Did I CHEAT in Minecraft Hardcore..? 

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11 apr. 2020




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Patrick Serafin: A Gaming Channel
12:36 editor doesn't make the gilded blackstone pop up* me: Uhhhhhhhhh
Jacky Chen
Jacky Chen 14 uur geleden
I literally spawn a few blocks away from the basalt fort thingy
Jennifer Winston
Jennifer Winston 17 uur geleden
Finally talks about the bridge for once
lol lol
Creeper Commands
Creeper Commands Dag geleden
Yeah rebuild it!!!
YU MAN WAN 2 dagen geleden
this is why they are attacking you you mined gold click read more for more info your wearing gold boots but you mined there fav ore so yeahh
Wala Omir
Wala Omir 2 dagen geleden
Dan u have a respawn anchor in hardcore minecraft😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
SuperMondo81 2 dagen geleden
redo the castle redo the castle redo the castle
mayra villa
mayra villa 2 dagen geleden
If you brake gold realated things they will attack you
Dylan WANG
Dylan WANG 2 dagen geleden
7:38 he mined gold in front of piglins
Rainbow Stuffies
Rainbow Stuffies 2 dagen geleden
How was this posted 6 months ago?! The update just came out! Did he get it Early?
Rakesh Budithi
Rakesh Budithi 3 dagen geleden
Dan: saying it would be a good thing if I had a saddle 10 min later je finds one a doesn't want it
Anusha Ghimire
Anusha Ghimire 4 dagen geleden
Yes make it with bricks😊😊
Bella Lewis
Bella Lewis 4 dagen geleden
I'm not rlly mad about that "death's bcs I just love thos content
Mutlu SKY
Mutlu SKY 4 dagen geleden
nethier is red of nethier
Adrian Parsons
Adrian Parsons 4 dagen geleden
Adrian Parsons
Adrian Parsons 4 dagen geleden
Balram Wadhwani
Balram Wadhwani 4 dagen geleden
You are lies of make some backup world rigth
God War
God War 5 dagen geleden
Because u mined there gold
JazibPlayz 5 dagen geleden
its not here yet
Kpr Wrtnbrgr
Kpr Wrtnbrgr 5 dagen geleden
if u still dont know piglins get mad if u mine nether gold in front of them
Daniel Livingston
Daniel Livingston 5 dagen geleden
You stole their gold
Rider Schulberg
Rider Schulberg 5 dagen geleden
rip le shoot
neel chatterjee
neel chatterjee 5 dagen geleden
This episode is uploaded on my birthday
Saran Saravanan
Saran Saravanan 5 dagen geleden
Dan the piglins attacked you cause you mined god in front of them
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 5 dagen geleden
Lana Cornish
Lana Cornish 6 dagen geleden
The piglins are atacking you because you stole there gold GOLD
Greninja Playzz
Greninja Playzz 7 dagen geleden
“So I can walk on lava” Quote of 2020
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 7 dagen geleden
Andy Cacas
Andy Cacas 7 dagen geleden
Dan dont steal the gold if you do the piglins will be angry
Calvin Jace Cayabyab
Calvin Jace Cayabyab 8 dagen geleden
the piglins will attack you it you mine some gold
Jonah Satterthwaite
Jonah Satterthwaite 8 dagen geleden
Alright, I get it it was April fools but still how did you respawn anyway?
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos 8 dagen geleden
Copy world
Lee VPF 8 dagen geleden
When you take the Pigins gold ore they will start attacking you even if you have golden armor on you.
SHAYMA AZAD 9 dagen geleden
Huda & Joulie Super Sisters
i would love the whole castle to be made in brick :D
Night owl 69
Night owl 69 9 dagen geleden
You took gold front off piglins and u askin? Nah m8 shouldnt be angry
Nick Darsania
Nick Darsania 10 dagen geleden
You cheated because Armor Stand with hands can only be placed with cheats, you can’t craft it.
Joshua La Praik
Joshua La Praik 10 dagen geleden
Dan have u forgot if a piglin sees u break gold they attack u they are very protective of thier gold
Dianna Vu
Dianna Vu 10 dagen geleden
they attacked you because you broke their gold in front or them
GoldenFoxBruh 11 dagen geleden
Dan: breaks gold in front of the piglins Piglins : *TRIGGERED*
soliman7 /سليمان
soliman7 /سليمان 11 dagen geleden
Dantdm i love you
Lazer Home
Lazer Home 11 dagen geleden
ok, thx for letting for me kow dan
Creative Boy
Creative Boy 12 dagen geleden
You are a cruel slayer! I disliked the video for this--->12:05
ramon bularon
ramon bularon 12 dagen geleden
if you mine nether gold ore in front of piglins they will attack you that explains why they attac u
Logan Bowen
Logan Bowen 12 dagen geleden
Endigo remix why why why why am i even doing this why why why am i even doing this i DONT NEED TO DO THIS i DONT NEED TO DO THIS hello? Hello? Have i been here before hello? Hello? Have i been here before i need to get out i really need to het out
Logan Bowen
Logan Bowen 12 dagen geleden
Amanda Fisher
Amanda Fisher 12 dagen geleden
U were getting attact by the pigmen because you were stealing the gold ore
Thirdy Camlian
Thirdy Camlian 12 dagen geleden
Dan : **presses F3** Me: **realized that dan has the best pc as you can see on the top right corner when he presses F3**
Audrey Dufour
Audrey Dufour 12 dagen geleden
anjaneya reddy
anjaneya reddy 12 dagen geleden
you a cheater!!!
anjaneya reddy
anjaneya reddy 13 dagen geleden
cheater cheater cheater dan !
NND Squishy
NND Squishy 13 dagen geleden
I have a world and my nether is a balsalt biome and ive never hated magma slimes more
LiYsab 4ie
LiYsab 4ie 13 dagen geleden
ehh forgot to tell ya you need full gold gear and other gold things
LiYsab 4ie
LiYsab 4ie 13 dagen geleden
awn 2:maybe the lava pool is to small mayb??
LiYsab 4ie
LiYsab 4ie 13 dagen geleden
awn:only stridders are red in lava that means they feel healty and not feeling thirsty and shine so much
Carter Garrerr
Carter Garrerr 14 dagen geleden
I mean youtuber
Carter Garrerr
Carter Garrerr 14 dagen geleden
he cheated but I do im not a NLblock
Carter Garrerr
Carter Garrerr 14 dagen geleden
I mean youtuber
Jai Sankar
Jai Sankar 14 dagen geleden
21:10 dan: GIVE ME YOUR ARROWS! Skeleton: 360 No Scope..
Eunhye Kim
Eunhye Kim 14 dagen geleden
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper 14 dagen geleden
Dan:Time to get a new block! Minecraft 1 second after:its not in the game
Rahul pratap
Rahul pratap 15 dagen geleden
Dan tdm you mine gold in front of piglin the become very angry when you mine gold
Enric Saji
Enric Saji 15 dagen geleden
the piglin is attacking you becuase you took the golden nuget
CookieLegend 15 dagen geleden
Title: Did i CHEAT In Minecraft Hardcore? Me: Yes and No
JB45 15 dagen geleden
yeah the soul sand biome sucks. my nether portal spawned there
MannyMania 16 dagen geleden
What if people think of this romantically xD
RAS 16 dagen geleden
Dan did a ghast or something shot the portal i don't know because I have never seen this video
megaren 16 dagen geleden
i understand cause your taking the gold so they get angry when you take there gold so be careful
Pixel Man
Pixel Man 16 dagen geleden
He cheated??!?! Or. Not?
DJ Siblings
DJ Siblings 16 dagen geleden
Imagine he dies
Dray Lee Noman
Dray Lee Noman 17 dagen geleden
De piglens is angry becos your mining gold
Ohayō 17 dagen geleden
Piglins try to kill you bc you took some of there gold ingots
Dominick Buitenman
Dominick Buitenman 17 dagen geleden
Ies ples
Dominick Buitenman
Dominick Buitenman 17 dagen geleden
Jes ples
I am a person
I am a person 17 dagen geleden
Two vids ago he saw a black cat and now this lol
Kat and Steve Grinter
Kat and Steve Grinter 17 dagen geleden
the piglin was killing you because you took ther gold
Bodie Semlow
Bodie Semlow 18 dagen geleden
yes, yes ,yes ,yes
Amy Mullins
Amy Mullins 18 dagen geleden
Dan if you steal there gold that get angry and attack you even with golden boots
jl_mincraft lanaandjames
jl_mincraft lanaandjames 18 dagen geleden
0:55 what was that?lag?
kAISTER 2020
kAISTER 2020 18 dagen geleden
If you have oo IQ answer this 6e49862=5381e92674892~+742834211552354713147e562468734835273576723978= Answer: 64_B70~Y:50X:200Z:690E50
shajuana Woodley
shajuana Woodley 18 dagen geleden
Don't get gold in the nether with piglins looking they get mad
shajuana Woodley
shajuana Woodley 18 dagen geleden
Fiz Fiz
Fiz Fiz 18 dagen geleden
why did you cheat?
Lakshmi Balasuriya
Lakshmi Balasuriya 19 dagen geleden
7:26 they saw you take the gold so they attacted you
Ava Rose JOHNSON 19 dagen geleden
When they were attacking u stolen there gold
Frankie Ford
Frankie Ford 19 dagen geleden
Dan when u mind nether gold they try to kill u becuase it’s their gold!
Ava Rose JOHNSON 19 dagen geleden
Braith Storm
Braith Storm 19 dagen geleden
it was the black cat that made u get lost in the nether and made the things purple
Elijah Godfrey Francisco
Elijah Godfrey Francisco 20 dagen geleden
omr DAN
Shaher Kronfol
Shaher Kronfol 21 dag geleden
Matthiew Harjanto
Matthiew Harjanto 21 dag geleden
Thank you Thank you
Matthiew Harjanto
Matthiew Harjanto 21 dag geleden
OK I forgive you by the way I thought you hacked the minecraft word and thank you for the info
Georgie Russell
Georgie Russell 21 dag geleden
Hey Dan One of the new update is whenever they see you mine gold they will attack you because it’s theirs
Mhona Llanto
Mhona Llanto 21 dag geleden
Dan: pls don.t chaits
Mhona Llanto
Mhona Llanto 21 dag geleden
Don.t chiat boy
Mhona Llanto
Mhona Llanto 21 dag geleden
Don.t chiat boy
amel9000 amel9000
amel9000 amel9000 21 dag geleden
Big oof dan big oof
Shaik sher shah
Shaik sher shah 22 dagen geleden
DAN:April fools😂 Me:so that was a survival world?
ABHINAV COCOKOLLA 22 dagen geleden
If they see you mining the gold they will start killing you
ABHINAV COCOKOLLA 22 dagen geleden
Omg dan the pig Lin’s attacked you because you mined the gold in front of them
sl1xyy 22 dagen geleden
I have a survival world with 2 of my friends and my food source is pork chops from hoglins I kill when I go in the nether
ITS me MonkeyplayzYT
ITS me MonkeyplayzYT 22 dagen geleden
Dan, you cant mine the gold infront of the pigmen or they will get you
Lenny BABB
Lenny BABB 23 dagen geleden
They were attacking you of course your mind the gold
My EPIC Bedwars Return!  *3 WINS*
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