Fall Guys is the Greatest Game Ever Made.. 

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14 aug. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Christopher Tabag
Christopher Tabag 2 uur geleden
Among us is more popular than this
Baljit Gill
Baljit Gill 9 uur geleden
2 months later He changes the tittle to second best game after among us
Carl Barrera
Carl Barrera 19 uur geleden
Fall Guys is the greatest game ever made Never uploaded another fall guys video
Bong Cloud
Bong Cloud Dag geleden
Fall Guys is the Greatest Game Ever Made.. Among us: Hold my sus
sdr rocco
sdr rocco 2 dagen geleden
Vincxz {GD}
Vincxz {GD} 2 dagen geleden
Gang beasts noises you haven’t forgotten me, have you? ok.
Tara Ryan
Tara Ryan 3 dagen geleden
Liv Kemp
Liv Kemp 3 dagen geleden
My heart dropped out my butt?
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor 3 dagen geleden
11:10 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor 3 dagen geleden
8:02 oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riona Jazlyn Baruc
Riona Jazlyn Baruc 3 dagen geleden
*two months ago..* Fall Guys: Im the best game ever made! *now* Among Us: *i think you forgot the "not" after the "im".*
ABIGAIL AGUILAR 4 dagen geleden
Cristobal Kaelin
Cristobal Kaelin 4 dagen geleden
Anyone watching this while among us is popular
Eva Guacamole
Eva Guacamole 5 dagen geleden
Listening to you saying punks makes me so happy
Dance Master TV
Dance Master TV 5 dagen geleden
Fall Guys is being hacked
Hyperghou lgaming
Hyperghou lgaming 4 dagen geleden
It aint
murrdablurr 5 dagen geleden
I love fall guys!!! Its the #1 best game in steam & ps4
Hyperghou lgaming
Hyperghou lgaming 4 dagen geleden
@Bruh _Moment it didn’t it still has players which is good for a 20 dollar game not to mention among us is t dollars also stop saying it considering everyone who said it o. Twitter gets burnt
Bruh _Moment
Bruh _Moment 5 dagen geleden
Not anymore man among us is what everyone playing fall guys just died
Talon Buchholz
Talon Buchholz 5 dagen geleden
Thumb nail: Fall guys is the greatest games ever made! Among us: Uno reverse card!
Robyn Neblett
Robyn Neblett 5 dagen geleden
I thought you fell on that last round at the end of the video and I just face planted and fell off my bed and then you touched the crown and I stranded up and screamed GG!
George Darren
George Darren 5 dagen geleden
Dantdm: *Rages at fall guys* Me at roblox Zeppelin wars: *Goes super sayin*
Michael McWhorter
Michael McWhorter 6 dagen geleden
dan, fal guys is the best game ever also dan *only posts among us*
Jorge Jimenez
Jorge Jimenez 6 dagen geleden
Dantdm said it was the best game but now it not
Golden Jakey
Golden Jakey 6 dagen geleden
DanTDM: Fall guys is the best game ever made. Among Us: Hold my knife.
Sminhas Vlogs
Sminhas Vlogs 6 dagen geleden
Alternate title: Dan raging for 14 minutes and 24 seconds straight
Ethan Plays Piano
Ethan Plays Piano 6 dagen geleden
At the beginning did he just say I want on the site to buy them in the shop?
/imdoominic\ 7 dagen geleden
this hasnt aged well
Kiley B
Kiley B 8 dagen geleden
Fox Lox
Fox Lox 8 dagen geleden
Dan play MORE fall guys I love you.
Meekaz 8 dagen geleden
i guess you need to add was in the title instead of is ...XD
[AP-Student] Kim Ohrlan Navarro
"6:55" When anyone needs Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout download on Steam,Xbox,Switch,PS4 simply try: ⇒ *P𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐇𝐔𝐁.C𝐋𝐔𝐁* So grateful it is available in 2020+ 🤠 Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Ingrid Marquez
Ingrid Marquez 9 dagen geleden
Shabab Bin Mamun
Shabab Bin Mamun 9 dagen geleden
Dan is good in basically most of the maps except the football ones.
Jason Love
Jason Love 10 dagen geleden
did anyone see that moan during tip toe
Putria Hanindra_32
Putria Hanindra_32 10 dagen geleden
Fall guys is a trend till among us come...
Mark Jenkinson
Mark Jenkinson 11 dagen geleden
Sajeda Elmansuri
Sajeda Elmansuri 11 dagen geleden
Dude I have a ps4 and I have fall guys rock it league
Mohamed Alsheikh
Mohamed Alsheikh 11 dagen geleden
2month later among us is the best game
DJRemixcraft The Gamer
DJRemixcraft The Gamer 11 dagen geleden
Roblox But I’m bad
Roblox But I’m bad 11 dagen geleden
Easter krusher
Easter krusher 12 dagen geleden
Fall guys is the best game ever made Among us am I a joke to you
tiko tiko
tiko tiko 12 dagen geleden
I have a NLblock channel
XxTitanxX 12 dagen geleden
I am cool
Alan Wolf Plays
Alan Wolf Plays 12 dagen geleden
Dan: makes the title greatest game ever made Also Dan : sorry Minecraft
Ashleigh Fradette
Ashleigh Fradette 12 dagen geleden
BatChamGaming /John Marston Morgan
Dan: fall guys is the best game ever! Red dead redemption 2: 😂 Batman Arkham knight: 🥴🥴🥴🥴
Katie Nelson
Katie Nelson 12 dagen geleden
Laura Patton
Laura Patton 12 dagen geleden
Dan the cave Update.snapshots
Draw - Gon
Draw - Gon 12 dagen geleden
2d game vs 3d game aka among us vs fall guys
Draw - Gon
Draw - Gon 12 dagen geleden
Fall guys got one most popular games and disappears out of no where
Pancakes Gaming
Pancakes Gaming 13 dagen geleden
Pancakes Gaming
Pancakes Gaming 13 dagen geleden
O:46 connection error
Pancakes Gaming
Pancakes Gaming 13 dagen geleden
Dan said fall guys is the best game ever made but he posts more among us videos
Pink SheepLive
Pink SheepLive 13 dagen geleden
Fall guys is the best game ever made Among Us and Minecraft:Hold Our Gamers
Tina Do Thuy Trang
Tina Do Thuy Trang 13 dagen geleden
0:11 was Dan actually speaking german??😂😅😅
Mark Mykytiuk
Mark Mykytiuk 13 dagen geleden
fall guys made your channel my favorite :)
Gavin Plum
Gavin Plum 14 dagen geleden
Fall guys is fun too play
Lachlan Mcdonald
Lachlan Mcdonald 14 dagen geleden
The Impostor
The Impostor 14 dagen geleden
haha loser
Kacpeerr the Poro
Kacpeerr the Poro 14 dagen geleden
Now: Among us The best game ever
Rakshita Banswal Tikoo
Rakshita Banswal Tikoo 14 dagen geleden
i beg u to pls play jailbreak in roblox
Rakshita Banswal Tikoo
Rakshita Banswal Tikoo 14 dagen geleden
my son loves you and he says that you are the best NLblockr on earth
FARES BENBEZTOUT 16 dagen geleden
Woow you pro
Millie M
Millie M 16 dagen geleden
Dont worry Dan i hate fruit chute too
Eli Smoothie
Eli Smoothie 17 dagen geleden
I ALL WAZ play fall GIYS I guess
Lanceboi David
Lanceboi David 17 dagen geleden
Fall Guys: Everyone is play my game! Among Us: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.
My backyard Animals
My backyard Animals 17 dagen geleden
I forgot fall guys was a thing since among us came out lol
Soad Badran
Soad Badran 17 dagen geleden
I playdedn fall guys and am boy
Eric plaz
Eric plaz 17 dagen geleden
Dan this is a copy of fortnite
Linkin Emerson
Linkin Emerson 17 dagen geleden
Hey all, I just finished my Fall Guys season 1 recap music video. I took me a long time to make it si if you have a few minutes please let me know if you enjoyed it, thanks!
Gabrielle Cartier
Gabrielle Cartier 17 dagen geleden
Dante’s I was one of your og fans when you where on roblox playing Pokémon brick bronze with 2 million subs you have changed sooo much
blue and friends
blue and friends 17 dagen geleden
Dan: * calls this video the best game ever* 1 month later Total fall guys videos on dantdms channel: 1
Sulav Lamichhane
Sulav Lamichhane 6 dagen geleden
@blue and friends how any live viewers does he get on twitch while streaming
blue and friends
blue and friends 6 dagen geleden
@Sulav Lamichhane i watch his streams
Sulav Lamichhane
Sulav Lamichhane 6 dagen geleden
hey ,i think u havenot seen the dantdm live channel and his twitch streams,see how many fall guys videos are there
Ikhlas Khan
Ikhlas Khan 17 dagen geleden
"6:33" Whenever anyone wants Fall Guys Key Code on PC, PS4, XBOX, SWITCH simply use: ↠ *PROMOHUB. CLUB* So grateful it is available in 2020!! 🌊 Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Yosyas Wahsom
Yosyas Wahsom 18 dagen geleden
Dan: fall guys is the best game Minecraft: sure Among us: there are two imposters among us and I think we all know who they are
The Brainie
The Brainie 18 dagen geleden
0:48 lmaooo
Lorenzo Nolasco
Lorenzo Nolasco 18 dagen geleden
DENI OLORUNFEMI 18 dagen geleden
So rich!!!!!!
Jennifer Fu
Jennifer Fu 18 dagen geleden
Play piggy
Cassandra 18 dagen geleden
"Fall guys is the greatest game ever made" Says the guy who's addicted to Among Us after a month
hermelie blanza
hermelie blanza 18 dagen geleden
laime laime laime
Avree Slider
Avree Slider 19 dagen geleden
You are the best at fall guys
ItsHannaAng UwU
ItsHannaAng UwU 20 dagen geleden
Idk anymore 2017: where we playin boyz(roblox) 2018: where we droppin boyz(fortnite) 2019:where we mining boyz(minecraft) 2020:where we fallin boyz(fall guys) Quarantine 2020:where the stickman fight boyz(henry stickmin) Near the end of 2020:where(among us)
MOHAN SANTHOSH 20 dagen geleden
"4:43" Whenever anyone desires Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Game on Steam,Xbox,Switch,PS4 just consider using: ↠ *PROMOHUB. CLUB* So incredible it exists in 2020! 😻 සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය
MR Nobody
MR Nobody 20 dagen geleden
fall guys died quick
CybaNub 20 dagen geleden
actually Among Us the greastest game ever made
Skully Gaming
Skully Gaming 20 dagen geleden
Dantdm: Has a baby Me: Doesn't even have a girlfriend
sworded 19 dagen geleden
He’s in his 30s, assuming by your mannerism, you’re under 16 or even 13. So you have a lot of time to go before ur considered a loser
The Lipel
The Lipel 20 dagen geleden
Ear rings?
Brian SPAMMER 20 dagen geleden
1:53 at least ur not yellow team
Peter ABDO
Peter ABDO 20 dagen geleden
Fall guys is now dying
Dutch BW
Dutch BW 20 dagen geleden
Dan: I have three wins Me:sees crown in the top and it has a 0 next to it
XxoKilla KB
XxoKilla KB 20 dagen geleden
This game died faster than my phone battery
Bryce Goh
Bryce Goh 20 dagen geleden
Lmao actually
Hunter Sturrock
Hunter Sturrock 20 dagen geleden
2:47 Dan: Im gonna get Shouty Me: WDYM Shouty dont you mean loud?
bonnie jean Norwood kapu
Fish tank torso lol
Thanos6400 21 dag geleden
Sad minecraft noise
Typical Nonsense
Typical Nonsense 21 dag geleden
Fall Guy's: You took everything from me. Amomg Us: I don't know man, you acting sus.
RobloxNoob 22 dagen geleden
Dan: "Fallguys is the greatest game every made.." Minecraft: "Am I a joke to you?"
Ads-HW-een 10 dagen geleden
@Intro.artist. mashal True Fact because Among Us was made 2018
Barış Kujo
Barış Kujo 10 dagen geleden
Undertale:they called me a mad man
judy morgan
judy morgan 12 dagen geleden
The Impostor
The Impostor 14 dagen geleden
Intro.artist. mashal
Intro.artist. mashal 18 dagen geleden
Among us: *i am four parralel universes ahead of you*
LT 22 dagen geleden
10:26 Baldy‘s basics gota sweep sweep sweep!
khalid alkadi
khalid alkadi 22 dagen geleden
dan seeing among us: nvm this is tha betrs
Squeaks 22 dagen geleden
and i thought yellow was cursed
K R 22 dagen geleden
2018: People shooting but no awards and weird dance moves 2019:. Pixels 2020: Jellybeans fighting for a tail
K R 23 dagen geleden
Me: * reads title * Also me: But what about Among us?
Kielani Rodrigues
Kielani Rodrigues 23 dagen geleden
I'm getting a feeling that fall guys is the new fortnite