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21 jun. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Alysann Callaway
Alysann Callaway 12 minuten geleden
I have four cats and one dog and when my dog goes to jump he wiggles his butt🤣🤣🤣🤣
3gttnhhy yjyukur5ujk
3gttnhhy yjyukur5ujk 24 minuten geleden
11:08 That was funny when he fell xD
White Crewmate
White Crewmate Uur geleden
Tok tiks
Jasmine Passeri
Jasmine Passeri Uur geleden
Hates: laughing at when dad step on baby me:gets sword 🗡 hates:pls no!me:kills them
Jasmine Passeri
Jasmine Passeri 2 uur geleden
Baby:😭 mum:WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME!? Dad:I-I step on a baby😭😢😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢Mum:YOU DIDNOT!?dad:s-sorry 😣
James Hickey
James Hickey 2 uur geleden
I love your vids pls keep making videos😄😄
Becky Levine
Becky Levine 3 uur geleden
Jasmine Passeri
Jasmine Passeri 3 uur geleden
Dad:walking baby:walking dad:step on baby me : 😕
Darren Flynn
Darren Flynn 4 uur geleden
I a biggg fan dantdm
dannybullivant 5 uur geleden
i want dantdm to do renegade or smthn
Butterscotch Sketches
Butterscotch Sketches 5 uur geleden
Did you know god backwards is dog
Eric J. McCowan
Eric J. McCowan 5 uur geleden
Nahir Gutierrez
Nahir Gutierrez 6 uur geleden
I am
Izek Baez
Izek Baez 8 uur geleden
My mom just told me that you are a bad man I told her you were not a bad man 🥶😱😨😰😥😓🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Sienna Laing
Sienna Laing 8 uur geleden
OMG you are the best I hate hurt hurt Tower of terror
Sienna Laing
Sienna Laing 9 uur geleden
OMGyou have a kid
Dark angel UwU
Dark angel UwU 9 uur geleden
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah I’m dying I can’t breve
TheGreatSomes 11 uur geleden
3:29 Dan when he broke his arm
Richard & Brandy Wilson
Is it just me or is tik tok going to take over the world? If it is dont do it
Kayla Collins
Kayla Collins 15 uur geleden
When I went on the tower of terror i was 11 and i went with my mum and auntie and it dropped and my butt wasnt even near the seat and i was screaming the same way dan was and then it went back up rlly fast and i plopped on the chair wo hard
fly high
fly high 15 uur geleden
6:12 11:09
Riley Volles
Riley Volles 16 uur geleden
Hollie Evans
Hollie Evans 17 uur geleden
I am Unique
I am Unique 18 uur geleden
Dont mind me 8:25 is just my favourite one and i need to save it (Does anyone know the song cause its stuck in my head)
ØxZön ñ2
ØxZön ñ2 20 uur geleden
ShadowDominator 22 uur geleden
actually thatt day june 21st was my birthday
jegaming Dag geleden
It was my birthday on June 21
Samantha Behnke
Samantha Behnke Dag geleden
same I hate drops
Caleb Mamo
Caleb Mamo Dag geleden
the way he falls 11:10
Dea_ Animates
Dea_ Animates Dag geleden
11:11 dan freaked out so much that he fell of his chair😂😂😂
Jakari Maxie
Jakari Maxie Dag geleden
Lol 😂 9:29 Dans face
tasneem Dag geleden
Me by myself I am the dog: ACHOOOOOOOOOWWWWW Me in a place with other people: coughs over my sneeze
MoboMemeTV Dag geleden
~~Let’s watch some TokTiks!~~ DanTDM 2020
J.D. Howe
J.D. Howe Dag geleden
Her it’s a he
datboi _isyourboi
datboi _isyourboi Dag geleden
11:17 the way Darcie stands up when Dan falls over 😂😂😂😂
Jared Basurto
Jared Basurto Dag geleden
Say reeeeeeeeeeeeee
Madison Smith
Madison Smith Dag geleden
I love the tower of TERROR!
jejikathomas Dag geleden
How dare that dog goose step on the baby duck
DrDanger35 Dag geleden
Unevenest Lemur9
Unevenest Lemur9 Dag geleden
Hurshy the epic green boi
Dan you have not made tic toc recetton vifsdbrjfbdjfh
John Anderson
John Anderson Dag geleden
this just happend so some haters walked past me said yo stop watching him idiot me: follows and puts to full volume dan: im so happy cuz im a gummmy bear AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
victor nunez
victor nunez Dag geleden
Poor baby chick
Andrew Zheng
Andrew Zheng Dag geleden
Timothy Stasevych
Timothy Stasevych Dag geleden
Ewelina Wisniewska
Ewelina Wisniewska Dag geleden
poor chick goos and not an duck
Jovie McBrearty
Jovie McBrearty Dag geleden
You are evils
Alex Durante
Alex Durante Dag geleden
1:51 its easier when your doing it on the ground in that position.
Florence kelly
Florence kelly Dag geleden
Dan "NO HATE NO HATE me " hate"
Mason Berends
Mason Berends Dag geleden
This is the amount of people that cried for the banana. | V
Lexi Nelson
Lexi Nelson Dag geleden
Wait do you acctuly have a kid
Dan: "I'm AVERAGE height" Me: "Bruh, I have a life size cut out and I'm almost as tall as u!" 😂😂😂😂
Blade70 Gamez
Blade70 Gamez Dag geleden
Dan you ain’t short
Hollie Park
Hollie Park Dag geleden
Peppa is soooooo funny
Hollie Park
Hollie Park Dag geleden
Tower of terror bonk
Hollie Park
Hollie Park Dag geleden
Banana !
Hollie Park
Hollie Park Dag geleden
Why is gRanY iN tHe roOf
Luna The wolf and friends
I need to watch this my dad is saying that he won’t make me (11) and my little brother (7) food What do I do?
Sing Hui Sim
Sing Hui Sim Dag geleden
•MxchaCreams• Dag geleden
Even though this was months ago... CONGRATS ON 24 MILLION SUBS
Beatriz Anton Torres
Martha De la cruz
Martha De la cruz Dag geleden
aagah 3:20
progamer 1 9 7 1 0 4
That alien one well did you see Darcy’s reaction 😂🤣
Jannah Calayan
Jannah Calayan Dag geleden
That's a cat cow pose!
robo 8000
robo 8000 Dag geleden
3:43 ya that's why they made perfectly cut screams
Wea Gaming Lees
Wea Gaming Lees 2 dagen geleden
Nobody: Not a single soul: Dan: tOk tiKs
Abigail Cantillo
Abigail Cantillo 2 dagen geleden
Hey dan you should react to cute pugs
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 2 dagen geleden
Noo barnyard
“{*Izzy*}” 2 dagen geleden
9:29 this is the one thing that made my day it’s just that clean smack! XD I still kind of feel bad for the kid but it was really funny TwT
AnimationTimez !
AnimationTimez ! 2 dagen geleden
I hate seeing people get hurt.. ;(
Henry Fulmer
Henry Fulmer 2 dagen geleden
Di.....oh ok... well :b
Jacob Carter Tostado
Jacob Carter Tostado 2 dagen geleden
3:30 the bear:lalalala beartrap:DIE >:D
Ben Froehle
Ben Froehle 2 dagen geleden
I am the one the one that respects the guns and will
TheJuju415 2 dagen geleden
6:23 is among us
Kathryne Waddell
Kathryne Waddell 2 dagen geleden
6:39 the people that are in the suits are kids So ha
leafy 2 dagen geleden
Joe Clark
Joe Clark 2 dagen geleden
I've been told for years on end that at the tower of terror when you wanted to get off you have to do the 'walk of shame' then i was was told. NO
Kalisto Kid
Kalisto Kid 2 dagen geleden
paul Harrison
paul Harrison 2 dagen geleden
Once I was on in Tower of terror and then the door that opens below the elevator, just before the drop, the ride stops then all the lights turn off and the maintenance team for tower of terror come and gets us off. The scary part is the trapdoor below the elevator was in front of us and was slightly open and I wouldn't want to imagine what would have happened to me and everyone on the ride if the ride stopped a little bit later 😲☠️
Benjamin Alexander
Benjamin Alexander 2 dagen geleden
Benjamin Alexander
Benjamin Alexander 2 dagen geleden
Pikacharlgaming22 01
Pikacharlgaming22 01 2 dagen geleden
I have a youtube account
Nyths crash1221
Nyths crash1221 2 dagen geleden
Dan: I am normal height Most fans: no your a smoll bean Me: DAN IS A NORMAL HEIGHT PEOPLE
Heather Denson
Heather Denson Dag geleden
Flynnious 2 dagen geleden
Jk probley pretty
Flynnious 2 dagen geleden
What did you call your ugly baby did you call it ugly poop
Flynnious 2 dagen geleden
That's rude but it was nice e in the end
Hadi Rafd
Hadi Rafd 2 dagen geleden
cool scream :)
some dude the memer lol kill me
its october and u still STILL didnt do recreate tactocs
Sub to doom yt #ad Doom
Sub to doom yt #ad Doom 2 dagen geleden
Ok somamzing tiktoks he did somthis man had rubbed battery on his hand i did that it actuly wrks
widya stevani
widya stevani 2 dagen geleden
Zombiedave101 2 dagen geleden
11:30 That scared me...
David Weeks
David Weeks 2 dagen geleden
Brad Pennella
Brad Pennella 2 dagen geleden
How do you get an owl suit?
Zakia Valerie Manahan
Zakia Valerie Manahan 2 dagen geleden
also- 11:13 usual nightmares im used to it now its bearly scary anymore
Luke Stevens
Luke Stevens 2 dagen geleden
Toshe Oshurninade
Toshe Oshurninade 2 dagen geleden
11:09 my fav
superkid 2 dagen geleden
my tep dad was never really able to celibrate fathers day'
Tamamihiata Edwards
Tamamihiata Edwards 2 dagen geleden
Poor baby gouse
Fluffy_potato908 3 dagen geleden
Dan at 11:10 : yeets himself on the floor His dog: he needs help
Adela Wyrick
Adela Wyrick 3 dagen geleden
5 8 wow
Maslina Zolkepli
Maslina Zolkepli 3 dagen geleden
me too I have ben to tower of terror when I was 6 now I am 7 I went there with my dad and bro 4:13