Help Me, I'm an Animal Crossing NOOB! 

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24 mrt. 2020




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Roach gurlz
Roach gurlz 13 uur geleden
Alice Palmer
Alice Palmer Dag geleden
I play animal crossing.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💏😌😌🤣
Alice Palmer
Alice Palmer Dag geleden
I love
Tammy Lutzow
Tammy Lutzow 5 dagen geleden
F in the chat for the baloon
•Bxnnie• 16 dagen geleden
POV: your in online class so am i
Yousaf Gaming
Yousaf Gaming 16 dagen geleden
AJ Bendy
AJ Bendy 22 dagen geleden
I have mira and shes so sweet.
smkproject3 26 dagen geleden
Dan Do A Video Of The Updates in New Horizons
itzmereiven duhh
itzmereiven duhh 27 dagen geleden
you have mira too!!??
Rocky Clancy
Rocky Clancy 28 dagen geleden
Lucky you, you actually got cute villagers! Villagers that you don't wanna kick out!
Joseph Mayer
Joseph Mayer Maand geleden
juliyah hoete
juliyah hoete Maand geleden
sees title *CALLS KENMA
Erin Kettel
Erin Kettel Maand geleden
Dan: Clap everybody! Me: 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Stuffy World
Stuffy World Maand geleden
me over here screaming in my head because im farther in the game than dan
Mert Animations
Mert Animations Maand geleden
Froppy Mcfloppy
Froppy Mcfloppy Maand geleden
Didn’t he play this on Dante’s live
rafe barker
rafe barker 2 maanden geleden
Liam Mcliam Gaming
Liam Mcliam Gaming 2 maanden geleden
this video was uploaded on my birthday
Harmony Vincent
Harmony Vincent 2 maanden geleden
Dan caught a fish called dab me goes and get dab police shirt
oqhixlism 2 maanden geleden
This needs to be a series!! 👁💧👄💧👁
Julie Roy
Julie Roy 2 maanden geleden
Julie Roy
Julie Roy 2 maanden geleden
Antoni Colorado
Antoni Colorado 2 maanden geleden
Tell me if they restock Nintendo switch
BunnyFab473 :3
BunnyFab473 :3 2 maanden geleden
Earth Object Cosmos
Earth Object Cosmos 2 maanden geleden
I have lyman
Multicolourpanda 2 maanden geleden
My dream code animal crossing: DA-3852-0045-0389
Michela Leary-Bova
Michela Leary-Bova 2 maanden geleden
OMG I play this and I havea 5 island!
B awadh
B awadh 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM your username is my username
Miguel Batiz Luna
Miguel Batiz Luna 2 maanden geleden
0:54 the face of my nightmares
BrayJ Ninja
BrayJ Ninja 2 maanden geleden
My face when I run into a hacker 6:24
Maddi 2 maanden geleden
Dans island is literally the best, his native fruit is cherry’s and his native flower is cosmos. LUCKYYYY I am replacing all my flowers on my island with cosmos. Why.
aburns0213 2 maanden geleden
Dan saying he’s a noob me:” How do you fish?”
Marlon Contreras
Marlon Contreras 2 maanden geleden
Brandon Moses
Brandon Moses 3 maanden geleden
My villagers were Lyman and Agnes
mimi 3 maanden geleden
0:43 anime evil eyes
Aaliyah-Mae Cox
Aaliyah-Mae Cox 3 maanden geleden
When’s animal crossing coming back there’s a new up date u can swim
Joshie 228
Joshie 228 3 maanden geleden
I got mira
Lelouch Alrich
Lelouch Alrich 3 maanden geleden
Loud nonsense
Loud nonsense 3 maanden geleden
RIP Dan’s peresent
Jack wins at Life
Jack wins at Life 3 maanden geleden
Dan : looks good we can always change it to be honest Me : no god please no
Cheryl Stewart
Cheryl Stewart 3 maanden geleden
back then 0 over 5 now 10 out of five
Cheryl Stewart
Cheryl Stewart 3 maanden geleden
omg a "noob" NOT ANY MORE
Freya Marshmello
Freya Marshmello 3 maanden geleden
Andrea Aldana
Andrea Aldana 3 maanden geleden
Dan do more animal crossing vídeos
Rainbowroxieforever 3 maanden geleden
Try playing the old animal crossings
Ripley Martinez
Ripley Martinez 3 maanden geleden
this is fake.. yaaa this is fake
CloudParty_19 3 maanden geleden
Play more of this game it's fun to see people play a game some people don't own
Aaron Effinger
Aaron Effinger 3 maanden geleden
Xinyan Qiu
Xinyan Qiu 3 maanden geleden
Oh wait... I played this game before!
Carrie h
Carrie h 3 maanden geleden
Dan why isnt dr. Trayaurus in animal crossing
grace jenna
grace jenna 3 maanden geleden
Dan there's a new update in the game But it's not out yet you can swim that's The new update
Kristine Foreman
Kristine Foreman 3 maanden geleden
you are a noob and see bfg
Kristine Foreman
Kristine Foreman 3 maanden geleden
Tyler Ferguson
Tyler Ferguson 3 maanden geleden
DanTDM maybe you should try Zelda legend of Zelda do you play Nintendo games you should play the rest
Mark Drummond
Mark Drummond 3 maanden geleden
Here's the songs I know that the video played: Super Mario 64 theme Sonny Resetti's Theme WW & CF Nook's Cranny
E T 3 maanden geleden
your such a noob and a plaeb
theAWESOMEgamerboi 3 maanden geleden
How many time we change the title Dan:yes
Mr pugTM
Mr pugTM 3 maanden geleden
You can swim now!
Frank Rondon
Frank Rondon 3 maanden geleden
but he did stream on his live channel before this and leaked his friend code in that vid
Kayan Sekizler
Kayan Sekizler 3 maanden geleden
Dont worry im a pro just ya know send a invite
Isla Brown
Isla Brown 3 maanden geleden
dantdm: “diamond island” dan’s unfinished tomodachi life series: am i a joke to you?
Beth Drummond
Beth Drummond 3 maanden geleden
You played music From probably older Animal Crossing Games
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 3 maanden geleden
All of the animals are cute... b u t n o t y o u D a n
Fish Bytes
Fish Bytes 3 maanden geleden
I may or may not have time traveled to pay of my loans.
• C H L Ö R O N I •
• C H L Ö R O N I • 3 maanden geleden
How do you get the nintendo Switch in animal crossing?
brandon the otter
brandon the otter 3 maanden geleden
@• C H L Ö R O N I • and the shovel and stick tom nook will give you the recipe when your trying to build nooks cranny
brandon the otter
brandon the otter 3 maanden geleden
@• C H L Ö R O N I • you get the Nintendo switch in your mail box in animal crossing
• C H L Ö R O N I •
• C H L Ö R O N I • 3 maanden geleden
Cause i dont have it
• C H L Ö R O N I •
• C H L Ö R O N I • 3 maanden geleden
And also the stick to get over Rivers and Shovel
Alyssa’s World
Alyssa’s World 3 maanden geleden
when dan says he loves mira but you did all you could to get her the hell off your island: *nervous sweating*
Kat Siu
Kat Siu 4 maanden geleden
did u know u can hit a rock with ur axe
Samuel Vista
Samuel Vista 4 maanden geleden
When I heard Resetti's theme, I remembered he's out of a job. I think...
Dimitra 4 maanden geleden
so am i the only one that finds this game boring? im really just asking
Teddy Kim
Teddy Kim 4 maanden geleden
Krazy Ken
Krazy Ken 4 maanden geleden
Plssssss do a series on this plsss
Althea B
Althea B 4 maanden geleden
i just got animal crossing and a new switch so i would have something to use for quarantine and i love it so much!
•Flicksterr• 4 maanden geleden
i got mira at my island XD
Aaron Effinger
Aaron Effinger 4 maanden geleden
Aaron Effinger
Aaron Effinger 4 maanden geleden
this my island to!
Kewl gurl! Sky
Kewl gurl! Sky 4 maanden geleden
You can also escape wasps by going into any building
Tyler Lennon
Tyler Lennon 4 maanden geleden
Dan:Lets hustle Them: Jogs
Eva Mcginnis
Eva Mcginnis 4 maanden geleden
Dude Tkmodachi is old
•Tae sTea•
•Tae sTea• 4 maanden geleden
Dude... *I STILL PLAY IT!*
Meta The pizza
Meta The pizza 4 maanden geleden
Ffffffffffffffs lol XD
Liam Mario
Liam Mario 4 maanden geleden
Me when i start the video: im scared.
Chris Hiltz
Chris Hiltz 4 maanden geleden
You have to pick up the stuff on the floor
Justin Merritt
Justin Merritt 4 maanden geleden
0 star rating
Freddy Playz
Freddy Playz 4 maanden geleden
Onion 4 maanden geleden
this is so random but use ocean hero as your web browser trust me!!
Pieke Wertz
Pieke Wertz 4 maanden geleden
Its sooooo anoying if someone is a noob in animal crossing😫😫
PandaGamerX 4 maanden geleden
I got Lyman to!!!🤯🤯
Jonathan Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez 4 maanden geleden
i have two rooms in my house in animale crossining
E T 4 maanden geleden
are you time travaling
E T 4 maanden geleden
you cant water a tree
E T 4 maanden geleden
for someone how just started its k but how you look is so bad
Koichi Hirose
Koichi Hirose 4 maanden geleden
Wow, you got the same starter animals as me!
Abd. S
Abd. S 4 maanden geleden
spam the "left arrow" button at the beginning of the vid. 0:00
Eldritch 4 maanden geleden
I had Mira as a starting villager too!
Mena Clark
Mena Clark 4 maanden geleden
Can you play this again pwease?
C and S Bros.
C and S Bros. 4 maanden geleden
I have Mira too!
L J 4 maanden geleden
( Dan Picks my island ) :l Nice
Super Gaming Bro
Super Gaming Bro 4 maanden geleden
F for the Balloon 😂
Cat girl 888
Cat girl 888 4 maanden geleden
When you arrive on a random island and then bam bill
N S 4 maanden geleden
Swoleville is the Best name for the Island
N S 4 maanden geleden
The top Right one is the island that I choosed
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