DON’T TRUST ANYONE! (Roblox Piggy Traitor Mode) 

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18 apr. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Keivin Jones
Keivin Jones 12 uur geleden
play piggy book 2 please
Rosie Foulkes
Rosie Foulkes 6 dagen geleden
dan u are the best at piggy also people who send dan friend requests theres no point in doing it cause he will say no or dont answer
Whisper Bear
Whisper Bear 8 dagen geleden
Sharon S
Sharon S 14 dagen geleden
It is the pink girl
Sharon S
Sharon S 14 dagen geleden
Hey dantdm how are you?
Amos Tanaka
Amos Tanaka 17 dagen geleden
Dan is dume he died from the bot bruh .....😐😐😐
Ghislaine Brodeur
Ghislaine Brodeur 18 dagen geleden
:) Oof
Random Kidz
Random Kidz 22 dagen geleden
Omg dan is a dad you can tell cuss every dad watches papa pig with there child lol
Anna Lavender
Anna Lavender 22 dagen geleden
Well I'm not bad im just slow bc im on ipad galaxy tab a
Anna Lavender
Anna Lavender 22 dagen geleden
Im not good at piggy and I finished chapter 12 twice
The Typical Lizzy
The Typical Lizzy 24 dagen geleden
*me just realizing this is exactly what Among Us is*
Saunders 29 dagen geleden
Dan: i can solo this 2 seconds later Dan dies
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar Maand geleden
Nobody: elly in city map: I am sped
john tt
john tt Maand geleden
you have a son?
Ashley Soto
Ashley Soto Maand geleden
That roblox character was EarthWorm Sally by flamingo
Jesse Templeton
Jesse Templeton Maand geleden
Trisya Min
Trisya Min Maand geleden
dan:peppa is kinda evil in the show Dan just ruin kids childhood
Ian Fultineer
Ian Fultineer Maand geleden
im a big fan
Red Maand geleden
Night Gamer 268
Night Gamer 268 Maand geleden
Its penny not peppa
GameWithBlaze Maand geleden
Dan: YOO theres a pink guy!!! me: iTs eArThWoRm sAlLy for those who don't know, earthworm sally is flamingo's beautiful creation
Mohammed Rayhan
Mohammed Rayhan Maand geleden
There can get items
Sheil mehta chanel
Sheil mehta chanel Maand geleden
Is that Earth worm Sally at back
Peyton LaFave
Peyton LaFave Maand geleden
If you didn’t know you can shoot the trader
Khiara Maand geleden
Black hole traps pull the players in
Ras Shop
Ras Shop Maand geleden
3:10 THAT WAS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ras Shop
Ras Shop Maand geleden
0:59 That scared me too
Jody Funes
Jody Funes Maand geleden
dan:Is this the origanal house??!?!??! Me: yes dan yes Me: it hasn't changed in mounths (THIS IS NOT A HATE COMENT IT IS JUST OUR QUIRKS)
谷增朝 Maand geleden
9:29 Dan:In the meantime,Check out devil piggy! WAIT WHAT IS THIS ROBLOX CHARACTER?! That killed me XD
Ducker Pops 80
Ducker Pops 80 Maand geleden
The yellow key has something useful
Valentino Danias
Valentino Danias Maand geleden
Jesus Love you And Jesus Love me :)
Thong Sithol
Thong Sithol Maand geleden
my mom has a bigger butt then that pink butt
The Young Scientist
The Young Scientist Maand geleden
This is how to play traitor mode 1:if you are the traitor, you can not pick up weapons means you can not pick up the gun, crossbow, apple, grass, carrot, bone, and bullet(ammo) 2:the traitor gets their weapon in 1 minute 3:if you are not the traitor you can get the gun and SHOOT the traitor, but if you shoot a survivor they become into a piggy 4:in traitor mode the piggy is a bot 5:the traitor still dies by piggy Bonus:the carrots in metro are the ammo for the crossbow
Elvy Shrymptus
Elvy Shrymptus Maand geleden
Dan :actually i wanna be devil piggy GIVE ME THE POWER!!,oh wait nvm Me:-_-
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Maand geleden
play a hand game
Edem Mae
Edem Mae Maand geleden
pEpPa PiG
Single Kiddo
Single Kiddo Maand geleden
I am 8 years old but i still watch Tayo a little LOL
Phuong Chung
Phuong Chung Maand geleden
If someone is the traiter you can tell who it is:if someone is standing still for a certain amount of time and then move, their the traiter so thats how you know.
Ellen O'Shea
Ellen O'Shea Maand geleden
Also he knows your real name
Ellen O'Shea
Ellen O'Shea Maand geleden
RyZe ツ
RyZe ツ Maand geleden
I was pink dude lol I’m so happy I was in ur vid
daraghs drone footage
daraghs drone footage Maand geleden
I hope your son is doing good
Konata Maand geleden
I find I can find the traitor by seeing who starts playing last as the traitor has the rules and the cutscene
Emerson Swanner
Emerson Swanner Maand geleden
Thahaani Hashir
Thahaani Hashir Maand geleden
8:38 That "Told You!" Made My Day!
Awu3 Gaming
Awu3 Gaming Maand geleden
Mrs. p is NOT a carrot.
Lula Barrington
Lula Barrington Maand geleden
who else wants dan hair to be blue again I I I V
Michael Beharry
Michael Beharry Maand geleden
you are asome dantdm i don`t know if i spell that right
SimplyyBearyy Maand geleden
u have a son (btw is bijuu mike your brother cuz he keeps saying u guys are brothers
Sherri C
Sherri C Maand geleden
Me:Sees pink guy. Also me: Remembers pink thing meme
Lawrence Cabaluna
Lawrence Cabaluna Maand geleden
You can kill the traitor with the gun
A4TeKkz Maand geleden
Hi dan
Juan Vlogs
Juan Vlogs Maand geleden
The traitor can't get any weapons
Valerie Montoya
Valerie Montoya 2 maanden geleden
And trader mode of you shoot player turn into piggy
Finley Woffinden
Finley Woffinden 2 maanden geleden
He could be any one of us He could be in this very room He could be you He could be me He could even b-
Acutelilgamer 2 maanden geleden
comments: 50% you've never heard of earthworm sally? 20% random 30% giraffes are always tall
Apqzile - Roblox
Apqzile - Roblox 2 maanden geleden
Characters in peppa pig: Peppa pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Granny pig, Grandpa pig, Auntie Pig, Uncle Pig, Cusion Chloe, Baby Alexander // Susie Sheep, Mummy Sheep // Danny Dog, Granddad Dog, Daddy Dog, Mummy Dog // Mandy Mouse, Mummy Mouse // Rebecca Rabbit, Richard Rabbit, Mummy Rabbit, Auntie Rabbit, Daddy Rabbit // Gerald Giraffe, Mummy Giraffe, Daddy Giraffe // Pedro Pony, Mummy Pony // Candy Cat, Mummy Cat, Daddy Cat // Zoey Zebra, Twin Zebras, Mummy Zebra, Daddy Zebra ( Those are all that I remember comment if I missed any! 😀 )
Steven Flores
Steven Flores 2 maanden geleden
I play piggy with the gang ALL THE TIME we support you dan😘
ᗯolfie The Ghost is lonely
0:00 who else noticed someone started following him idk why I commented dis -_’ . ‘_-
Nini Chen
Nini Chen 2 maanden geleden
Lil ash :3
Lil ash :3 2 maanden geleden
Dan: infection Corona has joined the. Chat
Kirsten Caramoan
Kirsten Caramoan 2 maanden geleden
That pink dude is A youtuber his name is earthworm sally but Dont roast everyone for some reason In the game or They roast you if u said it tho. ._. But i know You haven,t met him cause your a youtuber ._. 😐😒😑😞🤕😵😂🤣😅😱😨🤯😰😐😬🤔🤭🤫
Emma and Rosie Pearson
Emma and Rosie Pearson 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM? did u know u can shoot the traitor?
Emma and Rosie Pearson
Emma and Rosie Pearson 2 maanden geleden
U acually can try it before u say im liying cuz im not!
Daire Devil
Daire Devil 2 maanden geleden
Dan "i dont think we gonna find jorge" next chapter we fnd jorge
Sophia Nancarrow
Sophia Nancarrow 2 maanden geleden
He thought he died by traitor
Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker 2 maanden geleden
PlZ be my friend plz on roblox
Yuan Tabliago
Yuan Tabliago 2 maanden geleden
He has a son a baby
Yuan Tabliago
Yuan Tabliago 2 maanden geleden
DanTDM say he has a son
Kein Andrew
Kein Andrew 2 maanden geleden
Dan:i dont think we are ever gonna find george piggy Chapter 10:u sure a bout that (George is found)
Mehwish Ali Khan
Mehwish Ali Khan 2 maanden geleden
Uno Revelo
Uno Revelo 2 maanden geleden
He drank Brite Juice OK
Shauna Graham
Shauna Graham 2 maanden geleden
If the traitor wins a map then he wins $45 piggy tokens I should say
Roderick Paul Lim
Roderick Paul Lim 2 maanden geleden
I play piggy and I hate traitor mode you don't know who is traitor 👿
Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves 2 maanden geleden
dennis wong
dennis wong 2 maanden geleden
Pink dress
Beastie Kai
Beastie Kai 2 maanden geleden
I gotta stop saying lol
Beastie Kai
Beastie Kai 2 maanden geleden
You know you can shoot the traitor by the way
Beastie Kai
Beastie Kai 2 maanden geleden
All the fans that keep jumping on dan on roblox are so annoying not gonna lie lol
Beastie Kai
Beastie Kai 2 maanden geleden
Look at DanTDM on roblox with the UwU face and then he has a knife killing fans lol I don’t wanna be there in roblox real life
Kristina Dahlqvist
Kristina Dahlqvist 2 maanden geleden
Kristina Dahlqvist
Kristina Dahlqvist 2 maanden geleden
i saw me!!!!!!!!!!!
• Blue Wolf •
• Blue Wolf • 2 maanden geleden
Who Else Realised Earth Worm Sally is In The Thumbnail? :>
im project friend so
im project friend so 2 maanden geleden
Hey dan the person who be traitor is long cutscene and in different map different long or short the one who still standing still is trator
im project friend so
im project friend so 2 maanden geleden
Sorry for the traitor
Michael Vergara
Michael Vergara 2 maanden geleden
Dantdm: George piggy is long gone Piggy chapter ten: hey george pig is alive!
Arci Hernandez
Arci Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
The traitor is helping piggy dantdm
Gökay Toroslu
Gökay Toroslu 2 maanden geleden
That character is earthworm sally
Holly Middleton
Holly Middleton 2 maanden geleden
i love his vid so much
It’sMe Olly
It’sMe Olly 2 maanden geleden
The wired head was called ROBLOC
hani4830 hani4830
hani4830 hani4830 2 maanden geleden
well ur famous dan you think someones not gonna bring up that ur there
hedieh heidary
hedieh heidary 2 maanden geleden
The guy was a hacker
Zara Nur
Zara Nur 2 maanden geleden
Daniel Robinson
Wow TheCrafter
Wow TheCrafter 2 maanden geleden
The pink girl is earth worm sally
Ava and Aria YT :3
Ava and Aria YT :3 2 maanden geleden
2020 is the year that all the piggy’s love to fall off of there feet :>
James Dickman
James Dickman 2 maanden geleden
Dan:Whos that pink guy?Me:Its eartworm sally!
sisyke361_playz 2 maanden geleden
*If someone always joins your game it may be with the servers or he looks up your profile follows you and joins, if your joins are disabled they must be using the Ro-Search*
Iron VS Iron
Iron VS Iron 2 maanden geleden
Imagine being colourblind playing this game
{ Lxzy Kira 키라 ツ}
{ Lxzy Kira 키라 ツ} 2 maanden geleden
Ok ill explain traitor mode btw traitor cannot pick up weapons its easy to point out who is the traitor if you spectate the person who killed you but it's harder for players if you didn't tell them but if someone gets killed they will say i guess but its easy if you are aware or see him kill!
Jersey Frey Crawford (295jercraw)
Try to do the glitch
Michael Koenig
Michael Koenig 2 maanden geleden
In piggy I only have the family George mother father and Penny
Ànushe Salman
Ànushe Salman 2 maanden geleden
Please make more piggy chapter 8 it is really fun and I Liked and shared those kind of vids. 😊😜 LOL!
Haven Wantouw
Haven Wantouw 2 maanden geleden
And if you get shot you lose
Haven Wantouw
Haven Wantouw 2 maanden geleden
Dan if you shoot someone thats not the traitor they become piggy
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