Henry Stickmin is BACK! (Completing the Mission) 

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18 aug. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Yuan Elaisha Roque
Yuan Elaisha Roque 41 minuut geleden
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TIANA SOTO-SALAZAR 6 uur geleden
anyone seen this based on among us? tell me in this comment!
Dylan Calder Keen
Dylan Calder Keen 7 uur geleden
The real question is, who got the W&G reference? But the _real_ real question is, who got the *just cause* reference?!
Softpaw66 12 uur geleden
I noticed an among us sound in the prison one and I also realised there was a guy with 2 top hats and in among us u can wear that hah
mu'az .n
mu'az .n 15 uur geleden
When you're in admin and you got to scan your card 20:06
Purple- Flower
Purple- Flower 15 uur geleden
OGs remember these
Air Sword
Air Sword 21 uur geleden
the corruptick glitch was reference of doki doki literature club
The Mendoza Family.
An ENP stands for an electrical poles :D
IAmThomas Martinez
IAmThomas Martinez Dag geleden
me hearing among us sound affects 🤨
Nicole Robinson
Nicole Robinson Dag geleden
I want to play it
Danielis Cha
Danielis Cha Dag geleden
Your a genius if you find out the rocket jump refrints It's from pixel gun 3D
InfiniteCrumpet Dag geleden
Itz_ Twilight Wolfy
I just noticed among us was made by the same person who made Henry stickman-
Ram Manuel Del Rosario
15:37 yup he's right i paused to read all that
05-1 2 dagen geleden
20:06 reminds me of admin card swipe in among us :|
Arcy Young
Arcy Young 2 dagen geleden
Keep on clicking 3:38 14:52 for a good time
Death Reaper
Death Reaper 2 dagen geleden
You could say the man the myth the absolute beast instead of legend in the intro
Zack Jonas
Zack Jonas 2 dagen geleden
Do you know why they can afford to make a new Hengry stickman story its cuz the sam dev who made among us made this game and it became popuar
Nou Sus
Nou Sus 2 dagen geleden
U guys notice the card swipe reference in the airship
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 2 dagen geleden
Hi...Ummm Dan?But wheres henry?
Finding Souza
Finding Souza 2 dagen geleden
20:05 me trying to do the task while the imposter is after me.
Connor Guard
Connor Guard 3 dagen geleden
In completing the mission there's mini crew mates to collect
Jasmine The edge lord
Jasmine The edge lord 3 dagen geleden
I can not watch this my dog bites me!
Nico Unay
Nico Unay 3 dagen geleden
Imma firin mah lazer!!!
Magma_-KiromX 3 dagen geleden
1:38 Dan just said Reuben. RIP Reuben
Evan Gray
Evan Gray 3 dagen geleden
When he said fission mailed
Teagan Sewepagaham
Teagan Sewepagaham 3 dagen geleden
23:39 you can see a TF 2 on the bottom right Conner on the computer
MARY GRACE LADINES 3 dagen geleden
15:37 read it
Eletrix_yoshi 10
Eletrix_yoshi 10 4 dagen geleden
20:06 mans couldn’t do the card swipe 😂
Doge Gamer Squared
Doge Gamer Squared 4 dagen geleden
I started playing Henry Stickmin after seeing DanTDM palying, it's so funny! Watch my channel to see me playing it!
mello_ kid
mello_ kid 4 dagen geleden
ahhh yes the TF2 reference
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 4 dagen geleden
In the money cart there is a small among us astronaut lol
Dylan Warfel
Dylan Warfel 5 dagen geleden
When I saw the characters from the older games I was having a seizure
Jack Bradshaw
Jack Bradshaw 5 dagen geleden
Distraction dance!
Sophia Alvariño
Sophia Alvariño 5 dagen geleden
Why Henry?
Joebear0409 RBLX
Joebear0409 RBLX 5 dagen geleden
This should release on console
Kyle Bostrom
Kyle Bostrom 6 dagen geleden
We have mailed your gone fission photos.
Santino Taddei
Santino Taddei 6 dagen geleden
I saw a among us ending In the game when she was Chucky
nothenry 6 dagen geleden
stick min cool
Megan Thomson
Megan Thomson 6 dagen geleden
do rapid and betrayed
Tatu Lopez
Tatu Lopez 6 dagen geleden
I remember the frist prison option dan did
Rozimations 2.0
Rozimations 2.0 6 dagen geleden
okay im not gonna lie, i legit cried when i had to betray charles for the tr ending.
Jaden Watts
Jaden Watts 6 dagen geleden
Toppat is a better person than DanTDM
Stanlley Saavedra
Stanlley Saavedra 6 dagen geleden
plz dummes
Yousaf Gaming
Yousaf Gaming 6 dagen geleden
10:39 Assemble The Crew Among Us
Yousaf Gaming
Yousaf Gaming 7 dagen geleden
Let's get Dantdm to 25mil before the end of the year
Fire PeaShooter
Fire PeaShooter 7 dagen geleden
Also danggggg nice edits
SlenderHunterBoy 7 dagen geleden
Henry and Ellie Are Pro At everything. Damn
Kaleb lanoix
Kaleb lanoix 7 dagen geleden
yo whats the link to that
Platinum Pheonix876
Platinum Pheonix876 7 dagen geleden
is it me or did it take ages to get it up for you
Tom Grady
Tom Grady 7 dagen geleden
Wallace and gromit tho the films are epic
Rudy vs Tota
Rudy vs Tota 7 dagen geleden
black cat boi
black cat boi 8 dagen geleden
emp means Electric Magnetic Pulse
Asha Vas
Asha Vas 8 dagen geleden
do ellie and charles
Shayaan Shahriar
Shayaan Shahriar 8 dagen geleden
20:06 anybody know what that is? it’s the card swipe from among us.
Gamerboy3456 01
Gamerboy3456 01 9 dagen geleden
What in the world is this!? I’m still the leader, since when was I documented as a recruit?! REGINALD!!!!!!!
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves 9 dagen geleden
You've been way too long without playing this game. You chose an ending you had already done TWICE
Dean Fluckiger
Dean Fluckiger 9 dagen geleden
I don’t see any link
Chelsie Warner
Chelsie Warner 9 dagen geleden
Aren’t they all inanimate objects
Deniz Parry
Deniz Parry 9 dagen geleden
EMP is an electro-magnetic pulse.
Thriina ._.
Thriina ._. 9 dagen geleden
choose the inanimate object. THEY ARE ALL INANIMATE
Hudbudmudsud 9 dagen geleden
I havent watched this dude in years
Adyan Salman
Adyan Salman 10 dagen geleden
Ok I know I’m late and I’m not sure if u already did this but chirp chirp is when you turn off the car that is honking :)
Command C
Command C 10 dagen geleden
Brown mustache task: Swipe Card
Rosemary Wambui
Rosemary Wambui 10 dagen geleden
Sorry I was in the bathroom
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan 10 dagen geleden
27:25 Dan: I'm tryna think logically here... Me: And that's your biggest mistake, pal
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan 10 dagen geleden
5 + 5 Dan: 10 10 + 6? Dan: Uh oh... I can't do maths...
JJS Squad
JJS Squad 10 dagen geleden
Some of these effects are on among us
Jack B
Jack B 10 dagen geleden
Me: *sees an ending called SSR (initials)* me: Did they leak the special strike rebellion?
ABC123 11 dagen geleden
20:46 i looked into it and there is a sword called a dirk
mr egg
mr egg 11 dagen geleden
Over 150 fails ok not endings
Leopold 9
Leopold 9 11 dagen geleden
He really didnt get the overwatch refrence, did he
Alex and fun
Alex and fun 11 dagen geleden
Play more tabs and vr
terabyte 11 dagen geleden
**plays distraction dance** cheer for this
rezjx -
rezjx - 11 dagen geleden
the overwatch mcree refrence was prtty good, u got u do his ult
MrTopSkyrem 11 dagen geleden
Ur dumb only ItA and FtC counts
Chiela Tan
Chiela Tan 11 dagen geleden
What is this game
SlugBoy Eli
SlugBoy Eli 12 dagen geleden
Gotta love that reference at 27:27 (*whisper* dan if ur reading this, look up mccree high noon)
Asmv.3 12 dagen geleden
Yeah I guess his a legend
Dino Girl
Dino Girl 12 dagen geleden
٩( ᐛ )و
itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha 12 dagen geleden
Lmao the "it's handy" from overwatch got me dying laughing
Keygan Dalton
Keygan Dalton 12 dagen geleden
shawn the sheep is th reference of the robo trousers cmon shawn the sheep
Cashew 12 dagen geleden
Among us vent sound 11:47
Emily 12 dagen geleden
where was this game when i was a kid 😭
The Imaginator
The Imaginator 12 dagen geleden
The Imaginator
The Imaginator 12 dagen geleden
This is what corrupted tick feels
Elgingaming Mobile
Elgingaming Mobile 12 dagen geleden
4:37 LOL
TheRobloxKid 12 dagen geleden
bruh you killed charles 8:06
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 13 dagen geleden
8:26 mission Henry: SIKE
ParadoxInABox 13 dagen geleden
“Always pick the inanimate object” I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure a grenade isn’t alive
the random dude
the random dude 13 dagen geleden
Erin Joo
Erin Joo 13 dagen geleden
EMP Mines= Electric Magnetic Pulse Mines
Victorio Salvador
Victorio Salvador 13 dagen geleden
12:15 Reference when you choose the cellphone: Ace Attorney X Escaping The Prison Only Ace Attorney users will know this.
Jael Smith
Jael Smith 13 dagen geleden
I though BtB meant but to but
Jael Smith
Jael Smith 13 dagen geleden
Galaxy little Timmy
Galaxy little Timmy 13 dagen geleden
I ship Henry and Ellie
Smøl Wølf
Smøl Wølf 13 dagen geleden
VideoLiam 13 dagen geleden
Me, an intellectual: haha tf2 references :D
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed 13 dagen geleden
relly ladines
relly ladines 13 dagen geleden
its electro magnectic pulse wave
SHAUN DANIEL TORRES 13 dagen geleden
8:39: "Don't touch my lady!" Me: Henry Simpman
pepper xwx
pepper xwx 7 dagen geleden
underated comment lol
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