenged ending there Henry died
Charles Clarke
Charles Clarke 21 uur geleden
Dragon ball reference fusion dance
Charles Clarke
Charles Clarke 21 uur geleden
Revaldo Wang
Revaldo Wang 22 uur geleden
DantDM you forget to collect among us dude dude did you not see?
Ethan Drawing goh
Ethan Drawing goh 23 uur geleden
QXkey Dag geleden
Poor Reggie😓
Nathan Soto
Nathan Soto Dag geleden
52:08 among us character
Pikaduts 2.0
Pikaduts 2.0 Dag geleden
the fact dan didnt get the jojo reference
timothy's youtube channel
Dan press the among us figures
Alexgaming 27
Alexgaming 27 Dag geleden
Godinme2014 *
Godinme2014 * Dag geleden
He didn’t get the Disney Mushu reference... Smh
Cynthia Skousen
Cynthia Skousen Dag geleden
Clara Aparicio
Clara Aparicio Dag geleden
Isn’t it funny that if you didn’t know it was stealing the diamond you would just read it as STD
Jonathan Villegas
Jonathan Villegas Dag geleden
3:21 spider man
Matti the God Eater Smash Bro
15:08 Dab police, once again
Rachel Haslam
Rachel Haslam Dag geleden
Ezra Adidjaja
Ezra Adidjaja Dag geleden
mr buckethat with a face is in 29:20 uwu uwu
Ezra Adidjaja
Ezra Adidjaja Dag geleden
he said OPA RAT I VE 25:05 hahaahha
Alexa Stone
Alexa Stone 2 dagen geleden
Charles is even vibing with the diversion
wenyan chu
wenyan chu 2 dagen geleden
Betrayed and now revenged Henry has been betrayed 2 times
EPIC Crewmate
EPIC Crewmate 2 dagen geleden
42:10 Henry actually died here
hyunjins hairband
hyunjins hairband 2 dagen geleden
is it just me or was 37:20 a jojo reference
Lucas Lane
Lucas Lane 2 dagen geleden
The dragon ball reference is siicckkk
Jonathan Raines
Jonathan Raines 2 dagen geleden
Charles:*far away*ughh I still can't tell!wait I think I can see you from here Me:Charles has good eyesight!
Jonathan Raines
Jonathan Raines 2 dagen geleden
Also can did you know in the ending "revenge" Henry dies 😔😔😔
Mortal 2 dagen geleden
Dan did not get the league and jojo references I'm sad.
Ethymo 2 dagen geleden
Rosemary Wambui
Rosemary Wambui 2 dagen geleden
Dan you made a big mistake that was the ranking : convict allies are you dumb I've literally just shouting at you
SK - 04CS 832613 Treeline PS
whats wrong with your mic
Lions Gamerz
Lions Gamerz 2 dagen geleden
best youtuber with not bad words
Funtime_freddy 98
Funtime_freddy 98 3 dagen geleden
robert bruce
robert bruce 3 dagen geleden
i saw hat in time girl 15:18
Flying Fox
Flying Fox 3 dagen geleden
oh sorry 😞 didn't see that yup it's henry sorry
Harlem Owens
Harlem Owens 3 dagen geleden
Dan click/press "The Sun in the Sneaky Ending in Escaping the Prison"
Flying Fox
Flying Fox 3 dagen geleden
Nobody: Me when I play a fnaf at 10 power:◉‿◉ Then 1 power:ʘ‿ʘ Then 0:ㆁωㆁ
Eric Jr. Santos
Eric Jr. Santos 3 dagen geleden
In the comment: Dan missed the brown crewmate Me: Theres THREE actually
Plush Toys
Plush Toys 3 dagen geleden
Wow this game has the among us sound effects I mean because it was made by the same person
michael perez
michael perez 3 dagen geleden
he sent the rocket to THE WALL
Christofer Van
Christofer Van 3 dagen geleden
i was dabing the whole time
Jonathan Raines
Jonathan Raines 3 dagen geleden
Click the banana bomb then click the red text🍌😂😂🍌😂😂🍌😂😂🍌😂😂🍌😂😂🍌😂😂
Jayden Anderson
Jayden Anderson 3 dagen geleden
Use the parachute then press butterfingers
Greed 3 dagen geleden
36:45 "iS tHaT a JoJo ReFeReNcE
SammyPoops :D
SammyPoops :D 3 dagen geleden
he didnt put the link in the description
James the NerfNerd!
James the NerfNerd! 3 dagen geleden
The Sword Forme is a Transformers fight refrence even down to the shape of RHM’s sword and Henry breaking his.
NatimationArts 3 dagen geleden
Hey NOONE saw the hat in time reference in the dance off
king king
king king 3 dagen geleden
love it
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith 3 dagen geleden
Hi Dan
Adam Vazquez
Adam Vazquez 3 dagen geleden
You missed a jellybean
Jody Francis
Jody Francis 3 dagen geleden
PeetahAnimates 3 dagen geleden
14:55 YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING ok replay it
8bitjames the2nd
8bitjames the2nd 3 dagen geleden
the cookie is a refrence from the movie called alice in the wonderland
James the NerfNerd!
James the NerfNerd! 4 dagen geleden
Ellie: "That was weirdly smooth" Me: *Thats what she said* Edit: Heres another vid quote made disgusting! Dan: "I want to see what we create when me and Ellie fuse together" Me: *A child of course!*
Loganer123 Riddle
Loganer123 Riddle 4 dagen geleden
The song 14:39
Alper 4 dagen geleden
the dislikes are the people who are jealous because he can play the game but they cant because you must pay money and they are poor
TTVmaster *
TTVmaster * 4 dagen geleden
Collect among people well your playing
Lloyd joaquin Balbuena
Lloyd joaquin Balbuena 4 dagen geleden
Who else saw the Jojo stone mask
Lloyd joaquin Balbuena
Lloyd joaquin Balbuena 4 dagen geleden
Jojo: Ora Ora Ora ora Ora Henry stickman: failure failure failure failure
Gamer boy X
Gamer boy X 4 dagen geleden
CJ BreadMan
CJ BreadMan 4 dagen geleden
minecraft completing the mission Henry you died song ouch haha
Rose Dewey
Rose Dewey 4 dagen geleden
did anyone see the among us character at 50:45
Music & Gaming Library
Music & Gaming Library 4 dagen geleden
15:16 A hat in time 🎩
Al-anazhie Asarul
Al-anazhie Asarul 5 dagen geleden
all youtubers dab a lot, ok
Shane Browder
Shane Browder 5 dagen geleden
It’s Mario not ma rio
Samuel Drabin-Gray
Samuel Drabin-Gray 5 dagen geleden
This a long video
Katherine Ryazansky
Katherine Ryazansky 5 dagen geleden
да is yes in russian
Cashew 5 dagen geleden
50:46 Among us spaceman on the right. 🧖🏿‍♀️
Roman Empire and fifa
Roman Empire and fifa 5 dagen geleden
Cafeteria how has no one realized among us references
OwenBaggers 5 dagen geleden
Dan, I must recommend you JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
jave beserk
jave beserk 5 dagen geleden
36:43 Dat JoJo reference tho
Ender Boy
Ender Boy 5 dagen geleden
15:07 the one with black hair is danicng taht spider man dance
Mark Jhared Gatus
Mark Jhared Gatus 5 dagen geleden
29:07 Gon and Killua just playing in the back
Jonah Jerryson
Jonah Jerryson 5 dagen geleden
50:45 among us doll what a reference on the right
Jonah Jerryson
Jonah Jerryson 5 dagen geleden
3:34 the sound effect for both the doors in this and among us are same wonderful
Kenneth Dyson Lie
Kenneth Dyson Lie 6 dagen geleden
Kenneth Dyson Lie
Kenneth Dyson Lie 6 dagen geleden
Red Mini Crewmate
Red Mini Crewmate 6 dagen geleden
That was a close one Henry! But I’m not gonna pull you up. You see without you... I’ve become the leader of the top pat clan again. I just wanted to look at you in the eyes as I took it allll back... Goodbye.
Chris King
Chris King 5 dagen geleden
Chris King
Chris King 5 dagen geleden
You killed Henry how could you kill the legend
Chris King
Chris King 5 dagen geleden
You monster
Lunictic bonnie jr
Lunictic bonnie jr 6 dagen geleden
Lunictic bonnie jr
Lunictic bonnie jr 6 dagen geleden
40:54 What are u goin to do Me: im gonna shove the gun ur holding to ur head and pull that trigger
Chessnut14 6 dagen geleden
Betrayed was never an choice but failure is the best choice and the more fail you make the more suceed you are.
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran 6 dagen geleden
wHeRe wE DRopPing bOYiz
*Gacha kookie chaos* :3
*Gacha kookie chaos* :3 7 dagen geleden
You know Henry talks
James Clatworthy
James Clatworthy 7 dagen geleden
10:41 oh it is a fortnite reference look at the building
NGSausy Samurai
NGSausy Samurai 7 dagen geleden
So nobody saw gon and killua
xXÑáñámî HâmádãXx
When I see dab we’re dan’s og fans Dab Police😂😂😂
pac-boy & oliwiayt
pac-boy & oliwiayt 7 dagen geleden
dan, when henry lies down, he dies, sorry
Foxy 7 dagen geleden
DAAAAAAAAAAAAAN You missed 2 advancements in the game in this video so farrrrrrr
Héctor Sánchez
Héctor Sánchez 7 dagen geleden
41:40 im crying ;(
A KILLER is Among Us!
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