Hello Neighbor 2 Just Came Out! 

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Hello Neighbor 2:


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25 jul. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Ender Fox
Ender Fox Dag geleden
trekeboy we need u!!!!!
Zeke Manning
Zeke Manning Dag geleden
Dan: Does the TurkeyBoy55 ritual TurkeyBoy55: I am too powerful for you to witness
Nancy Collinge
Nancy Collinge Dag geleden
All I'm thinking is the crow is the neighbour wearing a Halloween costume
TheCornerOfHorror YT
TheCornerOfHorror YT 2 dagen geleden
The monster is known as the raven man
the creatr
the creatr 2 dagen geleden
daniel mead
daniel mead 2 dagen geleden
dan gets genuinly mad 12:26
Adela Wyrick
Adela Wyrick 2 dagen geleden
luv ur pin when u said wat a TRIP he tripped
Bloxflix Original
Bloxflix Original 2 dagen geleden
Stay safe everyone!!!!!!
Bloxflix Original
Bloxflix Original 2 dagen geleden
Is Dan British accent or american???
Pro 1234
Pro 1234 3 dagen geleden
Who's turkey boy
ND18 Gaming
ND18 Gaming 2 dagen geleden
Watch dans old hello neighbour videos and you will know
Jane Jackson
Jane Jackson 4 dagen geleden
Dan: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! turkeyboy55: Hold mah food and beer =.=
Stratos Tsihlas
Stratos Tsihlas 4 dagen geleden
Only true Dantdm fans remember turkeyboy55
Mr Midas
Mr Midas 4 dagen geleden
I saw a cat wearing a red hat when the crow locked up the attic
AaronNF 5 dagen geleden
8:57: Mr. Resetti has arrived.
shea o'keeffe
shea o'keeffe 5 dagen geleden
Play hello neighbor again
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin 6 dagen geleden
4:18 Did anyone else see someone is the cable car...
FTNour YT 7 dagen geleden
Only real og’s know Pokemobs (P.S. This is a new account
Autumn Aky
Autumn Aky 7 dagen geleden
So I haven’t watched Dan’s videos for years now and I loveddd this series he did I was so obsessed. I was having a conversation on who I used to watch on NLblock with my friend and I wanted to know how long ago he did hello neighbour to find a new one!! You know I clicked on this so fast!! Glad to be back here ❤️❤️
Krew Fan
Krew Fan 7 dagen geleden
i love your vids dan !!!!!!!!!!!
M.C Nicholson
M.C Nicholson 7 dagen geleden
the MAG has replaced turkey boy
Dj T - bone
Dj T - bone 8 dagen geleden
I started watching four years ago
UwU 8 dagen geleden
8:57 when I have my phone brightness all the way up and went to check it at night
DR - 04SK 832766 Ridgeview PS
Roses are red Dan’s hair is blue I liked my own comment Because I had to.
mostafa shouaib
mostafa shouaib 8 dagen geleden
Is it just me that trying to find turkeyboy55 comment? *oh it is just me* *ok*
Adrean Busacay
Adrean Busacay 9 dagen geleden
Pls. Play X plane 10 or 11.
sophianotfound 9 dagen geleden
turkeyboy 55 i haven't heard that name in along time...
Bonnie Starr
Bonnie Starr 9 dagen geleden
Dan: X markes the spot me: this is not going to end well... Dan: AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! me: called it
AnimeWolf 33
AnimeWolf 33 9 dagen geleden
Only Og’s the Poor plushie getting cut 👁💧👄💧👁
realjoteror koju
realjoteror koju 9 dagen geleden
im so stupid i downloaded steam when i can juswt view the website insted what i have don.😪
SoulZ One
SoulZ One 10 dagen geleden
Jackson Rowley
Jackson Rowley 10 dagen geleden
hello dan
Jackson Rowley
Jackson Rowley 10 dagen geleden
hello dan
Kaydence Groves
Kaydence Groves 12 dagen geleden
I think the crow is the neighbor
Theradgamer 12 dagen geleden
The crow is the neighbour
Theradgamer 12 dagen geleden
I love your chanel
Paul Jerothe
Paul Jerothe 12 dagen geleden
Rizzle the fox
Rizzle the fox 13 dagen geleden
turkey boy we nead you
lizbeth Martínez
lizbeth Martínez 14 dagen geleden
Lol the trurky boy
NOOBYDOO 14 dagen geleden
17:35 the crows did help him the key was right where the crows were
Liam Tran
Liam Tran 14 dagen geleden
I flung the crow/human with the fire...Wait, I frogot what is was called.
Jose Hernandez Montes
Jose Hernandez Montes 14 dagen geleden
and his son is probley trying to save his dad?
Jose Hernandez Montes
Jose Hernandez Montes 14 dagen geleden
really werid yea?
Jose Hernandez Montes
Jose Hernandez Montes 14 dagen geleden
or u might be playing as petersons son
Jose Hernandez Montes
Jose Hernandez Montes 14 dagen geleden
Jose Hernandez Montes
Jose Hernandez Montes 14 dagen geleden
guys i just now know that the crow guy might be petersons son... ;O
JENNIFER NICHOLS 14 dagen geleden
When I played it on windows 10 the bird t posed
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
You are a booooOOOOYYY
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
Who's part of the diamond minecart I AM!!!!! 👇👇👇👇
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
Who is part of the diamond minecart I AM!!!!!!!😃😃
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
Yep that
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
You have very nice hair
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
C 'mon dan do this comment in your next comment song
Tom Forsyth
Tom Forsyth 14 dagen geleden
Hi dan! Be a fan!
Maryam Liban
Maryam Liban 15 dagen geleden
Ereos Stormwalker
Ereos Stormwalker 16 dagen geleden
Is the new neighbor the real neighbor's son?
Døom 16 dagen geleden
hey if u even get scared on this game hop on youtube and listen to some music while u play this will be a geat distraction
Linda Delaney
Linda Delaney 16 dagen geleden
I love this video and everyone subscribe to Dan
The Dominus
The Dominus 18 dagen geleden
Where can I find his discord?
Physco 18 dagen geleden
the neighbour is the crow guy
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 18 dagen geleden
Azzman Miller
Azzman Miller 18 dagen geleden
Hello neighbour 2?!
Danny Nav
Danny Nav 20 dagen geleden
the cat was funny 21:00
Super Ben
Super Ben 20 dagen geleden
Neighbor: Burns costume. Dan: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? TurkeyBoi: Why do I help this man?
Awsome Celo games
Awsome Celo games 21 dag geleden
turkeyboy oh turkeyboy
ManlyTubeHD 21 dag geleden
JokerFace Gaming
JokerFace Gaming 21 dag geleden
Who else is looking for turkey boys comment
Ansh Sharma
Ansh Sharma 21 dag geleden
luke combs
Fret N
Fret N 21 dag geleden
Flux 22 dagen geleden
Jajajaja the key bug ;|)
Tiger 22 dagen geleden
Hey dan I was thinking making hello nabber 3and u put the cone on and dance lalalalala
Abram Urias
Abram Urias 22 dagen geleden
Hey dan the neighbor was in a crow costume
T3NC3RN0N Roblox
T3NC3RN0N Roblox 22 dagen geleden
Anyone remember When Dan had blue hair?
محمد بكرى
محمد بكرى 22 dagen geleden
za warudo
XxLuxRay _IsOpxX
XxLuxRay _IsOpxX 23 dagen geleden
this video is fake bc when he said oooo flashlight he picked up a cone
Thaelis Molina
Thaelis Molina 23 dagen geleden
Can any won just look both official game neighbored house and this neighbored house they look so similar
Joseph Kanmore
Joseph Kanmore 24 dagen geleden
DarkZero 87
DarkZero 87 24 dagen geleden
I’m back to my childhood after 3 years
Logan Baccile
Logan Baccile 25 dagen geleden
i love this game
TheBluePizzabite 25 dagen geleden
i actully downloaded hello neighbor 2 today on steam
Jeremy VanGeystel
Jeremy VanGeystel 25 dagen geleden
:turkey_boy:die crow dan:get em crow:you are allready dead
3D_TeaBubbles _
3D_TeaBubbles _ 26 dagen geleden
Every comment: About TurkeyBoy. My comment: AW LOOK AT THE KITTY CATTY COO
Perry Cronk
Perry Cronk 26 dagen geleden
hi pls anser me pls i love you
Mandy Jackson
Mandy Jackson 26 dagen geleden
I love it
Star 1979
Star 1979 26 dagen geleden
Wait the Alpha Is Free??
Courtney Mitchell
Courtney Mitchell 27 dagen geleden
I want to slap the gust
Preston Ho
Preston Ho 27 dagen geleden
12:40 haha dan pun unintended “Ineed the CROWbar” haha
hate me name so it's unknown for now
I haven't seen any episode of number 1 do I have no idea what's going in so I'm gonna go watch the episodesb
Pastel Jayne
Pastel Jayne 28 dagen geleden
I cant stop laughing when the crow guy kept tripping over trash bags lol
Flixx 28 dagen geleden
17:34 did anyone else see the yellow key??
Lunagames 7
Lunagames 7 28 dagen geleden
Hello neighbor real name is mart
ArticMoonWolf Gaming
ArticMoonWolf Gaming 28 dagen geleden
I remember TurkeyBoy55 :) hope he's good
Chloe Couper
Chloe Couper 29 dagen geleden
Hello neighbours dead where where
Rosa Corona
Rosa Corona Maand geleden
That means that hello neighbor is the crow
Malea Stotts
Malea Stotts Maand geleden
9:47 Dan: And pick up this cone *sass intensifies* aS a WeApOn......And its nighttime 🦗.🦗.🦗.🦗.🦗 ScArEd
Mou Games
Mou Games Maand geleden
i think after act2 the neighbor lost all hope of getting any type of child so he decided to go somewhere else, then he came back after the ending of hello neighbor 2
Chris Nonis
Chris Nonis Maand geleden
Dantdm: he flounged me out Me: no he yeeted u out There is a 100% difference
nancy bracegirdle
nancy bracegirdle Maand geleden
Only the OG's will remeber "the toast is floating AGHH"
Brandon Reagan
Brandon Reagan Maand geleden
I am not turkey boy
Blue Knight74
Blue Knight74 Maand geleden
Atleast he doesn’t knock you out and put you in ur house