25 Ways to DIE in Minecraft..! 

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i learnt things today..
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4 sep. 2019




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Olitube! 4 uur geleden
dan, you could have stood on the button to be free!
Lisa York
Lisa York 6 uur geleden
Don’t tell me I’m the only one Please
Lisa York
Lisa York 6 uur geleden
I’m a weirdo Are you ?
Viperegy 14 uur geleden
He looks kinda skinny here ngl
someguy0081 15 uur geleden
Bayly Alegria
Bayly Alegria 16 uur geleden
you should say 100 ways to die in minecraft
woffle _ 1755
woffle _ 1755 17 uur geleden
18:20 i would’ve just ate a spider eye and drank the harming potions lmao
Zaman Quaderi
Zaman Quaderi 17 uur geleden
3:18 when dan said bucket i thought he said &#*% it
The Assassin
The Assassin 21 uur geleden
When u be watching this Edit: for me 2020 November
Kohl Miller
Kohl Miller 21 uur geleden
DanTDM - plz add this to normal minecraft Me - Java edition has to say java on the home screen when bedrock just says minecraft. your in normal minecraft
LemonCream Cat
LemonCream Cat Dag geleden
This is funny and btw ur the fst youtuber I’ve ever watched :>
chairgaming Dag geleden
I liked the part where he died
Dwayne Thompson
Dwayne Thompson Dag geleden
im form 2020
mori linda
mori linda Dag geleden
DanTDM: Changes Skin Everyone: I've never met this man in my life (Loki face)
COLIZ 20 uur geleden
Why you steal comment?
Kianna Kaitlin
Kianna Kaitlin Dag geleden
Dan : it doesn’t look that dangerous Me: it looks really dangerous Dan: let’s jump in
Okema Akpet
Okema Akpet Dag geleden
imagine being scared of regen in bedrock
BrokenPS2 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only OG minecraft player who thought he could just climb the ladders spaced apart?
Finian Sigler-McCann
Finian Sigler-McCann 2 dagen geleden
i am used to bedrock and dan thinks its so weird
E A Sports
E A Sports 2 dagen geleden
Is anyone gonna say he’s playing on bedrock edition?
Manny Henry
Manny Henry 2 dagen geleden
7:59 endermite spawns every once in a while when you use a ender pearl
lacy greene
lacy greene 3 dagen geleden
“I want too be killed by pandas, that’s always been a little dream of mine” - DanTDM 2019
the song cover guy
the song cover guy 3 dagen geleden
Does no one realize he played this map b4
Jackson Tyler
Jackson Tyler 3 dagen geleden
Dan: pls add that to NORMAL MINECRAFT. Me: -____- i am hurt, metaly
Jackson Tyler
Jackson Tyler 3 dagen geleden
Vince Vince 31
Vince Vince 31 3 dagen geleden
just crouch in the slime
Vince Vince 31
Vince Vince 31 3 dagen geleden
good finally
夜の雨NightRÅIn 3 dagen geleden
So this is how u suicide in minecraft.
CreeperBroKing Playz
CreeperBroKing Playz 3 dagen geleden
Lexi 3 dagen geleden
Dan:blazes,rods can be used as fuel. Saplings: am I nothing to you
Splamming Imre
Splamming Imre 4 dagen geleden
“I want too be killed by pandas, that’s always been a little dream of mine” - DanTDM 2019
Datu Al-Qazwini Sinsuat
Datu Al-Qazwini Sinsuat 3 dagen geleden
nice copy
Attempt It
Attempt It 4 dagen geleden
Btw love the skin
Attempt It
Attempt It 4 dagen geleden
He says that that version is really weirdBut that’s exactly how mine looks
frogy123 4 dagen geleden
One of the best maps i’ve played is killer beetle
Ice Bear
Ice Bear 4 dagen geleden
Endermites have a chance to spawn when u throw eneder pearls
Sherry Sutton
Sherry Sutton 4 dagen geleden
5:20 That face though
Ricardo Merced
Ricardo Merced 5 dagen geleden
Creeper aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww man
LaserFoxPro 5 dagen geleden
Dandtm: says bedrock is ugly Me who plays on pe that its just bedrock for mobile: no i prefer that
gamer husky
gamer husky 5 dagen geleden
he commited despicito
SamSnake12345 5 dagen geleden
Dejan Gasoski
Dejan Gasoski 5 dagen geleden
amy c
amy c 5 dagen geleden
DanTDM: Changes Skin Everyone: I've never met this man in my life (Loki face)
Lightningwind 10
Lightningwind 10 5 dagen geleden
Dan: watch me Burn Me: please please do
Zariel Bracero
Zariel Bracero 5 dagen geleden
Noob have you played Minecraft on a phone that’s what is what it does
Quillan Chubin
Quillan Chubin 5 dagen geleden
Haha that's really cool!
Bit-BloxGames 5 dagen geleden
person: in the air me: kick the baby
Nate Krahn
Nate Krahn 6 dagen geleden
Nico Sosa
Nico Sosa 6 dagen geleden
Little does Dan knows he almost died by an endermite in his hardcore world I think it was: I built the most dangerous farm in Minecraft hardcore
Rishaan Shayane Anand
Rishaan Shayane Anand 6 dagen geleden
12:27 you could have eaten the spider eye to get poisoned
mori linda
mori linda 6 dagen geleden
Accurate Representation Of How The Earth Is Going Right Now
7piho 6 dagen geleden
Woah hey dan Make a yourube kids i will be happy😁
noh gab
noh gab 7 dagen geleden
noh gab
noh gab 7 dagen geleden
Yoorav gamez
Yoorav gamez 7 dagen geleden
I have duck tales map on bedrock Minecraft
Jamie Dodger
Jamie Dodger 7 dagen geleden
star wars market place is super cool
Case Lawson
Case Lawson 7 dagen geleden
gring 101 on room 3
Rohan Manarkattu
Rohan Manarkattu 8 dagen geleden
you couldve eaten the spider eyes
نادر عبدالله
نادر عبدالله 8 dagen geleden
Shadow Tris
Shadow Tris 8 dagen geleden
"I want to summon in the Ender Dragon and the Wither at exactly the same time, and they're gonna destroy me at once." DanTDM, please phrase that differently. Rule 34, people, Rule 34.
Neo Dong
Neo Dong 8 dagen geleden
Dan: wears earth skin and says "watch me burn watch me burn". Me: dude. global warming is already depressing as it is pls stop.
Alexander Anderson
Alexander Anderson 8 dagen geleden
3:18 i though he sweared
Wayne Frinkle
Wayne Frinkle 8 dagen geleden
2020? Anyone watching in 2020?
Mr Gæm3r
Mr Gæm3r 8 dagen geleden
DanTDM the minecraft death veteran.
Veeti Leino
Veeti Leino 9 dagen geleden
i'm getting diavolo vibes
Jaden Ezekiel Lorzano
Jaden Ezekiel Lorzano 9 dagen geleden
Dan my dad is the streamer name joemetry?
_Chris_PlayZ_ 9 dagen geleden
You wanna die to a panda 🐼 then Ask MithZan to Do his Randomizer Hunger games XD
MaKayla T.2006
MaKayla T.2006 10 dagen geleden
5:19 the face he makes 😂😭😂😭
Slurp Studios
Slurp Studios 10 dagen geleden
20:52 representation of earth
Luk3warm 10 dagen geleden
Dan: I just want to die forever Diavlo: I promise, you don't.
Phoenix L
Phoenix L 11 dagen geleden
“Imagine having to pay for maps and skins.” - this post was made by the Java gang
Kianna Kaitlin
Kianna Kaitlin Dag geleden
“I want too be killed by pandas, that’s always been a little dream of mine” - DanTDM 2019
Racer X Productions official
I play minecraft PE
the gaming railfan
the gaming railfan 4 dagen geleden
Imagine no skin packs
TwoGamerBros 4 dagen geleden
Java Gang 4 Life
Evan Lucier
Evan Lucier 11 dagen geleden
Dan: I didn't know firework did that much damage Later Technoblade: kill everyone with fireworks
Agent 11 dagen geleden
bring back OG Dan
light kings gaming
light kings gaming 11 dagen geleden
dan: i want to summon the ender dragon and the with at the same time and then its just gonna kill me at once one dragon breath one wither skull BANG!!!! me : THE ENDER SKULL
QuckestJake 11 dagen geleden
Dan: your chairs can do this? PewDiePie:
JuanC17 Playz
JuanC17 Playz 11 dagen geleden
Game_ On
Game_ On 11 dagen geleden
This is one of ur best vids
NICOLAS REVI 11 dagen geleden
that is wte
NICOLAS REVI 11 dagen geleden
that is tgheuiet
Fake Beast
Fake Beast 12 dagen geleden
The baby villagers are so cute 😄
Vansh Gupta
Vansh Gupta 12 dagen geleden
Little does he know he will be nearly killed by an endermite in hardcore
Piggygamer8434 12 dagen geleden
I love you
Piggygamer8434 12 dagen geleden
I dont
Piggygamer8434 12 dagen geleden
No no no
•ᗷᖇOᗯᑎ!ᗴ OᗯO•
Dan how do u get coins for the marketplace in minecraft pocket edition
NightSabreXO 13 dagen geleden
EAT THE SPIDER EYE! YOU DONT NEED POTIONS!!!! Reee this is so dumb lol that level, is so dumb
Tae La Kim
Tae La Kim 13 dagen geleden
20:53 Watch the world burn
Josh Hudson
Josh Hudson 13 dagen geleden
dan: watch me bois watch me burn me: global warming
Josh Hudson
Josh Hudson 13 dagen geleden
in pocket edition you also drown in blocks because no air
Josh Hudson
Josh Hudson 13 dagen geleden
just wanted to point out that thats pocket edition not bedrock i have pocket edition
Melødy Sakura
Melødy Sakura 14 dagen geleden
When he said "BUCKET" out loud i thought i heard "F**K IT" T-T
Vytautas Žemaitis
Vytautas Žemaitis 14 dagen geleden
bedrock is basically minecraft pocket edition on pc
LEVI GABRIEL VALLES 14 dagen geleden
Dan while killing witches: THIS IS THE WORST SOUND Me: HOW ABOUT THE ENDERMEN?! lol
callmeLevi 12 dagen geleden
@Izabro747 ok ok im kidding
Izabro747 12 dagen geleden
@callmeLevi just no
callmeLevi 12 dagen geleden
Izabro747 13 dagen geleden
Meowgirex 13 dagen geleden
teves playz
teves playz 14 dagen geleden
pls add these to normal minecraft me a bedrock player: Thomas has never seen such bulls### before >:(
G Mo
G Mo 14 dagen geleden
What is £3.29* in US?
Johnny games 4.o
Johnny games 4.o 15 dagen geleden
00:20 is bedrock edition not real Minecraft?????????????????!!!!!!!!!
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee 15 dagen geleden
That’s the good poison - DanTDM 2019
Dexter Danville
Dexter Danville 15 dagen geleden
the minecraft world is flat.
Sean Malik D Ansaldo
Sean Malik D Ansaldo 15 dagen geleden
"Can you add this to the NORMAL minecraft Me people: Am i a joke to you
Johnny games 4.o
Johnny games 4.o 15 dagen geleden
MAESTRO 1295 15 dagen geleden
LLL - Lucas YT Rblx
LLL - Lucas YT Rblx 15 dagen geleden
360 break ankle. I’m pretty good at that” DanTDM 2019 360 break ankle. I’m pretty good at that” DanTDM 2019
Evan Recupido
Evan Recupido 16 dagen geleden
dan cheats at 16:34
Walter_Bob14 16 dagen geleden
Who else was screaming that you can boost the effect of potions? Cuz the instant damage 2 are freaking OP, i think 2 or 3 are enough to kill yourself
eka yanto
eka yanto 16 dagen geleden
The button was effect hungger
top_thrills 292
top_thrills 292 16 dagen geleden
bro u could've suffocated urself during the creeper and sand one
Zepto Photon
Zepto Photon 17 dagen geleden
sir, i think what you are playing is pocket edition. the pack must have been created for mobile devices. if you are not already, you can go to settings and change your game mode to classic.
Ninja Tejas
Ninja Tejas 17 dagen geleden
My channel is named Ninja Tejas
Black Cat
Black Cat 17 dagen geleden
You can die if you get trapped in sand